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Wild World Thursday 

Hi all, sorry I’ve been absent. I’ve been thinking about the SOTU too and I’m not buying the “presidential”, “normal”, less unhinged Donald. Oh, sure, the media and pundits were probably relieved because the alternative, a man completely unsuited to his job and scaring the world, was freaking them out. So, any moves towards looking semi-normal was divinely to be wished, even if it’s completely unbelievable. 

After all, perfectly nice immigrants are still being banned or sent back to their countries of origin while being forced to leave their property behind. By the way, who gets all the stuff they’ve worked a lifetime to acquire when they’re put on a bus back to Mexico?

And then there are the students who are forced back into an identity that is foreign to them just to use the bathroom. And the sick, poor people who are about to lose their insurance, the artists about to lose their funding, the climate scientists about to lose their jobs. 

I listened to part of the speech. It was the part about how we’re all in danger from immigrants making extreme beachheads and hiding under our beds to cut off our heads or something and how AMERICAN victims of CRIMINAL IMMIGRANTS need a VOICE, as if Fox News and Breitbart weren’t already turning fear and suspicion up to 11 on an hourly basis. 

None of Trump’s “policies” have softened or become more reasonable because he’s learned to read a TelePrompTer. He’s still hawking fear and terror as his new Trump brand product. EJ Dionne has more about how Trump Still Wants You To Be Very Afraid 

It’s so familiar. That kind of fear indictrination is what I was surrounded by in the high control religious group I grew up in. Turns out the world didn’t end in 1975. But there were a lot of very nice people scared shitless who were convinced to sell books and magazines door to door and to do for free and as if their lives depended on it. It sucks the joy out of your life.  

In any case, the Russia connection is back in the news with this story about how the Obama administration staffers left breadcrumbs for us to follow that lead back to Jeff Sessions and the Trump campaign. I’m guessing that the new amity and presidential demeanor is going to be very short lived. 

So, that’s what is on my mind. I’ll be back later, I promise. Probably after work. 

More: Chris Cilizza at WaPo says Republicans face political suicide if they don’t investigate the Russian connection to the Trump campaign. Lol!! Chris is such an optimist. It’s going to take unity, determination and hard campaign work to pry the country from their cold, dead hands. 

How did he get his job? Why can’t I get a paying gig at a major newspaper to write silly drivel?  Life is unfair. 

Here’s what else is on my mind. It’s Throwback Thursday. People do stupid things at 19.  


26 Responses

  1. I don’t get quinoa.
    And quinoa and cilantro gets very close to making your mouth feel like it’s full of soap.
    I can’t imagine that South American indigenous people really ate this stuff voluntarily.

    • Oh, you have not eaten my quinoa bath (‘bath’ is like a rice dish with veggies and spices) — yes with cilantro. 🙂

      • It’s not too much saponification?
        I like anything with spice!👍

        • Quinoa does not have any ‘fragrance’ to it, I don’t think (Millet does). You can leave out cilantro if you don’t like (but with cilantro you have to use very little like a small spoon goes a long way in a medium pot 4-person dish). I use the Mediterranean blend of frozen veggies from Whole Foods and some yellow moong dal (makes it creamy) and quinoa with a good quality (mine comes from a super chef — it used to be my mom but since she passed — back home in India, 🙂 ) curry powder.

  2. Mr. Bitch Beer needs to suck it up. He’s one of the reasons we are in this mess. People like him will never take responsibility though.

  3. Omg, someone brought barfi in today. I had a piece with silver leaf.
    Must stay away

  4. Now fucking Oprah wants to be president. Hell, no!!!!! {her thinking maybe? ‘sure, if Barack (and Trump) can do it, I can too’}.

    I want a good quality politician with good education, well versed in law of the land with policy background/ideas and some experience in running local/state government or federal agency for my next presidential candidate.

    Say no to celebrity know nothings. Nip it in the bud.

  5. Cilizza’s major focus is urging Democrats to make sure to stop Hillary Clinton from even considering running for President again. He hates her far more than he worries about Trump or Republicans. He thought Trump’s speech was very good. He would be thrilled with an “investigation” completely controlled by Republicans, which whitewashed all of this; then he would write,”Can’t we move on? Hillary running agaIn is the bigger threat than any Russin connection.”

    February was the hottest such month on record, and was hottter than most historical Marches. Nothing the media worries about, they did not ask one single question about global warming in any debate. The two things I regretted about Hillary’s campaign, which otherwise I think was very well done, were the choice of Kaine for VP; and not talking about climate change every day, and forcing Trump to talk about why he thought it was a hoax. At least people would have known what they were voting on in that regard; maybe some more of them would have considered it important enough to not vote for Stein or Johnson, or leave the topline empty, to show how clever and independent they were. That was and is an existential issue, whereas a speech to Wall Street is not, unless you are insane, or awash in egoistic sanctimony.

  6. Hillary running again is the bigger threat than any Russian connection.

    Running again or finding out the the EC was hacked and she won that too…putting her right in the Oval and impeaching Trump, 2pence and his merry ring of thugs.

    • I don’t think Hillary will ever run again sadly, she ran a dignified, all inclusive campaign 2 times and won the popular vote in each race she ran. The system just doesn’t work for women. I don’t see her going through that again nor do I blame her

  7. Comey knew about this well before the election, for all we know he’s covering Trumps ass right now and in the process, his own. Ooh baby, it sure is a wild world

  8. Sessions is on the ropes. He lied to Congress. It’s on video. There’s no way to whitewash it, and the chorus for resignation is spreading to his own party.

    Interesting (to me) that, in his answer to Al Franken, he volunteered that he’d had no contact with the Russians. Blinking wildly all the time. Really classic thing guilty people do–volunteering info that’s the opposite of the truth, and blinking a lot (pupil dilation).

    • I don’t know about the other stations, but I am increasingly convinced that most of the wolfface blitzers on CNN voted for Rump, Erin, Dana, and others.

      • Many years ago when Mike Myers and Dana Carvey were still regulars on SNL, their characters Wayne and Garth said something to the effect that “Wolf Blitzer” must be a fake name–and why didn’t he just call himself “Howitzer Explosion Guy” while he was at it? 😈

      • Try MSNBC. I like Maddow, Hayes, and O’Donnell. Beats CNN. Dana Bash is a Republican.

        • Maddow has been putting out some good stuff lately. I watch the video clips. I still am not over how she threw Hillary under the bus for Obama and Keith Oberhoseher attacked Hillary. I left MSNBC at that point and haven’t returned.

  9. It seems that quite few people in the Trump administration, or advisors, had meetings, phone calls, connections with the Russians. Could that just be some unusual coincidence? Some interesting, but certainly not inappropriate tete a tetes? Or could it be…..that this all ties together, and that the Russians made some kind of quid pro quo/blackmail deal with Trump that he would run, and they would help him win, while he did what they wanted with regard to oil drilling, expansion, and policy toward Europe? And do you think that it would take a Holmes or Poirot to put any of this together? And if not, then why does the miainstream media act bewildered about this, or say, “well, there’s no proof of anything”; this whle they effusively praise his teleprompter reading, and use of a grieving wife of a man killed in a stupid raid he authorized but blamed “the generals” for, as a prop?

    A minor thing, but I remember that ridiculous story, one of hundreds which the media ravenously gnawed at, about somebody who had given money to the Clinton Foundation, and who got to be on some committee or other. And the always right-wing, always smirking Erin Burnett smirked again, and said, ‘Well, do we really have to know anything more about this story,?” i.e, it is obviously “pay for play.” As it turned out, this man was some kind of computer expert who was simply allowed to be part of a non-official group to study some computer thing, and then realized that he wasn’t qualified to do this or that aspect, so resigned. But boy, the media searched and searched for any possible connection between the Clnton Foundation and some benefit given. Here, with regard to Russia being allowed to essentially take over the country through a web of agents, assets, and Trump collaborators, it’s all too murky for them right now.

    • William probably knows this already, but just in case:

      Many of the media weasels are rich themselves, at least by ordinary standards, and even if they’re not rich, they work for rich men (mostly men, anyway). Those fat cats want Cheetolini to sign their tax cuts, then maybe they’ll consider throwing him out.

      Of course, he has antagonized the intelligence community–and it’s a foolish Caesar who crosses the Praetorian Guard. I reckon they’ve got any number of legal, non-violent means available to monkey-wrench him and Steve Bormann–er, Bannon.

      • Oh, yes, I know this. In the days of the self-named “inkstained wretches” most of the reporters were working class liberals. Their publishers were wealthy Republicans, but some let them tell the stories they discovered. But once 24 hour cable news began, the blow-dried vapid people became the stars and were paid a lot. And many were hired specifically to make right-wing talking points in calm and unctuous tones. And there went most of our free press buffer against blatant hypocrisy and treason. Anyone who hopes that somehow we can fix this country, had better include a plan for dealing with the insidious cable news, and the right-wing radio talk shows.

        • It was during the Reagan administration that the Fairness Doctrine in broadcast media was eliminated. It required that stations, both radio and television, provide an opportunity for opposing viewpoints to be aired.

          Cable was just getting started and no one anticipated the rise of Fox News.

          The next president from the Democratic Party needs to re-instate the Fairness Doctrine. It also must be re-instated with a provision that requires a minimum percentage of rebuttal per minute of editorial/opinion content.

          It would be only fair to make Fox News have liberal content to refute all the garbage they put out!

          • Even with his master Tsar Vlad helping him, Orange Julius Caesar would not have “won” if the Scalia Court had not gutted the Voting Rights Act.

            Scalia would not have had his majority to gut the VRA, and to hand the 2000 election to the Chimperor before that, without Reagan’s victory in 1980, which probably would not have happened if not for the Reagan campaign’s treason in cutting a deal with the ayatollahs to keep the hostages until after the election.

            Likewise, the whole GOP trend started with the 1968 election, which Nixon won at least partly because his campaign sabotaged peace talks with North Vietnam.

            The GOP has become the Treason Party. 👿

  10. Lock them up, every single one of them. Many in the media should lose their jobs and banished into oblivion. But how do we get back what we lost?

  11. For a guy who grew up on welfare state, I have never seen anyone more cruel and vicious. This guy has got to go. He is a monster.

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