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    • The Class War the Rich Won And the End Of NeoLiberal Capitalism
      Many years ago now, I wrote a post called “There Was a Class War And %he Rich Won.” Ironically, post the financial meltdown of 07/8, and thanks to Bush, Obama, Bernanke and Geithner both bailing them out and immunizing them from their crimes, that victory has accelerated. This chart, from Harvard, tells the story of […]
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The New Insanity 

Today we wait for 538 people  to decide to put conscience and patriotism over  party loyalty in order to reject the candidate who has a significant personality disorder that makes him dangerous, and to award the presidency to the woman who actually won. 

We are hoping without hope that they at least consider saving us and the world from a pathologically selfish incompetent   In order to place the responsibility for the safety and well being of all of us into the hands of a competent, experienced, knowledgeable, diligent person who actually won but for a technicality. 

We have every reason to expect that they will do the right thing and every expectation that they will not do the reasonable thing. 


34 Responses

  1. The electoral college will actually do what it is not supposed to do and elect tRump.

  2. I’ve been walking around this office all cool, swave and deboner with the tags still stuck to the back of my jeans and no one said anything. {{face palm}}

    And my hair is getting too long and I desperately need a hair cut.

    Going to see It’s a Wonderful Life tonight at the Regent.

    Life goes on.

    This is what I’m listening to this morning between meetings:

    Your turn.

  3. Ok, that’s it. I’m breaking down and going for one of those giant chocolate chip studded rice crispie treats in the confectionary store down stairs. No, no, don’t try to stop me. I need this.

  4. Went with Jordan almonds. I am determined to break some teeth today.

  5. Do you guys understand the Pandora’s Box you’ve opened with this short-sighted and doomed-to-failure effort? Lobbying the Electoral College will be a phase of all future elections. This already includes attempting to coerce the Electors through intimidation and bribery, and these efforts can only get more sophisticated the next time around.

    Okay, now go back to talking about how Trump is subverting our democracy.

    • Hmmm, are you saying it’s ok for Trump people to menace, harass people on planes, scream disrespectfully at African American cashiers in crafts stores, and generally mutter under their breaths that if they don’t get what they want from the electoral college there will be social unrest but it’s not ok for everyone else to write to their electors asking them to reconsider?
      And by the way, the results of this election are unusual in that the other candidate soundly beat the “winner” by almost 3 million votes.
      Do you think more than 65M people are going to be disenfranchised without uttering a peep?
      Does that sound like something trump supporters would do? Just roll over and play dead?
      As long as they didn’t threaten anyone, they’re free to exercise their first amendment rights.

    • What do you think the electors are there for? They were put in place specifically to bar someone like Trump from being elected. This isn’t a normal election cycle. I don’t understand why people like you are so against this? If the electors actually did their job, they wouldn’t be voting Trump in.. A sexual predator with foreign business ties, who benefitted from Russian interference and who ran a white supremacist campaign isn’t fit for the highest office in our country.

      • In the eyes of 3Ws like Blizzy, sexual predation and white supremacism are pluses.

        (3W = Whiny White Wanker) 😉

  6. So, I see that Archduke Franz Ferdinand (I mean the Russian ambassador) was assassinated today.

  7. Off topic: Hollywood legend Zsa Zsa Gabor has died at age 99.

    “I am a marvelous housekeeper. Every time I leave a man, I keep his house.”

    They don’t make ’em like Zsa Zsa any more. :mrgreen:

    May she rest in peace in Raspberry Heaven.

    • Ivory Bill, I’m saddened though not surprised to learn you’re a cuckold fetishist. American men just grew a pair by electing Trump, maybe you should follow suit?

      • I simply thought Gabor’s comment was funny.

        Is there a site somewhere on the Web that translates alt-right jargon into normal people’s English, so I can discern what this has to do with politics?

        Was Zsa Zsa notably right or left? I never heard of her endorsing any particular sort of politics.

  8. I think the electors are mostly trump supporters and they couldn’t be more excited at the prospect of him as president.

    • Yep, our very own Despicable Me and his deplorable Minions. And another big money maker for their creators.

  9. From my recent reading, it appears the electoral college had two main functions: ensure that the power of white landowning males remained vastly out of proportion to their numbers in the U.S., and preserve the country from having a demagogue gain absolute power.

    They’ve succeeded in one and failed completely in the other. Their only acknowledgement of the intervening centuries since the 1700’s has been the removal of the word “landowning” from their mandate.

    I thought Falstaff had a very good Friday post on Obama’s cop-out that made today all but inevitable. A comment following that ended with the best description I have ever read on the difference between BO and Sec. Clinton.

    As Clinton tried to remind us in this election cycle, temperament matters. And twice now, undemocratic processes have overturned what should’ve been her victories over people with worse temperaments. Trump is all fight, no brain. Obama has been all brain, no fight. To be caught in a transition from one to the other is a terrible thing.


    • Early:
      Thank you for the link and say as it is…
      This election coup happened on his watch and it will be his legacy.
      Let history write itself…

  10. I’m having a very hard time to accept and digest what happened to our country with the outcome of this 2016 election.

    I’m not quite sure what to think of our country anymore…
    When the true winner by 2.8 million votes is more qualified, intelligent, competent and with more integrity, decency and experience; that just happens to be a woman is denied the presidency.

    I don’t ever want to hear the “God bless America”…

    “God forgive America”…were the headlines of the main Spanish newspaper on November 9th. I second that plea…

  11. Do not despair, bellecat. I comfort myself with the (repeated, often) mantra… only 20% of people voted for that buffoon, and probably if the election were held today, many of that small percentage wouldn’t vote for him again.

    • Thanks Lady V, is not despair is disillusion about our species; through thousands of year we don’t seem to learn much.
      Sorry if I’m getting too philosophical; yet, we don’t rise above our primal tribal instincts.
      The fact that a woman is more and better equipped to lead, is a challenge for the male need of power and money to feed their prowess in this material world… need to fulfill… insecurity.
      A woman would clean the house and upturned the messy wrong doings… fear of them, founders of their short comings…
      It’s the lack of balance between the yin and yang…lack of harmony.
      Positive and negative energy that with balance input sparks life…

      Many bright civilizations in the past have collapsed and extinguished for the very same reasons and conflicts as we are experiencing today in our America.

      White America feels threaten and those with the need of power and money are here to save them…
      How many times has this story been written?

  12. RD, forgive me if I’ve asked this before, but have you read “Lab Girl?”
    I hear such good things about it and, of course, it sounds right up your alley.

  13. Time to End the Electoral College


    • If there was ever an election in which the electors needed to take action to prevent someone eminently unqualified from being president, this was the one.

      Or at the very least, give each state the number of electors equal to the number of representatives from the state in the House of Representatives. Take away the two extra electors that represent the two Senators. That way a state with a small population does not get extra votes because of the Senators.

      When you consider that the Southern strategy of the Republican party was built on “States Rights” and the Confederacy was built on “States Rights” it may be time to throw the Electoral College in the dustbin of history.

  14. Well, the Bernie people stepped right up and stole five electoral votes from Hillary. It would have been nine, but the Maine elector who was going to do it was disqualified, so he came back and reluctantly cast the vote for Hillary. Then there were three more in Washington who were apparently kicked out, so Hillary did mnage to get 8 of the state’s 12 electoral votes. The Bernie people cast three votes for the estimable Colin Powell, king of the private server, and one for a Native American woman. The Hawail elector said that she thought long and hard about it, and decided that Bernie deserved her electoral vote.

    And as far as I am concerned, that is a dreadful and perfect microscosm of this election, and of America as it is now constituted. The far Right, neo-Nazi Republicans will always put their party, their power and financial gains, over anything else. The Left wing of the Democrat Party is composed of puritanical jacobins for whom no one who can actually win, is ever good enough. It is pretty much like the Morlocks and the Eloi in Wells’ “The Time Machine,” except that the Eloi were much nicer than the Sanders idiots, who voted in large enough numbers for Stein and Johnson in the key states, that Hillary “lost” them (depending on vote tampering which no recount ever was allowed to study), and then run around telling journalists that it was all Hillary’s fault, because her campaign did not listen to them warning her about the swing states. Were they out in the field canvassing voters there? Of course not; they are simply doing what they have wanted to do from the outset, which is balme Hillary and the DNC for all of it.

    I’ll throw in one other comment: Eric Boehlert wrote a note today which absolutely hits what I have said and sensed for a long time. That every time that Democrats step out of the little zone that the media allows them, they are blasted by the media. The Democrats’ role in the media’s conception, is to be the cowed and compliant losers, generously complimenting the Republicans on winning. Any complaints by the Democrats are whining, or bad losing or condemnable arrogance. Anything Hillary ever said about right-wing conspiracies is absurd. Bill saying yesterday that they had to deal with Russians and the FBI, is “a lack of introspection,” according to the NYT. Republicans can do anything they want. even not allow the President’s Supreme Court pick a hearing, the first time in 150 years that happened. And we all know that if Hillary had lost the popular vote by ten votes, much less 2.8 million, but won the electoral vote, the media would proliferate with stories like, “Should Hillary resign?” “How can Clinton possibly govern in these circumstances?” “Republicans march on Washington, saying they will shut down the entire government unless Trump is installed. Democrats urge Clinton to appoint all-Republican Cabinet, and promise not to raise taxes on wealthy, to avoid constitutional crisis.” This is not hyperbole, this is exactly what would happen. The media has been enabling Republican zealotry and destruction of constitutional standards for decades, while exploding against Democrats who do one thing which might be debatable. And that is the two-pronged war we face, going forward. The Clintons, people who have ideals, but who will battle the Republicans on their own terms, are essentially disowned by the Obama people, the Left, and of course the Republicans and the media; and are comfortably blamed for the election defeat, leaving all the rest of them to continue in their assigned roles; the soulless, amoral Republicans, and the stupid, foolish Left wing which has spent 25 years hating the only Democrat in the last five decades who was elected President without the benefit of a constitutional crisis or a financial collapse.

    • “The Left wing of the Democratic Party is composed of puritanical jackasses…

      FIFY. 😈

    • I wonder if even the financial collapse of 2008 would have mattered, if Obama had been compelled to run under the anti-Democratic-voter laws which would have prevailed, had the Voting Rights Act been gutted in 2005 instead of in 2013.

      I hope Pence is a mole for the anti-Russian, old-line conservatives. Then maybe iron-clad evidence that Pumpkinhead collaborated with the Russkies will “miraculously” emerge, Pumpkinhead will be impeached and removed, and at least Putin would be cheated of his victory.

  15. Not sure they really count in the next election. We’re going to have to reach out to the People who got snookered into voting for Trump because they didn’t want a politician

  16. We need something that used to be called “investigative journalism” to crack all this shit wide open. I am not convinced even an independent investigation such as was done for 9/11 would reveal much. I know it wouldn’t get Hillary in the WH and I know many wouldn’t believe the truth about what has been happening, but it would be vindicating to some degree to have all those subversive machinations out in the light of day before we are all relegated to the dustbin of history or the gulags, whichever comes first.

  17. I was reading on line this morning while having coffee and trying to wake up.

    So much of what is on Faux News is opinion, but Reagan’s doing away with the Fairness Doctrine (which required that stations provide an opportunity, not necessarily equal time, for opposing viewpoints) has given Rupert Murdoch and others to control their narrative.

    So it was interesting to see how a Faux employee is spinning the Electoral College.


    • In other words, if there is going to be a one party system, it better be The Republican Party dominated by white males for white males. My Repub friends eat this shit up with a spoon without questions or doubt.

      • It’s also a sign of the narrative that is being used and is the message that needs to be countered if Democrats are to win elections at every level.

        In 2006, Howard Dean was chairman of the DNC. He had candidates for representatives in every Congressional District. And in that year, Democrats won a majority in the House and Senate. The Democrats must fight and field candidates in every district, no matter how Republican it is.

        When I voted on Nov. 8, there were three offices in Kane Co., Illinois in which the Repub. candidate ran unopposed. I did not vote for those candidates, but it meant a lost opportunity to put three Dems in local offices.

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