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      Many years ago now, I wrote a post called “There Was a Class War And %he Rich Won.” Ironically, post the financial meltdown of 07/8, and thanks to Bush, Obama, Bernanke and Geithner both bailing them out and immunizing them from their crimes, that victory has accelerated. This chart, from Harvard, tells the story of […]
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I woke up fierce this morning. Couldn’t sleep. I was thinking of a podcast I’d been listening to and my mind started clicking. More on the podcast later. 

This past weekend was the 40th anniversary of Go Your Own Way. So I put it on and felt suddenly young again. 

Got dressed. Significantly thinner now than in December. Wore a new sweater dress that’s a bit clingy. Still feeling pretty good. 

Got off the bus, earbuds screening me from everything but the jangling sound of Lindsay Buckingham’s guitar. I picked up the beat, walking down Liberty Avenue with my black leather jacket open to cool me down, having a good hair day. Sun’s coming up. It’s dawn. I’m looking forward to the rest of the day from the soles of my boots to the top of all 5 feet 9 inches of me. 

Got into work, still rocking in the elevator and swung down my corridor of IT geeks feeling my cheerios like Gisele Bundchen. 

Reached into my bag for my laptop, Stevie and Lindsay still yearning in my head only to find….

I left my laptop on my dining room table. 


Back on the bus feeling stupid. 

Maybe if I listen to it again…


34 Responses

  1. Mondays suck.

  2. 40 years, time creeps up like my undies. Never did believe in keeping a diary so I have no idea what I was doing in 1977 although it probably involved copious quantities of beer.

    • I remember 1977 vividly. Most of it was amazingly excellent. I mean really, really good.
      Ok, I’ll just stop right there.

  3. ‘A day without a woman’ — Women’s March organizers plan general strike


    Now, that’s a noble idea…

    • General Women’s strike.

      I’m in with that!

      Connect that with community service and not spending any money that day…that would punch them in the gut.

      I still want a strike on paying federal taxes…until El Douche shows us his taxes from the IRS.

  4. Why or how a child is handcuffed? First of all, why are these people handcuffed at all? They had a legal visa issued by the USA and they were in transit and showed up and they were detained but why were they put in handcuff? I sort of know the answer but raising it to make a point. Also read elsewhere that there are immigration detention centers that are privately run — so there is a profit motive in detaining and keeping people there?

    This is a good article that talks about how ordinary people will do cruel things at the behest of monsters like Trump and Bannon

  5. I just saw Stevie in Nashville a couple months ago she was as amazing as ever! Twirling in her black dress and being fab. RD, I wish you would write a book on the last 2 election cycles you have a point of view that needs to be heard! You speak for many!

    • I second that motion…

    • Awww, you guys are sweet. But who the fuck would pay for my drivel?

    • I’m getting the urge to purge. I have too much stuff. It feels too cluttered. I want to live in a house with just the basics, light, natural materials, big windows with black industrial style grilles.
      I spend entirely too much time at houzz and Pinterest.

  6. This is my favorite Fleetwood Mac. I only recently heard it, like in the last 5 years. I was blown away. I think there is a sitar there and it sounds like the Indian raga Darbari (listen to the single stringed instrument from 2:00 that kind of sticks out).

    • Yeah, I can hear the harmonics.
      I listen to ragas at work because they’re wildly entertaining to my mental music elf but there are no lyrics to distract him. He likes to sing along to everything. Anyway, sitar can lull me into a high concentration state.
      Good song.

      • She paints the perfect arc with her voice at 2:55+. I don’t hear the lyrics as much (I listen to mostly hardcore rock), maybe because I didn’t grow up here while young and I don’t pick it up as easily since I am not a native English speaker.
        I would play instrumental, Sitar/Sarod music while working on math (early student days) and my (visiting) uncle would walk in my room and shake his head — how could I focus with all the sound, 🙂 Glad to hear it has that effect on this side of the globe.

        • Yep, I really enjoy it and can get lost in that sound.

          • OK, since you said you like listening to ragas, I am going to do something impulsively. I am partial to vocal music and want to know what you think of this (this raga is called Malkauns and it is a Pentatonic scale) — it is a good half hour…enjoy 😉

          • OooOooo!! New music. I can’t resist.

          • Hmmm, that’s an acquired taste.
            But I can feel some elements of that in Chanchan from the movie Water. The music is by A.R. Rahman.

            Have you seen the movie? This was the music playing during the storm. It reminded me of when I lived in South Carolina when I was a kid and my sister and I would put on our bathing suits and play in the warm summer rainstorms.

    • Rock and roll was greatly influenced back in the late sixties when the Beatles, mainly George brought it back from India. I was in college and one of those peace loving kids then…

      • In spite of Ravi Shankar’s dalliances with Beatles and Western music, he was quite a serious accomplished classical musician. His rendition of Charukeshi raga is one of the best. His first Indian wife was even more accomplished but he was jealous of her and afraid she would upstage him and she gave up public appearances altogether after her divorce from him. She was the daughter of famed Allauddin Khan who also was Ravi Shankar’s teacher. She changed her name to Annapurna Devi (Hindu name) after marriage. There are lot of inter-marriages between Hindu-Muslim in Arts High Society in India, even from way back.

    • Gee whiz! That was excellent pop music…and still IS!

      Back in my young days in the 70’s, I went to Denver to a Ravi Shankar’s concert…unforgettable is the word, what an experience.
      Got many of his records.

  7. Nice diversion. Good to take a break toward ballet and music and away from the horrorfest.

    Repubs just told Elizabeth Warren to sit down and shut up and I am FURIOUS. The video is enraging. Former Homeland Security director said Trump diverts with tweets, distracts with fear pointed at an enemy (Muslims, Mexicans, women, legislators, press, judiciary), and all he needs now is an actual terrorist attack to strip the rest of our rights away while engaging us in another war (“war is good for the economy”).

    I am sure Putin, former head of KGB, will be happy, happy to oblige. I imagine CA and NY would be Trump’s preferred targets, since neither state will get in line.

    In the few days before 9/11, I had terrible hinkies… nightmares, constant anxiety, the feeling the world was about to come apart. I thought perhaps I was having a breakdown. Then 9/11 happened, and all that went away, replaced by simple horror. I feel like that again now.
    It’s been a long time.

  8. RD, yeah, I thought as much that it might be an acquired taste before posting my comment. I have heard that AR Rehman has done some great film music but I don’t detect any particular raga in that song. Not much into Hindi movies, so didn’t see the movie.

    • Not raga. Just good music.

      • yep, good music indeed, especially if you go back to pre-70s Hindi film music. I have not kept up with current film music but this one came to my attention recently. This was used as a cover song for a Brazilian soap opera and became very popular. I loathe the dances in Hindi films but this one is pretty good and the beat grabs you.

  9. Here is a classical piece for harpsichord that I first heard Igor Kipnis perform in the 1970s.

    YouTube does not have the Igor Kipnis version, but this very good. It’s been good at relieving my post election stress. It lasts about 13 minutes and I can only begin to imagine the artistry required. It’s the Fandango in D Minor by Padre Antonio Soler.

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