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Announcing your Solidarity. 

My friend Barb sent me a ping this morning:

Solidarity Tie!! We could start a revolution to tie one on every home in Unity for our world, and Human Rights!

I like this.

One of the best outcomes of yesterday’s marches and demonstrations is that we got to see just how many people are as determined, compassionate and angry as we are.

Trump won by .38% of the vote. I’m embarrassed to say the majority of those determining votes came from PA. But here in Pittsburgh, the turnout was spectacular. The organizers expected 400 people to show up. The final number: 25,000. I’m proud to have been one of that number, surrounded by good, decent people whose love of country can not be questioned.

It’s so easy to feel lost and sad and out of step with the country that gave us Trump. But yesterday showed that we are the majority. We are legion. We are ready. We will not go back. Trump does not speak for us. And his supporters should know now that we’re not ready to make nice and accept what is anathema to all that we believe in.

“They tried to bury us only to find out that we are seeds”

Here are some of my pics from yesterday’s Sister March in Pittsburgh.



(sorry I turned the camera vertical at the end. I keep forgetting this means I have to edit in iMovie later and you all know how much I love to edit)

Barb sent me this option:

Call it “The Pussy Bow”.

I like.

{{wicked grin}}

63 Responses

  1. “The organizers expected 400 people to show up. The final number: 25,000.”

    Really? That’s a little more than being conservative about one’s estimates.

    • There’s a misconception about Pittsburgh that it’s still a deteriorating rust belt town. The hemorrhaging stopped awhile ago. Now it has a diverse, well educated population and is a regional technology center. Think Austin.
      There are still a lot of union people and thank god for that. We all represent a new kind of working class. Trump will never take this city.

    • This happened everywhere. The numbers coming out of every venue are breathtaking. DC area metro pictures are stupendous.

  2. Makes you wonder what all the people who didn’t bother to vote were thinking. Did they think she already won, not possible people would vote for him or just plain laziness. I remember on November 9th someone surveyed the protesters and almost half of them said they didn’t vote. So am I suppose to be proud of them that they finally managed to get their lazy asses out of the couch.
    I have mixed feeling about the protest because it was the script Sanders e.real were talking about. Vote for trump then start the revolution. Then get Sanders in the white house. So far so good.

    • They are trying to co opt what is going on but there is a ton of push back because so many of Sanders supporters and Sanders himself are part of the reason we lost. There’s no way Sanders is ever going to be president. I’m all for changing the rules so that an independent can’t run in the primary and in 2020 he’ll be like 80 years old. They’ll find another shiny new toy by the time 2020 rolls around.

      • This needs to be a leaderless movement, no fucking Sanders or his minions, no celebrities, just real people. Each person trying to effect change in their own communities and states.

  3. I had a long comment and my firefox crashed. So I will not try to reproduce all of it from memory (got to go and do some real work), but here in a nutshell:

    The first priority for the marchers (and everybody) is to demand the resolution of the Russia question. We need to call the senate reps and hammer them to hold hearings on what the FBI, CIA, NSA, FINCEN, and others already have on Trump about his finances and the campaign. Let the vetting begin in earnest now because having a foreign state have full control of your CiC is not a good thing. The impeachment proceedings that will come out of the senate should serve as a cautionary tale for every crook and mfer out there thinking about running for office. Self-reflection on the part of power players, politicians, political parties, and the media should be forced upon them that they will never try to hoodwink the people who depend on them again.

    Americans want the sophistication of peaceful transfer of power and all that first world stuff but this situation is so egregious that it warrants full discomfort and a confrontation into the failed system and people with eyes wide open.

    Nip this travesty in the bud. Call your reps about the intelligence reports and the Russia connection and force them to investigate.

    One more thing. “Trump won by .38% of the vote.” — it hurts to look at that number. In any real world analysis, that number would be thrown out as garbage and the task at hand restarted to ensure confidence. Let us restart this thing.

    • Then there’s Crosscheck, which dumped hundreds of thousands off the voter rolls.

      That’s another boil that needs lancing.

      Even with the Russian meddling, Dump would have been trumped if all the people who thought they’d voted had been counted instead of Crosschecked.

      Which is NOT to say that foreign meddling in the election needs to be investigated, stopped, prevented, and punished pronto.

      An illegitimate election that needs to be rerun, yesterday.

      • Hi! remember the Franklin Foer’s Trump server article when it came out, you were seconding my excitement about it, :)… FBI CI Connecticut did get a FISA warrant for it in October. They are sitting on who knows what they found out. We have to hammer the senate for investigations.

  4. The women’s march has done one thing that I did not expect and that is bring out a ton of misogyny again. However I think this is a good thing. It’s boiling a lance and since no one can hide behind Hillary with their misogyny they are now generally going after all the women that marched calling them names and saying they should be at home making sandwiches for their husbands.

    Love the pink ribbon. It reminds me of back in the 70’s when people used to tie yellow ribbons around their trees.

    • It’s absolutely astounding to me. Last night a fb “friend” of my brother commented that at least some of the women marching would have better-looking legs for their bosses come Monday, but then again, they probably didn’t shave their legs. These thoughts were expressed by a woman to a man who has raised four strong, forward-thinking, independent daughters. He says it hasn’t been easy in this climate and offered the referenced comment as illustration. We’ve so much work to do.

      • Oh, yeah, I’ve heard the wailing and moaning of conservative women. However there were some conservative women marching like Ana Navarro and Christie Whitman. It definitely is hard right now to raise women like that and kudos to your brother for doing it. I would think it is especially hard down here in GA where the evangelical influence is so strong and a woman is only as good as her ability to produce children.

  5. Marchers (and everybody) in each state should work on maintaining election integrity, vetting of candidates, and getting people to vote.

  6. Awesome pictures RD, thank you and keep telling us all about it.

    We need to start naming and calling Trump the “.38% Commander in Cheat”.

  7. I’m already working on my pink ribbons; one for my VW Bug and another for my front door.

  8. This picture makes me very sad and it is emblematic of everything going on now. But can’t dwell on it. Let us work on delegitimizing everything connected with his ‘win,’ because that is what it is.


  9. I had a long argument with my nephew yesterday about even if the election was about economic anxiety for some, Trump was the last guy to fix it and a danger for everything else. How can we convey that to the rest of the universe? Here is what is really at stake. We are the good guys in this world (yeah, yeah, I hear all the cackles from the alt-left but believe me, rest of the mfers in the world are worse) and it is imperative that we maintain objectivity and independence. We can’t have a CiC that is subservient through blackmail or greed to another foreign state doing their bidding. But he appears to be exactly that and that is cause for concern (it should have been a concern before the election but fuck the media). Call your senate and other congress critters and demand full investigation of his Russia connection. Leaving him in this office for 4 years will do irreparable damage not just for domestic policy but for worldwide stability.

    Read this for context: “If President Trump doesn’t explain his shady Kremlin ties soon, the impending Senate Intelligence Committee investigation, which will have subpoena powers, will explain them for him.”

  10. This is spot on about Trump, glorious rant.

  11. This does not look good for an investigation on Russian connection. We are screwed. But let us hope there are enough GoP who put country over party. Call your congress critters.

    • I don’t think you can count on Republicans to get us out of this mess.

      • Truly scared about the loss of America as we know it.

        • Cheetolini had better mend fences with the intelligence community pronto. I reckon they have many perfectly legal, non-violent ways to sabotage him, if he fails to mend those fences.

    • The excited smile on Comey’s face as he trotted over to Douche, says it all.

  12. Hey Shadowfax!!

  13. I saw the exchange between Trump and Comey. I felt so disgusted. I think we are screwed for the time being. No one in politics seems to have any backbone.

  14. Hey Shadowfax, Did you march yesterday?? I went to the Oakland one and it was exhilarating. Crowd estimates around 60,000-84,000.

    • Hey Birdgirl…I did march in San Francisco. It was wonderful, although it was at sunset, rained all but the first 10 minutes. It was fantastic. No cops in sight, peaceful…about 2/3rd women and only good males. Loved it. Estimate was 100,000. BART was packed to the gills, even with extra cars but everyone was in their pink hats and happy to be with like minded women.

      • Same thing in Oakland. Full Bart cars, gobs of people, minimal police presence, no arrests, and everyone was friendly. Positive all the way around.

  15. Here we go… this is about the emoluments clause and his DC hotel and other businesses. ‘Corrupt Trump, Lock him up!’

  16. A must visit.

    This Day in History

    January 21, 2017 by still4hill


  17. Ok, everybody, drop what you’re doing and direct positive energy to the Steelers.

    • Omg omg omg. {{facepalm}}.
      Fricking flea flicker.

    • Chunky monkey + chubby hubby = chubby chunky hubby monkey?

      I think I’ll pass on the ice cream.

      I can hardly watch this game.

  18. The marches were certainly heartening, and I am very appreciative of everyone who participated (except for some of those Sanders people who deliberately tried to ostracize Hillary). But of course we have seen some of this before, most notably in the ’60’s. All those massive anti-
    war demonstrations didn’t really accomplish anything in terms of goals. They didn’t win us any elections, either. Yes, it’s different here, in that we are probably a definite majority, when we weren’t then. But on the other hand, the Democrats controlled the House and Senate back in the ’60’s and ’70’s. We control nothing now in terrms of political power. Something is very screwed up in our electoral process, and we have seen countries in the world where an insidious minority has controlled the lives of the majority.

    Rest assured that those in political power are going to look at these demonstrations as something that needs to be squelched. Cutting off the right to vote, limiting internet access, will be done, unless somehow we can stop it. Bannon likes to call himself an anarchist, but he is a true fascist, and so is Flynn, who is head of National Security, which under him, may turn into what Hoover did with the FBI in terms of targeting our own citizens. My point is that while it is cathartic to march, it is a lot easier to protest than to actually gain and use political power. I wonder how many of the marchers did not bother to vote for Hillary, because she was not “pure” enough for them, or because voting was too “corporate establishment.” And I wonder how the power of the marches will be channeled into effective opposition. I guess I should just enjoy the day for what it was, a very welcome anodyne to some of the ongoing pain of the loss of our democracy. But it also felt like an anguished “too little, too late.” Hopefully, the better side of it will continue to encourage.

    • William, I’ve gotta agree with Birdgal that protests, even ones that are scheduled by BernieBots a day too late, were important to those participating. I protested the Viet Nam War way back when I was young, because my high school classmates came back in body bags. Did things change instantly because of it, no, but they did shine light on the dirty war that could never be ‘won’, and honored all those kids that never came home. It did end the war, but it took longer than we all wanted.

      There’s a big difference sitting alone at home and feeling like the world has gone to Hell, then to be with massive crowds of people that are standing up for the same beliefs, in the streets, in front of the world. It validates your belief that good people are not going to bend over for Trump, no matter how long it takes. It was a good lesson from my older generation to the younger generation. This march, at least in San Francisco was mainly about Hillary, women’s rights, misogyny.

      It’s much harder to hoodwink the public if they are all silent to every shitty thing you do…calling Douche out in public is the worst thing he can deal with, look how he is trying to diminish 3 million people that took to the streets. The same way he tried to diminish Hillary’s 2.88 million more votes than he received.

  19. William, Throughout our history, protest marches have played a role in furthering our civil rights. I look at the Suffragette movement, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Vietnam War protests. The marches bring attention to the problem and it takes more to accomplish change. I hope these marches will translate into votes. Otherwise you are right. It is for naught. It felt very validating for me that there were thousands and millions of people who felt the same way. I hope we all vote in the future. The Los Angles March had an estimated 750,000 people. An estimated 3 million people marched yesterday.

    • Staying with the subject about votes and voting.

      Let’s don’t forget the Hillary got 3 millions more votes.

      Trump got in to power with a meager 0.38% votes of highly questionable validity in three swing states that were NOT allowed a rightful recount with the help of gerrymandering laws and Repos courts.

      Added by FBI Comey and Russia interference in the election process and topped with Obama’s very deceitful performance as a Commander in Chief.

      Would more votes have changed the outcome of this fraudulent election?

      It is like validating Trump’s twitter answer to yesterday’s march: all those people should have voted…(don’t recall the actual quote).

      P.S. I agree we need more voting rights, voter’s education and actual voters participation at large.

  20. Our new national anthem again, this time rendered by Hatsune Miku. 😛

  21. Let the deplorables enjoy their brief triumph.

    If they thought Hillary was a b!tch, wait ’til they meet Madame Karma. 😈

  22. Hey,Shadowfax,there you are. You’ve been missed.
    And,hey,William,please do enjoy the moment.People are all worried that these marches were just a one day hoopla. It isn’t about the numbers so much,folks,more about how the events impact the people..the experience itself will generate we know not what,not yet. But we don’t need to know…many ,many seeds were planted yesterday. We’ll see what grows.One thing’s for sure;millions of people’s lives were changed and Trump,his minions ( I hate to disparage minions) Repubs and Dems have been put on notice…we’re awake,we’re alive and we’re willing to put our bodies on the line.

    It’s just a tiny bit of hope,but hope it is.

    • yes we’re all of the above…
      and got plenty of notice because it was a world wide cry: “our pussies ain’t for grabbing”.

    • I totally agree with you on this. For me, it was a passing down of feminism to the younger generation. Standing by young people that should never be abused by any man, especially the p resident. (I will never use that word with Douche’s name.)

      It was also standing in solidarity for the respect our people deserve by one another. Not feeling alone.

      Not going to take Douche’s shit without a fight.

      Being stronger because of courageous women like Hillary.

  23. IIUC, this version is performed by actual Russians. 😀

  24. Since the deplorables want to send our country into Full Reverse Thrust, this song seems appropriate.

    Besides, it rocks. 😛

  25. Shozbot! Hokayyy, I’ll try that again. Please feel free to remove the redundant post.

    Since the deplorables want to send our country into Full Reverse Thrust, this song seems appropriate.

    Besides, it rocks. 😛

  26. Msdsal, on January 22, 2017 at 8:57 pm said:
    Hey,Shadowfax,there you are. You’ve been missed.

    Hey ((Msdsal)) thanks. I had to move on from where I was, I don’t like to be told to “Shut up!”. Glad to see many blog here with RD and Widdershins too.

  27. One thing the protests are missing that we had when I was young, is meaningful music we could all identify with. Like this, I will never forget it.

    • Last night, I saw the Jefferson Airplane play a concert. Well, they call themselves the Jefferson Starship, but they play a bunch of Airplane songs, and I liked the Airplane much better. Not much of the original group is left, just David Frieberg; but Cathy RIchardson, who was chosen by Paul Kantner and Grace Slick to replace her, is really good. So one can pretend that it is 1967, and you are in the Fillmore Ballroom (not that I was ever there then!).

      Anyway, at one point, Cathy said (I’ve sanitized the language just a bit): “Yesterday, I was at Grace Slick’s house. And we watched the marches. And Grace said, ‘This is great! It is just like the ’60’s!’ And I said, ‘Yes, but if’t 50 years later, and we still have to keep fighting for the same things we had fought for then.’ And Grace said, ‘Yes, but that’s what you have to do. You have to keep fighting. And if you get knocked down, you have to get back up; and if you get your legs broken, you have to stand up anyway and keep fighting. Until things finally come out right.’ ”

      A little bit later, they closed their encore with “Volunteers.” Most of the rather large crowd stood up and sang it along with them. It was a touching moment. I can’t link, but maybe you can; or just hear the song in your head.

  28. Here ya go William. I loved the Airplane more too and saw them many times.

    Grace sounds a little like Hillary here and she is right: “And Grace said, ‘Yes, but that’s what you have to do. You have to keep fighting. And if you get knocked down, you have to get back up; and if you get your legs broken, you have to stand up anyway and keep fighting. Until things finally come out right.’ ”

  29. meaningful music

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