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Butter my popcorn. 

WaPo says Trump’s presidency can’t seem to escape Russia’s shadow

US AG Jeff Sessions recuses himself from the investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia. Stephen Colbert found Jeff’s day planner from 2016: 

Meanwhile, down at Foggy Bottom, the State Department is having an existential crisis as the Trump administration prepares to apply solvent to the only chewing gum left holding the world together post WWII. 

It genuinely feels as though the country was highjacked on Election Day last November. The party that took over does not represent the majority of Americans and we’re really starting to resent it. 

Now that the Russian connection is in full bloom, there may be a good opportunity to get to the bottom of what exactly went on last year and how Trump and the Republicans took over. 

They’re beginning to be very unpopular. No one I know wants to admit they voted for Trump anymore. It’s bad government but could make for wildly entertaining reality TV. Trump makes an excellent villain. He’s the kind of rich evil guy on soap operas who is always reeling in sweet young things while the audience cringes at her stupidity and screams at her to watch out. 

She never listens but eventually wakes up when he gets caught red handed or in flagrante delicto or one of those other delicious Romance language phrases. 

Then the denouement. The catharsis. The older but wiser. 

Bring. It. On. 


18 Responses

  1. We are going to need a boatload of popcorn for this carnival barker.

    And, “It genuinely feels as though the country was highjacked on Election Day last November.”

    I’m pretty sure it was, RD.

    WaPo really lays it out in this article:

    The web of relationships between Team Trump and Russia


    • Thank you Shadow for the link to the WaPo article.
      Very good one an I hope as they say they, keep reporting as info and updates come in.

  2. From RD’s keyboard to the screen of the Ascended Madoka. :mrgreen:

  3. Driving home from work, heard Anderson Cooper yelling at Carter Page, and Carter Page spouting really weird stuff about how Hillary Clinton discriminated against him because he’s Catholic, all kinds of weird things. He sounded paranoid. Anderson (who I was shocked to be cheering) wasn’t having it, and kept pursuing, pushing, asking, not letting him off the hook. Page wouldn’t admit for 10 mins that Russians might’ve hacked into the DNC even. But then he caved. It was something to hear.

    • UK Channel 4 News, Jon Snow interviews Page… Why can’t our media be this tough?


      • Because they either voted for him or they like the drama he creates and it gives them something to talk about. Otherwise, they just don’t care about what he is doing.

    • Are you talking about this interview?

      Poor Carter Page. We all remember how the Clinton campaign harangued him about being a catholic. It was relentless, day after day, hour after hour, the discrimination and oppression and enhanced interrogation tech, what, I’m sorry, did you say none of that ever happened? Oh, ok, never mind.


      Kellyanne does lying projecting misdirection so much better.

      • Yeah! Love the part where he says Clintons committed “hate crimes” against him for being male.

        You ok, RD?

      • Still the interview was muddled without Anderson clearly asking
        this nitwit to focus. Why did Anderson entertain all that nonsense about the Clintons from this guy?

  4. Is it just me or does “Butter my popcorn” sound kinda dirty?

  5. Yes, popcorn time. This is what is going on this morning. Trump is tweeting a bunch of things about a FISA warrant issued in Oct/Nov/Dec (timeline is murky) on his server in Trump Tower. Bitching and moaning like an idiot. They are all idiots, if you have seen their interviews recently. Here is a twitter thread of summary for his tweets. He may have revealed and confirmed with his tweets that there is a FISA and an investigation into foreign espionage in his campaign, inadvertently. Dumbass!

  6. When this guy is led away, whoever is the successor and Congress should appoint the rightful winner of this election to the office of the Presidency, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Period.

  7. RD, when you said butter your popcorn, I don’t think even you were thinking about this morning. Hopefully things move fast from now on.

  8. Joy Reid is perhaps the most articulate, forceful, and serious media person there is right now.

  9. Haha, I like this thread… Trump Tower is a hive of wiretaps for so many reasons… Who elected this guy President?

  10. Damn the Scandinavians. They know what to say but I didn’t choose to go there for a reason. I preferred America, its warts and all and the current crisis, notwithstanding. Video in the link.


  11. Apropos of not much, I also love the phrase, “virgo intacto.”
    I don’t know why but I do.
    Seriously, I do not foresee Trump lasting a full year in office.
    However, I still wake up bathed in sweat fearing that some Breitbart-shall we say-exclusive will inspire him to drop the “big one.”
    No, not in the toilet-get your mind out of the gutter.

  12. Where is everyone?

    Thread: Roy Cohn and Trump, yes, Cohn was Trump’s mentor in mroe ways than one as Sarah Kindzior dug up things from the 80s. Here is another reporter from that time telling people to wake up. Talk to a Trump voter today.

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