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    • Democratic Congress Members Want What Republicans Want
      So, here we have it: On Hugh Hewitt’s show, McConnell says it’s “highly unlikely” he’d allow Biden to fill a Supreme Court vacancy in 2024 if he’s majority leader. He also doesn’t commit to allowing a vote on a nominee if a seat opened up in *2023*. “Well, we’d have to wait and see what happens.” This is the new normal. Republicans get all of their Supreme C […]
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American Abwehr

Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act. -Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Abwehr Agent.

We are in trouble, my lovelies. The intelligence guys are trying to get ahead of whatever it is they know. They’re taking a big risk. 

Trump has never been about Making America Great Again. What he and his advisors are really up to we are only now beginning to understand. 

If you have to subscribe to one podcast, make it TrumpCast from Slate. Here’s the latest episode: A Cry For Help

Stay calm, hold hands, look out for one another. 

More: the NYTimes Editorial Board asks for a congressional investigation.  If Trump and his campaign have nothing to hide, they should welcome this opportunity to clear the air. 

WaPo seconds that emotion

35 Responses

  1. Another Bonhoeffer quote that is particularly relevant in recent years:

    “Judging others makes us blind, whereas love is illuminating. By judging others we blind ourselves to our own evil and to the grace which others are just as entitled to as we are.”

    Mercy and grace to all, especially to illegal immigrants and their families seeking sanctuary from separation.

    • Yours is the second reference to Bonhoeffer that I have read this week. I usually skip the David Brooks columns in the New York Times, but the headline given to the one on Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2017 was “How should one resist the Trump administration?”

      The column contained this quote “In the face of fascism, he wrote, it was not enough to simply ‘bandage the victims under the wheels of injustice, but jam a spoke into the wheel itself.'”

      • Whoa! That’s seriously spooky when both me and Wormtongue Brooks are channeling Bonhoeffer.

        It really is that bad.

      • I forgot to add that I completely disagree with Brooks’ ending that the baby boomers are to blame for Twitler’s election.

        • As a tail end boomer, I really resent the association with the older boomers.

        • Yeah, they will blame everybody else for their mega fiasco. Like everything else since 2000 election, the media/TV have slid into the tawdry and ignoble, forgetting their mission and not serving the public and this election is the culmination of all that.

        • As a boomer (1951 edition), I have to say I agree that blaming baby boomers for Trump’s election eludes me. Stupidity, Ignorance, Intolerance, etc. do not know an age. Blame them, not people of a certain age. Does the Baby boom have more (in numbers) of these types then subsequent (or previous) generations…sure there are more of us, but percentage wise I would think there is no more blame for the boomers than any other generation.

  2. The best Bonhoeffer quote for today, I mean, if you can overlook the whole god thing and substitute the belief system of your choice:

    “There is no way to peace along the way of safety. For peace must be dared, it is itself the great venture and can never be safe. Peace is the opposite of security. To demand guarantees is to want to protect oneself. Peace means giving oneself completely to God’s commandment, wanting no security, but in faith and obedience laying the destiny of the nations in the hand of Almighty God, not trying to direct it for selfish purposes. Battles are won, not with weapons, but with God. They are won when the way leads to the cross.”

    • ICE agents are picking immigrants off at churches. I want to know if these ICE agents are contractors (can they be contractors?) and if the detention facilities they are using are privately run. These ICE agents appear specially trained white nationalist force, as it were. Rs are truly evil.

      • I read a report that the chief recruiting location for the CPB is Nascar races.

        • Well, that explains some of it. But obviously these are not Trump hires. Did this kind of thing go on under Obama and why didn’t they know? I also don’t understand how one of their unions could endorse Trump (which made news during the campaign) if these people are direct government employees. Politics is a no-no inside any agency, union or not.

  3. Our chance is 2018. Vote every R mfer out of office and get the House back. But have you seen this Takei’s tweet with the redistricting pic? This is how evil the Rs are.

  4. These forces were set in motion decades ago, and grew at an alarming pace. JFK wrote a book, “While England Slept,” which was about how Britain (and of course the other Euripean countries) were so war weary and complacent after WWI, that they were mostly oblivious to the Hitlerian threat. I never read that book, and I don’t know how fair it was; but “While America Slept” might be a valid book now, for whatever dubious good it might do.

    The growth of anti-science, authoriarian Evangelical religion; the rise of soulless oligarchs like the Kochs who would cheerfully destroy the entire environment of the planet if only it made them an extra billion or two; and then the Republican lawmakers who are owned by these forces, and who set about to rutthlessly game the political system so that ultimately they would never lose, and Democrats would never be in power again. And a President in Obama, who epitomized the genial, “let’s all work together; there are no red or blue states” attitude which was equivalent o pacifism in the face of the militarization of the Republicans. This culminated in Obama deciding that he would not inform the public of what his Intelligence agencies had told him about the Trump/Russia connection, because Mitch McConnell told him that if he did, he would attack him for being partisan. So he didn’t, and then all the Republican partisans ripped the country to shreds. And he wouldn’t appoint his Supreme Court Justice in a recess, because it wouldn’t be seemly for him, so he essentially handed the swing seat to the Republicans, since he wasn’t going to reveal the Russian story which would have surely kept them out of the White House.

    How we get out of this is very iffy indeed. Even now, I sense that most Democrats want to conciliate, somehow wanting to will themselves into believing that Republicans are basically decent people, when they are actually wholly evil. The IC will fight, but Trump and Bannon will try to purge them, and put in a group of Nazi-like loyalists. The media, which could have saved us, just was having too much fun voyeuristically reading all of the hacked Podesta emails, and trying to bring Hillary down to their own childish level. And much of the media is owned by the far Right. Now Trump won’t even take questions from any but the far Right media, which of course could have been predicted, since fascism is fascism. So what institutions are left to protect us? The votes will be suppressed. Hounding immigrants is another way to reduce the Democrats’ voting base. The Republicans in Congress willl do nothing helpful, they are salivating at the ability to destroy the entire New Deal, and to start destroying what is left of the environment. And the stock market keeps going up, because Wall Street adores rapacious non-regulation. So our only hopes seem to be; that the IC is somehow stronger than the fascists; that there are still enough people out there who care about such things as treason; that enough of the media finally act like adults; that somehow, some way, there is enough of a counter vote in 2018 to change the makeup of Congress. If not, then Trump will surely be re-elected in 2020 (does anyone really think that the Democrats are going to unearth a candidate who has half of hte knowledge and competence of Hillary?), and we might as well all leave for some other land which will take us, assuming that one is still allowed to leave. Too many forces appear to have awakened too late. What happened, as horrific and shocking as it was, was certainly reasonably predictable if anyone had been attuned to the last 50 years.

    • Bravo William, this is one heck of a post that puts all the big pieces together and lays it out without sidebar distractions.

      I do believe that if it weren’t for our bean spilling spooks…the public would be kept in the dark, and Douche would stuffing all the dirty laundry 10 feet under while he daydreams of Putin in his pink speedos.

      The only time the general public seems to pay attention to politics is when something is taken away from them…and then they get angry.

      Their winning votes for Hillary meant nothing, taking away not only the most qualified person to run for the job, but a woman who is brilliant and someone we would all be proud of. A BFD for our loss of this wonderful woman. If it took her 5 times running, at the age of 85, she would still get my vote and I would work my ass off for her.

      65+ million are getting more and more angry, they are going to have their health care screwed up, their public schools screwed up. the environment, plant and animals altered and killed, book burning is right around the corner, immigrant and minorities tossed out, bullied, trashed. Women told what the fuck to do…the list goes on.

      Everyone, in their own way has to fight against Trump and all his horrible plans. Rethugs have to be voted out in 2018…and Dems have to stand tall, fight with everything they have, at what ever cost it takes.

      This isn’t Trump’s country, this is OUR America!

      The masses are watching, they are angry, and I believe that this ground swell will be much bigger than the teaParty revolt that knocked out the Blue Dogs and many good Dems in Congress in 2012.

      The masses have to learn that the off season election has great value at making kidney punches to the GOP…but it is going to take people like us and others to educate them. The media sure as heck isn’t going to do it.

  5. And I do want to add that the Sanders folk do not appear to have learned anything, as far too many of them are trying to purge reasonable Democrats, in their utterlly futile and desructive quest for Left-wing puritanism. One almost feels like throwing up one’s hands, and letting them get Warren or even Sanders nominated, losing by 65-35%, and then maybe they would go away for at least as long as they went away after McGovern. But of course McGovern (not he himself, but his campaign, and the way it was easily caricatured) flung the Democrats out of power for 20 years, until BIll Clinton saved them, only to later find him and Hillary the new targets of the Left’s internecine hatred. If Orwell or Dick were writing this novel, the Left would turn out to be in the employ of the Fascists, since they conveniently do their work. And Assange, the Russian agent, was just the person to seduce them into believing that their efforts to stop Hillary were pure and righteous. Ironically enough, the Liberal Baby Boomers were certainly not the cause of this; it is the Millennials who appear to largely have lost the historical perspective, and concern for the Democratic Party as the only weapon against Republicans, that most Baby Boomers learned from their parents and from books.

    • I think that you have forgotten Jimmy Carter’s presidency which was a reaction/antidote to the Nixon Watergate scandal.

      Carter’s presidency is underrated because of the inflation that occurred in the 1970s. Had Carter been allowed a second term, we might be well on our way to energy independence and farther along in the development of alternative, renewable energy.

      If you do a search, you might be able to find the link to the story that Reagan’s campaign committed treason to persuade Iran to delay releasing the American embassy hostages to prevent an “October surprise” that would have allowed Carter to be re-elected.

      • Outsider looking perspective: Americans are too proud of their constitution, their elections, and the ultra-smooth transfer of power and so on. They have preferred keeping up appearances to getting uncomfortable and solving problems in their system. I have heard that thing you bring up about Reagan and not one bit surprised that Reagan might have very well done that and the country opted for a ‘peaceful’ transfer of power rather than figuring out what may have happened.

        • I just did the search and found this.


          The late Harold Washington once said that “Politics ain’t beanbag,” or something to that effect. It would be nice if politicians did not put winning above ethics.

          You are right about keeping up appearances, but the whole October surprise was rather clandestine and how do you undo something after the fact, which is where we are now with Trump?

          • With Trump there were a number of red flags even in the primary. Media dropped the ball. They needed to ease up on emails and go after his corruption, money laundering, Russia connections and so on. I would watch CNN and scream at them and their panels, three on each side, making a case for their respective candidate and one side lying through their teeth. I watched in horror when Katy Tur harassed James Taylor by repeating Trump’s talking points against Hillary in the name of playing devil’s advocate — poor Taylor, he didn’t know how to respond to her aggressive questioning which left the impression that even he could not defend his candidate. And, that fucker Bernie and his minions. Things like that big and small, happened everywhere. Even now, Trump is a great guy for the people who voted for him. They like what he says to women, Blacks, and Jews. These are things they wish they could say and get away with. They like what he is doing to the immigrants and Mooslems. But they are a minority and they have power because the media/press/TV, the truth arbiter in a democracy dropped the ball for the majority. The worst travesty in all of this is Facebook. Why is that mfer a billionaire for that stupid, sham application that perpetrated and facilitated the theft of this election? Stupid people fall over themselves to give him and his minions a piece of their life and he is a billionaire for it. How many billionaires are there in this country? Can they not invest in media/press/TV and run it with integrity to serve the public? At least WaPO and Bezos are waking up to that reality, it looks like. Dislodging Trump need not have been after the fact if only they had done their job.

  6. This “American Abwehr” you are talking about is the Secret Government that Bill Moyers warned us about. The current term is “deep state”. They are a cure that is far worse than the disease.

    • The disease is fascism, a white nationalist regime which will take away all free speech, dissent, freedome of association. It is Hitlerian. It is a shame that you do not see that. I would a hundred times prefer the CIA to the fascists. The Left has been brainwashed into reflexively hating the CIA, and delusionally thinking that Trump is somehow just a prelude to some kind of pro-worker socialist regime where college tuition is free, and all the banks are broken up into little pieces. In the real world, Trump is intent on purging the CIA so that every institution in this country will be at his heel.

    • The Abwehr was the military intelligence unit that tried to defeat Hitler from inside. A lot of them were executed at flossenburg death camp just days before the war ended.

    • If the electors had done their fucking job, we would not need the ‘deep state’, do we? Before that, if the media had done their fucking job, we would not need the ‘deep state’, do we? Before that, if the voters were not stupid to fall for the fucking fake news and propaganda from Fox and rightwing nutbags, and Facebook, we would not need the ‘deep state’ now, do we? Somebody has to help the majority who got overruled by chance and deceit, make a course correction.

  7. We are encountering global panic in the face of globalization and retreat into individual nation-states with high walls, as children fear their parents are going to love others more, are going to leave them for shiny new people, or people who need them more. Lock them out! Lock them up!

    Ultimately, globalization will win, but as in WW1, there might be another war first. Toddlers will launch projectiles at those seeking to play with their toys. Boom!

    • My husband has this weird notion that we should slow down automation, automation that creates joblessness (we are both engineers, don’t think we are anti-science/tech, LOL). I say to him that that would be akin to slowing human progress but how else do you take care of people who are left behind in its wake. The problem is that the progress in the tech/manufacturing sector is not reflected or translated into other parts of the society, such as smart governance, income equity, maintaining dignity and humanity for all…

  8. Check Louise Mensch’s twitter TL right now and read her piece called Carolina Conspiracy. Briefly she connects the dots and it all goes back to the Russians, hackers in NC, setting up Weiner. Obviously, there is no proof for this conjecture and perhaps impossible for her alone to get any on her own. We need full investigations. Get ready to feel the discomfort and kill the virus.

  9. ICYMI, the clusterfuck press conference from yesterday. 18 WTF moments are not actually that at all for those of us who have followed his rallies and his other public pronouncements:


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