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STrumpets Revisted

Did I tell you this?  The day after the election was a pretty bad day. There was more going on than just political disaster. I won’t get into details but let’s just say that some people can be unnecessarily brutal.  And the weather turned from beautiful mild sunny fall to rainy, damp and cold overnight. I got on the bus and had to stuff a glove in my mouth to keep from sobbing and every black person on the bus looked at me as if to as, “Did you do it? Can I trust you?”.

All through the day, I thought about all that we had lost overnight. We lost our opportunity to kick start the future. Overnight, we had demoted whole swaths of people: women, african americans, LGBT, young college graduates, muslims. We are hamstrung on climate change, health care, reversing the gig economy, social security and medicare. I was upset and angry.

So by the end of the day, I just wanted to go home and catch up on rest from the last four days of GOTV efforts and having hundreds of volunteers passing through my house and trying to make people feel comfortable and upbeat and hydrated. I got to the elevators and  there was a woman there waiting for one. We chit chatted briefly about the election and I told her how disappointed I was after all the work I had done since the primary. She did not look disappointed. Oh, I said, you didn’t vote for Hillary, did you? No, she said, I voted for Trump, I felt the country needed a change. At that moment, the elevator door opened and she stepped in. I stood outside the elevator and just looked at her. She held the doors. No, I said, I just can’t. The feeling of revulsion was so strong I didn’t want to stand anywhere near her. I tried to be polite about it but she couldn’t have missed it.

I was right. Yesterday, I found myself on the elevator with her again. She couldn’t look me in the eyes. I am not imagining things when I say she looked embarrassed. I smiled and felt a lot more dignified than she obviously did.

What a difference 2.5 months and Twitter makes.

So, I was intrigued by the recent article in the NYTimes about the women who voted for Trump and what their reasoning was. I’m no more enlightened now than I was the day after the election. These women have educations but seem to have checked their brains at the door. Some of them claim to be feminists and yet genuinely believe that Donald Trump is a champion of women. It’s almost as if they can’t see who he is or have actually heard what he said. There’s something deeply  unsettling about living in a country with so many people who are incapable of making informed decisions  because someone has confused them with Tversky magic, tapped into some dark archetype and is playing with their emotions.

But at least some of them appear to feel ashamed of what they’ve done. So… There’s that.

Thank god I don’t have to work in her group. I can’t imagine what it’s like to live with her.


I was planning to write more frequently but my Mac laptop is acting up. The pointer is jumping all over the screen. It’s not the touchpad. I already tried a mouse. Also, the problem seems to go away if the screen goes into power saving mode or if I shut down. So, I’m going to guess that there’s a more expensive problem going on here and I will probably have to visit a genius. The bad thing about that is the prospect of going to the Apple Store where I will be surrounded by shiny new hardware makes me weak in the knees. I have the seven year itch where new laptops are concerned  (no, a windows PC is out of the question. I’m spoiled.)

So if anyone out there knows of a potential fix for my pointer issue, let me know before I give in and buy something. I’m going to try resetting the PRAM. Any other ideas?

33 Responses

  1. As Hillary said (IIRC), only about half of Cheetolini’s supporters are “deplorable”.

    The other half are people for whom deplorability in a candidate does not necessarily disqualify the candidate from receiving their votes.

    In a way, the second group is more disturbing than the first group. We knew there were all too many of our fellow citizens who were bigots. This election revealed how many of our fellow citizens were not bigots (or at least not intense bigots) themselves, but were willing to abandon the bigots’ targeted groups to their fates, in the (false) hope of restoring Ye Goode Olde Days.

    Also, we weren’t really expecting this because our country was not Weimar Germany. Our country hadn’t recently lost a ruinous war and suffered occupation. Our country hadn’t recently experienced runaway inflation, then plunged into a Great Depression. Our country didn’t have uniformed right-wing militants marching in the streets. Our country didn’t have numerous left-wing militants as well (unlike Weimar Germany’s strong Communist movement), to frighten undecided ordinary citizens, and the local Establishment, into thinking maybe the right-wing militants were the lesser evil. (You probably need a laugh, so try to imagine a militant left-wing movement ever gaining traction in the USA.)

    However, the first country to go fascist was Italy, which had fought on the winning side in WW1, and went fascist in 1922, seven years before the Great Depression began. Imperial Japan had also fought on the Allied side in WW1.

    Russia has already gone more or less Fascist, and the UK and the USA seem to be doing their damnedest to follow Russia’s bad example.

    The three nations which did the most to crush Original Recipe Fascism are neo-Fascist, or trying to go that way.

    Somewhere in Areinnye, Mussolini, Hitler, and Tojo are ROTFLTAO. 👿

    • Hi IBW! So happy to see you this morning. I’m a little bummed out lately over something. While the work problem is resolved, the other is lingering.
      Nice that you are here to keep me smiling.
      Good point about the fascists. Somewhere recently I had heard a definition of fascism that really resonated with me. Fascism is so hard to define. But now I’ve forgotten what it was. Gotta go look up one of the podcasts I’d been listening to

      • Thanks, but I may go away for a while. My section of the house needs cleaning, if I can make myself do it. 😛

        However, I’m recovering from a cold, so I may or may not clean today.

        • I hate to clean but I might just bust out the Dyson today.
          There is still campaign fallout all over my house. I have signs stuck to the inside of my windows, posters on walls, yard signs stacked up in the living room. And there’s a heavy glass desk top that my organizer and I brought down from one of my bedrooms upstairs. I forget to ask the campaign people to help me take it back upstairs so it’s leaning against a wall in my living room.

          And there are arrows on my hard wood floors where we had put down painters tape to keep canvassers flowing through the house. When I pulled up the tape, some of the old finish came with it. It’s going to cost a small fortune to have the floors refinished. So I’ll have to live with the arrows for a couple of years.

          Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  2. Don’t you think the likeliest explanation for The Inexplicable Trumpalos is they’re just in the More Money For Me party?

    They heard all the bigotry, but what it meant to them was “Whites count. You’re (finally!) getting everything that’s going.” (Remember all that stuff about taking the Dogpile seriously but not literally?)

    And in their own minds, sexists and racists are people who take a rifle and go out to hunt women and blacks, so, duh!, they’re neither. They just want all the money. Depriving everybody else is just an unfortunate side effect. Nothing to do with any -ism. At all. Really. For sure. Don’t you dare. Etc., etc., etc.

    As for the crazy white women, there are legions whose life work is to pretend misogyny doesn’t exist. On some level they can feel how they’ll never unsee it if they ever face it. Best not to start. Just tell yourself you’re white so you’ll get all the perqs.

    How they could convince themselves while looking at a proud sexual assaulter with goldplated toilets whose whole shtick is to cheat everyone, well, what’s that they say about how nobody can be conned who doesn’t want to be?

    That’s how I’ve been trying to fit the craziness into making sense. What do all y’all think? Plausible?

    • Some of what you’re saying is undoubtably true. But I can’t get over the so-called feminists who excuse Donald because Ivanka.
      This is the same guy who said if someone was harassing Ivanka at work, he would hope she’d find another job. Ivanka is in a special class of people. Most people don’t have the luxury of shopping for a new job. That’s what equal protection and anti-harassment laws are about. They’re there to protect women who are not Ivanka.
      Jeez, the reasoning is so twisted and doesn’t follow any normal rules of logic.
      Then there are the ones who seem to think immigrating to the US is a piece of cake. I knew Canadians who were put through a 14 step obstacle course. Syrian refugees have a very difficult time coming here. And most of the acts of terrorism by Isis have been accomplished thru Americans who were born here or brought here at a young age. Where did we go wrong with them? Did we fail to acculturate them to Disney world, HS lustiness and malls?
      I blame Fox News for a lot of this. It seems to have made whole segments of the population short circuit their thinking process. Sort of like in Fahrenheit 451.

      • well, there’s reasoning, and then there’s motivated “reasoning,” right? 🙂

        I have a distant in-law I’ve never met, but do hear about, who’s convinced that these invading brown people step across the border and get bused to free housing, free college, and free health care. He really believes that. Limbaugh wouldn’t lie….

        It really is Fahrenheit 451.

        • Like I said before, Obama needs to hurry up if he’s gonna confiscate our guns, ban Christianity, and make us all get gay-married to Mexican Muslim box turtles, like Limbaugh and his ilk have spent the past 8 years telling us he’s gonna do. 😛

          1984, Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451, Network, and Idiocracy all partially reflect what our nation has become, depending on the angle from which you look at it.

    • The more money for me might have been part of it. Whatever their reasons they had no problem with what Trump said. They could not have missed what he was throwing out there. You would have had to live in a cave to miss it.

      It’s a ton of reasons. There are people who certainly are easily conned. The biggest reason I see for people voting for Trump is because they do not like the browning of America. They are willing to overlook assault and everything else to stop the browning. Joke is on them though. It’s going to continue and Trump will never make America the White Christian Nation they so desire.

      • The White Nation they desire would never be truly Christian. Jesus Christ was born, died, was resurrected, and ascended for all of humanity, regardless of our tribal differences, in appearances and in other characteristics.

        • Or he lead an unpermitted protest to the temple as part of Occupy Jerusalem.

          Either way, he was a bleeding heart liberal.

        • Well, they have made up this fantasy 1950’s version of America that they want to return to. There was an article in the Washington Post that went and interviewed these voters in NC and it was an interesting read.

      • “they do not like the browning of America.”

        Yup. The Dogpile’s campaign took off once he started yammering about Mexicans and walls.

        But, as RD says, it’s impossible to understand on a gut level how anybody, including white women, thought this total user and abuser would be on anybody’s side but his own and his gold plated toilet’s.

        But they did and here we are. Which for me is also impossible to understand on a gut level. Some part of me keeps expecting the aliens to land and save us.

        • “…gold plated toilet…”

          What a stupid, ostentatious waste of gold.

          I forget who said it, but Cheetolini lives not like a rich man, but like a poor man’s idea of how a rich man lives. Even though he was born to wealth, he never managed to acquire the elegance of a proper aristocrat. He reminds me of a Mob boss, in his friendly behaviors as well as his hostile behaviors.

  3. i have had the same experience with Trump voting family members that you had with the elevator woman.

    • Involuntary revulsion? I don’t know what came over me. And I wasn’t rude or anything. It’s just that being in close proximity to her made me sick.

      • I honestly wish people who voted for Trump would not tell me. I do have revulsion at these people and just can’t get past it. These people knew what they were voting for and went ahead with it. And yeah, now it seems African Americans are justified in thinking that all whites are bigots. I mean it is just going to be perfectly awful for the entire country for the next four years.

        • I agree. I don’t want to know how people voted. It changes my opinion of them. It makes me think they’re shallower than I thought. Maybe that’s unfair to them. I realize than not all of Trump’s supporters were racists and bigots but if you know your candidate’s biggest fans are white nationalist groups and you voted for him because you are “focusing on the good”, I think there may be a disconnect deep inside. I’m no psychologist and I’m far from perfect but at least I know what I believe and I know when no compromise is possible without violating my principles.
          Trump voters seem able to get past all that. I find that hard to swallow.

          • Remember, only 20% of citizens voted for him, 1 in 5. And now, only 17% are still strongly for him. And dropping… He’s humiliating himself daily, at home and around the world. As that filters in, those who are stuck to him like glue, feeling their own power only by idealizing a powerful, charismatic person like himself, will turn on him in search of another powerful, idealizable person. When they turn, they will turn extremely harshly. What they gave to Hillary, they will give to Trump.

            UK press is now arguing he has 18 months in office, at most, before impeachment.

          • I’m still wondering what’s going to happen in the next week. It still seems likely that he’ll be inaugurated but stranger things have happened.
            Not that we’ll be any better off…

          • I’m listening to music from 1978 ish. Nostradamus and the World Goes to Riyadh. Makes me want to finally learn to play my guitar.

  4. Start up in safe mode and see if it happens: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201262

    Rebuild desktop and see if it happens: http://www.essentialmac.com/fix/rebuild.html

    Reset NVRAM: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204063


    • Thanks, V. I have to fix it soon. Blogging from the WordPress on an iPhone sucks, er, is suboptimal.

  5. My son told me after the election that it’s a well known fact that women don’t support other women, at least in the corporate world. A lot of reasons were given to explain that and they were not dissimilar to what said about blacks who reach certain level of power.
    What happened in this election wasn’t natural in any way form or shape. So I think any analysis of any group’s behaviour may somewhat off. The external factors that affected the final result could more powerful than we know. By external I meant it wasn’t part of the usual factors in the decision making process.

  6. Where is Hillary? Can’t she say anything about what is going on at least I WAS ROBBED!!! Or something.
    Since all those investigations are happening can Obama stop the inauguration?

    • I think Hillary is probably being brilliant, as usual. That is, even if there is a tiny chance the election results are overturned due to foreign installation of PEOTUS, it’s likely the entire campaign will go. They are all tainted. And, anyway, if Trump’s campaign new this was going on and cooperated with it (which there appears to be ample evidence of, now), that puts him right up there with being a Russian “asset.” It compromises everyone. It also invalidates his election, because he was effectively installed, not elected. HuffPost had the first article about this, calling for a new election. But, of course, the majority of people voted for Hillary Clinton. There is a tiny chance she could still assume her rightfully elected place as POTUS. Better to stay way under the radar right now, IMO.

      With those weird assassinations happening in Russia the last few days, and the MI6 agent going into hiding, it is a dangerous time in politics.

      • It’s like some John Lecarre thriller.
        You’re right in that she’s behaving very presidential. But I think Republicans will fight tooth and nail to keep Trump around for awhile so they can ram thru their shock doctrine agenda.
        When they’re done with him, they’ll all head to the fainting couch over the Russian allegations.

        • Kahn and Daou both have noted that it appears as though a step-by-step prosecutorial case is being made. But given your point about how long Watergate took, if they started now, it would probably take over a year. Just in time for them to start trying to rebuild from the disaster…

  7. I was going to post a joke about sodium hydride, but NaH.

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