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      Many years ago now, I wrote a post called “There Was a Class War And %he Rich Won.” Ironically, post the financial meltdown of 07/8, and thanks to Bush, Obama, Bernanke and Geithner both bailing them out and immunizing them from their crimes, that victory has accelerated. This chart, from Harvard, tells the story of […]
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I’ve been in denial for several weeks because I knew that “President Trump” would be a two word combinination  that was going to provoke a gag response every time I had to say it. 

But it really hit me this morning just how bad the next X number of days are going to be when I saw this from Colbert. 

It’s not that he has no experience. Smart people can learn on the job. It’s not that he’s a Republican. I never thought I’d actually miss the Bush years, as bad as they were. We survived them. The constitution pretty much remained intact and the government hummed along. 

No, this is different. 

This is a sickening feeling brought on by the man’s complete incompatibility with the position, his inability to grow into it, and the incongruity of reconciliation between what is in his head and what he desperately needs to see is important. 

There is no better man in there waiting to get out. He really is as small as he looks. His heart will not grow five sizes plus two. 

He is just that bad – Another five words no one wants to say or admit. 

Denial time is over. No more daydreaming and distractions. Going to a huddle tonight. 


38 Responses

  1. HE.IS.NOT.NORMAL. He is going to destroy everyone in this country who didn’t vote for him (which is the majority) and others in the world who don’t support him. Think about it, he will go out of his way to do things (and has already done things) that would further embolden the hate from the white supremacists and the Rs who brought him here. We even those who didn’t know his life history from the 80s, knew that that he was a vengeful bastard from what little we saw of his life and works during the campaign (Fuck the media!).

    Impeach him. Let us get it over with. Sooner the better.

    • Yes it’s really enough already. Impeach the bastard. He’s completely unfit for the job and mentally unstable. There’s just got to be some protection from letting pathological people in the highest office of this country.

      I blame Obama and the democrats. There was absolutely no fight put up against this man… they left Hillary out in the f*cking wind to fight it all herself. I personally think Obama likes that Trump is president. It allows history to immortalize him as a better president than he actually was.

      • I also think the democrats have a candidate and rebranding strategy in mind for 2020 and it’s going to be exactly what they wanted all along. It seems they are very happy to no be rid of the Clintons… they were a bit too eager to “Fight against President Trump!” Rather than reminding people that Hillary won the popular vote, demanding a recount & stopping this madness while they still could

        • To me, it looks like the DNC is in a mighty fight between the Sanders wing and the Clinton wing. Biden endorsed Perez (Clinton wing) just yesterday, as did Obama, I believe. Those happy to be “rid of the Clintons” are the far left, right? They are still a minority, comprised largely of younger voters who….well…do not and did not vote much.

          • Pretty much. It’s the far left that hates them. It was because Bill took a party that was decimated in three elections and turned it around. They actually prefer to lose presidential elections.

      • Obama’s problem is that he thought Hillary would win and therefore held back on all the ammunition he could have used. The fact that Trump followed him into office is forever going to be a stain on him not a plus in the least and it will make him look worse not better.

      • Yup, and I also blame the R Congress, Commie, Putin, Sanders and the media.

    • We knew he is NOT normal, but Rep(os) whores, Nazi supremacists, evangelicals, opportunists and fearful ignorant s, jumped in the wagon to hell.
      I agree with seagrl; this is Obama’s legacy and spineless democrats that never seem to unite and get behind their candidate. Unlike the Rep(os), they always get behind their candidate even if he is a retarded evil= Satan.

    • On the mark, pm. This person is not normal, nor is he intelligent in any way. Let’s see your damn taxes and see how poorly you manage your own finances and businesses and let the Deplorables know what a loser they voted for.

    • Tony Schwartz who wrote “Trump’s book” “The Art of the Deal” didn’t think he would be able to write this book until he figured out how to simplify his inquiries for someone with the “attention span of a gnat.” Schwartz warned people–the man has a 200-word vocabulary, hasn’t read a book in his adult life, and revenge is his main motivation. Schwartz came up with ” truthful hyperbole.” Trump wrote nothing. His contribution was to remove a few negative comments about other businessmen at the end. Recently on NPR a woman was trying to figure out Trump based on Schwartz’s book. Good luck!

  2. Not to frighten those who are already so… Conway blatantly lied about a non existent terrorist massacre to justify muslim ban (how the hell can anybody do that and get away with it?)… but Sarak K is sounding the alarm. Impeachment now!

  3. Why didn’t Australia keep those refugees instead of sending them to us?

    • Fuck if I know but there’s usually more to these stories than “OMG, SCARY TERRORIST REFUGEES EVEN AUSTRALIA DOESN’T WANT THEM!!!”

      What have I said about listening or watching news that provokes an emotional response in the recipient, Niles?

    • Tony Abbott, the right wing Prime Minister who was even further on the Trumpanzee spectrum than the current guy with good hair, Malcolm Turnbull, got a lot of popularity out of shouting “Stop the boats!”

      Australia didn’t always turn away boat people. Once they did and started putting them in atrocious camps on islands belonging to not-powerful neighboring countries, the numbers of refugees trying the boat route dropped to near-nothing. Success, as far as the Aussie right-wingers are concerned.

      In order to maintain the point that there is absolutely no point ever at all just forget it to try to get to Australia by boat, they’re determined not to let in a single boat refugee.

      But they really are refugees who would face torture and death in their home countries (they’ve been “vetted”!), so they can’t send them back without even more tons of bad publicity. So Australia came up with this elaborate Rube Goldberg scheme to transfer the remaining 1250 refugees to the US and then the Aussies could close the camps.

      The poor tired Gropenfuhrer, who was up against his 5pm bed time, has managed to make an invading horde out of 1250 people. Which I guess makes sense. I mean that’s like the population of New York and Chicago combined, isn’t it?

    • Because Australia wants to really piss YOU off.

    • Bellcat and Quixote are right. According to the Washington Post,

      “Despite these reports, the Australian government has remained resolutely unwilling to resettle refugees in Australia. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull campaigned in 2013 on a vow to “stop the boats.” His posters bore slogans like, “No Way: You will not make Australia home.” Instead, his government looked to other countries willing to accept the refugees. And they didn’t have much luck until the United States stepped in.”

      It appears the majority are refugees, but not all. If I’m reading correctly, about 100 are women and children.

      “As at 31 October 2016, of the 1,195 people who have had their claims for asylum assessed by the Nauruan Government, 941 (79 per cent) had been found to be refugees.

      As at 31 October 2016, of the 822 people who have had their claims for asylum assessed by the PNG Government, 675 (82 per cent) had been found to be refugees.”

      Note there are two detention centers. Here are the links. Interpret as you wish.



  4. Apparently Australia has a rule that anyone coming to their country by boat(illegally) will not be allowed to stay in the country. This is to discourage the refugees from risking their lives to make the very dangerous crossing. The captured refugees are kept in Nauru and Papua New Guinea in camps which are very harsh.

  5. I’m not going to make it to the Huddle tonight. Other family problems in addition to my mother. I’ve tried to cancel my rsvp, but not sure if it worked. Please give my regrets. I hope. To catch another one, but this week is hard for me to plan.

    • That’s ok. I look forward to meeting you at a future event. Hope your family’s health problems improve soon.

  6. Yes, as could well have been anticipated, Trump and Bannon are attempting to turn the United States into a theocratic, anti-semitic, anti-immigrant, white nationalist dictatorship, where all dissent is banned and punished. This is not comparable to anything in our nations’s history. It is akin to European fascism of the 1930’s, or Putin’s Russia, or Ertegun’s Turkey, among a few others.

    Can this be stopped? Perhaps, or perhaps not. The media, which should have been the protectiive wall, warning the people of what was going on, are actually colllaborators, out of despicable motives, or out of abject stupidity. They will not help us. Even now they are desperatelyh trying to normalize this regime; rooting for every nominee to be approved, for the populace to just enjoy the Ivanka fashion show. They failed to protect the democracy, and will not.

    As I said at the end of the post of yesterday, Democrats, right-thinking people of all persuasions, need to call this out as fascism and nazism, and not shrink from it, or let the media intimidate them. People have to at least be told what is happening to the oountry they are presumably proud of. How much we are despised in the world, how we are losing all our allies, how rights are being taken away. Far too many people think this is all some kind of sports event, where their side is winning. They don’t even know what they are winning, just that they feel like they are on the winning side, like being an Alabama football fan. But if it somehow gets through to them that America is becoming a fascist dictatorship, like the ones their forebears fought against almost 80 years ago, maybe some will see the light. If not, then it is probably too late for the country. If the people on the Left ever get past their nauseating claim to purity nd sanctimony, it might help, but they rarely do. If the 50 million Democrats who did not feel like voting last time, manage to come out and vote; assuming that they still have that right, which is in serious doubt, that will help. All hands must be on the proverbial deck, something the Republican fascists figure will never happen, and that they can easily quell by taking away the right to vote, while the media cheers them on.

    And I think that people seriously need to stop contributing to the economy, as funds and circumstances allow. If the economy does well, if the trillion dollar infrastructure plan passes, the Republicans think they will cement an impenetrable majority for many decades, even though the truth is that the massive increase in debt will ultimately destroy the dollar and the American economy.

  7. Taxpayer dollars in action:

    “When the president-elect’s son, Eric Trump, jetted to Uruguay in early January for a Trump Organization promotional trip, U.S. taxpayers were left footing a bill of nearly $100,000 in hotel rooms for Secret Service and embassy staff.”

    Gotta love this:

    Richard Painter, a former chief White House ethics lawyer for President George W. Bush who joined Eisen in the lawsuit, called the family’s Secret Service protection a “worthwhile expenditure of taxpayer money.” But Painter said he worried that it could be misread as boosting the Trump brand.

    “All of this has an air of legitimacy: The connection to the U.S. government, and the suggestion that if you do business with this company you’ll ingratiate yourself with the Trump administration,” Painter said. The implication is “if you do a good deal with us, you’ll be in good with the United States. And the Secret Service presence just exacerbates that.”

    Painter really should watch his words. Makes it sound kinda like a “pay to play” thing, imo.


  8. ipotter:
    Good reporting, thanks

  9. William said:

    I think that people seriously need to stop contributing to the economy, as funds and circumstances allow.

    I hear you, but give us some specific outlines on how we -folks, can stop contributing to the economy to make this happen.

    • Hm. #grabyourwallet is having an impressive effect on Trump’s business efforts. Nordstrom & Neiman Marcus have dropped Ivanka’s products. It seems to me many people are saving in case of catastrophe/war. Surely that will have an effect.

  10. Sorry I’m late, folks, but my therapy session ran late. I’m still having traumatic flashbacks from surviving The Bowling Green Massacre. 😉

    • BTW, is anyone else having trouble posting here? Sometimes when I’m typing here, the cursor stalls. 😡

  11. The Bowling Green Massacre now has its own historical marker. 😛

  12. Off topic: Choose your fonts wisely.

    The Click Lovers company failed to do that. 😆

  13. Trump is mentally ill and he needs to go. Even if we get Pence. Keep saying it. Mentally ill. Needs to go.

  14. I want a bumper sticker with popular vote number, just the number to put on my car. Any ideas on how to get it?

  15. Some of my comments don’t show or end up in moderation…???

  16. They are not normal, and It’s not just Trump! I suspect protesters are now being groomed and provoked, by some, in the hopes of triggering a violent clash that could provide an opportunity to deploy an exaggerated remedy and now we have confirmation.
    According to an article by Mary Papenfuss Trends reporter at the The Huffington …Dan Adamini Republican from Michigan posted …“I’m thinking another Kent State might be the only solution protest stopped after only one death,” he posted on Facebook on Thursday. “They do it because they know there are no consequences yet.” ,…Facebook… then …tweeted: “Violent protesters who shut down free speech? Time for another Kent State perhaps. One bullet stops a lot of thuggery.”….

    • Adamini’s must be even smaller than Cheetolini’s… 😈

    • It isn’t difficult for people that are seriously being hurt by El Douche to protest. There is always a male violent element that attaches to protests, mainly anarchists or just rabid males.

      Proof, they largest protest ever, with no arrests, violence nor visual presence of police…THE WOMEN’S MARCH, 4+ million in the USA and over a million more all over the world.

      That says a lot.

  17. “Violent protesters who shut down free speech?”

    I live in the Bay Area and know for a fact that the protest was peaceful, (a civic right in our country), until it got dark and guys dressed in all black, yes they were anarchists, started marching off of the University campus, on to the main street in Berkeley and busting windows in banks and businesses. The cops protected the campus and this was not their students.

    Is it free speech to hold an event in Hillary country and invite a man that openly degrades women and feminists and all minorities like El Douche does? Would it be free speech to invite speakers of the KKK to a University and degrade and talk hate speech against blacks, jews and anyone that isn’t male and white?

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