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He’s not going to change. 

This is who he is. 

He’s got a specific affliction. He isn’t going to mellow with age. He will not mature in his job. He will not become more serious. 

When things go wrong, it’s not going to be his fault. He’s going to make excuses. And when you start thinking they’re not very convincing, he’ll turn on you. He’s going to say it’s your fault for not working hard, for not capitalizing on your opportunities, for not saving enough. 

He didn’t get here on his own. You were set up. His friends told you to let down your guard for the past several years. They told you that it was ok to be unacceptable. Just because it’s hurtful or mean doesn’t mean it’s illegal. Unacceptable became normal. Twenty years ago, you’d never tolerate such rude, unfair, cruel behavior. Now you will. 

He will lie about everything even when it appears to serve no purpose. It does have a purpose. He and his friends want to confuse you, make you dizzy, disorient you. That’s how they will get away will taking anything that isn’t nailed down. 

He’s going to rob you blind. He’s going to spy on you. He’s going to upend your life and everything you thought was normal. That is because he wants what he wants and he takes what he wants and there will be no one to stop him. Even the people who think they can control him or use him and then dump him will find out too late that it’s impossible. He will have the means and the will to crush them. 

He wants to be admired. But as long as the rest of this peers fear him, that’s ok. 

Either way, you’re screwed. Some of you don’t know it yet. 

If we’re extraordinarily lucky and we join in common cause, we might not have to know. 

127 Responses

  1. So true. It brings on “the nausea” just thinking about it. When there is so much evil it’s hard to keep up. When all the appointments are so horrible, it’s impossible to block them all (especially when we have the invertebrates in the congress and senate). We used to be a country of laws, but so much lawlessness goes unquestioned.

  2. Is this an old post from 2008? Because it sounds like you’re describing Obama.

  3. “”The Electors require to know from the intelligence community whether there are ongoing investigations into ties between Donald Trump, his campaign or associates, and Russian government interference in the election, the scope of those investigations, how far those investigations may have reached, and who was involved in those investigations,” the letter read. “We further require a briefing on all investigative findings, as these matters directly impact the core factors in our deliberations of whether Mr. Trump is fit to serve as President of the United States.”


  4. The smell test. Doesn’t pass the smell test. Something rotten in this report. Hmmmmmm.

    • Good, it’s about time! One week probably won’t change enough EC votes, thanks to Obama for sitting on this…

      • President Obama, like Prime Minister Chamberlain, mistakenly thought his opponents were basically rational, and could be compromised with.

        Neither man ever did understand just what amoral and irrationally hateful monsters he faced.

        Fascists want you to submit.

        If you won’t submit, they want you to die.

        If you kill them instead, that’s OK with them as the last resort–they consider “heroic” death to be better than living as equals with you.

        • On second thought, “fascists” is probably too narrow a term, and I should have said “authoritarians”.

  5. Who let the trolls in? Who? Who? Who? Who? (apologies to the Baha Men)

    I see the Fever Swamp has overflowed, and some of the denizens have been washed into here.

    Time to call the friendly bouncer. She always smiles.

  6. U.S. judge rejects Jill Stein bid for Pennsylvania recount


    In a 31-page opinion, U.S. District Judge Paul Diamond in Philadelphia said it “borders on the irrational” to suspect hacking occurred in Pennsylvania. He also emphasized that the deadline to certify the state’s electoral votes is Tuesday, making it impossible to hold a recount in time.

    The Stein Recount Petition did not change a thing, -some might remind me: I told you so. Yet, “borders on the irrational” NOT TO ALLOW the ballot recount and audit.

    • It wasn’t irrational for Jill to make noises about requesting a recount after waiting awhile after the election so that it was too late to actually have a recount. Jill made millions of dollars in donations from suckers with this scam and she will be keeping those millions and not accounting for how they are spent. It was a totally rational scam and it worked.

  7. Yeah, Trump is a narcissist who only cares about himself and getting what he wants for himself. He’ll do whatever thinks will help him. He’s already dumping on all those people that voted for him and will continue to do so. It’s what he’s done his entire life.

  8. U.S.
    GOP Leaders in Congress Break With Trump on Russia
    Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell warn that Russia is a threat, not a friend.


  9. Here’s What America Needs to Know About Trump and Russia

    My time as the Pentagon’s Russia-watcher suggests we need much more disclosure, and soon. By Evelyn Farkas, December 12, 2016


  10. I agree, and this was all very obvious from the outset. So in some sense, the greater blame goes to the enablers.The Republicans who were willing to sacrifice America’s soveregnty just to be able to keep Hillary out of the White House. The media, which either consists of the stupidest people imaginable; or more likely, a group of collaborators with the Far Right, and spiteful adolescents who wanted to make Hillary cry and grovel in front of them. Which she never did, but they got their fun, anyway–until it’s not. And then of course Sanders, who told us that we could not possibly let Trump be President. but put his own overweening ambition ahead of everything, long enough to seriously damage Hillary’s image in the eyes of his millennail supporters. (If you look at any reasonable pundit’s Twitter feed, they are still going on about how “Hillary stole the nomination from Sanders.” He let them do it, and even encouraged them). And then of course Obama, who apparently thought not upsetting Republicans, or appearing partisan, was more important than telling the nation what was going on with a foreign power trying to elect a would-be dictator.

    I guess the theme is that there are far too few people willing to do the right and crucial thing. Then and now They’ll make every excuse for it; we don’t know what will happen; it’s too late now; we will get criticized by the media; the Republicans will attack us; Peter Thiel will sue us; there’s a really good D.C. cocktail party coming up; we can’t go against the electoral result; too late to count the votes properly; they should have nominated Sanders; Obama won’t fight it, and we love Obama. Benjamin Franklin famously said, hang together or hang separately. It was more effective when there were less people, and most of them were intelligent. Right now, the people who enabled this rapidlly approaching train wreck, are mostly too transfixed, too self-interested, too gleeful; too scared, to do what it takes to stop it. The one person who had the inteligence and the will to stop it was Hillary; so of course they had to get rid of her first. It may sound silly, or hopelessly wishful; but she is still the one person who could lead a forceful opposition, even though she might well not want to, given that the usual suspects will start in on her again. But there is no one else out there who could, not effectively.

  11. Great essay William. Thanks!

  12. The media, which either consists of the stupidest people imaginable; or more likely, a group of collaborators with the Far Right, and spiteful adolescents who wanted to make Hillary cry and grovel in front of them.

    Oh, it doesn’t need to be “either/or”, William–after all, why did they collaborate with the Far Right and want to make HRC grovel? 😉

  13. Seasonal cuteness break:

    “Uhh, aren’t the REINDEER supposed to pull SANTA?”

  14. Well, the last hope is that the Russian hacking is found to have been so extensive and so bad that we have to redo the election. I mean that would be the only way to insure that the Russians have no foothold in our government because we can’t know who in the GOP has been compromised. Certainly Trump has been but what about Pence? Pence being Trump’s running mate would be compromised by Russia. Perhaps the GOP could nominate Romney again to run against Hillary. At least we’d know that there’s no chance he’s compromised by Russia and the hacking since he stood against Trump.

    • Hillary won. She had 2.8 Million more votes than trump.
      She had more votes than any white male presidential candidate in history, including trump.
      He lost to her.
      There’s no need to redo the election and at this point, the Republicans would get trounced.

      • Agree. Hillary won…should be the president…

        • Agreed and the last hope is that there are enough patriots who put country above party in the Electoral College for Hillary to win the vote there.

      • Totally agree.

        Hillary won the popular votes, Hillary won all of the debates.

        No reason to vote over again.

        R’s are in the majority in the House and Senate and T.Rump is threatening his EC puppets not to change their vote to Hillary.

      • That’s roughly equivalent to the total number of votes he received in nine states that he won.

  15. http://m.motherjones.com/kevin-drum/2016/12/how-did-trump-win-fbi-and-russians

    “Sam Wang has crunched the data from polls released in October to judge the effect of FBI Director James Comey’s letter on the election.
    Hillary lost 4 points when it was released.”

    • Comey seriously needs to stay out of my neck of the woods. I’m still so angry and get angrier by the day over his stunt.

    • This gets worse with every revelaton; some overwhelming dramatic tragedy where everything was going to come out right, except that every possible evil force was unleashed; everything went wrong; and the one person who could have stopped it, would not stand up against the evil, and felt that it was not his job to tell about it and to fight it before it took over. I’ve seen a few things like that, and usually one feels that the play or movie is too contrived, too much set up for the predetermined ending. But this is real life, and yet the story is even more beyond belief, as if an entire constellation of forces, even one of which, had it not occurred, would have given us the happy ending, all came together to destroy us.

  16. The question is why would he want to Change? So far everything is working fine for him. He was never penalized for anything or suffered any consequences. So it must be the way to go.

  17. I would add just drop ethical or any view of what your personal/historic measurements of the word is when assessing Trump and Co… Ethics do not exist in that world your new measurement criteria should be criminal or not criminal it’s really that simple. Also, keep in mind the chaos and lies aren’t generally purposeful but just a plain ole attempt by incapable people attempting to dazzle you with BS.

    And a good thing to keep in mind, Clinton won the counties that currently generate 68 percent of this Nation tax base and Trump counties generate 38 percent. In this country that is Real power tap into it.

    • Excellent observations, Peep. Re the criminality, wonder why the FBI hasn’t found/reported anything, there has to be a lot there. Trump certainly has a history of it even though he always finds a way to slide out of it. Comey and friends still protecting their party’s interest?

  18. These two items are in the New York Times today. The first is an op-ed piece and the second is how the Russians influenced the House races as well as the presidential one.

    • Buck Up, Democrats, and Fight Like Republicans

      That’s pretty much says it all.

      All the worry about being PC at this point is just giving up, shutting up and moving on.

      If Democrats were back at the Boston Tea Party fighting the British…the territory would still be their colony.

  19. The New York Times does a morning and evening briefing on its online version. The two paragraphs below are taken from the Wednesday, December 14, 2016 morning briefing.

    A Times investigation reveals how Moscow aimed the perfect weapon at the Democratic Party in an effort to influence the U.S. presidential race: cyberattacks honed before European elections.
    Our inquiry also shows how a series of missed signals and slow responses by government agencies and the Obama administration made the breaches more potent. A handful of House candidates were also targets.

  20. Rumor has it that Pumpkinhead is getting into a dispute with the CIA.

    Some time ago, didn’t another rich (but only 2nd-generation rich) dude from the Northeast become Prez?

    In a very narrow election, against a veteran opponent who belonged to the party which currently held the White House–and who, by all normal political reality, should have clobbered him–but the media adored him, and despised his veteran opponent?

    And the rich dude had an elegant wife, and a free-and-easy way with other women?

    And the rich dude got into a dispute with the CIA?

    Whatever happened to that rich dude, anyway? 😮

      • Give yourself a gold star.

        However, since Pumpkinhead was stupid enough to cross the CIA before the Electoral College votes and Congress counts the votes, perhaps the CIA won’t need such extreme measures this time.

        • Saying a politician you hate is just like JFK seems like something of an own goal to me.

          Just sayin’.

          • More like the Mirror Universe version of JFK.

          • Also, my point was that if Pumpkinhead is challenging the CIA, he may be daring the Grim Reaper, if the rumors about who really killed JFK are true–though again, the CIA may not need such extreme measures this time, since P-head hasn’t taken office yet.

        • Yeah, I was thinking that, too. Today, saw Ann Coulter said “The CIA, now that’s an agency we should get rid of.” They really are clueless.

  21. Hi RD and gang. It’s been awhile since I blogged here…what are the rules?

    • No rules in particular. There is an auto filter but it usually responds to comments with a lot of links and a few trigger words from 2008.
      Also, don’t try the patience of the regulars with Bernie and Jill stuff.
      Trump people can comment but not troll. There is a difference. If you’re not sure what that difference is, don’t post a comment.
      Finally, stay away from shortcuts like “neoliberal”, “corporatist”, “hawk”. That’s not to say that the concepts have no meaning. It’s just that not everyone agrees what those meanings are so they become lazy standins for “anything I don’t like”.
      If you want to say something, make sure you’ve thought about it.
      That’s it!

  22. Shadow you will like it here. Widdershins is great as well. RD: Shadow and I have spent a lot of time at Uppity’s. I mostly lurk there but lately she has been impatient with those of us still in shock and mourning over Hillary’s “loss” to the Orange One and any effort to stop his inauguration. We are considered windmill tilters, not realists. So, Shadow, glad to see you, and RD thanks (again) for your blog!


    • Oh, that’s too bad. I guess we all have to process this in our own way. Given that 50 electors have asked for briefings, uppity might be giving up too soon.

      • I agree and keep Hillary’s thoughts in mind…”Never Give UP!”

        Harriet Tubman-

        “If you hear the dogs, keep going. If you see the torches in the woods, keep going. If there’s shouting after you, keep going. Don’t ever stop. Keep going. If you want a taste of freedom, keep going.”

        I have this quote on my Hillary t-shirt from 2008 and it keeps me going when I am down.

        RD, we have met and talked to each other, many times in Denver. I was with Murphy then. So glad you are still fighting the good fight and still keeping your blog going. Thank you.

      • I am glad the electors are pushing back against tradition for the good of the country, but I haven’t heard one of these electors say they will vote for Hillary. Has anyone else? The consensus choice appears to be a moderate republican not on the ballot. I know all here agree the obvious choice is the popular vote winner, HRC!!!!!! How do we get that message across to the EC since the obvious eludes them?

        • I would prefer Hillary most of all, but at this point, I would sigh in relief at even President Jeb Bush–who at least would not be Putin’s puppet.

          • A third Bush? Yikes. I don’t want any Republican or any other Democrat for that matter, I want the people’s choice as shown by the election results. Fantasy land here, but if the EC dumps the Trump how are they going to sell another candidate? Even Hillary would be a tough sell to the Trump and third party voters unless any of the truth about the dangers of a Trump presidency has finally sunk in.

            Until the EC meets, the media should be pointing up the contrasts (e.g., on job creation, foreign policy, health insurance reform, Wall Street reform) between Hillary and Trump and finally showing the populace how lopsided the comparison is. They owe her that. These are not normal times.

        • I have mixed feelings. I know that any Republican is probably less awful than Trump. But they’re all awful in this era. You wouldn’t get psychopathy (though I think that Ryan is crazy), but you’d get all the social darwinism, all the science denying, and the attempts to make the Republicans a permanent majority party. Plus, the idea that Hilary could get 66 million votes and be cavalierly ignored by the electors for someone not on the ballot, who might have gotten 50 write-in votes, is beyond insulting. If this were another country, maybe we could have a coaliton government, with Hillary and Romney; but that’s obviously not how it works here. I loathe and fear Trump’s administration. But the Republicans would love to get and eat the proverbial cake by getting rid of Trump and installing Pence or Rubio or Kasich. But I know that Republicans would vote for Charles Manson as president rather than Hillary. And that is what is so dreadfully wrong with our country now.

    • Thanks Cats.

    • cats and Shadow:
      Uppity is in pain just like all of us, is her way to vent and rant. Through the years I learned her sense of humor and sarcasm and it’s not to be taken it personally.
      Yet, the links to Tweet opinions got overwhelming with hearsay and faux news. Got tiresome for me too.

      • Belle, I wish she had just said that. Her “slashing wrists” comment really brought me up short. Personally, I would like the faux news identified as such if it isn’t blatantly obvious like that insane Comet Pizza story. I am beyond sick of Tweets, they are like assholes…everyone has one, no? I do still visit her site, mainly for the like-minded posters. I have the utmost respect and admiration for Uppity but I do feel like she just wants us to go skipping off down the lane because what will be, will be. Hillary lost, get over it. I may be old and naive, but I want to fight dammit!

        • “slashing wrists” …..sarcasm…a way to say depressing…which is the state we all are…
          Let’s agree that we are all very sensitive with the travesty done to Hillary…
          Keep fighting…

      • I have a handful of tweet accounts that I follow that I can trust. Like Katy Tur, Jared Sexton, Vox, Krugman, eichenwald, fahrenhold, Jay Rosen, Jeff Jarvis, Tom Watson, greg Sargent. I stick to this core for my reliable tweets. The journalism profs call out fake stuff when they see it and critique their peers. Peer review is highly desirable.
        For news, news, I’m gravitating more towards WaPo, BBC, Der Spiegel, Reuters and NYTimes (but theirs on my shit list for political news). I listen to MSNBC but only for Maddow because I like her story telling narratives. She makes good connections. I don’t listen to CNN if I can help it. I can help it a lot lately.
        For podcasts, Slate’s Trumpcast is excellent. It really can’t be beat. Slate’s Political gabfest I can listen to about half before I want to choke David Plotz. I’ve also listened to VOX’s In The Weeds but Matt Yglesias has the most unlistenable affected voice I’ve ever heard. It could be great parody material. Ezra Klein and Sarah Kliff are excellent.
        One other good podcast is Five Thirty Eight. Nate Silver was dead on when he said months before the election that the models he was looking at were more sensitive and volatile than in regular presidential elections. After listening to 538 and reading that blog, I kinda knew what was going to happen on Election Day. When Florida started falling away at about 9 that night, I knew she was going to lose.
        For TV, I don’t watch TV news-ever. Except for the debates. Other than that, I stay away from it. It’s too easy to mislead the audience with the right combination of audio and video. Those guys have it down to an art form so I stay away from it. Just don’t even go there.
        You may have noticed I didn’t include NPR. That used to be my go to source for news. But I noticed a discernible shift in the Bush years to be less analytic and more “shape of earth is round, some groups disagree”. I can’t trust it anymore. Also, I don’t ever want to hear Adam Davidson again. Too many times he’s just came off as a ladder climber who listens to his clique too much.
        I have a great graphic on trustable news sources that I’ll try to put up later.

    • I tried DU for a day, posted one comment and already in trouble by saying that Obama waited too long to tell the public about the CIA findings to hurt Hillary and help T.Rump.

      • The truth is he did wait too long. It’s debatable whether he did it to deliberately hurt Hillary or whether it’s yet another example of his pathological fear of conflict. Obama has never been able to fight for anything but himself. Too bad his whole “legacy” is going to go down the drain with Trump.

  23. Maybe a Miracle on 34th street…of a sort?

    Electoral College: Make Hillary Clinton President on December 19.
    14 December 2016 — Today we begin publishing our full-page Letter to Electors in newspapers across the country.
    The letter affirms the danger Trump presents, and the right and responsibility of Electors to vote their conscience and protect the Constitution. For today’s action, we are asking you to read and share it.

    The letter was published today in the Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, Austin American-Statesman, Salt Lake City Tribune and Tampa Bay Times. Tomorrow it will run in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Wisconsin State Journal.

    The coalition of Americans who have signed this letter have staked their honor on this cause, and we are incredibly grateful for their support, courage, and faith.

    We are proud to stand with you in this fight,
    Daniel and the ECP team


  24. Some are fighting back…



    The Department of Energy has rejected the Trump transition team’s request for the names of staffers who worked on climate change programs amid concerns about what the incoming administration will do with the names. The transition team included the request in a 74-question document distributed to the agency’s workers.

    “We will not be providing any individual names to the transition team,” Energy Department spokesman Eben Burnham-Snyder said in an e-mail yesterday, adding that the questionnaire had “unsettled” much of the agency’s workforce. “We are going to respect the professional and scientific integrity and independence of our employees at our labs and across our department.”

    In its survey, the Trump transition team asked the Department of Energy for a list of employees who have attended United Nations climate events. It also asked for the names of those who worked on various climate change priorities within President Barack Obama’s administration, including the Paris climate agreement and the social cost of carbon, which outlines the impact of agency regulations on the climate.


    • Wonderful decision by the DOE. Can’t wait to see the “transition team’s” response. I am sure Trump is too busy trying to get in touch with Bey and Jay Z…. or is it letting them get in touch with him?

  25. Off-topic: NSFW.

    Oh, that naughty language barrier. 😈

    Oh, that poor duck.

  26. Merry Christmas, |amigos y amigas!

    Click here. SFW.

  27. The Perfect Weapon: How Russian Cyberpower Invaded the U.S.

    Maybe I have read way too much BS in the past nine years or so…but this sounds very incompetent from the FBI’s standpoint.

    At what point does the United States FBI realize that the Russians are hacking into the campaign of one of two of our Presidential candidates, that could have compromised the entire election…and not ask to speak to Debby WS personally? The message gets mangled and stopped at the frickin’ ‘Help Desk’, and more messages get the same response?

    They try to sound like the FBI is one Girl Scout troop trying to get though to the Oval office.

    Is Debby WS or Hillary Clinton that difficult to reach by the FBI? Seriously…

    How about Bill Clinton…anyone in charge.

    Besides this BS, Obama knew. He was buddies with Hillary, why didn’t he tell her to contact the FBI or Debby WS?

    I think the excuses are BS.

    • Does anybody trust the FBI to do anything right? Seriously? Comey has to be the most inept and vile head they have ever had. Hoover might have been vile but he certainly wasn’t inept.

    • As awful as the hacking was, in only was effective because of the failures of two major entities. The media simply could not help itself from being gleeful at this potential dirty laundry it was going to get to look at; like some prurient teenager finding a diary. The media never questioned the veracity of any of it, never pointed out that it was selectively dispensed to damage Hillary. A complete and appalling abdication of honor and intelligence.

      And then of course the targets, the Sanders people, were so eager to find an excuse to disdain Hillary. The ridiculous narrative that she and the DNC had somehow stolen the primaries, was never denied by Sanders. They still believe it. Easily enough votes lost there to have won the election with 320 Electoral Votes. The one person who neer rigged anything, or hid any tax returns, was Hillary; and of course she is the one who gets accused of it. The Sanders Left was easier to brainwash than anyone.

  28. What makes the above even less believable is that Commie is head of the FBI, he and his illegal letters further hurt Hillary.

  29. Just my opinion, but it doesn’t hurt to discuss the events. Fact of the matter is that they are events which cannot be changed, same as 2008. I don’t think any sane person with scruples can condone what has happened and it is hard to sit back and just watch it play out. But the Russian interference was indeed designed to disrupt. It did disrupt the election. If the results were to change now, would it disrupt the country? I think it could and that is perhaps partly why it is not going to happen. No it isn’t right. But it is the way it is. Love you all… especially Uppity. I was in Denver too.

    • Well, we’ve got a ton of problems. Is it worse to disrupt the country now or let it live at least 4 years under the thumb of Putin?

      • At what point did it become acceptable to have our election hijacked by a foreign country?

        The disruption has already happened and if this problem isn’t corrected, should we accept this to happen to our future elections?

        • Oh, I agree. And that’s kind of the point I was making. Any disruptions can’t be any worse than what is already freaking happening.

      • True. Just thinking those in power probably believe the checks and balances will control any real damage so it will remain as it is. But controlling the masses if the election results would change might be difficult. Not saying it is right, but I’m just looking at the way things have been going. The Electoral College has never overturned the results of an election. Even though there is certainly reason to overturn this one, I doubt it will happen.

        • The problem is that we cannot trust the GOP to do the right thing. They are already fighting an independent investigation for the Russian hacking. They apparently have no problem with a Putin stooge assuming the highest office in the land. And with the GOP not doing anything we know that Putin is going to control everything.

        • Meh. The majority of the Trump Chumps would just grumble in their beer (or other preferred beverages) and gripe on the Web. The only real danger would be a handful of true-believing yahoos emulating Timothy McVeigh.

          • However, I don’t expect the EC to save the country. 😦

          • Yes, many would do nothing but grumble. I have read in a couple of places where there would be many problems from the masses though. I do think there is a reason and, as with most things having to do with government, it may not be easy to see. It just might be as simple as trying to appear unfazed by the interference in order not to appear weak… but blame it on the masses instead. (Am reminded of the behavior of a wounded animal trying to appear brave and strong to survive.) I am not an Obama fan and do believe he has weakened our nation. But then am not a fan of the human race (in general) as I don’t believe we are as evolved as we like to think we are.

  30. “Oh yeah, December. Time for IBW to post this one again.” 😉

  31. Sanders said we lost the election because AMERICANS are tried of too much PC. Take a min to think about that who isn’t counted as AMERICANS

  32. Ivory, thanks for mentioning Cannonfire…I see he is still on fire.
    The first, most brazen bit of doxing was the revelation of that infamous intercepted call by Victoria Nuland. Remember? “Yats is our guy”? We were so angry at Nuland that we missed a larger issue: Russia had, in essence, declared cyberwar on the U.S.

    What did Barack Obama do about it? Nothing. He took action against Chelsea Manning, but not against Russia.

    Why did Obama let the Russians get away with it? The most charitable view is that the President felt that is a necessary partner for peace in any negotiated settlement to the Syrian war. Apparently, Obama wanted Putin to sign off on a scenario in which Assad stepped down.

    The President’s strategy was misguided, to say the least.
    Every so often Obama does something that reminds me of why I never liked him. His unwillingness to confront Moscow comes perilously close to culpability.



  33. It’s Now Up To the Electoral College to Save America


  34. Step Two: Federal Judge Requests Warrant
    December 13, 2016 by still4hill


    • OMG. I thought this was going to be hung up in the legal system until beyond 1/20. This is fantastic, quiet news.

  35. From Slate:

    Russia Didn’t Hack the U. S. Election. It Hacked the Voters.

    PEBCAK = Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard. 👿

    IIRC, Pumpkinhead shuns booze (one of the few traits he and I share), but this line from the comment thread remains apt:

    “Good thinking, America. After the pilot dies of a heart attack mid-flight, why choose the annoying, non-charismatic, career-ist co-pilot when you can elect the drunk businessman in 14-F to land the plane?”

    • It never occurs to the true-believing Clinton-haters that if the Clintons were even half as evil and powerful as the haters think they are, one or the other Clinton would be dictator now and the prominent Clinton-bashers would be either in exile, in a cell, or in a grave.

      But then, if I expected reason from the likes of these bozos, I would be crazier than they are. 😉

    • Ivory: I never read any of the purloined DNC emails. Were any of them actually from Hillary?

      • I don’t know, but it would not surprise me if Boris & Natasha forged at least some of them. 😉

        • Where are Rocky and Bullwinkle when you need them….

        • I read a whole lot of them. They weren’t grammatically correct. Many of them sounded like they had a little accent to them. I believe someone actually admitted they had been altered.

          • Lady V, do you recall any to or from Hillary? I ask because commenters didn’t care that the emails were hacked only that they demonstrated arrogance and corruption within her campaign.

          • Yeah, they were looking for a narrative, and of course they then “found”/created it. I’m thinking more of the John Podesta ones; it’s unbelievable to me that he wouldn’t write like he talks. That is, they pretty much all have an excellent command of the language which was not demonstrated in their emails. Different tone, cadence, grammar, contractions, etc.

      • I haven’t read that any of the DNC emails were from Hillary. Hillary basically doesn’t use email, or at least didn’t other than what showed up on her Blackberry. At State she preferred face-to-face and diplomatic pouches delivered for evening reading (highly secure, too). State staff printed emails she needed to see–all email on State Department system were supposedly unclassified, although classification varies across government agencies. It took some agile distortion to find those there possibly–although hard to determine–classified emails in the bundle.

        Huma had charge of Hillary’s smart phone and probably read any of importance to her. Hillary didn’t use a computer when she came to state. It’s reported that she didn’t know how to use the old desktops that Powell was able to get for State eight years earlier.

        I hope she gets a Macbook Pro for Christmas.

  36. From The Daily Banter:

    Bob Cesca layeth down ye smack.

    Russia’s Election Plot Never Would’ve Worked Without Stupid Voters and a Complicit Press

    The title alone almost says it all. 😡

    • Paul Krugman’s op-ed column in the New York Times this morning (12/16/16) is entitled “Useful Idiots Galore.” He wrote:

      the modern G.O.P. is a radical institution that is ready to violate democratic norms in the pursuit of power.

      • JMS, ain’t that the truth! They aren’t even hiding their power-grabbing; have you been keeping up with what the Repubs are doing to neuter the incoming Dem governor in North Carolina? Truly bald-face shameful. I guess after gutting the Voting Rights Act, its all downhill from here. Krugman’s op ed was excellent, but I am biased…

        • I have and it is shameful. And I am frustrated because it seems that Democrats want to do the right thing, but with the Republicans it’s all about winning. I’m tired of losing because it seems that Democrats do not go after the Repugnant Party with the same fervor that they go after us.

      • Heh. Useful IDIOTS Galore, and right under that photo. Saw it this morning and loved it. Am loving it again.

        Too bad they’re all such choirboys, otherwise we could go after them.

  37. I have so many concerns and questions about WTHell happened, with the votes, recounts, polls, lack of over site with the Dems, Hillary’s campaign…that I wondered if I was going crazy.

    This is a podcast called Bradcast, nope it doesn’t sound like some nutjob from Mars…the link was from Cannonfire and the podcast is really good.

    The podcast link is at the end of the written article.


  38. How the alt-right uses sexism to recruit stupid young men to white supremacism, from Vox.

    In some ways, Pumpkinhead’s “election” is the petty vengeance of weeby-weebies (WBWBs, Whiny Butthurt White Boys).

    As far as I know, I coined the term. Everyone please feel free to use it. :mrgreen:

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