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    • Cambridge Analytica, FaceBook And Inevitable Abuses That Inevitably Happen
      So, you’re probably aware of the furor over Cambridge Analytica. They scraped Facebook’s database, and used the psychological information to craft their campaign. They have also been caught on tape admitting they do dirty tricks like honey traps, and propaganda (knowing lies). And there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth. First of all, it […]
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Happy Thanksgiving 2016 or Thank Goodness It’s Almost Over

I thought 2014 was the worst year ever but 2016 is giving that one a run for its money. I’m getting a better sense of what we’re in for with Trump. I caught the tail end of All In with Chris Hayes yesterday when he had an Italian journalist describing what happened under Berlusconi. One of these days, we’re going to point at those stunned Trump voters and call them suckers except that they’re going to pull the rest of us under with them. When the transcripts are posted, I’ll excerpt them. Then we can all watch the next four years together to see it all play out unless the media buys a clue. Won’t that be fun?

In the meantime, it looks like we might get a serious recount. Maybe Jill Stein woke up and realized there really was a difference between the two candidates. If there was vote hacking, i’m betting they covered their footprints very well. Do I think it happened? I don’t know. Do I think Trump would do such a thing if he thought he could get away with it? Absolutely.

But enough of that for now. Let’s do the T-Day thing. I’m having some friends over for dinner. And now that I look around this place, I have a lot of picking up to do. What are you cooking today? Got any special recipes? I subscribe to Entertaining with Beth on YouTube and she has some dead simple appetizer ideas that you can do with puff pastry, which I just happen to have in my freezer. How conveeeenient. Check out her video below and tell me which one you think I’m going to make:

See, Greg, no hot peppers. And no beets.

Next year, I hope to have a lot more friends for parties. I met a lot of new people this year while I was staging for GOTV and I’m looking forward to seeing them again in the coming years. I hadn’t realized until the GOTV how much I missed being around other people who shared my point of view, sense of humor and their own generosity of spirit. So, to those of you new friends, drop in any time. Thanks to all of the Ground Gamers especially:

Barb, Greg, Matt A., Kyp, Reverend Beverly, Darlene, Carolyn, Suzanne, Daria, Alex, Chris, The Three Marys, Beth, Jeff, Larry, Pete, Sandra, Andria, Nadene, Michael and Raja (our organizers).  There were so many more people who I met this year and I wish Michael had left the sign in sheets so I could find all of you. But I hope to run into you all again in the Giant Eagle.

Thanks as well to all you Conflucians who kept me company this year and are some of the best friends I’ve ever had. Thanks to Ivory Bill Woodpecker, Lady V, Sweet Sue, Quixote, TDraicer, William, SeaGrl, GA6thDem, MsMass, CB, MDMDStork, Ownaa, Bellecat and Katiebird, who took a hiatus but I hope returns someday. And to all of you commenters who I’m so glad to read everyday including some new faces and return visitors. (Well, not some of you but you know who you are because we haven’t heard from you in awhile. Hehehe.)

And finally, Many Thanks to Hillary who set a beautiful example of intelligence, perseverance, grace under pressure and presidential leadership. She is MY President and having bested Trump by 2 million votes and counting, should be THE President. I will always be proud of my support for her. She exceeded my expectations in every way.

Happy Thanksgiving, Madame President.


85 Responses

  1. Thanks for the hard work and insightful posts. I feel I can always come here to share some truth and sympathy. Here’s to 2018, it’s just around the corner.

    • Thank you for sticking with this blog. It’s been around for a long time but this year it was really tested.
      Let’s hope for a better ending.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Don’t stop hoping…

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, RD.

  4. Thanks for the shout out RD. i have to say I agree with you about Hillary and her leadership. We’ve been behind her so long and pushing for her I feel sort of lost. She did best Obama’s numbers here in Ga which is good news. You know the candidates running for office here did not even run against her. They ran against Obama once again. We have a lot of rebuilding to do after Obama. I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving and thanks for the opportunity for us all to blog here and share our feelings, hopes and dreams.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving. They cannot take our traditions and history away from us, even though they might want to.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Just saw on the news That Jill Stein, the Green Candidate, is to file for a recount in the 3 battleground states.

  7. I guess you made the pinwheels. Second guess is the first pastry. Which did you make?

    • I made the first one. Couldn’t find fig jam. Used apple butter instead. It was ridiculously delicious and easy to make.
      Now I’m going to have to keep puff pastry in my freezer all the time. The mushrooms look really good.

      • For future reference, if you have a Trader Joe’s nearby they have an excellent Fig butter (still not jam, but really good IMO). But be careful, it seems to be seasonal, it could be gone by January.

  8. Happy thanksgiving to you RD. You are a strong inspiring woman. I am glad to have found this place.

  9. Here’s Lincoln’s address on starting Thanksgiving holiday, interesting look at the spirit of the times, makes you wonder how that reflects on present time.

  10. I’m the shy one here, rarely moving into the crowd to comment. But since 2008, I’ve treasured The Confluence as a refuge. I’m grateful for you, Riverdaughter, and your Conflucians. Thanks everybody. I quote you often and hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  11. We never know at the time something happens if it’s good or bad. I prefer to assume that it’s the best thing that could have happened, and that God makes lemonade with human decisions. I hope the quote below applies to Hillary.

    “Not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck” — Dalai Lama

    • If you read about the cost of a recount, you might understand more about it. She has now raised enough for the filing fees and is estimating the total cost to be $6-$7 million with attorney’s fees included. When it was broadcast on the news, it was reported that the same people who were urging Clinton to request a recount had asked the same of Stein. Clinton didn’t respond. Stein said yes, she would do it. It’s legitimate. But I think everyone would have to agree it is an uphill battle. I appreciate her efforts. Not everyone does.

  12. Belated Happy Birthday and Thanksgiving, Riverdaughter. Your blog was a great refuge for me in 2007, and continues to be a sanctuary.

    Thank you for your thoughtful and thought-provoking commentary.

    I keep hoping this is a nightmare from which I/we will awaken. Meanwhile, the NYT today published an article about Trump’s “wall” in Scotland–too late. Scotland has a bead on him. Charles Blow takes on the role of moral authority (“Have you no sense of decency, sir”) in his NYT opinion column. Maybe we can “grow” a decent Fourth Estate? Jill Stein has filed for a recount of Wisconsin. Why don’t we have automatic verification of vote integrity built into the system? Also, why is it that in 2016, we can’t trust that our votes are counted correctly? Automatic Voter ID based on registration? Time off to vote?

    Today, more calls for the Electoral College to do the right thing. If Hillary had also won the EC tally, the R’s promised obstruction on all fronts possible when one party controls both houses of Congress–Supreme Court picks, influence on legislation. Now the Republicans can try to go after Medicare and Social Security. Trump’s current “thought” depends on the last person in his orbit. He’s backtracked too rapidly to give confidence to rally goers who are paying attention. In 2020, the census will award more representatives based on population. At that time, the Democratic Party should have a chance to make gains in Congress, and Trump is not going to be as well favored in the swing states unless his voters get what he promised. Maybe nothing matters if we are entangled in some hideous circumstances because of a lack of checks and balances.

  13. Jill Stein files for recount in Wisconsin


  14. Hey, Thanksgiving could be worse… 😆

  15. Wisconsin reports recount will commence next week. Onward to PA and MI!!! Reading that original ABC News article 9/29-ish, about how Russians had hacked into half our states voter registration systems, and penetrated 4 of them and downloaded voter info, makes me wonder what they might’ve done with that info…

    My husband and I left town and went to the big city for TG. We were just in a spa’s hot tub, with a couple of hedge fund managers, high flying financial wizards (!), and tech folk. Quite an assembly.I thought to myself, it’s not Trump who controls this world, it’s these guys. And they are very, very alarmed about him. This comforted me a bit.

    RD, right back at ya’. 😉 I had a weird dinner of cranberry relish and mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie for dinner last night, and called it a day. Happy belated Thanksgiving, everyone!

    • I read that 5,000 votes have been added to Hillary’s columns from three precincts that voted more than 100% eligible voters. All of the excess votes were for Trump.

      • Interesting isn’t it? Bush vs Gore the battleground states were Ohio and Florida. If memory serves, it was very tight. We all know what happened in Florida with the hanging chads. But in Ohio, remember hearing there were some rural precincts with voter turnout way over the number of registered voters. Believe they had said at the time the files from the voting machines were microsoft excel files and the numbers could be easily manipulated.

  16. Fidel Castro has died.

    Ascended Madoka forgive me, but may Putin follow him with all possible speed, and may Rod Serling be their judge. 😈

  17. How Jared Kushner Won Trump the White House


    He seems amoral. The messages being tweeted and posted on FB to save $$$, if true to the campaign as spoken/spewed by Trump, had to have been distasteful.

    Time Magazine, which used to be stogy Luce Repubican: Donald Trump’s cabinet a basketful of deplorables


    ‘None of this is normal’

    “As Donald Trump pulls together his cabinet, advisers and broader administration, two themes are becoming very clear: loyalty to Trump and racism.

    He’s choosing people who have shown hate toward immigrants, people of color, Muslims, LGBTQ people and women. And he’s giving them a huge amount of power to act on that hate.” (see link above for more)

  18. I’ve been out of the country and happily ignoring this whole mess, except for introducing myself as an American (as if they didn’t know) and then following quickly with, ” … and I’m really, really sorry about what happened.” No one asked for an explanation; they all just laughed ruefully.

    Mostly I’ve kept my thoughts to myself. In sum, they are this: Trump is yet another embarrassing example of how right Mencken was when he said, “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.” His election is a disturbing reminder of the sexism, racism, and general ignorance of the American public. (Except I think this ignorance is a cancer growing worldwide, viz., Brexit, Berlusconi, etc., ad nauseam. Overpopulation, depletion of resources–such like that are the likely causes.)

    We should be embarrassed, but beyond that we should be terrified by the impending right wing takeover of the US government. That is what truly disturbs me. Trump is a buffoon, and if anyone thinks he’s going to be running things, I’ve got a bridge to sell them.

    If you liked Cheney, you’re going to love Pence.

    • ETA: Our military will be used to fight Putin’s wars, more or less as a continuation of the way Dubya sold us as proxies to the Saudis, who’ve never cared much for the Iraqis. The Donald will continue to hawk his cheesy little lapel pins and his casinos will pick ever more pockets.

      Well, history marches on. And while we wait for it to do so: Shame, shame, shame.

  19. SNL needs to bring back Chevy Chase for a series of cameo appearances on the “Weekend Update” segment, to report each week that Fidel Castro is still dead.

    (Most of us here are old enough to get that joke, right?)

    • :::Raises hand:::

      For weeks, I kept my poor British husband puzzled (and not a little terrified) at my announcement after glancing at the NYT each morning: Scalia’s still dead!

      Now I’m the one who’s terrified.

  20. From Marc Elias, legal counsel to Hillary For America, a must read:

    View story at Medium.com

    I feel that the 107,000 votes number should go viral.

    Some may convey that is not even a mandate for the Electoral College to vote for Trump when Hillary got more than 2 million popular votes in a country of over 300 million citizens; -or any other rational showing the disparity of the numbers vs. the undemocratic outcome…

    • Have you read Obama’s statement on the recount? So easy to read it in multiple ways:

      “Nevertheless, we stand behind our election results, which accurately reflect the will of the American people,” the statement read.

      If we want to be accurate, the election results are that Hillary won by 2 million votes and counting…

      And Lawrence Lessing was both clever and brutal in his piece in WaPo yesterday calling on the Electoral College to award The presidency to the person with the most votes:

      “Many think we should abolish the electoral college. I’m not convinced that we should. Properly understood, the electors can serve an important function. What if the people elect a Manchurian candidate? Or a child rapist? What if evidence of massive fraud pervades a close election? It is a useful thing to have a body confirm the results of a democratic election — so long as that body exercises its power reflectively and conservatively. Rarely — if ever — should it veto the people’s choice. And if it does, it needs a very good reason”

      Do we know anyone who might fit the description of a Manchurian Candidate or accused child rapist or someone who has engaged in fraud?

      Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

      There’s something going on here. What it is ain’t exactly clear. But we shouldn’t feel like we lost. We won. We won big.
      And as Tolkien says, despair is for those who see the end beyond all doubt. We do not.

    • GOOD FOR HILLARY!!! Yes join the recount and audit. screw the press.

  21. About the Mark Elias linked above.

    A must needed response from Hillary’s camp; bringing to an understanding that their actions have remained private for security reasons and pointing the core of the outrage as follows:

    “The concerns have arisen, in particular, with respect to Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania — three states that together proved decisive in this presidential election and where the combined margin of victory for Donald Trump was merely 107,000 votes.”

  22. I read the link below this morning, one of the stories msn had when opening a new tab.


    I found it interesting in light of the concerns about Obama’s lack of experience back in 2008. Once he became president, Obama expected that he would be able to transcend partisanship.

    He never was the fighter that she is.

  23. Donald Trump, Jr. held secret talks on working with Russia to end Syrian Conflict

    The 38-year-old’s presence at the meeting has raised questions about what role Mr Trump’s family will play in his administration.

    (me) At the Paris Ritz! Raises other questions: Who paid for the trip? Must have thought Trump was going to win!


  24. More on the Data Center that the political novice Krushner set up on the fly and on the cheap that aced this election!


    Think upon it. A real estate guy gets a Facebook tutorial and is transformed into a microtargeting prodigy?

    Remember Peter Thiel who spoke at the R convention? Founder of Palantir? Donated $1.25 million to Trump. Has access to the machine learning, big data tools, and top coders if not hackers. One of Palantir’s top clients is the CIA. Palantir is rare in its field because it is privately held, which means it don’t have to disclose their contracts/customers. So, if one wanted to quickly set up a state-of-the-art campaign machine, ask Palantir.

    In Like Flynn


    Michael Flynn, the retired lieutenant general who is reportedly under consideration to be President-elect Trump’s national security adviser, has helped advance Palantir’s cause in Washington and, since leaving government, has been a behind-the-scenes advocate for the tech company.
    Palantir, launched in part with CIA money and now valued at $20 billion, has long had contracts with defense and intelligence agencies. Those contracts bring in revenue and, as Palantir seeks to woo big corporations as customers, burnish its reputation for offering software so sophisticated and effective that America’s top security services use it.

    Was the data center run on the cheap and all funding reported to the Federal Election Commission? How much did Russia spend for its bots and trolls that benefited one side?

    • Palantir, didn’t they have a NDA that went pear shaped?
      Silicon Valley types should never mess with biotech. They don’t know WTF their doing.
      Hint: drug discovery can not be broken down into a two week sprint of tasks.

  25. Look on the bright side! Your precisely choreographed internecine fight against the other mass of powerless proles is done. Now, with your designated enemy in power, you may be able to see What a pismire your country has become.

    • First of all, I don’t live in NJ anymore. Secondly, why are you using a host in Luxembourg?
      Srsly, Luxembourg? I hope I don’t do them a disservice but I picture Luxembourg with one router.
      Anyway, I learned a lot about whoever sent you to troll us.



    • Psst, Joffrey…the election has ended. You’re wasting your time.

      Are you just that lonely under your bridge? Won’t the Billy Goats Gruff play with you any more? 😛

  26. What’s your beef with Luxembourg? Luxembourg is lovely. One would think you of all people would appreciate the charms of the… CONfluence of the Alzette and Pétrusse. You should see the ramparts, they are a testament to the sort of futile conflict that embroils you so hopelessly. Haven’t been there lately, sad to say.

    Talk about wasting your time. All this futile partisan wanking is over, thank goodness, and you’re in your refractory period, avowedly impotent. But civil society continues, engaging in the sort of international suasion distilled in that link up there, the one that you didn’t dare read. They’re holding the state to objective standards utterly foreign to your civic religion of pledging allegiance and taking sides. American proles are so infantilized by party politics, they can’t imagine the work that goes on in the outside world. Even when it’s going on outside their doorstep.

    Come now, Wouldn’t you rather do something that’s not futile by design?

  27. …because sitting in the cheap seats shaking your Dem party pom-poms has been ever so successful in improving your life.

  28. Even before Digby shut you up you were like this. (Yes, we Bolshevik KGB agents do keep your dox on file, because you’re so Enormously Important.) When you’re confronted with the obvious, you revert to abject authoritarian appeal for suppression of unwelcome thought. All to shield your dwindling rump of party hangers-on from disquiet due to catastrophic failure.

    • Sophistry is not thought.

      And winning a majority of the popular vote is hardly “catastrophic failure”.

      Note to RD: I will not be offended if removal of Joffrey’s pathetic attempts at trolling makes my responses disappear as well. I don’t know if he’s just lonely or what. (But then, it’s not hard to imagine that he lacks friends.) The election is over, so I see no motive to try (note I said “try”) to disrupt us.

    • Trolls always whine when their prospective victims realize what they’re up to, and simply toss them out.

      “Help, Help! I’m being repressed! I’m being repressed!” 😛

  29. We are not Borgs, so Resistance is NOT futile….

  30. Apparently Trump has been selling a Christmas ornament for $149. Profits to benefit the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee. The Amazon reviews are pretty funny if anyone needs a laugh.



    • People did the same thing on Amazon to review “My Pet Goat” after September 11. It was the book W was reading to the class in Florida after being told of the World Trade Center attacks.

  31. The football game is over and Ivory Bill got his ass kicked but despite the dumb old score he deserves a trophy of his very own because his team got more head injuries because when he lost he decided that THAT’s what really matters.

    Maybe if you beg mommy please pretty please she will censor those mean bad demurrers. Further evidence that all dead-ender Democrats are total RWAs. Have you people ever addressed a critique with anything other than a Rain Main coffee-maker meltdown?

    • Your email address is lubyanka@stalinberia.ru. That you are from Russia may or may not be accurate. Depends on what I find when I investigate.

      Hmmm, hard to tell. You could be from anywhere. You just lease your domains.

      Let me tell you about censorship: I’m not the government. I am the blog owner. I can do whatever the hell o want with your comment. There’s nothing you can do about it.
      If this were the only blog in the world and I didn’t let you comment here, you could call it censorship. But it’s not the only blog in the world. The blogosphere is ginormous. You don’t want “censorship”? Go start one of your own.

    • Help! Help! He’s being repressed! He’s being repressed! 😛

  32. @ Newsweek

    Presidential Recount: How it Works and Clinton’s Chances of Success
    By Nina Burleigh On 11/27/16 at 1:05 PM


  33. Censorship is good clean fun. What’s really striking is the culty Dominionist-grade epistemic closure. One would think you’re joking about the silly fantasy of Russian electoral interference, but this commenter actually heard a couple of blue-haired NPR dupes taking it seriously.

    And once again you showed you can’t bring yourself to wonder why several million Obama voters deserted your kleptocrat.

    • Go back and tell Putin we told him we are going to ruin his stooge.

      • Putin needs to remember that Stalin thought he had “the Adolf” in his pocket–until June 22, 1941.

    • Why don’t you オウム真理教 yourself…

    • Deserted, or were prevented from voting?


      Had the Voting Rights Act been gutted in 2005 instead of 2013, we might be discussing the winding-down of the McCain presidency. 2009 instead of 2013, and we might be discussing the recent re-election of Romney.

      One wonders why Joffrey persists, now that the election has ended. If he were being paid to try to disrupt this site, surely the hypothetical paymasters would take no further interest in disrupting pro-Clinton sites, so he does not seem to have mercenary motives.

      Perhaps the poor lad is simply lonely–but there are plenty of pro-Trump or Unicorn Left sites (depending on which he is) at which he could find ample like-minded fellowship.

      If he’s Unicorn Left, I would suggest Ian Welsh’s site, available in the left column of this webpage. Mr. Welsh, and most of his regulars, have gone quite off the deep end this year, and Joffrey would probably find him, and them, congenial.

  34. “Help! Help! I’m being repressed! I’m being repressed!” 😛

  35. Now Hillary has 2,200,000 more votes (at least). Trump tweets that all of this and more can be attributed to illegals who voted.

    I was thinking about the doom & gloom speeches of T.–his acceptance speech at Convention and the tone of the his last campaign video, which had “international global conspiracy” (hint, hint) overtones–Clinton + cash. Something out of the 1930s. Dark. Figured it was produced by Bannon, but who was the writer? Stephen Miller, it turns out. Find out who else is in his circle.


    More on Steve Bannon:


  36. Not a suggestion of veggies any where … And the only crunch offered comes from the delecate pastry that wraps the sweet seasonal indulgence … Gorgeous

    • Yeah, it was pretty good.
      Got any good appetizer recipes you wanna share?
      BTW, I have to walk some of that seasonal indulgence off. Let me know when you’re available. I’m off tomorrow.

  37. Capital idea, Ga6thDem! Next time I bump into Volodya in the Kreml urinal, I most assuredly will! Can’t wait to see his chagrin at being caught red-handed! Perhaps you can give me a precis of the evidence demonstrating Russian interference. What I’ve seen is unsubstantiated assertions by government authorities, uncritically parroted by low-info party hangers-on. And since your American authorities have been utterly discredited by this most recent travesty of public choice, you’ll have to do better than trust in authority figures, if you hope to be taken seriously! I’m sure you understand.

    So let’s go! I’m standing by to relay your damning bill of indictment. Be sure to ground your arguments in attribution issues including but not limited to rapid diffusion of innovation in APTs and social engineering, reuse of Stuxnet digital certificates and staging nodes, and the many observed instances of misdirection in the wild. Make sure you address the considerations outlined below:


    That will teach them to laugh at you as credulous nitwits!

    • you are идѝотловушка, that’s the reason you think like идѝотловушка and you will идѝотловушка somewhere else…
      By the by, идѝотловушка

    • Do you know where to find Moose and Squirrel?

      Ah-ha-ha! Enjoy it while it lasts whoever you are.

      • I would tell him to get a life, but if he could do that, he’d hardly be trying to make a pest of himself here. (Note I said “trying”.)

        • Meh, he’s just an annoyance. I’m sorry, I should get a mop and clean up on aisle nine. Plus, it looks like we need new thread. I have some thots I need to post but I’m listening to a book and tweeting while contemplating which room I’m going to force myself to paint tomorrow.

  38. RD have you seen this? They need volunteers in PA http://www.jill2016.com/recountPA

  39. If millions of illegals are voting as The Donald claims, a complete recount is in order. I have lost all faith that the designated winner actually won.

    Thanks for making an issue of this, Trump!

    Makes one wonder if the Clinton campaign figured in your thin-skin when they did the right thing and participated in the Wisconsin recount?

    I expect Trump to erupt over
    this recount and not be able to concentrate his typical three seconds (or whatever the length of time that a gnat concentrates) while doing the important work of selecting the slimiest of
    satanic denizens to create a dark, smelly, murky swamp. He’s well on his to way to acing this task!

    He must be held accountable for recounts in all states–unless he can prove for certain that some states did not have illegals voting. Otherwise, his “word” in on the line.

    A man is only as good as his word. Didn’t his mother tell him that?

    • The recount thing has sent the GOP into a tizzy with them threatening Hillary. It makes me think there might be something there.

  40. A guideline for all of us: https://t.co/VFcpCzjedG

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