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      So, you’re probably aware of the furor over Cambridge Analytica. They scraped Facebook’s database, and used the psychological information to craft their campaign. They have also been caught on tape admitting they do dirty tricks like honey traps, and propaganda (knowing lies). And there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth. First of all, it […]
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Winter is Coming, Wahoo Dorus

One of the best political podcasts this year has been Slate’s Trumpcast, hosted by Jacob Weisberg. It’s funny, surreal and serious. 

The lastest episode features chess master Gary Kasparov, who is a political exile in the US having made enemies at the Kremlin in Russia. He’s probably already thinking 5 steps ahead and has Plans B thru H if something goes wrong. 

Anyway, this episode is insightful. I’ve compared Trump to Henry VIII and I think that’s a comparison Kasparov would agree with. He tells us how a dictator thinks: it’s not as long term as you think. And he makes a good case for why Trump should never be president. I think Obama has been reading Kasparov’s latest book when he said in his press conference that Russia is a small country. But Kasparov says Putin sized up Obama as being a weak and indecisive president. 

Just go listen, especially the end where Kasparov tells younger American’s to look to the future by concentrating their efforts in the present. This is going to be a difficult four years. We need to focus our attention on what we can do in the short term. We need to pull ourselves together, get over some of the shock and get ready. 

And as flamboyant, chaotic and careless Trump is, our attention might be better fixed on Congress and allying with our Trump friends and family to oust as many mercenaries who are about to betray us as we can. 

Winter is Coming must have been created by a Girl Scout. Be prepared. 


One other thing: The Washington Post reports today that 52% of Republicans think Trump won the popular vote. I guess we should be alarmed by that but I don’t think Republicans make up 52% of the population. Let’s put this in perspective. Republicans are something around 40% of the population. So if 52% of 40% of the population believes that Trump won the election, that’s still only about 20% of the population is accepting the lies. The majority of the rest of us know now that Clinton won by 2,800,000+ votes. That’s about 2.1% of the vote. The raw numbers make Clinton more popular than any white male who has ever run for president. 

The electoral college as currently set up favors property owners in sparsely populated states. If it reflected one person, one vote as it should, Clinton would be president hands down. By the objective standard of who won more votes, she won. And not all of them were in California. They were in NJ, WA, OH, FL, TX, PA and WI. They were all over the place. She won. Decisively. 

Never forget that you voted for the winner. You voted for an honest, ethical, hard working, self-actualized, mentally healthy, strong, capable, experienced individual who scared the shit out of Vladimir Putin in a way that Donald Trump will never be able to achieve with all his money or all the tea in CHI-NA. 


Onto more cheerful things. I’m getting a tree today. Normally, I get fresh because my kids always insisted on it. But they’re not here, I get to make all the decisions now  and dammit I’m tired of stringing lights. So, I’m going to break down this year and buy a prelit tree. Unless someone has had any experience with those light rings that you loop over the top of the tree and artfully drape over the branches. The problem with those is that there aren’t enough lights. There are only 64 lights per package. Seems a little skimpy. 

Anyone got an opinion? Fresh or artificial? Light ring… thingies or bite the bullet and string them by hand?  One thing for sure, THERE WILL BE A TREE. This is non-negotiable. 

This season has been interesting. It’s been full of surprises. Some of them good, some pretty awful and some that just came out of nowhere. Regardless of what happens tomorrow, I’m going to try to enjoy my Christmas. And make plans. And allies. 

Hold hands, stick together. Look out for one another. 



18 Responses

  1. We’re skipping the tree this year.
    If you shell out 4 or 5 hundred dollars (ouch) you should be able to get a good looking artificial tree that will last a long time.
    The tree and a burst of Thymes Frazer Fir spray and bob’s your uncle.

  2. What’s appealing to congress going to do? I think in 2018 people will be fed up. The democrats will regain control of the house. We already know how this is going to pan out… now the media doesn’t have to deal with tearing down the b*tch who dare have an email account… so they will now want to address the giant orange elephant in the room. Then in 2020 we’ll have a nice bro approved woman running for prez. Hm maybe Tulsi Gabbard? Oh boy! And we’ll hear about what a “historic” moment it is for women. Bah Humbug.

    • Appealing to Congress?? Who said anything about appealing to it? It’s going to look for cover, based on Trump’s cabinet nominations. The White House will get all the attention because Trump’s attention seeking ducks all the air out of the room. So everyone will be pinning the blame on him when the government gets dismantled and all of our entitlements get vastly reduced or eliminated. The current Trumpizoids will want his head.
      We’ve got to make sure the focus stays on those congresscritters and senators who propose and vote for those bills.
      They come up for re-election in 2018. If we don’t take back the House and Senate, we can’t get rid of Trump.

  3. How about taking down the people who took down Hillary. Something like Hillary or bust. If I have gazillions of $ I will work towards shredding them to pieces and I am not talking about republicans I will even welcome their help.

  4. Joy Reid played a clip of Newt’s speech to the Heritage Foundation. He is confident that in the next 8 years they can reverse FDR’s New Deal, have it fully dismantled by 2024 and Republicans would rule from there on out.

    I tried contacting all three of my Congressmen by letter about the perils of Trump, his conflicts of interest, his tweets, his cabinet picks, the need to see his tax returns. I still haven’t heard from the Dem and the Reps just sent form letters saying nothing to fear here. One even quoted Hillary a few times to sell me on the idea of getting behind our shiny, new President Elect. Yippee! I want to vomit.

    RD: Please post a pix of your beautiful new tree when decorated. It might make me feel better since I have no desire to do anything Christmas-y this year.

    • I don’t understand what they get from hating humanity so much. What do they achieve? It’s just going to increase chaos and unrest.

      • Maybe they think that if they have the money and the power the chaos and the unrest can be handled without harm to themselves or better yet, left behind while they relocate…. Generally speaking, it appears “humanity” is far, far beneath their lofty selves and not worthy of their time, concern or attention.

        • IIRC, isn’t dominance literally addictive for some of us talking apes?

          An addict can’t quit even if he knows his drug is killing him (or her, or whatever pronoun).

          • I like to master things but never had much interest in domination of anyone, I don’t care what anyone says.

      • Newt switched from Dem to R after losing elections in a suburb of Atlanta. A “carpetbagger” from PA whose step-father was stationed at Ft. Benning). Took him a few elections to realize that the South had flipped (Nixon’s Southern Strategy + Reagan’s first post-nomination speech delivered in Philadelphia, MS (infamous because of the Civil Rights workers who were killed during Mississippi Summer). So after LBJ’s Civil Rights Act, all of you seggies need to come over to the Republican Party–no longer the party of Lincoln or Reconstruction.

        As for the Democratic Party, good riddance to the racist Dixiecrats, but they were a voting block. Newt finally won an election.
        He said after he left Congress under a cloud that the reason the Republicans couldn’t allow Hillary to give the people healthcare was because they’d be so grateful that they would vote Democratic for generations. Why are people such as him drawn to politics? We need Congressmen who care about what is best for the country and its people.

  5. We will certainly have to stay on alert for the next 4 years, about everything that Trump and the GOP congress does and says, even if it seems like a joke or we are told we shouldn’t take it so literally. Dictatorships succeed when a leader is able to do outrageous things that are not taken seriously because “that could never happen.” As far as the popular vote, well, there’s always that 20% which can be suckered into believing any conspiracy theory…

  6. 2020 I hope it’s Michele Obama. She can continue with the hope and change legacy of the best democratic president since FDR.

    A president that gave health care to millions of people. His legacy needs to continue. The racist alpha maleTrump will destroy his legacy and as liberals we cannot let that happen.

    • I don’t see Trump as an “alpha male,” more like a poorly dressed metrosexual with a bad hair dye job. (No alpha male would submit to hair plugs.) His gesticulations don’t jive with what he is “saying” and are hardly manly IMO.

    • Sorry but it’s time to move past Obama. He couldn’t even come out with the info about Putin interfering with the election to save his own legislation. I don’t see Michelle interested in running for anything and I certainly can’t blame her.

  7. I read Kasparov’s book “Winter is Coming” earlier this year. Not only did he peg Obama correctly, but I also enjoyed his description of how W. backed himself into a corner regarding Putin. W. said he could see Putin’s soul, which prevented W. from later saying he was incorrect and Putin was evil.

    I had to go to Canada on Sunday because of a death in the family. It was comforting that the surviving spouse will not be impoverished by medical bills.

    As a country we have thought of ourselves as “the best and brightest.” How long do you think we need to wait before we order the “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted for Hillary” bumper stickers?

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