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Come on Girl, You Got to Get Back Up

Today, I got some unexpected good news on the job front. My days of living under tyranny and oppression have finally come to an end. I almost ran down the sidewalk in Pittsburgh, splashing through puddles and into a strong gust that blew my wrap dress open and my umbrella inside out.

Everything else suddenly seemed surmountable and easily dismissed. I celebrated by spending money to amply make my bed. I have a hard time sleeping in my bedroom, for whatever reason. Maybe the new quilt will make me want to give it another try before I have to bust out another can of paint and sell the sleigh bed.

So, I worked myself into a tizzy yesterday over nothing.

Now, I feel able to focus my attention on what has happened in the last 2.5 months.

When we last tuned in back in November, the most qualified woman was beaten by the least qualified man. They say it’s not sexism. Yeah, right. Anyway, the day fast approacheth when Creamsicle takes the oath, unless we can indict him before the inauguration. But then we would be stuck with Pence and that might be worse because he actually understands government and how to undermine it. It is hard to believe that a nation would voluntarily do this to itself but there you are, we are that nation.

But there are ways to resist. Our own Lady V is chewing off a large bite of activism. Expect her site to go active any day now.

tdraicer, one of our more eloquent commenters has started his own blog called The Journal of Schadenfreude.  Check him out.

And a bunch of congressional staffers have put together a site called Indivisible- A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda.

I still think we should copy the Christian Coalition model shamelessly. We need to get serious about organized activism.

So, game on, people. It’s time, passed time, to get serious about what we are facing. If today’s repeal of CHIP is any indication of how heartless and cruel the next four (hopefully only two) years are going to be, we have our work cut out for us.

We’ve got to find that reservoir of resilience and hold on. In the near future, we may have lots of chances of turning back, but we’re not going to. We’re going to keep on going because we are holding on to something.


Britney Howard: Great blues guitarist or THE greatest blues guitarist?

I’m just finishing up a bottle of Chez Etters Coastal Red from York County, PA, our friendly neighbors in central PA that gave us Trump. Rico the bartender is on tonight, you can order anything you want. It’s on the house.


24 Responses

  1. I am glad for your workplace news … New faces in new places … I will stomp in a puddle with you in mind … Enjoy what you have earned for yourself

    Continued success

    • Hi Greg! I’m on a new scrum team. It worked out.
      Thanks for the advice.
      What are you doing this weekend?

  2. Pence might be worse in some ways, but at least I don’t think he’s a fornicating traitor who sold his sorry @$$ to Tsar Putin. 😡

  3. To steal a joke from Gavan on Cannonfire, Cheetolini gives new meaning to the phrase “Goldwater Republican”. 😈

  4. A Pittsburgher happily splashing in puddles?
    That puts me in mind of my all time favorite movie star.
    RD, I ‘m so, so happy that you have good news on the job front.
    We’ll take all the good news that we can get!
    Mazel Tov.

  5. To paraphrase a letter I read in a local newspaper, Obama better move fast if he’s gonna confiscate our guns, ban Christianity, and make us all get gay-married to Mexican Muslims like “reliable” sources such as Alex Jones have spent the past eight years saying he’s gonna do. 😛

  6. Hillary said in that “deplorable” comment that only about half of Cheetolini’s supporters fit that category.

    Most of the other half are this kind.

  7. Congratulations on your work news!! That’s excellent. I’ve been hoping you get back to writing soon :).
    What’s your over/under on impeachment?

    • I’m not sure about the inauguration much less impeachment.

      But if inaugurated, will be impeached as soon as he starts making trouble for the House and Senate. They’re working for the well connected while Donald just wants to be loved. It will be entertaining to watch — from another country.

      Hot dude in elevator.

      • I can’t wait for that, then. But I wonder if the GOP has the courage to actually impeach him. They know they wouldn’t have won but for this freak (& freak set of circumstances).

        Also, what do you think of Klobuchar’s pharma amendment being voted down, with help from Cory Booker etc. (http://theslot.jezebel.com/for-some-reason-cory-booker-and-12-other-dems-killed-a-1791116094)? I don’t know anything about the area or the arguments for/against. Is this a good thing? Bad thing? Meh?

        • There’s a lot to unpack where pharma is concerned. But there are a couple things to look for. Pharma does two types of therapeutics: small molecule and biologicals. Small molecule would be the traditional drugs that people are familiar with like Effexor, Celebrex, any ACE inhibitor you’ve ever heard of, Gleevec, Lipitor etc. they’re called small molecule because they’re the product of medicinal chemistry and they’re around 250- 500MW. Biologicals are things like antibodies or other genetically engineered products. They’re too big and complex to be made in a med Chem lab. These kinds of therapeutics are used to treat cancer and orphan diseases etc.
          The traditionallly small molecule companies are located in places like NJ, CT, PA, DE, MD. That’s where you would have found Pfizer, BRistol Myers Squibb, Glaxo, Schering-Ploughing, Merck, Astra-Zeneca, Sanofi, etc. Biologicals would be companies like Genentech, Genzyme. Traditional small molecule have their own biologicals units as well. These companies are located in MA, CA, WA.
          Looking at the yays/nays, it looks like there is a trend for senators from small molecule states voted nay while senators from biologicals states voted yay.
          The drugs would be imported from Canada. The nay argument was based on drug safety. Call me skeptical. If this argument was based on the drugs coming from China, I could understand the nay. I think this is the result of drug industry lobbying. But the weird thing is that small molecule research is severely limited in the northeast corridor states compared to what it was 20 yrs ago. There’s almost nothing left in DE and MD. NJ hemorrhaged R&D during the patent cliff years. Many many sites in NJ including two sites for companies I worked for are shuttered. There still may be enough pharma presence to make a difference but I’m guessing it’s because corporate HQ is still located in small molecule states. Menendez and Casey were unconcerned about what happened to R&D in their states. (Hint: it’s gone, baby, gone)
          So my best guess is small molecule pharma campaign contributions made a difference.
          Also note: pharma R&D is very expensive. Industrial R&D is REAL research. What pharma gets from academic NIH funded research is starting points, not fully developed drugs. Anyone who tells you otherwise is naive and incredibly ill-informed. That’s not to say that grant funded research isn’t important. It’s just not what you think.
          Been there, done both.

          • Ah, brilliant. Your comment deserves its own post.
            So if I’m understanding correctly, you think (a) the claimed ‘drug safety’ justification of Booker etc. for their Nay votes is invalid and (b) The Nay votes were driven solely by campaign $ considerations and not by worries of job losses in their communities.
            That’s so sad, though. I’ve liked Booker (though I’ve only heard a few of his speeches & know nothing about him). I suspect this vote may stick to him longer than he’d accounted for (given it was a procedural vote on an amendment).

          • Nothing surprises me about Booker. He is very much like Obama. It is a class/aspirational thing, not some kind of triumph over adversity. Not to say racism doesn’t exist, just that these two are not John Lewis.
            NJ has a strong political machine. It’s also an expensive place to campaign.
            Pharma R&D used to be a major industry in NJ but with the financialization of pharma, R&D became expendable. I have written posts about what happened to the industry. Lots of them. The left is incredibly badly educated about pharma. If it only took the time to learn how the industry worked, it would be easier for it to get what it wants. But the left is just as invested in inflaming emotions in its audience as the right is.
            As for Booker, the big industry that is left in NJ now that all the researchers have lost their jobs is the finance industry. NJ is the dormitory for Wall Street, chock full of houses on the hillside made of ticky tacky where business executives drink their martinis dry. There are still a few new drug entities eking their way thru the pipeline and they are very expensive to create. There must be ROI for the shareholders. The bean counters are in charge. Therefore, the Canadian drugs are unsafe.

      • Oh, and “entertaining” isn’t the adjective I’d’ve used.
        It’s like being forced to watch a badly written spy-thriller/dystopian play, instead of starring in one, but the doors to the theater are shut and you’re locked in. Less immediate repercussions, but you know the lead actors are fucking idiots who’ll end the rest of the cast & crew and turn on the audience next.

  8. Congratulations on the positive change in your job. Enjoy.

  9. Today, it seems like the Repubs are turning against Rump. The Intel community investigating hacking & Comey’s email letter release just before the election (and the Comey briefing that Dems were appalled at today), the bipartisan Congressional committee who will have subpoena power & plan to get records on entire Rump campaign’s contacts to/fro Russia… things are moving fast.

    Consider following Adam Kahn on twitter, who has stuff like this: ‘6. On Nov 3, 5 days before the election, Trump holds a rally in Concord, NC. Rybolovlev’s private jet lands in Concorde as well.’

    I cannot see how Rump will not be impeached. At least. Of course, the world’s gone crazy, so…

    • The larger problem is this extends past Trump into the entire GOP. If you impeach Trump you’re left with a compromised Pence. And how many in the GOP knew of Trump’s Russian ties in the GOP and remained silent about it?

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