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    • Cambridge Analytica, FaceBook And Inevitable Abuses That Inevitably Happen
      So, you’re probably aware of the furor over Cambridge Analytica. They scraped Facebook’s database, and used the psychological information to craft their campaign. They have also been caught on tape admitting they do dirty tricks like honey traps, and propaganda (knowing lies). And there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth. First of all, it […]
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Does anyone believe…

that the candidate who steadfastly refused to release his tax returns because a.) they were too complex  b.) they were under audit and c.) releasing would hurt his candidacy, is really going to completely divest himself of his companies and all of his holdings in order to eliminate any conflicts of interest? 

Anyone? Anyone?

Didn’t think so. 


118 Responses

  1. Please note – he said documents are being “crafted” – not drafted – to remove him from his company ownership. (Not a big deal – but still an important distinction). I should imagine that before every phone call with a world leader, Donny and Kids will have their own phone calls to bring Dad up to speed on what they need. And before he takes any world tours, we should check his pockets for notes on what he is to accomplish for The Family. And, if he stays at a Trump property anywhere in the world, do We the People have to pay for his room and board? Such a deal!

  2. No one will ever convince me that he will ever put this country before his business interests. What I don’t get is why OGE went nuts assuming his tweets meant he was going to divest for the “visual.”

    • What or who is OGE? Office of the Getratric Elephants? Orville Geronimo Epstein?
      What did I miss?

      • Office of govenment ethics. According to O’Donnell they were ecstatic over his intention to “divest.” He said that office never gives such effusive praise and that nowhere in his tweets did Donald imply or state he planned to divest. So why did OGE react that way? Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell has the clip. I would link but I am a tech idiot esp with the damn iPad.

        • I thought they were needling him with their string of tweets. And I also thought that they were driving home the point that they advised divesting – and divesting is the only way to make this work. But I doubt they think he will actually divest himself of his business – he’s looking for loopholes.

          • That’s exactly what they were doing.

          • The OGE realize that the way to get Rump to do what you want him to do is praise, praise, praise, genuflect, act like it was his idea, praise.

          • Now we know why he uses the words fantastic, tremendous, great, YUGE and other meaningless self esteem boosters.

    • Bellecat: I can’t imagine anyone who is pro Hillary donating to an effort to put someone not on the ballot in the White House, even a moderate Republican. Also, why do they need money to do their damn job especially in view of the vote count you cite below?

      • cats:
        Good point.
        As always, things have to be settle in court and that’s what the money is for…
        because I’m sure other (Trumpo’s) electors will put a fight…

  3. As per this morning:
    Hillary: 65,152,310 popular votes
    Tramp: 62,626,216

    {{{{ 2,526,094 more votes for Our Hillary}}}}

    and counting…

  4. Well…if the Trump supporters and the media (two categories which may be very concentric) were actually susceptible to logic, they wouldn’t have gotten him elected in the first place. I’ve seen enough of Trump to perceive that every single thing he says is simply a convenience for the moment to get him what he wants. Like the Mamet characters in “Glengarry Glen Ross,” words are simply a mechanism, devoid of any inherent meaning. “Whatever I can do to get you to give me money, or power, or adulation, or will get you to leave me alone, or let me do what I want. I will say. Fve minutes later, I will deny that I said any of it, and say something else.”

    How hard is this to figure out? Among all the stunning and dislocating distorted mirror aspects of this election, is the fact that every single thing Hillary would say; well meaning, honest, caring, would be torn apart by the media. parsed and deconstructed, with all sorts of negative motives attribted. Everything Trump says is either glossed over, given the best possible interpretarion, taken as a meaninfful pivot, as a sign of real moral development. What psychological mechanism is behind this, is almost confounding. The most obvious and simplest, is that they like Trump they wanted him to win, they didn’t care how; while they were jealous and spiteful of Hillary, and wanted her to lose. Hoping for rationality and fairness at some point in their support or analysis of Trump, seems far too optimistic. I assume it will go on like this for years. Bill Clinton tried to get funds to have two aides come along with him on a mission of mercy to get a prisoner freed in Korea, and the media were outraged. Trump pretends to reform. and they want to marry him. I guess that this is similar to the way that Hitler rose to terrorize humanity.

  5. http://scienceblogs.com/insolence/2016/11/30/the-new-secretary-of-health-and-human-services-is-a-member-of-a-fringe-medical-organization-heres-what-that-means/

    Riverdaughter, This link was sent by a former NIH employee (someone I know is smart and who had a sounding title). I thought Dr. Price just wanted to pad his fellow doctors’s pockets more, but maybe there is “ideology” behind his madness.

    Dr. Price, a Michigan native who moved to Atlanta for Emory Med school, represents a suburban Atlanta district that went for Trump by 1%, although a standard Republican should do better.

    • I think if we start focusing on their rationale for cutting Medicare, we lose. In other words, we need to ask politicians if the support changing Medicare to make it more expensive or means tested or not. That’s all we need to know. All the silly dancing and blarney is not necessary.
      Then we pull out our scorecard and ask ourselves if there is anyway to block this person. The answer will be no. So then the question is, who do we run against him or her.
      Democrats tend to overthink things, try to compromise, eliminate tension. Fuck that shit. Decide that you want Medicare as it is or expanded. Anything else should get you looking at that scorecard and making plans to place a permanent term limit on someone’s political career. Be cold and ruthless and don’t take any bullshit. I don’t give a rats ass about Price’s fringe group. I care that it never gets implemented period.

      • Medicare is already means tested. For 2017 I will have an extra $100 per month taken from my Social Security as a Medicare assessment. Seems my adjusted gross income (which includes my Social Security of course) is too high! I am 72. The money I get from continuing to work is basically all I have. Next year the assessment will be higher. I did not take early retirement. My COLA was something like $8 but I am losing $100. Unbelievable.

  6. Attention…

    Hillary Clinton Campaign: Recount Help Needed

    November 30, 2016 by still4hill

  7. Please read the post above on “Recount help needed”,
    and make it viral…

  8. The margin in Pennsylvania dropped from 70,000 to 46,000, after the final Philadelphia count was made. That is now a total vote of 78,000 by which Hillary trails in PA, MI, and Wi. It is obvious that the Republicans are now desperately trying to stop the recounts, and get to December 13, which is the stupid ‘safe harbor” day. They are objecting to recounts; some counties are not handing over their ballots. They are counting on Obama and the DOJ to do nothing, and then the time runs out, and they win. If someone, anyone, could call for a full audit of just these three states, Hillary might well win them all, because there are certainly tens of thousands of people eligible to vote, who cast provisional ballots, which are not being counted. The Republican packed courts are blocking hand counts, making things as difficult as Katherine Harris did in Florida in 2000. when they stalled it out. The coup continues apace.

    RD, can you or anyone you know in the Democratic Party in PA, do something here? Is there any government agency which will act; or does Obama just not have the time to save the country from a psychopathic fascist, or because he thinks it is too inappropriate to fight about such things? 78.000 total votes, before recounts.

    • The dems in the house have asked Obama to release the information regarding the Russians hacking the elections.

    • I’m sorry, I’ve offered to volunteer for the recount. In my own precinct, I’m fairly confident there was no shenanigans. But i registered with stein’s site andvill do whatever I’m asked.
      I’m not an attention seeking Democrat, William, I’m more comfortable in the background. If the PA Dems need me, they know where to find me.
      In fact, I heard from my organizer yesterday. He said that Hillary got 14,000 more votes than obama did in 2012 in Allegheny County. So, I’m really happy about that. It’s consistent with the other places where she won decisively. She has won more votes than any white male presidential candidate in history. She did us proud.

      • You have done a lot! I didn’t mean that I expected you to step in here. It is just my utter frustration that, with all the dreadful things that went on in this campaign cycle, I now think that Hillary actually won, if the provisional ballots were counted in these three key states. I certainly can’t prove it. But the Republicans’ angry and delaying reactions to the recounts, seem very significant. Four years at least, of fascism, and all sorts of destruction, and it might still possibly be prevented, if Obama and DOJ called for a full audit. But of course everyone has likely waited too long, The time to have acted against the voter suppression efforts was a year ago, by the DOJ, and with criminal prosecutions against those state officials who ignored court rulings against their state voter suppression laws.

        • 1.) I DO think she won. I don’t know if they’ll find all the votes or whether voter suppression had a significant effect but there should be some consistency in the swing states and the initial vote counts seem to lack that. So let’s say I’m suspicious. Whether they can prove it is another thing. Her lead in the popular vote is so large that it is difficult to understand how she did not win. Something wrong with the picture for sure.
          2.) why should Republicans cooperate? They are so close to stabbing the rest of the New Deal and Great Society programs to death they can almost taste it. Don’t expect them to make any of this easy. The first thing they’re going to do once they get in office is make it harder for Democrats to vote and try to control the message. That may mean messing with the internet or putting in a tiered access system. Mark my words. You heard it here first. That’s who they are. It doesn’t matter what you call them or what reasons they give for their behavior. We shouldn’t care about that. We only need to care about our OWN self interests.

          • I disregarded the rumor of Obama’s phone call to Hillary to concede.-way too early for my taste; but now I’m starting to wonder…
            Obama and the DOJ, do not seem to react and make some call for action as the government still in charge…
            why are they so hands off?

          • I don’t know but there are a couple of possibilities 1.) obama is a profoundly risk averse person 2.) they have to let Trump expose himself to the horror of the casual Trump voter. We’re not talking about the hard core Trumpizoids. I’m talking about people who were put off by the Comey letter.
            Anyway, they have to see that he’s not getting more presidential. He’s going to be in campaign mode forever, reliving his glory days and screwing up on everything else.
            Who knows what’s going to happen next?

          • I think that Obama simply will not do anything which he feels might lessen his dignity; i.e., fight for something. He never saw Republicans for what they are; he started out trying to conciliate them, gave them credit for political deals which were vastly to their advantage. Worst of all, he didn’t care to battle them in the midterms, tell the country how awful the tea party was. It might have cost him some support. So he won twice, but we lost immense ground in the Congress and the states, which have given the Republicans the ability to suppress votes, and pack the state courts. One of the many tragic aspects of this election is that Hillary was the person who knew how bad the Republicans are, and who would have done everything she could to have rebuilt the Democrats’ power in states, something Obama would and could not do. And Sanders, who never has had any interest in helping moderate Democrats anywhere, led his supporters to a place where many of them thought that Hillary was the enemy; as, easily duped by Russian propaganda, they learned to hate the DemocraticParty, too.

          • Have you seen this? Do you think these many democrats switched to Trump in PA or is something off? https://medium.com/@auditthevote/what-am-i-looking-at-e0d4d1bb58c1#.7lnj06hjd

          • Nothing would surprise me. And yes I think there may be some consistency problems. But without a verified voter paper trail, it might not be possible to prove it.
            I suspect the most skullduggery happened, if it happened, not in majority African American districts but in majority white or mixed districts. It’s a lot easier to hide where no one is suspecting suppression
            In my precinct, the poll workers are African American every time I’ve voted there. During the primary, the question “you are a Democrat?” sounds more like a strong suggestion. I feel like my vote was in good hands, even if this is a pretty diverse neighborhood. They take voting seriously like the sacred rite it is.
            But in places in central PA where you can get menaced at a barbecue for being a liberal? Yeah, I would have trouble trusting my vote to any white male strutter working the polls. Who knows what might have happened?

  9. Some of us doubted Obama and his WH (if they were truly with us) and he didn’t disappoint us.

  10. Pending any further evidence, which we will likely never get; it seems that at best, the President made a dreadfully naive and foolish call; and at worst, violated his oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. If you are given credible and demonstrable evidence by your Intelligence groups that a foreign power is interfering with the presidential election; and additionally, that the opposing party candidate is in constant communication with that foreign power, the duty is not to keep that secret, but to tell the American people, so that they can respond appropriately. The result of not telling them, ostensibly so as to not be criticized for being partisan, and “tilting the election,” is that the election is tilted by the foreign power, which then is able to install the puppet that their interference was designed to support. Thus, at its worst, a takeover by a foreign power, through the use of psychological operations, hacking, and perhaps even worse. This tragedy is becoming more horrifying by the day, as we now (apparently) learn that the President had top Intelligence information as to the Russian interference, and did not tell the American public, because it might get the other party angry, or that he might be criticized for being partisan.. The mind and emotions reel.

    • There is so much circumstantial evidence to make the WH behavior ring true and you will never get much more than that. Reid’s letter in August is part of that circumstantial evidence accusing Comey of sitting on explosive material. Why wasn’t there a follow up to that from other people/media? IMHO, the WH could have nipped her email thing in the bud too and they didn’t. They let it blossom into something it was not, starting with that shoddy NYT article.

  11. Wasn’t there some fairly reliable evidence, or at least an excellent rumor or two, in the weeks before the election, that the Russians had in fact hacked into the parties’ computers? It seems to me that I heard that somewhere, or perhaps my tinfoil hat was overactive. In any case, it was clear to me weeks ago that Russian techies were in our systems, and that they probably weren’t just fooling around and sending messages like “Hi Mom!” and “Kilroy was here.”

    Yes, this is tragic and horrifying. The Chinese aren’t going to take it well, you know.

    • Yes, it looks as if for some almost inexplicable reason, Obama sat on crucial information, and thus allowed the Russians to accomplish their ends. Somehow his personality of non-confrontation, non-adversarial calm, was absolutely set up for this horrifying coup. If I suggested Neville Chamberlain, would that be too harsh? Oh, it’s too late now, but I do hope this story not only gets out, but getrs wide dissemination. Maybe McFaul overstated it, but maybe not. The eight Democratic Senators on the Intelligence Committee have written to the President requesting the release of “explosive information.” Will he respond? Will anyone ever get to know to what extent a President who simply declined to act because it might upset some people, cost us the American democracy?

      • Nah, I think Neville C. is a valid comparison.

      • Though to damn Putin with faint praise, I doubt he’s really a r@ci$t himself, just an opportunist, willing to exploit the r@ci$m of foreigners, in the service of what he sees as the interests of Mommie Dearest Russia.

    • Of course; this is the playbook from 2000 in Florida, where the delays were intended to run out the time before “safe harbor,” when the count must be in. A few more days of this, and it will be too late. This request for recounts should have been done two weeks earlier, and maybe that was Hillary’s team’s fault. though we have heard that Obama never wanted her to request a recouont. But that was always her call. If this were a TV show, somehow the President would step up and stop the transition, until the votes were audited. But it’s not; and Democrats never do anything that could possibly upset the other side, or the media; so likely the time will run out, or the recount will be superficial. The Republicans have all sorts of stacked state courts and judges who can block anything. Just for a miserable add, the legislature in Michigan is rushing through a bill in the lame-duck session, which would suppress the vote still further, but stating that anyone who comes to the polls, even if listed as eligible, and does not have an ID with them, is not allowed to vote. They are even putting in a special provision that this new law cannot be overturned by a voter referendum. Thus does pure evil continue its march in our country.

    • What a POS. What are they afraid of? These lawsuits are completely baseless, the recounts were paid for through private donation. I can only assume they are trying to delay it at all costs. Which is highly suspect.

      • From WSJ article:

        “Ms. Stein’s campaign announced in a statement Saturday that the Pennsylvania lawsuit had been dropped after the court demanded that a $1 million bond be posted by the 100 Pennsylvania residents who brought the suit, which was backed by the campaign.”


        I’m sure everyone has read that Stein intends to take it to federal court. But I really don’t understand why it matters who pays. Money is money.

        • Okay, perhaps the issue is that money has to be paid without assurance the recount will be granted.

          “Yes, we have withdrawn the statewide Election Contest, but only due to a million dollar ‘ransom’ ordered by a Judge. In both Michigan and Wisconsin money paid covers the cost of the states for the recount,” the campaign said in an email. Here in Pennsylvania the money is ordered to be paid just to have a Hearing, with no assurance that the count will go forward… so Jill will go forward.”


          Many news articles and bloggers are reporting that Stein said she didn’t have the money in spite of taking in donations over $7 million. I doubt that is true.

        • “The [$1 million] bond was set by the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania a day after representatives of President-elect Donald Trump requested a $10 million bond, according to court papers. ”


        • Oh, and in the Reuters article it also states the court said they could change the amount if they saw fit. So even with paying $1 million bond just for the hearing, there was no guarantee the court wouldn’t up that amount… and still no guarantees of a recount… if I’m reading correctly.

  12. Still blaming Russians for the Democrats’ reduction to an impotent rump. Have any of the alien abductees here seen supporting evidence for the claims of your authority figures? Undetectable Russian interference seems to be an article of faith for Dems, just like GOP sectarians who think snow proves there’s no climate change. Only their snow is better evidence than you’ve got.

    The poignant credulity on display makes it clear how you could be induced to follow a hopeless unelectable kleptocrat like HRC.

    • Undetectable? It has been confirmed and proven multiple times that Russian adversaries hacked into the DNC and Hillary’s campaign and also hacked into voting databases especially in swing states like FL. This isn’t conjecture, it’s what happened

      • Oops, someone’s been consuming fake news. Which one was it? NYT? John Oliver?

        • Another lonely troll.

          Go back to Privileged White Boyz “R” Us (fka Ian Welsh’s blog). 😛

          • LOL – aren’t you white?

          • Being white isn’t like being Pashtun.
            i reject being pushed into a tribal affiliation. Don’t expect us to treat you like you’re special.

          • I have pale skin, yes. That is irrelevant to anything except my health, as regards exposure to solar radiation.

          • If it’s irrelevant then why do you use “white” as a pejorative? Seems kinda pathetic. You should consider moving to Detroit or Somalia – no privileged white men there.

          • It’s more of a cultural than a biological reference, as I was using it.

            I am disgusted with my “tribe” for being a stiff-necked people, uncircumcised in heart and ears.

            The average member of my “tribe” is a man who shoots himself in the foot, then gripes at uppity women, uppity minorities, and uppity “libtards” because his foot hurts really bad. 😛

            If so wearingly many members of my tribe had not swallowed the Satanic lie of race, we could have a lovely Scandinavian-style welfare state for the common citizen in the USA now, instead of what we do have, which is sink-or-swim for the common citizen and extravagantly genrous crony capitalism for the fat cats.

            Then my “tribe” goes right back to the polls and votes for the politicians who will hurt them and reward the fat cats, because melanin, or lack of it. As Joe Cannon said, turkeys voting for Thanksgiving.

            That is why Joe Cannon, whom I quoted at length below, speaks for me.

          • Test post.

          • I was using “white” more as a cultural reference than a biological one.

            Far too many of my people (“whites”) are a stiff-necked people, uncircumcised in heart and ears. They prefer the sinful simian thrill of exercising social dominion over “inferiors” to the pragmatic benefits of a Scandinavian-style welfare state, which is why the miserable fools, including the “good Christian” neo-Pharisees, have been voting Elephascist (aka GOP) for so many years now.

            I consign them, and you, to the perdition you have gleefully chosen.

            Depart from us, throwback; you are neither needed nor wanted here.

    • Yeah, so “unelectable” she actually won the popular vote. 😆

  13. “It has been confirmed and proven multiple times.” By whom? Based on what IOCs and attribution?

    Look it up and you will find you’re talking out your ass, parroting your betters.

    “This isn’t conjecture. It’s what happened.” Unsupported assertion. The intellectual standards here are fourth-rate, downright abysmal.

    The Russians do not care about your fake democracy.

    • So why do you deign to frequent our site? Please go away and consort with your own kind….

      • “So why do you deign to frequent our site?”

        Isn’t it obvious? Poor widdle twoll is lonely. 😦

        Now where did I put The World’s Tiniest Violin? 😈

  14. “Go away.” Easier than having to back up what you assert, eh? Bet you laughed at the poor ignorant dolts who fell hook-line-and-sinker for Saddam’s WMDs, or invading Afghanistan when Saudis did it. Or – Oh dear – did you fall for that too?

    Republicans, Democrats, you all do and say what you’re told. No capacity for independent thought. And you wonder why you couldn’t convince the electors to choose your doddering crone.

    • You must be mistaking this blog for someone else’s blog.
      We’re the lucid ones, didn’t approve of the wars and aren’t glued to Fox News. You’re kinda wasting your time. I mean you can stay and post pointless emails but at some point, I will disappear you.
      You can get more bang for your buck on Facebook. It will be more fun than hanging around here.
      Seriously, there are TONS of very gullible people on Facebook who you can fool for fun and amusement.

      • “Seriously, there are TONS of very gullible people on Facebook who you can fool for fun and amusement.”

        Not to mention more tangible gains. Just ask whichever actual brains work behind Prez-elect Pumpkinhead. 😛

  15. Pointless, never! It’s endlessly fascinating to see ideological dead-enders cling to their authorized ideations and fight tooth and nail against adult standards of discourse. All this posturing and haranguing to avoid adducing evidence for facially silly claims. It’s remarkable. If it weren’t for some accident of upbringing, you would be just as irrationally wedded to the notion of Moslems or homos as verminous killers. Instead, your fabricated hate speech targets Russians. Goebbels was right, it’s easy to stampede you to war, you’ll go to war because you’re told to.

    What happened to your education?

    • Who exactly do you think you’re talking to?? Lol!!
      Americans are not nearly as homogenous as you seem to think. We weren’t all in favor of the war in Iraq and we’re not stupid enuf to think all Russians are homogenous either.
      I think Putin’s a creepy guy but if that’s the kind of leader Russia wants, they can knock themselves out.
      But what does it matter? I don’t even know if you’re Russian. And I’m not interested in arguing with you. Go play on Facebook.

    • “What happened to your education?”

      Oh, Joffrey, our educations are right here with us, enabling us to recognize bargain-basement attempts at sophistry and psychological manipulation when we read them, which is why we don’t take you seriously.

      Your arguments remain invalid.

  16. Off-topic:

    Yikes! Meiling-chan, you’re supposed to wait until the fire goes out!

  17. The buyer’s remorse is setting in already.

    This is a Tumblr thread called Trumpgrets. 😆

  18. Hey, Trumpgretters!

    Bon appetit! 😈

  19. Must read…

    Wisconsin recount observers discover five vote counting machines with tampered seals
    By Bill Palmer | December 2, 2016 | 0


    • I think that everyone should read this, and the accompanying articles at the site. This is incredible. There is now about a 100% chance that the Republicans systematically cheated in a variety of ways. No one does anything. and the media does not cover it. They used to surreptitiously cheat, now its absolutelly par for the course with them. it is like a crooked poker player deciding that he’ll never be caught, and who starts overtly dealing every hand from the bottom of the deck. If this is not unearthed and followed up on immediately, before it is too late, we really do not have a democracy, and there is no reason to pretend that we do.

  20. *cross post from Uppity

    Florida recount should be on its way!

    Yesterday a federally registered nonprofit election entity launched a fundraiser to cover the court costs of a lawsuit it intended to file in the name of forcing a statewide recount in the narrowly decided state of Florida. The attorney fees were fully crowdfunded within a matter of hours. And today the attorney in question announced that he has officially filed the lawsuit in question, creating at least some possibility that a Florida recount may happen. ….

    Donald Trump was officially named the winner in Florida, but by a razor thin margin, and only after Hillary Clinton had appeared to bank enough of an early vote lead in the state that it would have been all but mathematically insurmountable for Trump to have come back and won.


  21. Stein still trying to raise more money to fight the recount…

    Needs 2.5 mill to meet the goal for WI, MI and PA…

    I’ve been donating…

  22. RD:
    What’s going on PA and the recount efforts?

  23. Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory: The Most Dangerous Substance On Earth

    Joe Cannon opens up a six-pack of rhetorical whoop-@$$ on the wingnuts.

    My favorite part:

    Guys like me are routinely accused of acting in a “condescending” fashion toward those poor, beleaguered red-staters who can’t understand why they lost those good-paying factory jobs. Guilty as charged. You know why I’m condescending? Because red-staters and Trumpers just plain #^&%ing deserve it. They really are inferior. They will always blame the wrong parties for the loss of their middle-class status — and they will never understand that the only time in history when they had good jobs was when both parties hewed to the mantra “We’re all Keynesians now.” (Those were Nixon’s words, uttered just when the assault on Keynesianism began in earnest.)

    As long as you Trumpers continue to revile Keynesianism and to defend Milton Friedmanism — as long as you continue to act like turkeys voting for Thanksgiving — I will continue to treat you as my inferiors. Because that’s precisely what you are.


    • Note to fellow Uppity Confluncers: Don’t re-post this on Uppity’s site. She and Cannon have had some sort of disagreement, the details of which I don’t know.

    • I wouldn’t go that far because 1.) I now live in a red star and the world will look with suspicion on Pennsylvanians even if half of us did nothing wrong and 2.) not all Trump people are racist mouth breathers.
      The ones I know or suspect voted for Trump are GLUED to Fox. My neighbor claims to be Christian. She gives Christianity a bad name for a variety of reasons. She is a single issue voter-abortion. And she’s a snobby, holier than thou, judgmental prig. No, we are not friends. But I wouldn’t call her racist or stupid. She just wants a certain outcome. It’s an outcome she’s never going to get and I’m going to laugh every time she wears her church sweatshirt from now on (and that massive tree of hers that hangs over my house better damn well be healthy or I’m going to get a tree specialist to do some radical pruning)
      Wait. Where was I?
      Ok, right.
      If we remove half of the people who voted for trump because they think white nationalism is a thing, the rest are victims of high control group tactics that arrive fresh to their living room daily via the TV or Facebook. The worst thing Fox did was normalize racism several years ago by telling its audience that there’s nothing unconstitutional about racism. Of sure, it’s unfair and ignorant but if that’s what floats your boat, there’s nothing illegal about it.
      So, we can only imagine how Fox applied the BITE model to other aspects of their viewing pleasure.
      One thing is for sure though: every time one of those videos shows up on YouTube with some angry white lady telling her racist head off in a craft store about discrimination and how she voted for trump or some rednevk Georgian calls the women on a plane Hillary Bitches, they’re going to make every other economically disadvantaged, non racist trump supporter look very bad.
      Lay down with dogs, get up with fleas.
      I’m incredibly proud of the way my candidate’s campaign and the ethical, inclusive and economically positive way it ran. It was facing a strong headwind and still won the popular vote by 2,500,000 votes.
      Yes, Jennifer Palmieri, it WAS better to lose than win on a platform of white nationalism. Because we know how they will govern: they show no restraint.
      With Clinton, we would have been safe and stable. That’s the atmosphere where an economy can thrive. Trump’s most assuredly will not be.
      I get it when you say you would rather lose. Kellyanne Conway is repulsive in every possinbway.

      Damn I got off topic again.

      Bottom line: the good Trump voters will come around when they either get betrayed (will happen within the first year is my guess) or when they give up their news sources and the thought and emotional control dissipates.

      Not before then. So, the Democrat’s had better look for a way to punch through the BITE tactics or we’ll be stuck with the Republicans forever.

      • Sigh
        I don’t feel like editing.

      • I watch very little TV, and I don’t touch the social media.

        Maybe that explains how I didn’t get brainwashed into being one of the pod people, even though in many ways I fit the GOP core demographics, and would seem, on the surface, to be a good candidate for getting “podded”, like so many of our former acquaintances who wound up You-Know-Where on the Web–or like Bliz, who thinks that his DNA’s being coded for low melanin production makes him special.

        Of course, Bliz might hold a Ph.D for all we know. It is a strange fact that intelligent, educated people can choose to be tribalistic–or it least it seems strange to people like you and me. Some German professors eagerly embraced Nazism.

      • As I linked to above, some of the Trump Chumps are feeling betrayed already. 😛

  24. Just read that Robbie Mook said Hillary’s “basket of deplorables” statement may have alienated potential voters. That descriptor shouldn’t have alienated anyone who bothered to read her entire statement in context. The deplorable half of his supporters would never have voted for her, even if she channeled Donald, and the other half, the half that are angry and afraid because they believe the Government left them behind, would have benefited from her many plans to boost the economy and lift everyone up.

    On Morning Joy when the commentators were criticizing the Carrier deal as short-term, a carrot not the stick he pushed when he was running and unworkable on a national scale, they went on to say what was needed was re-training and new jobs. No one mentioned that Hillary had a viable plan for just that. Even now, it is all about the Donald and not what we had stolen from us by a perfect storm of events, both foreseeable and unforeseeable.

  25. Apparently Jill Stein is holding a “Rally for the Recount” at Trump Towers tomorrow at 10:00am, if anyone cares to join in. It’s on her facebook page.

  26. “When Donald J. Trump hosted a foreign leader for the first time as president-elect, the guest list included a curious entry: Mr. Trump’s daughter Ivanka, who looked on last month while he and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan chatted on a white couch high above Manhattan.

    Some 6,700 miles from Trump Tower, in Tokyo, another exclusive gathering was already underway: a two-day private viewing of Ivanka Trump products, teeming with Trump-branded treasures like a sample of the pale pink dress Ms. Trump wore to introduce her father at the Republican National Convention.

    Ms. Trump is nearing a licensing deal with the Japanese apparel giant Sanei International, both parties told The New York Times. The largest shareholder of Sanei’s parent company is the Development Bank of Japan, which is wholly owned by the Japanese government.


    • OMG.

      • Lololol!!!
        Remember, there is no law preventing Presidents from engaging in conflicts of interest.
        It’s almost as if the rules don’t apply to him.

        I’m going to break Godwin’s law here. I read a book on Bonhoeffer a couple of years ago and he and his co-conspirators at the Abwehr were always astonished at what incredible luck Hitler had. No matter how hard they tried to defeat him, how many plans they made, how many times they had secret meetings with the Brits, something always prevented them from stopping him. Hitler had an uncanny ability to escape any situation unharmed and he knew all the ways to manipulate the system so that the rules never applied to him.
        This one omission in the constitution is perfectly suited for the type of man Trump is. Oh, I’m sure the Republicans will find his blue dress when the time is right but what will he do in the meantime to set things up in his favor? What are they doing now to make sure it’s hard to remove him?

        We are so f}#%ed.

        • Oh, I’m sure the Republicans will find his blue dress when the time is right…

          I’ve been wondering in the back of my mind for awhile if the GOP Establishment really wants Prez Pence, and so is planning to give Trump and his sandbox fascists the old Dolchstoss when the time is right.

  27. Meanwhile, “Deplorable Jeff” is worried about his Medicare.

    Click here.

    Yep, D-Jeff, looks like you might be spending your golden years eating Fancy Feast and seeking medical aid from your local unlicensed quack who’ll give you “care” on the barter system.

    But hey, dude, you Trumped That Bitch and showed those uppity libtards and N-people that White Doodz Rool, and isn’t that the most important thing? 😈

  28. Remind me to kill Spammy some day.

    “Deplorable Jeff” now worries about losing his Medicare.

    Yep, DJ, it looks like you might be spending your golden years eating Fancy Feast and bartering for health care from the local unlicensed quack. But hey, dude, you Trumped That B!+&# and showed those uppity N-people that White Doodz Rool, and isn’t that the most important thing? 😈

    • I originally typed out the B-word. Did that make Spammy throw a hissy fit?

    • Jeffy-poo, the Elephascist stalwarts (at least some of them) don’t give a flying duck if they do lose their seats, because they know that “Wingnut Welfare” will take care of them.

  29. Today at the NYT:
    a must read…

    Where Unfair Voting Practices Begin


  30. Michigan to move ahead with presidential recount

    By Max Blau, Joe Sutton and Caroline Kenny, CNN

    Updated 12:42 PM ET, Mon December 5, 2016
    Jill Stein raises millions for recount

    “U.S. District Judge Mark Goldsmith early Monday morning issued an order for Michigan election officials to begin counting ballots starting at noon.”


  31. Trixta and SophieCT posted this article by Derek Thompson, from The Atlantic, on Uppity’s blog:

    The Dangerous Myth that Hillary Clinton Ignored the Working Class

  32. I. HATE. SPAMMY. 😡

    That’s my 2nd post today it’s eaten, and I can’t imagine any of the words in the 2nd post being controversial.

  33. Link to article

    Two other people posted this on Uppity’s blog. It’s a link to an article from The Atlantic, about the myth that Hillary ignored working people.

    • OK, this one got through. I wonder what allegedly naughty words I used in the first try? 😕

  34. Geithner didn’t even pay his taxes until Obummer appointed him and he got called out for it. This isn’t a great hill to die on (no pun intended).

  35. Okay, I blame sexism for this fiasco. But America’s obsession with reality tv… well, I think some blame can go there. Geeze I truly hate reality tv but can’t help thinking they are going to run the country basically the same way as the tv show. I tuned out the last 8 years. Might as well go find a small cave in the side of a hill and gather enough wood for the next 4. Then hopefully America will say “YOU’RE FIRED!” But actually I do believe, as others, that we will see a Prez Penze before then because somebody is going to want to say it sooner.

    “Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, plan to follow President-elect Donald Trump from New York City to Washington, D.C., CNN reports. The couple is reportedly looking for houses in the area, where they plan to take up residence with their three children.
    Kushner is poised to be a top adviser to Trump and has already played a significant role in Trump’s presidential campaign. Kushner leaves behind business interests in New York, including real estate and the New York Observer, of which he is the publisher. Ivanka is also expected to assume an advisory role in the incoming administration, although Trump has claimed his children will run his business while he is in the White House.”


  36. Ivanka Trump joined a recent phone call between her father and Argentine president Mauricio Macri, raising more questions about Donald Trump’s ability to separate his business life from his new job. Macri revealed that he chatted with him in an interview published Monday by Japanese newspaper The Asahi Shimbun.

    Q: What did you say to Trump in your (congratulatory) call to him?

    A: We promised to establish the best bilateral relations ever. I hope that our good relations with the United States, seen under U.S. President Barack Obama, will continue and expand further under Trump. In the call, I also talked with his daughter. I have known her since her infant days.

    This is the second known instance of Ivanka’s sitting in on a discussion between the president-elect and a world leader. The other happened last Thursday when she was present for Trump’s first face-to-face meeting with a foreign leader, Japanese prime minister Shinzō Abe. But Ivanka’s presence on the call with Macri is a little different, given Trump’s fight for approval to build a real-estate project in Buenos Aires.
    Trump reportedly mentioned the project to Macri during their phone call, imploring him to help with the approvals, but spokespeople for both Trump and Macri denied that the project came up. According to the Guardian though, a member of Macri’s staff was the source of information about the call.

    At this point, it’s hard to say what happened on the call. Except we now know that Ivanka was present for at least part of it. And despite her role on the Trump transition team, Ivanka and her two brothers are supposed to be left in charge of the Trump Organization while their father focuses on the presidency.

    Only two weeks after the election, though, those lines have blurred, and the story out of Argentina illustrates just how tangled Trump’s business and political dealings already are. According to a series of tweets from one watchful observer, Trump and his developers received approval to move forward on their Buenos Aires high-rise the day after his call with Macri. And the call, despite the previous relationship with Trump and Macri, had to be set up though the developers building the Argentine Trump Tower.


    • Yeah, apparently a call for bids was sent out by Taiwan several months ago, to build a huge real estate development there… Trump’s “agent” contacted the Taiwanese, who asked wouldn’t this create difficulty for him if he become POTUS? No. Of course not.

      There’s a method to his choice of foreign leaders to call.

  37. Moving on…readying my household for the Orange Cheeto’s reign:

    Dump all stocks immediately, big mouth is going to cause upheaval targeting his enemy list for sure and I’m not going to be suffering the losses…
    Reduce my consumer spending by 75%, probably wanted a reason anyway, but I’m not going to be helping an economic policy I don’t respect…

    Political passions to work on…
    -Redistribution of city tax revenues to rural counties.
    -Scapegoating of any person or group.

  38. Progressive groups plan to protest Electoral College vote

    By Gabriel Debenedetti and Kyle Cheney

    12/07/16 12:31 PM EST

  39. Visiting the Bill Moyers link, I encountered an older article that conveys accurate perception upon USA from the rest of the free world. What kind of democracy does America have?

    Farewell, America
    No matter how the rest of the world looked at us on Nov. 7, they will now look at us differently.

    By Neal Gabler | November 10, 2016

  40. Explanation for what happened to the missing ballots in MI is the first link. And as we know, it really doesn’t matter anymore if there are missing ballots because the judge ruled to stop the recount.



  41. I just watched NBC’s live performance of “Hairspray,” and all I can say to the trumpsters is “You Can’t Stop The Beat.”

  42. So, what else can go wrong in our Banana Republic, when a federal judge revokes his own ruling…
    how much money do you think was in play?

  43. Insightful and positive article about our Hillary.

    TIME Names Hillary Clinton Number Two Top Influencer

    December 7, 2016 by still4hill

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