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Trump voters need to face reality. 

It’s not that he doesn’t want to change the country and make you love him. It’s that he’s simply incapable of doing it. 

According to this post at Politico, Trump is having a hard time adjusting to the demands of the position. For example: 

Trump often asks simple questions about policies, proposals and personnel. And, when discussions get bogged down in details, the president has been known to quickly change the subject — to “seem in control at all times,” one senior government official said — or direct questions about details to his chief strategist Steve Bannon, his son-in-law Jared Kushner or House Speaker Paul Ryan. Trump has privately expressed disbelief over the ability of judges, bureaucrats or lawmakers to delay — or even stop — him from filling positions and implementing policies.

Ahh, yes, the “baffle them with bulls%^*” maneuver. I’ve seen that in many a presentation by someone who clearly doesn’t know his stuff. 

The White House is leaking like a sieve, staffers’ morale is at an all time low and there are a series of palace intrigues going on since the inauguration. 

If this is how he runs his businesses no wonder he’s been bankrupt more than once. 

And now he’s threatening to make some changes to keep us safe. I already feel safe. Crime is at an all time low, terrorism isn’t likely to take out a city and I’m not worried about illegal aliens raping and pillaging because, as far as I know, that doesn’t actually happen. 

Anyway, what’s wrong with the Patriot Act except for absolutely everything? 

He’s starting to round up illegal aliens as well. This week, ICE has stepped up its efforts with “unusual intensity”: 

U.S. immigration authorities launched a series of raids, traffic stops and checkpoints in at least half a dozen states across the country on Thursday and Friday, sweeping up an unknown number of undocumented immigrants, immigration lawyers and advocates said.

The raids, which appeared to target scores of undocumented immigrants, including those without criminal records, mark the first largescale episode of immigration enforcement inside the United States since President Trump’s Jan. 26 order to crack down on the estimated 11 million immigrants living here illegally.
It also appeared to signal a departure from the Obama administration’s prioritized immigration enforcement against criminals. Trump has pledged to deport up to 3 million undocumented immigrants. 


Gillian Christensen, a spokesperson for the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), confirmed that ICE agents this week had raided homes and workplaces in Atlanta, the Los Angeles area and two other cities that she declined to identify, as part of “routine” immigration enforcement actions. ICE does not use the term raids.

But immigration activists said Friday that they had documented ICE raids of unusual intensity in the last 48 hours in Vista, Pomona and Compton, Calif.; Austin, Dallas, and Pflugerville, Texas; Alexandria and Annandale, Va.; Charlotte and Burlington, N.C.; Plant City, Fla.; the Hudson Valley region of New York; and Wichita, Kan.

There were also reports of ICE checkpoints, targeting immigrants for random ID checks, in North Carolina and in Austin.

Wait til the media starts showing videos of sobbing children as their parents are hauled away in the middle of the night. 

Can we get any colder, more callous and less forgiving as a country?

It ain’t pretty, people. His house of cards is starting to look very shaky.


40 Responses

  1. The Trump avoiding questions thing is so real :/ and so common among so many leaders as well

  2. I’d say Trump voters need to OWN Trump- Repugs too. These brands have to appear toxic, I mean the public agreeing T and R are piles of turd.

  3. I trust Politico about as much as I trust Fox News, by which I mean “not at all”.

    • Yep, I hear you. But it turns out that Maggie Habetnan at the NYT says essentially the same thing:

      “Really hard to overstate level of misery radiating from several members of White House staff over last few days.”

  4. Off topic: Happy Valentine’s Day from Alice Margatroid and her little helpers.

    Click here.

  5. So when are the rust belt ex factory workers moving to CA to pick fruits and veggies?

    • Good question. I guess we could ship them out to the camps in cattle cars.

    • So when are the rust belt ex factory workers moving to CA to pick fruits and veggies?

      When Old Nick steps out on his front porch and gets nailed by a barrage of snowballs. 😈

      • [wingnut]

        That sort of work is what Jeebus’s daddy made cullud folks for, ya know.


  6. Has anyone seen the Chaffetz town hall? I never knew there were so many people fed up in Utah! Of all places… One constituent asked why he wasted so many months & tax payer dollars investigating Hillary’s emails yet refuse to do the same with Cheeto heads taxes… We are coming for you republicans and your little dog too! muahaha

  7. I’m not worried about illegal aliens raping and pillaging because, as far as I know, that doesn’t actually happen.

    Just like one of yew libtards! Next thing you’ll tell me the Bowling Green Massacre never happened! 😛

  8. Spammy is being one of these again.

  9. Hey pm, how can I reach you on Twitter? Have you seen Moon around?

    • Hi Shadow… don’t have a twitter account. Not seen anything about Moon but then again, this is the only blog I frequent now.

      • Thanks pm, and Belle, I miss Moon too. I think she (?) has a twitter account, but nothing comes up when I search her screen name.

        So sad to lose touch with old friends.

        • Moon is a he from what I picked up from his comments. He and JB were stalwart Hillary supporters of the male kind of which there are/were plenty.

    • I’d like to hear from moon too.

  10. Pretty shocked to hear tonight the 9-journalist (!) confirmed report that Flynn talked to Russia the day Obama imposed sanctions, about sanctions being lifted once Trump was POTUS. There was an implication he spoke as well to thank the Russians for helping them win the election. Legal expert, can’t remember who, said if this is accurate info., even if the entire Administration steps down, that wouldn’t be the end of it for them.

  11. I have made this comment before. I lived in Holland in the mid-80s on a spouse visa while my husband worked there. I have visited many countries and nowhere have I ever been randomly stopped by law enforcement asking for my papers. But I maybe stopped here?! If I don’t carry my US passport with me at all times, they can take me into custody and then what (like they did with the Indian woman walking in her neighborhood in the Baltimore suburbs)? How do they tell an illegal from a legal — they way they are going about it, it all seems pretty haphazard. Every non-white is a suspect like every Muslim is a suspect? People working on these orders don’t seem very bright or competent and of course, Trump and his minions are as someone said, malevolent than competent. White people who voted for the buffoon are feeling pretty safe and smug now, right? Are they having fun?

    Who remembers Shirley Jackson’s ‘The Lottery’?

    • I should say Indian-origin woman in the Baltimore suburbs (article in the Baltimore Sun). She grew up here.

    • I live in Hillary land and I don’t know one person that feels safe except my apt. manager who voted for El Douche. I know lots of friends that feel exactly the way you do pm, it is not the America I grew up in and this a-hole is going to pay for it.

      • Maybe he can pay for it in quatloos? :mrgreen:

      • Just like the Muslim ban (not all Muslims are evil and how do you tell who is who), this is what the WH neanderthals have to account for. The Spanish were here first not the pilgrims. The problem with what is going on both with the Muslim ban and this immigration thing is that the incompetent enforcers without a plan can’t tell who is who and therefore, infringe on the rights of their own citizens if they look a certain way and that is wrong by any American standard. Preserving the dignity and humanity of everyone involved is the other issue being forgotten or ignored by his supporters.

  12. I haven’t watched MSNBC since Keith Oberdyck attacked Hillary in 2008. This is video posted over at the Widdershins2 that is by Maddow that really explains things beyond soundbites…it is worth watching.


  13. Shadow, Maddow did a great program last night on Flynn and Russia. Her programs have been great recently. I firmly believe Flynn is a Russian asset, as well as Trump.

  14. Birdgal, I totally agree with you, and we can’t forget Manafort with his Russian connections.

    The question that keeps going on in the back of my mind, is there proof that this election was rigged by Russia/Trump, etc….is there anyway that Hillary would be put in the Oval? Please, let there be a way.

    2.88 million more votes must amount to a win in anyone’s book.

  15. So, Der Douche wants to threaten California, bring it on!!!



  16. One outrage after another… He ate dinner with Abe discussing NK missile launch surrounded by his golf guests. Later in the press avail he didn’t even read out the statement prepared for him about NK but just said US will support Japan. This guy is INSANE! There is another article which says the Rs want to push their agenda, tax cuts, regulations, healthcare and don’t want to impeach him because that would be distraction and time taken away from their agenda. Is all this for real? I just can’t believe what is going on.


  17. Is he putting on a show at Mar-a-lago for his guests to show that he is working? to get their moneys worth? to fleece them even more and make money off of these state visits? Why is that Japanese guy going along with this monkey business? Apparently traitor Flynn was with him and the Russian bag man was also there (his plane was spotted). Where is our damn press/media? That CNN article is written like some little novella for us to picture the opulent dinner scene with these buffoons sitting at a dinner table talking about NK’s nukes. THIS.IS.NOT.NORMAL. “Trump voters need to face reality”

  18. IMPEACH! NOW. From the article:

    As Mar-a-Lago’s wealthy members looked on from their tables, and with a keyboard player crooning in the background, Trump and Abe’s evening meal quickly morphed into a strategy session, the decision-making on full view to fellow diners, who described it in detail to CNN.

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