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Mean (Trump) People Suck

I have a trans sister in law who I love. 

Last month, someone at work started to live the rest of her life as a woman. We received an email from HR announcing this and telling us that people who are able to live authentically are happier and better employees. Also, the person in question was going to use the ladies room. Got a problem with it? Call HR. 

Rolling back the bathroom option for trans students is nothing but throwing a mean bullying bone to a minority of heartless people who do not represent the majority of the rest of us who did not vote for Trump. 

The town hall meetings are going to get very unpleasant. But in the meantime, watch for the Gay-Straight Alliance to step up in a high school near you: 

Trans and queer youth continue to show up for each other even when our schools and government do not. 

Today, the Department of Education and Department of Justice rescinded the guidance they released less than a year ago that instructed schools across the country on how to create welcoming, safe, and supportive school environments for transgender and gender nonconforming students. Transgender students will still be protected from sex discrimination under current interpretations of Title IX, however, the guidance provided clear guidelines for schools to provide students with access to school facilities, such as restrooms and locker rooms, based on their gender identity. The guidelines also symbolized an important victory for trans student rights.
It comes as no surprise that the guidance was reversed and we expect that many of GSA Network’s organizational partners will discuss what this means and the harms it will cause trans youth in schools. We agree and vehemently condemn this action by the current administration.
In this moment, we want to focus on you: trans and queer youth who are leading at GSA Network. We want to uplift the myriad of ways you show up for each other and we want to be very clear about what this action does not mean. We want to let you know that we value you, we stand with you and we love you.


73 Responses

  1. Basket of deplorables, only silver lining is that they not very smart and are ignorant to boot.

  2. This should be an easy court case, right? Posse Comitatus? Can’t use military to implement domestic policy. See what I mean by not smart.

  3. This will not be a popular comment, but we still get to make those in this country. It is my feeling that “we,” “the Left,” “liberals,” whatever we think of ourselves as, are making headway on some cultural issues, and losing on every other issue. And possibly the two things are related.

    I am a heterosexual man who likes to think that I am open-minded, to at least a reasonable extent. I find the concept of “transgender” to be strange; and I think that with some people it is simply a cry for identity; to be noticed, to be something more special than just the average boy or girl, man or woman. I do think that people have the right to say or be what they want, as long as it doesn’t seriously adversely affect others’ rights. So if a boy suddenly decides that he is a girl (pending possible reversal or new thoughts about it later in life), I guess it is better to let him, than tell him, no he is a boy, he has a male genetic makeup, he may just be indulging himself. I would be more inclined to the latter, but the society, at least our part of it, now believes that a child or young adult has a perfect right to decide that he or she is really not the gender he or she was born into. Sex change operations can be respected; keeping one’s body parts and simply asserting that one is the opposite gender, I find more problematical. But people can do it, and I would not want to create laws to stop them.

    Now, I am not the only person who finds the idea of boys or men walking into female bathrooms to be troubling. As a man, I would be uncomfortable with women who say they are now men, walking into a male bathroom, but males do not face the implied threat that women do. Anyway, I am sure that many will say that I don’t understand transgenderism, and maybe I don’t, or maybe I just have a less tolerant take on it. That’s fine. But meanwhile, “we” are losing on just about every front, from the environment, to fascism (I read today that seven states have passed laws which try to make dissent and demonstrations a crime, racketeering, rioting; and aim to take people’s freedom and assets for daring to dissent). We are losing in terms of health care; they want to end Social Security and Medicare. They want to throw us back to a combination of the Gilded Age and the Dark Ages. And they are mostly winning. Meanwhile, “we’ are fighting hard for transgender rights.

    Now, it can well be said that abandoning transgender people because there seem to be more important things at stake, or because it might cost “our side” votes on many other matters, is selfish, or self-interested. Maybe it is. Rights are rights, and everyone has his or her own sense of priorities. For me, fighting for the right of a transgendered male to use a woman’s bathroom, is not near the top. Losing election after election, not because of this, certainly, but as a concomitant of general societal uncomfortableness with it, or simply spending political energy on a battle which might ultimately be won, but while the rest of America is burning, is a real concern.

    Sunday, we have the Academy Awards. Last year, it happened that none of the four acting categories had any Blacks nominated. A few years ago, Black actors won both major awards. But somehow because of last year, cries of “racism,” and “Oscarssowhite” (The name of an advocacy group) began. So the Academy invited 300 or so more Blacks to become members. This year, three of the five nominations for Male Supporting Actor went to Blacks, and a Black actor will win. The Best Female Supporting Actor award will go to a Black woman. The Best Male Actor will very possibly go to a Black actor. The head of “Oscarssowhite” says that “this is progress, but we have a long way to go,” and that “we need more representation of the experience of Latinos and gays.” So I guess this is a “victory,” self-created; but I guarantee that there are a lot of decent people out there who see it as a push for quotas and affirmative action, where the goal is simply to make sure that minority actors win many awards. And meanwhile, we lose more elections. Do we have to appeal to Middle America to win, and give up rights for minorities? Of course not! But again, it is fascinating, if very troubling, that we win battles on such cultural fronts, meanwhile getting slaughtered in state elections. I have no answer for this, no desiderata of what must be done. Maybe that is just the way it will go: we’ll win that battle for transgendered people to use any bathroom; we’ll next see a new identity class of “proteans” who assert that sexual identiry is variable and malleable, that they can change their identity every day, if they feel that way. It’s their right, isn’t it, particularly if sexual identity is not determined by chromosomes or body parts? People might do well to think of such logical, almost inevitable societal developments along this path. But as this brave new world of social freedom is fought for, we seem to be losing almost all of our other freedoms. Or maybe not, maybe we’ll somehow win glorious victories on all fronts.

    • Yeah, you don’t understand transgender people or transgenderism. No one cares that you find it problematic or that you’re uncomfortable with it. I find YOU and your comments problematic. You’re no different than people who say they are uncomfortable seeing 2 men marry and say things like “what next people getting married to their dogs?!!!”. Get over it… better yet, go meet a transgender person & befriend them I am sure you’ll feel like a real ass

      Transgender people have always existed. We aren’t going away. We don’t have to ignore anyone or anyone’s rights in order to win against the republicans. This only divides us. Also, trivializing cultural issues is real crass. As a male and I’m assuming a straight white male, you should feel very lucky that you dont have to fight for your rights and that equality is a side note for you and that you just want to get on to the ‘real’ issues. Trust me, all of us do.

      • Electing Bush in 2000 was a revenge against “Will and Grace” is what I heard then from people. Take heart and the majority is on your side but we also have to win power and the challenge is to win without giving up on our principles and values.

    • Whether or not you understand transgender people is a moot point. We stand for civil rights for EVERYONE, not just for some. Civil rights is not a zero sum game. All people deserve their civil and human rights, and we are hypocrites if we don’t stand up for oppressed minorities. Even if standing up for them is “inconvenient.” Who would decide who gets left in the dust?

    • Oooo, you walked into it.
      You’re a good guy so I know you will evolve. I will say one thing though. Trans people struggle with their identity for most or all of their lives. It’s not a spontaneous decision or a choice. No one deliberately chooses to put themselves through this kind of hell. And ssking a trans person to choose between getting yelled and arrested or physically assaulted is a high price to pay for having to pee. Everyone deserves dignity and privacy when they’re using the bathroom.

    • William, I also know you are a good guy and although I agree that no one in America should be bullied, slandered nor harmed for their gender or gender choices, I don’t see this issue as any more dominate than the protests against all the other deplorable issues that Trump is stirring up. Immigration, Dreamers, safe cities, racism, misogyny, pedophilia, attacks on the middle class by the wealthy that now runs the government. Attacks on SS, Medicare, Medical, healthcare and the environment.

      Each section mentioned above is hurting some group or all of us. Dems are a big tent party…GOP, not so much. As long as they make huge profits, they will destroy everything if people do not protest. We each have our own multiple issues that worry us, and we should fight for them in our own world. I agree that the environment is a huge issue that will affect everyone, for generations to come…but getting everyone to focus on that over what is most passionate to them, is IMPOSSIBLE.

      As far as the fight over bathrooms, as a women, a straight women, I would leave a bathroom if anyone entered with the body of a male. Where I work, they just announced they will convert one bathroom, (of many) that will be ‘gender neutral’, only one person can use it at a time, and can lock the door from the inside. This is fine with me, more like a bathroom at home or in a hospital. I would revolt if they made males and females use the same john with multiple stalls.

      • I’m not sure how you’re going to know when someone with the body of a male comes into the ladies room. You *think* you would know but you might not. And there are some females who are built like truck drivers. So, you know, whaddayagunnado? Conduct a package search on everyone?
        We all use the same bathroom at home. This is getting to be ridiculous, especially in a women’s bathroom where there are no urinals and all stalls are private.
        Let’s lighten up, people. The world is laughing about how we get bent out of shape over this.

        • I’m not sure how you’re going to know when someone with the body of a male comes into the ladies room.

          What if the body is that of a starship captain, but the mind belongs to a psycho hose beast archaeologist who used an ancient alien mind transfer device to swap bodies with the captain? 😉

    • I have a dear friend, a wonderful person, who’s also Catholic and goes to a stupidly conservative parish church. What was the congregation on fire about before the election? ZOMG Hillary will push for men/transgender people/god-knows-what-all in women’s bathrooms. I kid you not. That was their Number One issue.

      Did the issue help that pile-o-spam get elected? Probably. So, yes, the damage is vast, which makes it very tempting to think , “Sheesh. Maybe climate change is actually more of a threat?”

      Sure, on a practical level, it seems self-evident. And yet, it’s the same argument the Saudis use to keep women’s rights bottled up forever. (“Can’t push for women’s right to drive! That would antagonize a, b, c, d, e, and f.”)

      Rights have to be for everybody. Otherwise they’re just privileges and you don’t really have a just system, even if it looks like a good imitation of one. And if you don’t have justice, it’s only a matter of time before you have all kinds of massive problems on your hands. Like climate change.

      I don’t know if I’m being coherent enough to make my train of thought comprehensible. But do you see what I mean? You really can’t subordinate some people’s rights to larger issues because there are no larger issues than justice.

  4. I am sure this is only the first of many hurtful and backward looking positions to be asserted by AG Sessions … The coming voter wrath already had GOP lawmakers looking for a place to hide … This may entire situation may impact voter a path for decades

  5. I’m sure we’ve all been in a bathroom with transgender people and never knew it. We would know it if a transgender female went into a men’s room or a transgender male went into a ladies room. The female would probably have the #$@% beat out of her and the male would cause all sorts of screaming. By doing this they make a non issue into an issue just out of meanness.

  6. People,especially of a certain age ,are at different places in their understanding of transgender issues..it doesn’t help to lecture them. I am a lesbian of a certain age,a former educator and ;yes,have known multiple transgendered people and helped one in particular get through her transitioning.I still struggle w/some of the trans issues and I’m well aware that there are aspects that I’ll never get or understand,just like I’ll never understand what it means to be a black male.
    To me trans issues are similar to what we went through back in the 70’s and 80’s ( still do in some places). If you came out to someone it would sometimes freak them out.It took me years to accept my sexuality and even longer to understand my internalized homophobia.When people are fed a steady diet of negative mythology about a group of people;it takes time to come to understand that someone they love or care about is gay or trans and what that means.
    Please cut William some slack..give him some time.He’s trying to understand..allow him his process just as you’d allow someone the time and space to decide his/her gender..or sexuality. At least he’s open to learning;as,it is to be hoped,we all are.

    Submitted respectfully.

  7. Haha, I am not a ‘women’…but I am a woman.

  8. William,

    BTW, thank God we live in CA where our state takes environmental issues very seriously. Brown and our Congress are not going to roll over for Trump on many of these issues.

    CA is Douche’s target and I am proud to fight with you on many issues.

  9. William is a good guy, a deep thinker who is asking for thoughtful dialogue.
    He is not wrong to say that we liberals are winning on cultural issues (well, that is when they affect males) but losing on every other front.
    Who uses what potty is not the hill I choose to die on and I think that what my sainted mother would call a “one holer” private restroom is a good idea, if not always practical.
    On a personal note, it’s mordantly amusing that I have to beg and plead for the very same hormones from my doctor who’s happy to prescribe them to a twelve year old biological male who will have to take them for the next sixty or seventy years.
    Does transgenderism come with a cancer get out of jail free card?
    Having said that, I would never knowingly harm anybody or disrespect him or stand in the way of his happiness and I’m very sure that my friend, William, feels the same.

    • Sue, equal rights aren’t up for debate or dialogue. For you and William who claim to want to get on to more pressing issues, you are only wasting time if you think human rights need more debate. I think that’s a very republican stance. You can evolve or die. Our country always moves toward equality, though it is often painstakingly slow & setbacks are bound to happen.

      You seem to have a lot of animosity and anger toward transgender people. If you want to champion another issue then go for it, but complaining when issues other than your own are raised seems selfish. This isn’t an issue that gets a ton of coverage… however something happened that directly affects trans people just a few short days ago… you seem to be telling trans people to sit down and shut up.

      I can also assure you the Democratic Party won’t be catering to your transphobia in the coming elections

      Here’s Hillary’s stance on the bathroom guidelines that were just rolled back: “Hillary Clinton applauds the Obama administration for taking actions this week to stand up for the rights of LGBT people–and particularly for the rights of transgender people–across the country,” Clinton spokeswoman Xochitl Hinojosa told The Washington Post. “As president, she will fight to make sure all Americans can live their lives free from discrimination.”

      • I agree.
        Thank you for your comments.

        …You can evolve or die.

        One can look at the millions of species in our planet and how they co-habitate; we homo sapiens can learn a thing or two.

  10. I am first, last and always a feminist and feminism is my cause.
    Why does every other group get to focus on its issue but feminists are supposed to fix everybody else’s problem first and be dedicated to some bullshit called “intersectionality.”
    I wouldn’t hurt someone and I’ll cheer and vote for their cause, but freedom and equality for women is my life’s work.

    • You are right, Sue, we are being asked to put women on the back burner (again) and focus on other issues. For support for your viewpoint and to be able to talk about it openly in a non-hostile environment, I strongly recommend the blog gendertrender dot wordpress dot com.

      • I’m not sure who is asking you to put women’s issues on the back burner? Shall we ignore the Muslim ban as well bc it isn’t specifically just women? Minorities like the LGBTQ community are not your enemy. They voted for Hillary very heavily & march in support for women’s rights. The republicans are the only people telling you that women’s issues don’t matter

  11. RD, and Sue and Msdsal and Shadowfax, thank you for the supportive comments. I wrote that long post out of honest feeling, and I then of course regretted it, because I know that it is a sensitive subject. Of course, it is good to discuss sensitive subjects sometimes, in a mostly like-minded group, where people are respecttful and intelligent. And thanks to RD for providing it.

    Seagirl is right that one doesn’t get to tell other people what issues to focus on, though of course that works in all directions. And we all have very personal issues of gender or race and religion. I am Jewish and very concerned about the rising tide of anti-semitism. Others might not be as much. All civil rights matter. I do think that in terms of sexuality, there are going to be all sorts of upcoming variations of current choices, which some otherwise tolerant people are going to at least look at with some uncertainty. I was read something the other day where a man described himself as “pansexual, or perhaps omnisexual to some degree.” I have no idea what the difference between the two might be, or indeed what either of them exactly means; but I’m sure we’ll hear more such terms, so that no one will have to risk being lumped into what may become the more passe groups. I am all for leaving people alone to practice or be whatever they choose, as long as it doesn’t involve extreme violence or children. The government should not be poking around into people’ private identities or behaviors.

    My point was that “our side” is losing, and badly, though I am gratified at the blowback against the fascists. We can say “cheating,” or “voter suppression,” or whatever, but we still lose. Now, we can either leave the country; or give up and just hide out quietly’ or try to figure out how to win electorally. Because if we don’t, the environment will be so polluted and uninhabitable, that everyone of any identity will suffer. So I do at times wonder if all this various diversity has so unsettled people that they vote against it, and of course their own economic and health interests. I do not know the answer as to how we somehow turn the electoral results around, and still fight hard for a vast array of human rights. Back in the 1930’s, it seemed like it was simply “working people vs. economic royalists,” and so an easy choice for many. The Republicans are in many ways the same party that they were in the Gilded Age, but the Democrats have an increasingly wide and complex constituency to try to keep from bolting or sitting out, or simply voting their own identity, and choosing the wrong political side. Hillary, a brilliant,wonderfully caring and empathic person, probably the best I have ever seen in that regard as a candidate, ran the most inclusive campaign in American history. And yet somehow she is not President, as of course we desperately needed her to be. What is out of joint: the time, the populace, the framing of issues, the ability to discern, the capacity of people of all various identities to tolerate the realities and differing opinions of others?

    • Perhaps the #1 problem with the USA is the plain fact that Confederate culture survived the defeat of the Confederacy. The necessary mass brainwashing–er, “public relations”–technology did not yet exist in 1865; neither psychology nor communications technology was yet advanced enough for such a Herculean task.

    • I still have a very difficult time believing that at the last minute, Comney butting in at the last minute of the election was able to turn massive EC votes to the Douche. Something does not smell right and I wouldn’t doubt for a second that somehow the Russian’s were involved, along with the timing of the FBI…..to change so many minds to vote for the least American candidate we have ever had. Sure the deplorables and some of Bernie’s nitwits voted for him…but not enough to win the votes over Hillary.

      I don’t think Dems can change the EC until they at least win back the House and/or Senate. That will take running Rethugs out in 2018 and 2020. Getting young voters on board to vote in an off season election, will be difficult but the key to turning this around.

      I still have the tiniest bit of hope that somehow, the investigations will prove that Douche, Pence and the Russian’s were part of overthrowing the election and some how, the rightful winner will finally become President.

      This little hope, even if it’s false hope, is all I hang on to during this coup of our country.

  12. The Queen is not amused.

    Love the corgi on the left side. 😛

  13. Happy that Bernie’s boy didn’t win the DNC chair, but terrible the vote was so close. Shows that the Dims are divided and part of the reason Hillary had to fight so hard within her own party instead of just focusing on Douche.

    “While Perez touted endorsements from former Obama administration officials like Vice President Joe Biden, former Attorney General Eric Holder, and former Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, Ellison had the backing of prominent senators including Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Chuck Schumer.”

    Perez elected DNC chairman


  14. In Kansas, a guy shot two Indians, one of whom died and he said he thought they were middle eastern. The dead guy’s father asked other parents to not send their children to the US. This tweet below is from a well known historian detained for 10 hours! Mohammad Ali’s son a US citizen was detained in a Florida airport for hours. What have the mfers done? How do we get rid of the buffoon and his people in the WH? Leak the damn things and I am sure there is plenty and start the impeachment proceedings. Every Republican in 2018 should be defeated. 0 votes.

  15. Meanwhile, Bernie (fuck, he is not even a Democrat) and his minions are fucking with the only opposition party we have to the nightmare going on all around us. Shame!

  16. That professor tweeting that the officer was “inexperienced”, yeah, the CBP line people won’t be the brightest of the bulbs out there and they are given full powers of a police state, just like their boss in the WH. What have the mfers done voting for this buffoon? It is a nightmare.

  17. Off topic: The full version of the opening theme from Season 1 (there are two so far) of Non Non Biyori. This anime is cute, gentle, funny–perhaps refreshing in these dismal times.

    You don’t have to understand Japanese to enjoy the music. :mrgreen:

  18. This email was just sent to me from the Women’s march people…

    On International Women’s Day, March 8th, women and our allies will act together for equity, justice and the human rights of women, through a one-day demonstration of economic solidarity.

    The Women’s March supports the feminists of color, (and all women), and grassroots groups organizing the International Women’s Strike on International Women’s Day, March 8th, 2017. In the same spirit of love and liberation that inspired the Women’s March, together we will mark the day by recognizing the enormous value that women of all backgrounds add to our socio-economic system–while receiving lower wages and experiencing greater inequities, vulnerability to discrimination, sexual harassment, and job insecurity.

    Anyone, anywhere, can join by making March 8th A Day Without a Woman, in one or all of the following ways:

    Women take the day off, from paid and unpaid labor

    Avoid shopping for one day (with exceptions for small, women- and minority-owned businesses).

    Wear RED in solidarity with A Day Without A Woman
    The Women’s March celebrates the labor the International Women’s Strike organizers and others in planning global actions. We are also inspired by recent courageous actions like the “Bodega strike” lead by Yemeni immigrant store owners in New York City and the Day Without Immigrants across the U.S. We applaud the efforts of #GrabYourWallet and others to bring public accountability to unethical corporate practices. As we mark A Day Without a Woman, we do so in support and solidarity of these and all efforts for equity, justice and human rights.

    When millions of us stood together in January, we saw clearly that our army of love greatly outnumbers that of fear, greed and hatred. Let’s raise our voices together again, to say that women’s rights are human rights, regardless of a woman’s race, ethnicity, religion, immigration status, sexual identity, gender expression, economic status, age or disability.

  19. So the orange buffoon wants to snub the WHCD. I think the association should invite Hillary, the people’s president and have Alec Baldwin do the Trump thing.

  20. I appreciate William’s honest comments and trying to understand an issue that he has little personal experience with. It seems there is increasingly so much name-calling and shaming of anyone who doesn’t 100% agree with an issue and that that person is somehow “racist” or “transphobic” or given some other negative label that can be hurled. Instead of contributing information and knowledge of an issue that can help with understanding, people are talked down to and insulted. It has gotten so intolerant, I’m really amazed. So am sure someone will say something hateful toward me for expressing this opinion. I am ready! Have at it!

  21. These are tough times for everyone of all colors, shapes, forms… I wept uncontrollably watching this young widow. Trump has blood on his hands and he put his minions up to this and all other ugly stuff going on around the country — his rallies are training ground for these mfers. This one however, hits home the closest. This could have been my nephew (nobody touches my nephew, he is a beautiful soul) — the man who died is someone’s nephew. My first inclination is to run away from this ugliness and fortunately, I can unlike a lot of other people stuck here for life. At some level, I feel like an outsider not even having a right to complain about this. But I belong here, right? I have paid my dues, right?


  22. Happy to see Hillary enjoying her family life and friends.

    Clintons Make a Monday Stop in Hudson

    February 28, 2017 by still4hill


  23. Democratic Women in Congress Wear Suffragette White to President Trump’s Joint-Session Speech


    One person who wasn’t wearing white……….Warren!

  24. FUCK the media and TV punditry. Don’t let them normalize this buffoon. He is delaying his old/new EO Muslim ban to give these mfers time to lift him up. How crazy is that ?! What is wrong with these people? And why was that widow of that Navy seal there being exploited by this traitor?

    • I haven’t watched but I don’t understand how any speech seems to erase someone’s record or past. Further why is the president of the United States graded on a curve?!! If Hillary was guilty of a quarter of the things he was I bet a single speech isn’t going to make everyone forget… they’d still say “but but but emails!”

    • pm, pretty close to what I just wrote over at The Widdershins:

      Rump acts ‘presidential’ for 60 minutes, the Daily Beast says, along with others in the media.

      What is wrong with these people?

      Have they been living in cartoon land?

      Many of us regular folk have been around the block enough to know when someone is a big fat effin’ liar, a bully, a guy that has no coconuts so he has to yell until he is red in the face. A guy that thinks he is waaay better than he really is, and when he talks with a tiny, baby voice…almost a serial killer whisper, he is off his rocker and therefore, dangerous.

      I want to slap people that coddle and bend over for Der Douche….

  25. We have just witnessed a horrifying but utterly predictable example of why our media is actually dangerous to democracy. They have been desperate to normalize Trump, have tried to do so for a year and more. They had to have an unconscious rationale as to why they hated Hillary so much, and thus actually hoped Trump would win. Then Trump wins, and they have been trying to tell themselves that he is really not so bad. Waiting for “the pivot,” the fantasy moment when Trump turns into what he is not, and will never be. So he reads a speech someone wrote, which is full of lies and deceits, and they are overjoyed. And in so doing, they make it easier for fascism to take hold.

    One would think that people in the media would actually have some degree of intelligence to realize that a canned speech is only that; that actions speak immensely louder than photo-op words. They either have no degree of intelligence, or they are in on the con, selling their ethics for money and air time. I am sure that Hitler gave a few speeches in the early days, which made some fools or collaborators think that he really wasn’t so bad. It’s gotten so that much of the media has become the collaborators, the dupes, who allow fascism to consolidate power, by putting a friendly face on it. And far too many average citizens take their cue from them, and are easily seduced by trivial things like concocted speeches and staged events. I’m so glad that the far-Right Congress cheered so lustily for the woman whose husband was killed in a botched raid casually authorized by Trump, and now blamed on ‘the generals.” The Right-wing Congress’ favorite two things are taking away civil and economic rights, and applauding for those who were killled by gun violence or military action. No bread, but lots of sanctimony and circuses.

    • I couldn’t agree more.

      My German ex, told me that when Hitler first started talking to the people, (before my ex was born), that he convinced the public that Germany was financially screwed by many countries, paying back their debt for their part in previous wars. He told the public that Germany was finished paying any debt and would stand on it’s own two feet…bla, bla, bla. The people loved it, and thought he was going to save their country. JUST like Rump does…

      I think of Hitler often when Rump speaks.

  26. PM, She also made the choice to be there. It was heartbreaking on so many levels. Trump threw the generals under the bus, when he said, “They lost him.” What a hypocrite and evil person. I am appalled by the most of the media holding him up, because he read a teleprompter well and the speech was less negative.

  27. The stock market is up 300 points!!! Jeez……………

    • Yup, Wall Street loves to hear taxes for the wealthy will be cut, environmental restrictions on big businesses will be cut, NIH restrictions will be cut, companies will no longer have to provide decent wages to their employees and won’t have to provide health care.

      Big loss for the middle class.

  28. Cuteness break: Cherry blossom time! :mrgreen:

  29. media versus veterans — how they saw the Navy Seal widow being exploited. What the fell is wrong with Katy Tur?

  30. Maybe the media rolling over for this is just the outcome of Trump’s attacks on them. It was their first big moment to get behind him, get noticed, and save their own behinds, and they did it. It was only last week they got kicked out of the White House Press Room, after all.

    Plus, the bar has dropped underneath the floor.

  31. https://mobile.nytimes.com/2017/03/01/us/politics/obama-trump-russia-election-hacking.html?referer=
    We can celebrate the fact that Obama made sure all the evidence of Trump meeting with agents of Putin were preserved so that the GOP can’t cover this up.

    • Good, at least that. WaPo has an article about Sessions lying — they all lie and lie with impunity — never seen anything like it. House intel cmte is proceeding with Russia investigation. Drop those shoes, everyone of it.

      Now we understand why Trump gave that speech last night — the way to look at the speech is to see him with his tail between his legs.

    • This is a great article, GA6th. So glad our spooks are taking care of business. I hope they nail Rump with real proof.

  32. Was alerted to a few things today:

    1. one tweet that said “I was just asked to balance a Binary Search Tree by JFK’s airport immigration. Welcome to America.”

    2. Immigration officials give Nigerian engineer job test.

    3. BBC News tweeting ‘A software engineer was detained at US customs – and had to take a test to prove his computer knowledge.’

    4. An Indian woman in Atlanta was arrested and handcuffed over an expired license — she was with her teenage daughter and her dog in the car. She had to call her neighbor to come get them because her husband was out of town. Her neighbor had to bring $2,500 cash overnight to bail her out.

    Say goodbye to cream of the crop immigrants coming here. No self respecting person of intelligence will come here. No future Einsteins, no startups, no innovation, nothing. Look for reverse brain drain with people leaving this country.

    There is a right way to address the problems of the day but this is not it. This is how cruel, degenerate, incompetent neanderthals think and operate and it will not work.

  33. The Russian story is all over CNN and MSNBC. Explosive!

  34. MSNBC used the word “treason.” Strongly. One by one, they begin to fall.

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