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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Facebook privacy misunderstand…
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    • Cambridge Analytica, FaceBook And Inevitable Abuses That Inevitably Happen
      So, you’re probably aware of the furor over Cambridge Analytica. They scraped Facebook’s database, and used the psychological information to craft their campaign. They have also been caught on tape admitting they do dirty tricks like honey traps, and propaganda (knowing lies). And there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth. First of all, it […]
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Mercy Now 

There’s a quote from The Fellowship of the Ring that’s been floating around in my head all day. It’s when the hobbits escape an early peril with the help of Tom Bombadil but they are distressed about losing their possessions. Tom says, “Clothes are a little loss when you escape from drowning”. 

Have mercy. We will need each other later. 


40 Responses

  1. Yes, we will, and I’m glad you’ve provided us a place to gather.

    We watched Star Wars (A New Hope) last night…. I think where we are right now is in the trash compactor.

    • Hey, V, should I go to the million women march? I don’t live that far from D.C.

      • I think you ought to go and tell us all about it; take pictures, write about it and the works.
        I can not afford to go, though I want to. The airfare from Austin plus hotel add up on my tight budget.
        I hope that there are plenty of participants and make history.

        • My cousin is going and offered to meet me somewhere but honestly it was just not the travel time etc. It’s the fact that I don’t have any of the clothing that I would need to be outside in DC in January.

        • bellecat, I bet there is a march in Austin! They are everywhere!

          • Thanks Lady V:
            I guess I need to learn what is all about. I thought the march will take place in DC only; a big demonstration against the pseudo Presidium elected…

      • You should go and show your support. Especially if you can drive there and back in a day.

      • YES YES YES!!! I totally think so. I’m going in the city where I live.

    • Btw, that song isn’t new. Mary Gauthier is prophetic.

  2. So, you’re the one who introduced me to Mary Gauthier?
    I bought her excellent CD and both my husband and I love that song.

  3. PLEASE tell me this person is joking, and is not really this stupid–though that would go a long way toward explaining the Election Day catastrophe.

  4. I found this woman’s blog in a link from Suburban Guerilla. She thinks if the wingnuts don’t like PC, OK, let’s quit being PC to them. 😈

    Non-rich wingnuts are just STUPID.

    NSFW for some naughty words. 😛

    • Her follow-up blogpost:

      Red State Stupid; Red State Mean

      My only question is: Does the meanness cause the stupidity, or vice versa, or is this a chicken-and-egg question?

    • I do think that our side has got to start calling their side for what they are at this point; which is essentially corrupt fascists. And by “their side,” I mean the ones in office. Pretending that Republicans are decent folks whom you can work with, is not only foolish, but it is insane. It’s like trying to negotiate with the zombies trying to break in. They are trying to set up a theocratic dictatorship, and have about accomplished it. So if Democratic people in public life start saying this, some might take notice, even though the media will of course mock it. We spent the last eight years acting as if the Republicans had the same basic goals as Democrats do, it’s just the policies that are different. But they don’t, they want to take over every aspect of public and private life. This country never has seen anything like this. And somebody has to name it for what it is, before the law becomes that you are executed for doing so, like in Russia or Turkey.

  5. May be before we start on other side, we start with ours. The result of this election rests on their shoulders. Don’t get me wrong I still think that something dirty and substantial happened from the Russians or whatever besides the weakileaks. But still the result could have been different if they had voted and voted for her. Don’t expect your enemies to come and bail you out when your friends refuse to do so. The betrayal and defeat came from within. We should start by demanding a definition of who is a democrat. For now the most useful one is: anyone who voted for Hillary and declared that he/she is a democrat. So anyone who didn’t vote for her is out.

    • I agree about the definition of Democrat. It needs to be very clear. I’m concerned about the far leftward drift in the fight over who will be Chair. It seems inane to me to believe that people who voted for Trump, or people who didn’t vote, would ever, ever vote for someone farther left than Obama…

    • How about:

      Anyone who is an official of the Democratic Party, who works for the Democratic Party, who organizes for the Democratic party, or who runs for office as a Democrat or caucuses with Democrats, is a Democrat.

      Everyone else is a voter.

      And then maybe Democrats should try to figure out how to convince more voters to vote for Democrats.

      • Or maybe more voters should grow brains, and grow up.

        Even if everything the mainstream corporate media said about the Clintons were true (as if), and she was Nixon Redux–if your choices are Nixon Redux and Mussolini Redux, and you are a responsible adult, you hold your nose and vote for Nixon Redux.

        First, people like you gave us the Dimwit Dauphin and Darth Cheney, asleep at the switch when the warning about bin Laden came in. Now, people like you have given the USA a dim and grim future as a Russian puppet state.

        Now why don’t you go back to Horseshoe Welsh’s blog? Maybe by now he’s written that post praising Pumpkinhead for making the trains run on time.

        • On second thought, XFR might want to stay away from Horseshoe Welsh’s blog, or at least refrain from commenting there, if XFR is concerned for hir reputation.

          More and more open r@ci$ts and $exi$ts–as well as the oh-so-pure, oh-so-True-Left, “anti-PC” covert r@ci$ts and $exi$ts–are finding a comfortable home at Horseshoe Welsh’s. 😮

        • I was going to write a long response, but I think this comment by StewartM at the blog you are so fond of about covers everything.

          • Congratulations. You and the rest of the Horseshoe Left will now get the government, society, economy, and ecology which you richly deserve.

            The trouble with that, of course, is that people who deserve better, such as I, will also receive what you lot deserve.

          • On second thought, Driftglass answers XFR better than I did.

            Takeaway quote:

            A smaller group of my neighbors pissed away their votes or sat this election out because they thought protecting my kid’s health insurance was less important than their dainty feelings.

      • And who did you vote for XFR?

  6. Welp, I’m off to Trader Joe’s for sure now. Going to make appt to get my hair sheared. It’s getting out of hand. I can’t do anything with it and it’s starting to get long and wild. I’m going all banshee.
    Plus, my appetite is *finally* coming back after a week of stomach bug. No one will recognize me at work when I go back.

    • Just be sure you don’t buy any Dr. Joe’s Spicy Soda.


      Manufacturer: Trader Joe’s (they also sell a chunky aloe drink, and a “fruit and vegetable drink” which is mostly orange juice with stuff like spinach added for flavor)

      Color: Brown.

      Flavor: VILE! EVIL! VILE! EVIL!!!! Imagine Lavoris mixed with dirt. One sip, and your tongue feels fuzzy for hours; the awful aftertaste just wouldn’t go away. Other things to think of as you drink it: tincture of iodine, ice that’s been in the freezer for decades, camphor, carbonated vomit.

      Comments: Carbonation is weak, like Mr. Pibb. The only one of these sodas to be naturally flavored. Ingredients: carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, caramel color, phosphoric acid, natural flavors (cherry, citrus oils, spices). I couldn’t taste the cherry or citrus; it was like drinking battery acid with a tenth of a Pez dissolved in it. As I write this, I am suffering from stomach cramps.

      Rating: 0.0 (I thought Dr. Zeppa was bad. I have confidence I will not have to use any negative numbers in rating future contenders. This is the worst thing I’ve ever tasted, including rancid Crunchy Waterchestnut Drink from Chinatown.)

      Review by Kibo from late 1997 or early 1998; maybe they’ve fixed it since then. 😛

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