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Morning Music 

It’s beautiful today in Pittsburgh. Going for a hike in the cold air. Will have a post up later about news sources. In the meantime, welcome new readers. We don’t care how you voted. We have to get over that. We need each other now. Our motto here is hold hands, stick together, watch out for one another.

Be back later…


Michael Cohen at the Boston Globe writes that the calm before the storm is already disorienting in America Is Off The Tracks. 

Adam Gopnik writes in The New Yorker that it is essential that we find allies in the conservative side who see beyond party and are determined to protect the Constitution in The Music Donald Trump Cannot Hear. Adam gives us some direction: 

There’s no point in studying history if we do not take some lesson from it. The best way to be sure that 2017 is not 1934 is to act as though it were. We must learn and relearn that age’s necessary lessons: that meek submission is the most short-sighted of policies; that waiting for the other, more vulnerable group to protest first will only increase the isolation of us all. We must refuse to think that if we play nice and don’t make trouble, our group won’t be harmed. Calm but consistent opposition shared by a broad front of committed and constitutionally-minded protesters—it’s easy to say, fiendishly hard to do, and necessary to accomplish if we are to save the beautiful music of American democracy.

I’m not going to lie and say there is nothing to fear. Our fear is very rational. But we can’t let it overwhelm us. 

The Guardian writes about Trump’s attacks on John Lewis, a genuine hero of the civil rights movement, on Martin Luther King Weekend. It’s a well known political ploy to attack your opponent’s strength. Our nation’s strength for several decades has been its determination to overcome racism. This is not the time to be conciliatory towards the man who would be president. We shouldn’t yield a millimeter on civil rights. 

Esquire writes The Trump Administration May Remove the Press from the White House. I have to bite my tongue here because I can’t think of an entity that deserves punishment more than our “extremely careless” media. But this seems like an effective way to begin to undermine the First Amendment. So as much as I blame it for giving us Trump in the first place, this is where I have to take a stand and demand constitutional protection of the press. 

22 Responses

  1. Will our very own Deep Throat emerge? If so, when? Following 20committee twitter account among others and trying not to freak out. Why do I feel like every election related institution failed us, the good citizens who knew what was happening and what may happen? I like to think Comey threw the election to catch evil red handed and stop it in its tracks. But that is a dangerous game to play without a guarantee of success.

    • Don’t know. If I were anybody who knew anything, I’d be busily transferring documentation out of the country. I also follow Garry Kasparov on Twitter. Pay attention to the people who have already been through it.

      I have to disagree with you on Comey. Sometimes the right answers are the simplest ones. Giuliani held a grudge against Clinton taking the senate seat he thought should have been his. And we still have a contingent of men who really resent women and hold them to exceptionally high standards.

      I guess you have to be a woman in research for 23 years to really understand it. But men just will not cut you a break no matter how good you are. It’s always going to be a struggle and they will always be more critical and suspect the worst. That’s what I see here with Giuliani and the NY FBI.

      • About Comey, trying to think why this and why not the other. But agree it is far fetched. On the other hand, it is difficult to think they could not see what was coming. I mean, would all these mfers sell their country out in plain sight like this? Everybody around the world is asking the same question — why was it this easy? Watch for CA next. Peter Thiel is eyeing for running for governor there. Putin’s puppets everywhere. I hope Brown secures all the voting machinery incl. people administering it out there while he still has a chance.

        About a woman’s place in America, I have always said, this country is great in giving the protection to women to lead an ordinary life successfully; but when you start to move up eagerly and ambitiously, it is not so friendly, (speaking from experience, I lost my tenure because I was a woman and for not being part of the club). You speak of losing your R&D job and how difficult it is to build it back up. Tenure denial at the peak of your career, age and otherwise, kills everything.

        “But men just will not cut you a break no matter how good you are” — “they don’t give a damn”: TED Talk, Jimmy Carter, (I think I saw that video on your Twitter TL).

        • I don’t remember that ted talk. Those were my own sentiments though I have no claims on a copyright. 😜

          • Sure, I was not implying you got it from there.

            Women are a minority and the majority has to make some accommodation at least to the extent of recognizing superior talent and making room for it in the interest of greater good and that will not happen if “they don’t (even) give a damn.”

            Here is the link:

        • I am making 30% a year less than a particular man in the exact same position, who has way worse credentials and only very slightly more experience. My union rep is hard to reach, rarely gets back to me, has become very discouraging. He’s unbelievable. It’s all unbelievable to me. I feel your pain.

          As for Peter Thiel, tech is not on his side. There is no way he’s going to beat Gavin Newsom for Governor in CA. He has no charisma, either (necessary in the age of Trump), and he’s started to insult Elon Musk. Bad idea if you want to be Gov. of CA.

          Rough weekend for all of us. I’m going back and forth between cookies, tea, and biking/walking. Cookies are a new food group for me, it seems. Pecan sandies with chocolate ganache and chocolate tea. !

          • I love chocolate ganache. But I’m not going to because I want to be more comfy in my clothes.
            Went for two hour hike in Frick park. It was quite a workout.
            Isn’t Peter Thiel the guy who wants to live forever? Imagine all of the social repercussions if that happened. I wish people would get used to the typical lifespan.

    • PM good to run across you again. Missed your postings. Every election related institution DID fail us. At this point I figure Comey is nothing more than a Putin stooge. He very well knew what he was doing.

      • Hi Ga6thDem. Have you seen Shadowfax around? I worry about her. I want to reach out but don’t know how.

        • No, I haven not seen her lately. Have you seen moonpluto? Shadow has posted here at the confluence previously.

          • Not particularly concerned about moononpluto. He will be ok. As all of us are, he is pretty disgusted I imagine with this election. He was a true and out Hillary champion from day one. I think Shadow needs a forum and a support group. I feel bad that she may not have any. Yeah, I had seen her post here and came looking for her here. Thanks, Ga6thDem.

        • pm317, Shadowfax left Uppity Woman. She’s posting on The Widdershins.

          Roz in NJ/NYC

      • Russians got info on RNC (and Guiliani), and probably through those emails, info. on Comey et al. In my mind, there are only two things that make sense at this point: (1) the FBI is redirecting away from Russia because they know of some catastrophic threat to the country that would destroy us all unless they do; (2) Comey is being personally blackmailed with extremely explosive information.

        Sociopathy doesn’t explain it: there’s no long-term upside for anyone here. They may be crafty, but they are not stupid, and they don’t want to die. The revenge against Hillary isn’t enough of a reward for something this dangerous, although it rouses the base. After all, life in this country as we’ve known it is teetering, and until now, Comey hasn’t looked like a psychotic destructor (like the Joker). It’s not likely that’s suddenly changed.

        I’m comforted sort of by the thought that that leaked memo must be accurate, or ex-MI6 agent wouldn’t need to go into hiding. If it’s ‘silly,’ that’s easy to prove and then blast all over the news. That’s not happening. Clearly, Trump (at least) is being blackmailed.

        • I don’t see how 1 would happen but i can totally see 2 where the Russians got info on Comey and a lot of others through their RNC hacks.

  2. Intelligence Committee will investigate possible Russia-Trump links


  3. Shadow has been posting at Widdershins, I assume when she has the time.

    • Good. Thanks!

    • I posted above about Shadowfax before scrolling down and seeing your post.

      Roz in NJ/NYC

      • Roz: you did it the correct way! At least the message got through. I tried to post a message to Shadow on Widdershins but it disappeared (or I goofed!).

  4. So, what the Orange One hasn’t figured out, any trade deal can only be successful if We the People buy the stuff in the deal. Simple math, any Market that would lose 70 million potential US customers would fail. Another value of not participating would be the massive reduction of City paid tax revenue and fees that would occur, a just hit IMV, to a ungrateful myopic political and rural class that now benefits mightily from those redistributed City revenues.
    I’m also for protecting the 1st amendment, however, a free press journalism is not the reality shows/rags that currently call themselves News. I too view CNN, Wapo, CBS, Msnbc, Fox, NBC ABC, Facebook, and Alt Right rags as mostly fake reality hog wash and place them squarely on a short list of why Hillary lost alongside he running as Obama’s third term instead of her first, Russia, and the FBI/Intelligence/Trump/Good Ole Boy Cabal.

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