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    riverdaughter on Fitness Month: the longest mon…
    William on Fitness Month: the longest mon…
    jmac on S}#% I just don’t underst…
    Propertius on S}#% I just don’t underst…
    Propertius on S}#% I just don’t underst…
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Flynn Resigns 

Over communications with Russian government officials.

I’m just amused that our National Security Advisor appears to be shocked, shocked, that he was caught with evidence provided by our intelligence people.

Officials said classified information did not appear to have been discussed during the conversation between Mr. Flynn and the ambassador, which would have been a crime. The call was captured on a routine wiretap of diplomats’ calls, the officials said.

But current Trump administration officials and former Obama administration officials said that Mr. Flynn did appear to be reassuring the ambassador that Mr. Trump would adopt a more accommodating tone on Russia once in office.

That’s right, we routinely wiretap phone calls of foreign ambassadors. And those foreign ambassadors all know that. What must they be thinking anout the quality of Donald Trump’s advisory picks? That is Darwin Award Winning behavior. Don’t piss off the spooks.

So, they are vulnerable.

Time to throw them an anchor.

48 Responses

  1. One down, how many left to go? I love the suggestion of anchors. Perhaps this administration can sink under the weight of its own ignorance and hubris.

    • I’m afraid they’re going to float for awhile longer before the weight of all this responsibility brings them down. So expect things to stay fucked up for awhile.

      Being leader of the free world means you have to deal with over 200 very moody other countries who are all screaming, “Yes, but what about MY needs??”
      I just have a feeling that Trump doesn’t have a history of dealing with that very well.

      • You are absolutely right about them floating for awhile. Things will be screwed up for awhile. Dems need to resist as much as possible, if only to register disapproval. Along the way as the outrageousness continues, there may be Repug defections, though I don’t count on it.

        Since I have not had my usual amount of coffee yet this morning, I thought of something else that floats. Dead fish. 😉

        The response to the North Korea missile firing while at the Florida estate shows that this group is clueless.

  2. Trump was not the reason Flynn resigned. IOW, Trump didn’t make Flynn resign, he was passive. Trump is complicit by so many other tells, as in NOT.NORMAL. I guess his time will come when they have irrefutable something on him, like they had with Flynn for his calls to the R embassy.

    • Trump wasn’t the reason. It’s just that his administration is no immune to pressure and criticism.
      For the last couple of years, he looked unstoppable and he’s gotten just about everything he wanted. But now he’s lost Flynn for messing around with the Russians. I’m sure Trump had no strong personal feelings about letting Flynn go. But he’s got to be pissed that other people are putting pressure on him to stick to at least some rules of normal behavior.

      • Agree that he would be pissed he was forced to let Flynn go. Trump has no integrity, no shame, no conscience, no nothing. I don’t think he cares about getting impeached either. He is not thinking about his children either — where would they be when he gets caught?

        About his admin being immune … I don’t think the system we have here is robust enough to react to a rogue administration readily — all that checks and balances is enough only for a civil society but Trump does not represent civil society. The system is proactive to prevent too many Trumps from happening, in the sense it relies on the honor code of candidates behaving within the constructs of a code of conduct and most people are not like Trump (he is not normal). But when faced with a guy like Trump, all bets are off, because he will do his thing, death by thousand cuts kind of maneuver and force the other side to work within the evidence-based, deliberate, innocent until proven guilty kind of framework. That is the incongruity we are dealing with now.

  3. Trump and Russia, Russia, Russia. Let us not lose sight of that. Everything so far points to Trump being involved. It does not end with Flynn resigning. It should only be the beginning. I hope Comey is doing something about all this if not, he is the villain in throwing the election to this nincompoop and putting our country through this trauma.

    • We have to put pressure on the senate to send the Russia investigation out of the FBI because Comey absolutely cannot be trusted. We need an independent outside investigation of everyone in the Trump administration. Comey held back Sally Yates from reporting that Flynn had lied in his FBI interview. All this happened before the inauguration.

    • Flynn is the tip of the iceberg that will bring down the Trumptanic.

      • It is all in Comey’s hands and I can’t get a read on him. On the one hand, he has been careful not to jeopardize the investigation (if there is one going on) by revealing things prematurely but on the other hand and by the same token for lack of any overt clues, we don’t know what he is doing if he is doing something.

  4. Once again, the contents of the dossier are being confirmed.

  5. The response of the Trump/Bannon Administration is to try to purge the Intelligence Community so as to suppress future leaks, or any further information regarding the Russian connection, which is deep and certainly impeachable. In this effort, Trump and Bannon are aided by the corrupt Republicans in office, including the head of the House Intelligence Committee, who says that they will not investigate the Russian aspects, just the leaks.

    So as Elijah Cummings said today, it is a battle for the soul of our country. Do the Nazis win, or do those who love democracy? In the short-to-mddle run, I am not very confident, because the political system has broken down to where Republicans will simply not defend the country; they care only about power, partisanship, tax cuts, and deregulation. They have been corrupted to their very core, there is no bipartisanship. The only possible rationale they would have for going after Trump, is if they decide that their own job security is at risk, and that Pence is safer for them. The virtually insane Paul Ryan, with his weird verbal contortions, is their exemplification. Spicer and the spokespeople are authoritarian mouthpieces who lie as easily as breathing. So we are really depending on a few loyal and brave intelligence people, a few honorable media, and people like us, as against the fascists in power and their propaganda arms in the media.

  6. Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  7. Just starting to read this thread…work has gotten in the way. 🙂

    I’m just amused that our National Security Advisor appears to be shocked, shocked, that he was caught with evidence provided by our intelligence people.

    I’m actually shocked that there are still intelligence people in the government, and that they are willing to come forward. Thank God the US hasn’t completely gone to Hell.

  8. But American national security demands that we not allow Michael Flynn to become a scapegoat for this Admin’s disturbing ties to Russia.

    — Elizabeth Warren (@SenWarren) February 14, 2017

  9. It’s just going to be one disaster after another after another as long as Trump is in office. We’d all better just hope and pray it doesn’t cost the lives of too many people.

  10. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/02/14/us/politics/russia-intelligence-communications-trump.html It looks like gals and guys it is finally blowing up about Russia and the Trump’s campaign numerous contacts with Russian intelligence officials.

  11. I have been waiting for everyone to feel this way, the real American spirit, the one that I fell in love with (ask any immigrant, he/she will tell you the same thing), the real America, let us go, get it back from the mfers.

    Thread. He echos what I have felt all along and what have come to assemble about what has happened in America in the recent past, especially with the 2016 elections.

  12. Sorry, here is the start of his thread, just keep clicking down, it is a long one.

  13. Pence is a snake, he proved he was a major liar and fraud during the debates. He is equal with Kellyann Conjob, he just lies to your face and tries to look all Holy and calm.

    • Shadow, in the thread I linked above (it is hard to read), he put together three groups that are working together in scamming the American people — Christian Supremacists (Pence and co) + White Nationalists (Sessions/Bannon and co) + Russiaphiles (Trump/Bannon and co) — all have come together and they are all using Trump and Trump is using Trump to loot and pillage America. They all have to go.

  14. Of course, he is resisting. Why do you think he was installed as AG in the first place? There is something weird about all these crooks. Have you looked at Sessions eyes? They are all mentally off.

    • They all are the first users of good old cocaine…
      That’s the reason drug import is so successful in the US.
      They are all very rich and can afford it…
      and commit crimes without remorse…
      don’t feel anything…don’t have a conscience.

      Just saying.

  15. The tide appears to be on the crest of turning. Repub panic. Recognizing, maybe, that with Russia and its 1500+ nukes pointed at us with a sub off our coast and having just tested a missile, with a mole in the position of NSA having just been forced out, and with leak after leak after leak coming fast and furious today… there is no way they will ever be re-elected if they don’t begin to turn.

    McCain already knew this. How much do you want to bet it’s going to be McCain running again in 2020? Pass the popcorn. I’m feeling a leeeetle bit more hopeful today.

    • Trump is holding a ‘campaign’ rally in FL on Saturday. Spicey said it was a campaign event. I hope the protest crowd outside is bigger than the one inside.

  16. Never I had posted such a long piece; instead I link them.
    However, I deem this to be not only interesting but of great importance to read through considering its author.

    Ohio Republican says it’s time to impeach President Trump
    Mark P. Painter , KUSA 8:53 AM. CST February 15, 2017
    This piece, written by Mark P. Painter, was posted on Cincinnati.com Tuesday. Painter is a lifelong Cincinnatian, and served as a judge for 30 years.

    As Charles P. Pierce said in Esquire last week, “I swear, it’s like we elected the Clampetts, if the Clampetts were grifters.”

    A president of the United States, on the official POTUS Twitter feed, assails a department store for dropping his daughter’s merchandise. On the same day, the Pentagon is looking to rent space in the Trump Tower. Trump’s son travels to Uganda to make a Trump business deal. And, of course, foreign diplomats will stay at the Trump Hotel. The cash comes marching in.

    The phony legalisms Trump has said he used to “separate” himself from his businesses – though he still owns them and his sons are running them – will be cited to make this all acceptable. Horsefeathers. No ethical expert could say with a straight face that this is not a classic conflict of interest.

    In any time except our post-factual era, no office holder, much less the president, could get away with any one of the dozens of dazzlingly illegal things Trump has already done. They would forfeit office immediately.

    The leader of the band of Mad Hatters occupying the White House has already insulted allied world leaders, issued illegal and badly written orders, impugned a “so-called” judge appointed by his own party, and appointed the least-qualified cabinet ever. The first secretary of state was Thomas Jefferson. Trump appointed a big-oil executive with close ties to Russia. The first treasury secretary was Alexander Hamilton. Trump appointed a former Goldman Sachs exec who got rich foreclosing on homeowners. The national security advisor lasted 24 days.

    And all that’s just at the time I write this. Who knows what happens next. Each new day is a new nightmare. We are still trying to digest one breathtaking assault on America when another is signed, issued, or Tweeted. All this amid constant lies. Constant. Lies.

    I am a lifelong Republican. I voted for every Republican presidential candidate from 1968 to 2004. But I have watched what once was a sane, center-right party go off the rails, first to the extreme right, then to wherever Trump is, which is in another universe.

    It’s tough, but we must end this dangerous presidency. Trump must be impeached and removed with all haste. But only Congress can initiate the process.

    Our congressman, Steve Chabot, has been busy defending Trump from the media, which is simply reporting Trump’s machinations. It’s time for him to man-up and start drafting the articles of impeachment. As I remember, he did it for Clinton for far less than Trump has already done.

    After the election, many hoped that Trump would “grow up” into the job – that he couldn’t possibly be as bad as some thought. Well, it’s gone the other way. The bully has become a more entitled bully. Anyone disagreeing is attacked. Policy is announced in illiterate tweets.

    Basic American values – free speech, the rule of law, separation of powers, even common decency – are unknown in this White House. We now have a president who has no concept of separation of powers, or why we have three branches of government. If he knew anything about the Constitution, he would know the framers envisioned just the situation we have now – a would-be dictator. They provided checks and balances – such as an independent judiciary to protect us from presidential tyranny.

    Enabling a bully is always a mistake. As soon as the Tweet on Nordstrom’s came out, I said that the Republicans would defend the indefensible, and their talking point would be “a father supporting his daughter.” It wasn’t an hour later that Rep Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, told CNN it “didn’t bother him.” But even Chaffetz had to choke when Kellyanne Conway urged people to buy Ivanka Trump’s shoes.

    All the above bothers me and should appall all Americans. We must admit we have elected a president who has immediately proved himself to be a grifter, a pathological liar, a mean-spirited bully and dangerous to American values. This not-ready-for-prime-time show is too dangerous to continue. America is at stake.

    If you need help drafting those articles of impeachment, Steve, I am available.

    Copyright: Cincinnati.com

  17. Pm: what fricking “campaign” would that be? Does he have Alzheimer’s? Is he trying to win the popular vote? Get back that lovin’ feeling from his mutant supporters? What a fruit loop.

  18. He filed to be able to begin to collect campaign contributions for 2020 the day after the election. To me, it smacks of the Nazi rallies… but there is a large effort underway for protestors to overrun rally attenders.

    • There’s a bad moon on the rise.

      • So true! His election caused so much shock and consternation. I had a couple of doctor’s visits after the election. Both of them said that they did not talk politics with patients, but said that so many were so shocked at the election result and were experiencing the physical effects of the election results.

        It now seems that those who voted for Hillary have moved past the initial shock and are being energized by what is transpiring.

        The New York Times had this story yesterday.

        • You know, I’ve kinda wondered for awhile now if journalists helped Trump win just so they could be intrepid and brave hero journalists later.
          It’s always about them.

          • No, they were just stupid mfers with their own ego who put our country in danger, railroading a woman candidate (who didn’t have many quirks, in other words, boring). So they blew up whatever little there was about her (emails, emails, emails). I firmly blame NYT, CNN, and the rest of cable TV for this election outcome. Now they are in ‘OMG what have we done state’ and trying to undo what they were fully complicit in. FUCK.THEM.

    • Campaign contributions from where, that is the question, right? NOT. NORMAL.

      Cats, he filed with FCC his candidacy for 2020, 5 hours after being inaugurated. So he is now a candidate for 2020 as well as the president.

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