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      A couple days ago I was thinking about the problem of surveillance states and I realized “this problem is likely to become less of one because of climate change.” And I started thinking about all the opportunities and good things climate change makes possible. My grieving was done. My pre-grieving, I suppose. I see grieving […]
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Broken Things

  • More Tolkien:

“He that breaks a thing to find out what it is has left the path of wisdom.”

Or he doesn’t think it will affect him personally. He’s probably wrong about that.

I’ve gotten emails and twitters from friends who are shaken and sad about what just happened. I feel the same. So I am in the process of setting up a podcast to talk about it. I kept putting it off during the campaign but now, I think we need it. More details to follow.

In the meantime, if the shock is wearing off, use the comment thread to vent. We have a right to be angry. Who do you think bears the most responsibility for this failure?

I’m holding the press as the number 1 culprit. Coverage of this election was too long, too shallow and too driven towards profit over civic responsibilty.

But pick your favorite unhelpful entity.


89 Responses

  1. 1. Media failed the public interest
    No policies, all emails for months and months. Are voters even aware that Trump has a court date coming up for Trump University fraud case on Nov. 28th? But everyone knows about the emails!

    2. Meddling by others: Comey/Wikileaks/Russia
    Hillary had momentum until Comey letter produced days of wild speculation and no new info. too close to the election

    3. Nearly half of eligible voters (46.9 percent of approximately 231,556,622 people) did not vote in the 2016 election- WHY?!?!

    4. Weak Republican leaders who did not stop Trump or call him out forcefully enough when they had the chance and now think they can control him

    5. Voters who didn’t feel Hillary was ‘good enough’ and not worthy of their vote (Susan Sarandon level nonsense). No perfect candidate exists. HRC was as good as we could have hoped to have and deserved our full support

  2. “Who do you think bears the most responsibility for this failure?”

    Hillary Clinton.

    • Niles, if you’re ok with Trump as president this blog is not for you.

    • Dear Niles, please take your victim-blaming and shove it up your self-righteous @$$.

      RD, if you want to delete this post due to this pic, I’ll understand.

  3. The Media, particularly cable news.

    Second morning in a row, I wake up with a sinking feeling in my heart.
    Seriously, I think my heart is sinking.
    Last night, I watched WW11 propaganda movies on TCM and the parallels between Trumpism and the rise of Mussolini were so obvious, I fully expect Trump to declare war on Ethiopia as his first official act.

    It turns out that It Can Happen Here and it did.

    • A post from film reviewer, Self-Styled Siren from February 2016:


      … From The Past Is Myself, the memoir of an Englishwoman named Christabel Bielenberg. In the early 1930s she fell in love with a German law student named Peter Bielenberg, married him in 1934, and stayed with him in Germany throughout the war, even as he was arrested and sent to Ravensbruck for involvement in the July 20, 1944 plot to kill Hitler.

      The year is 1932, and Christabel is trying to understand German politics.

      Hitler was himself was to speak to an open-air rally, and the venue was — not inappropriately as Peter did not fail to point out — Hagenbeck’s Zoo. A huge area had been cordoned off, and rows of burly Storm-troopers wedged the milling crows into orderly rectangles. Peter survived the community singing, the rolling of the drums, the National and the Party anthems, but his reaction to the usual reverberating start was unequivocal. My ears were hardly attuned to the Leader’s Austrian accent, before I found myself being marched out of the enclosure. Up against the giraffe house, well within earshot of and successfully silencing some Party stalwarts in brown pillbox hats who were rattling collection boxes under the noses of luckless late-comers, Peter delivered himself of one of his rare political pronouncements.

      “You may think that Germans are political idiots, Chris,” he said very loudly and very firmly, “and you may be right, but of one thing I can assure you, they won’t be so stupid as to fall for that clown.”

  4. There are so many places to point blame, but I think it started in 08

  5. I don’t think it is a “who.” It is the patriarchal social system. The media simply reflects and enables it.

  6. A friend e-mailed this link to me this morning. Since Hillary did receive the greater number of popular vote, perhaps the Electoral College can deliver an upset to Trump.

    Its’ a petition to have the Electoral College elect Hillary.


  7. So many…..

    I blame the American people who succumbed through the past 35 years to the cult of ignorance. Hey’s it’s OK not to challenge what you’re told. It’s totally OK to accept outrageous claims because of who utters those claims. It’s OK to give up intellectual curiosity because my Bible tells me so. I blame all of the mechanisms of our culture that propagated the idea that ignorance trumps intelligence.

    I blame the media a ton – but not just the media, but also the messengers – the cult of personality who have become the purveyors of lies just so they look cool, get lots of “likes”, who never once challenged a lie or fact-checked a claim in real-time, and pandered to Trump ’cause he delivered the ratings or kept the suspense rolling in.

    I blame fundamentalists and Repugs and hate-filled people who saw their main role in life to destroy HRC (Chaffit and Gowdy and Comey come to mind – to name just a few.)

    I blame DWS and Anthony Weiner for being – weiners. And Bernie and Bernie Bros like Thom Hartmann and every other supposed progressive who tore HRC down, who never fully got on board because – well, “Bernie!” Who mastered the art of the back-handed complement while still leaving the impression “if only she’d be truthful, not so guarded, more authentic.”

    I blame local Dem party operatives who took everything HRC could give them and gave so little in return. We lost states with bad Dem downticket candidates – I mean Wisconsin? PA? Michigan? You’ve got to be kidding me.

    I blame every voter who is fine with tearing down the current system – this year, of all years – because “hey, we have to burn it to the ground and then build back what they see as the “right” way elections should be handled and then blamed every single problem with the system on HRC’s. Where in the hell have they been for the past 20 years?

    I blame liberal pundits for calling people who took it in the ear from Bush and his 2008 Depression “stupid” and made fun of people in this country because they aren’t one of the “kool kids”.

    I blame Donald Trump for being the most disgusting human being ever to walk the earth.

    Notice – I don’t blame HRC. I continue to be astonished how smart, qualified, experienced and fabulous she was – right to the end. But then, I’ve been with her since 2007 and she has never let me down.

    Am I pissed? You’re damn right.

    • Great comment.
      Have you read “The Age of Unreason” by Susan Jacoby?
      I think you’d like it-a lot.

    • I never heard anyone, mention the fact that the Republicans have been running the show for years and another republican president would not be a change.Clearly, in addition to an MSM that is only concerned with themselves and their opinions rather than actual news, we have a lot of ignorant folks in this country. People who accepted obvious, out and out lies as facts. Just because people are educated doesn’t mean they are ‘smart’ –
      Thanks for that lesson, Blackguard.

  8. Today I was able to cry about it for the first time. It felt better.
    The polls no one seem to adequately explains why they were ALL wrong. I do remember from my stat. class when the subject of Truman vs Dewey came up, the prof. said the sampling and the polling techniques are now so sophisticated that even if half the people lied they will still be able to get fair predictions. So what the hell happened.
    Also on the topic of the media I blame Clinton they allowed that shit to go for so long without a meaningful challenge for so long. Even her surrogates I saw in some show were the weakest and slowest to respond. with all the money the campaign had they could have launched a semi alternate media outlet to counter that barrage of filth thrown at her. Also why did spend all the money on show and glitter instead of good help. Like good cyber security, good stat analysts to run their own data.. etc
    She was a giant candidate, but her campaign wasn’t. I was so frustrated with them since the start. I haven’t fully recovered from 2008 and now this. I was expecting a smarter and tougher campaign this time. This shit about we go high when they go low was crap. Specially if half the country is low, you have to go down to their level so they can hear you.

  9. We can’t give up and just accept the unacceptable. The media failed in their obligation to warn the American public and hold this dangerous man accountable. We need to protest the media and the electoral college, I don’t see why we should accept the election of a man who doesn’t accept our laws and rights. It’s unacceptable to have a sexual predator leading this country. Donald Trump ignored our laws and our rights why should we accept him as president?

  10. The idea that the media did this by mistake or incompetence is ridiculous. They know what they were doing. They were doing it since Bill ran for president. You don’t give billions of $ worth of air time free of charge by mistake. Anyone or anything to bring down a Clinton they will go for full speed. Alternative media outlets is the only thing to bring them down.

  11. 1. The media, including the corporate media like CNN who wanted to make money and showed Trump rallies and crap non-stop, who didn’t challenge him, all to make money.
    2. The media, for hating HRC.. for sexism, for not having self-reflection …
    3. The media, “journalists” such as Anderson Cooper. He enabled Trump with his stupid panels. He has made enough money that he can protest and resign. Why didn’t he?? Why didn’t he either change his program or say, “I am not going with this sh*t anymore”.
    4. Hidden misogynists such as Jon Stewart. yeah, he has a lot of fans, but he was with another a*s called Axelrod, remember his whining about Hillary? Just reinforcing all the stereotypes. Why can’t Stewart see that the country needs him. He is high profile enough. He could do a few rallies and could have helped enormously with millenials.
    5. A big one: Bernie Sanders. Sorry, I know Riverdaughter doesn’t agree with me, but Bernie had lots of plans that he KNEW were DOE and he was an a**hole. He didn’t rein in his supporters. He used the same stupid “trustworthiness” sh*t against her. Remember the “speeches” crap?? The guy who didn’t release tax returns or personal financial statements (skirting an actual law here), who took a free trip to Vatican, but smeared Hillary (who is clean as a whistle) about her connections. I will not forgive and I will not forget.
    6. Hillary surrogates… some of them were Ok, and some were not.
    7. Since Hillary herself has gone through hell and back, I don’t think I can criticise her. She was put through hell by media. She had too many good people in her campaign, but she needed a few passionate ones for TV. They needed to steer the emotions. They always appealed to logic.
    8. Another BIG one, without COMEY, she would have won this thing.
    9. Another BIG one, Assange is another misogynist a**hole, who turns everything he touches to sh*t.
    10. Another BIG one… f**king far-left or limosine liberals … or whatever they call themselves. I find them very uninformed and insufferable.

    • About #9: African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, LGBT Americans, and American women of all ethnic groups are walking around today with daggers in their backs monogrammed “J. A.”.

      Wikileakers are 2016’s answer to Year 2000 Nader voters. Let us shun them.

  12. cont`d :
    I almost put Michael Moore and jerks like him in category 10.
    11. Spineless liberals, who let GOP and media lie continuously about Clinton. Not only they didn`t push back, but frequency joined in.

    • Great rant.

    • Totally agree.

      Glad you mentioned Michael Moore – who is now the darling of social media with some rant about the five things we now need to do. No thanks, Michael. You and your friend Julian Assange can go hang out together.

    • 12. Vladimir Motherf^%&ing Piece of $#!+ And Lifelong Waste of Food, Water, and Oxygen Putin. The f^%&ing Russians are sponsoring “white nationalists” all over Europe to advance Russian interests (whether or not Putin & Co. believe that BS themselves hardly matters). The election of Trump is his crowning achievement.

  13. The Rude Pundit weighs in. NSFW.

    Part 1

    Since this blog won’t let me put 2 links in 1 post, see my “reply” for Part 2.

  14. This is my 15th presidential election and never before have I feared for the future of my country and the world.

  15. neoliberal DNC Clinton/0bama faction is dead. The New Deal/social democratic faction of Sanders, E Warren, Tulsi Gabbard, etc in the tradition of FD Roosevelt, LB Johnson, & ML King needs to take over the D party.

    “When Americans are given the choice of a offical Republican & Fake-Democrat Republican (Clintons/0bama), don’t be surprised if they choose the official Republican”.

  16. The primary fault of HClinton losing is HClinton, in HClinton’s policy & campaign tactics. If you fail to acknowledge that, you are delusional.

    With great power comes great responsibility. HClinton was such a bad candidate she lost to a buffoon, low IQ, actually racist, fascist, Trump.

    Policy: consider if HClinton supported MedicareForAll, which 58% of USians support, & pounded the issue 24/7 in the campaign. She would have won easily.

    Campaign tactics: Consider if HClinton pounded “Trump is a failed businessman, his businesses have gone bankrupt 6 times” 24/7 campaign. She would’ve won. Instead of cringeworthy meaningless platitudes #ImWithHer #StrongerTogether

  17. fw https://youtu.be/YgQyAAGaqw0

    pundit Kyle Kulinski makes case with polling data that the issue of rigged trade/offshore outsourcing deals like NAFTA & TPP (HClinton pro, Trump claims to be anti in campaing rhetoric) made the marginal difference in the election, enabling Trump to win a few rust belt Midwest states that made the difference in the election.

    • While of course, gutting the Voting Rights Act so White Fascists could prevent non-White citizens and White non-Fascist citizens from voting had nothing to do with it… 🙄

      The Official Pure Left Narrative: “Economic distress caused this calamity; bigotry had nothing to do with it.”

      The Truth:

      “And this is the judgment, that the light has come into the world, and people loved darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil. For all who do evil hate the light and do not come to the light, so that their deeds may not be exposed.”–John 3:18-20 (NRSV)

      THAT is why Trump won. 👿


      • The exit polling shows a sizeable amount of rust belt Trump 2016 voters were 0bama 2008 voters.

        But hey, simplistic binary thinkers like IBW ascribe it all to “the racism”, as if multiple factors do not exist. Also this single factor excludes any responsibility for the most responsible person, HClinton herself, one of the worst candidates in policy & campaign tactics in the last generation.

        PS IBW, how can the “pure left” represent over half the nation? Social democratic policies have majoritarian support per polling data, 58% of USians back MedicareForAll, majoritarian support for free public university tuition, $15 min wage. Perhaps social democratic policies are centrists, & the neoliberal D apologists like yourself are the “fairy duster” “unicorn” right-wing, with the Trump/Paul Ryaners being the far-right wing.

        • Ascended Madoka forgive me, how silly I have been!

          All Obama had to do was wave his Magic Presidential Wand and brainwash intransigent Rethuglican majorities in Congress into passing PND’s wish list. How silly and/or evil of him not to do that!

          I’ll repeat what I told Niles. Please take your victim-blaming and shove it up your self-righteous @$$.

          • IBW rejects Kulinski’s reading & interpreting exit polling data, & simply KarlRove-esque asserts aka Just Makes Stuff Up that the sole reason for Trump winning is Racism.

            I guess any scientific or data-analyzing process like Kulinski intrepreting exit polling data is also “far left” “unicorn” & “fairy-dusty”?

            Do real “centrists” like IBW reject any “high-falutin” data-analyzing because Just Making Stuff Up is what Real Centrist Democrats like IBW do now?

          • What was that phrase…oh yeah: “lies, damned lies, and statistics.” 😛

        • The deplorables love the nasty endorphin rush they get from exerting social dominance over “inferiors” more than they love their own plain rational best interests, but PND thinks he can reach out to them.

          F**k that.

          They’ll try to pull you down with them every time, or stab you in the back, just because they’re f**king Orcs.

          Time to kick them off into the f**king lava.

  18. Election Could Still Result In Trump-Clinton Tie: Analyst

    (Long, long shot. Go to this link to read entire article.)


    By Max Kutner On 11/10/16 at 2:48 PM
    Updated | As of Thursday, three states remain electoral toss-ups, according to Associated Press projections: New Hampshire, Michigan and Arizona. If Hillary Clinton wins the combined 31 electoral votes from those states, she will still be short of Donald Trump’s 279 votes, more than the 270 needed to win the presidency.

    However, AP analyst Michael McDonald says he is skeptical that Trump won Wisconsin, as the AP projected. If that state flips for Clinton and she wins the other toss-up states, she and Trump could be in a tie at 269 votes each.

    There is one caveat, McDonald notes: faithless electors.

    But if Trump and Clinton remained tied after the Electoral College casts its ballots in December, it would be up to Congress to decide who becomes president.

  19. Gloria Steinem was asked if Trump was her President. She replied, “No. I won’t break any laws, but he doesn’t represent me.”
    I have the Orange Orangutan (apologies to the species) on “ignore” and will avoid his visage as much as possible.

    I watched as much as I could stand of a few Trump rallies on C-SPAN. The one near Orlando was mostly younger white males–W attracted the same sort–not a college crowd. Trump didn’t need to use up much of what Tony Schwartz labeled his “200-word vocabulary.” Nothing noteworthy to me other than how vapid his stump speech was. I doubt that Hillary could dumb herself down enough to appeal to this group. Also, they are basking in their masculinity. No woman need apply.

    NPR checked back on a former steel mill town, now hollowed out. The workers felt that they could bring back the mills and produce steel. Dems crossed over to Trump bigly because he visited the area several times and acknowledged them. I wonder why their Congressional Rep or Senators haven’t touched base and offered help. Hillary reportedly had good results with displaced workers in upstate New York when she was a Senator. Trump flew in on his private plane and promised them that he would bring back their former glory. His voters plan to hold his feet to the fire. I had sympathy for them until they also wanted T. to make good on his promises to put Hillary and Obama in jail. Not sure what they thought O did other than not fulfill campaign promises. Someone in the media needed to explain each and every day that O was intentionally obstructed from accomplishing his agenda from Day 1 so direct blame to the Republican in Congress.The same would have happened to Hillary, at least for the first two years. Now the Clinton Foundation can stay alive, and she can work for women and children in a direct way.

  20. Anger is normally a way to cope with sadness. If we feel just sad we are helpless, but if we are angry we can throw our anger out. In the end, anger doesn’t help and can have devastating consequences as we see people rioting. It’s better to be sad, just sad. Take a bath, go for a walk and figure out where the sadness is coming. You know, sadness is within. It may be brought out, like laughter is with a joke, but all emotions are within and come out unexpectedly by conditions outside.

    In an interview in 2008, when discussing what Obama would do as president, Hillary said that the best predictor of what a person will do, is what they’ve done in the past (not her words, just the sentiment). I agree. We knew Obama had zero experience and his presidency has demonstrated that beautifully. So we can do the same and pretty much predict what Trump’s presidency will be: divisive and disjointed. His life of bankruptcies, lawsuits, lies and successes. But the word that keeps coming to me is divisive.

    If we are divided, it’s easier to manage the people in a dictatorial way. He would be dis-empowered if the people united towards specific agenda. I’m afraid we’ll be more divided than ever. That’s how he won. It was we vs them and ‘the system is rigged’. People who were already primed with a similar message from angry-Sanders, felt their best choice was the man who reflected their anger the best, not the one with solutions.

    Enough of that. Who to blame? Who’s responsible? We all are. In one way or another. Is it helpful to blame? I think it’s something that never ends. At this point I will stick with my sadness and watch the world go crazy; be the observer.

  21. No brainer, embracing the Obama record as something it was not. Add the behavior of the Obama Justice Department Biden/Axelrod/Comey who weaponized the email issue early to keep her in line during the primaries. Recall If she deviated from the Axelrod script of preserving their view of Obama’s legacy they would yank her shock collar to push her back in line. And further recall the Comey letter was sent to Congress right at the time when talk of a coalition bigger and better than 08 was being heralded. Bottom line the election was rigged by the Obama Justice Department and many in this country will not accept the orange cheeto as President, ever.

  22. I Blame Obama…. he started the shit from the get go. They go low, we go high…LOL. Their 2008 campaign against her was Low, low, low. It set the tone for LOW! They cheated in the primary. They jettisoned the white working class and turned the page on us old people. They brushed her and her supporters off there shoulders and wiped her off their shoes and sang JayZ’s “99 Problems But a Bitch ain’t one of them”…….so cool 😞. They bring a knife, we bring a gun. It wasn’t HIGH, believe me.
    Fast forward to this campaign. Hillary was put in a box by what Obama did. His coalition was not her natural coalition. He relied on every person who was black getting out to vote, and all the limousine liberals and all the people who wanted to elect a black man before a woman. Balls before Bitches! The Obama legacy will be Donald Trump.
    Hilary had to decide how to campaign. Could she win if she pandered to his coalition or to her natural coalition that she campaigned for in 2008? She couldn’t campaign to her own coalition with out slighting Obama. It was a conundrum. She went all in with campaigning for the minority vote at the expense of the FDR Dems. She even doubledowned by saying she would bring in even more refugees from Syria. OMG! That goes over well. Especially when I can see the people standing in line at the Food Pantry from my back door! If they think that was a wise move I have a bridge to sell. Obama did to the Democrat Party, what Trump did to GOP. And like Obama’s Democrats, the Republicans will fall in line. It won’t be pretty. The real question will be, just how will the Republicans deal with Trump.
    At least the democrats can now be Democrats. We can oppose positions rather than close our eyes and grit our teeth while the wars go on endlessly, a gross healthcare is fashioned to benefit the Healthcare Industry, not the people. It was like the Medicare part D that was made to pretend to help the people by Bush, but really was a big payoff for Big Pharma. When Obama was elected, all the opposition to the wars was silenced. After all, Obama had so much on his plate! Couldn’t he have begun to eat anything on that plate? Just a fucking pea, please! No, he had to get that Obamacare with out a public option. And nothing again. His only thing he did was allow the marriage equality to come to pass. For that, I applaud the fact that he did not oppose it. But he sure takes credit for it. Now, Hillary ignored the white working class while campaigning with JayZ. It was a snub of historic proportions. Remember, a subtraction from her is a plus for Trump…it is in essence, a swing of 2 votes. It fanned the flames of victimhood of many in the rust belt. I know this. I knew Trump would win by the signs in my area. The passion for Trump. The hatred and disdain for Hillary. And in 2008 these people were her biggest supporters. I voted proudly for Hillary but I knew how people felt. Abandoned and hopeless. In the past 8 years this area has spiraled into a third world country. I feel that we are like areas in Baltimore. Drugs, Overdoses, Death, Despair. Crime and drugs infecting everything.
    The polling was wrong…they knew she would lose the rural vote, the Reagan Dems, the old FDR voter type, but they never knew by how much. It was HUGE. 2 to 1, 3 to 1! Maybe more in some places. And this was in places that had Democrat majorities big time. Granted Hillary did well. I actually was more surprised by how well she did, rather than how well Trump did on Election Day. It has been for shit here since Bush the Worser was selected. Obama was the 3rd and 4th term of Bush and people were not inclined to vote for the 5th term of the Worser. I think that she got a lot of her vote because she was a woman and a lot hated Trump. But many threw caution to the wind and voted their pissed off-ness. And now we will be punished. Maybe he won’t be as bad as we expect. Maybe his huge ego will demand he govern a bit better so he will be a winner. I am not very hopeful, though. But if he could be held to just 1 term, it might be ok. But who is standing in the wings? I hope to hell we don’t have to rely on Timmy Kaine to be our torch bearer.

    • If I tried, I couldn’t have said it better. You played every note with elegance. Thank you!

      What disturbs me is that supposedly Obama’s approval is greater than 50%. Ha! that approval is like the polls that predicted Hillary’s win. No way it’s right.

  23. Amanda Marcotte refutes the Official Pure Left Narrative better than I can:



    This can be tough to accept, but so are a lot of things that are simply true: Given the choice between improving their own lives and screwing over someone else’s life so you can feel superior, large numbers of Americans will choose the latter. They have found their champion in Trump, a man who has never found a bridge he wouldn’t burn and for whom vengeance is a way of life.

    As Trump champion Milo Yiannopoulos explained when I met him, he and his pro-Trump shock troops don’t really care if Trump is a disaster for this country, so long as he sticks it the forces of “political correctness.” That’s a less pleasant explanation for Trump’s popularity than the fantasy of white working-class voters mistaking Trump for an economic savior, but it is also the explanation that happens to be true.

    Hammer. Nail. Bang!

  24. If the Supreme Joke had managed to gut the Voting Rights Act in Dubya’s 2nd term rather than Obama’s 2nd term, could Obama have been elected?

  25. Okay, I’m looking forward to the podcast. Who to blame? Martin Longman is eloquent in this post. http://www.boomantribune.com/story/2016/11/11/15040/749

    An excerpt:
    But this is all a distraction because it’s not about who was on the ballot but about who voted for anyone but Clinton. It’s the voters who committed this act of self-harm, not Jill Stein. How many people would vote today for Clinton knowing that Trump would win if they didn’t? How many Stein voters would?

    How many people who didn’t show up to vote because they weren’t “inspired” or because “it didn’t matter” or because “they’re all crooked” would now show up to say, “Uh, Donald Trump? No. That’s fucking crazy!”

    Because the true argument here isn’t over whether or not candidates should even put their names on a ballot. The true argument is over whether people should vote for third party candidates if there’s a clear choice between the top two.

    In this case, wankers and idealists fucked us all. And that’s the way it is.

    Yeah, you can absolutely blame Clinton and her advisers and the strategy and the running mate and the ads and the last thirty years if you want.

    But the voters decide. Did you decide to use your vote to stop Trump?

    If you didn’t, you take your lumps before Jill Stein or Gary Johnson.

  26. I blame a weak candidate who was so weak that they couldn’t beat a knuckle dragging, orange skinned, shag carpet wearing moronic numbskull.

    If Hillary was such a great candidate, then she should have won by a landslide. Instead she was crammed down our throats as the “chosen one” by DNC insiders including DWS and her ilk.

    Blame everyone you want, but the facts are the facts… at some point the candidate has to close the deal. That’s a nearly impossible task when you have disapproval numbers like HIllary’s.

    This loss is squarely at Hillary’s feet. She never stepped foot in many states, which just proves she took those voters for granted, and then she had her ass handed to her on election night. Not only did she lose us the presidency, her coattails were so thin she lost us the Senate and the ability to appoint Supreme Court Justices.

    • Aaaand the Official Narrative of the Pure Left rolls on…

      Never mind the gutting of the Voting Rights Act in 2013, which led to GOP-dominated state legislatures passing laws precisely crafted to exclude uppity people of color from voting.

      Never mind she actually won the popular vote. While of course the electoral votes are the ones which count toward winning the White House, the popular vote results refute the Pure Left argument that nobody but a few oddballs on the Confluence and other such sites actually liked her.

      Never mind the solid media front against her. Trump dodging taxes? A quasi-fascist foreign power blatantly trying to rig our elections? Nah, let’s talk about e-mails.

      Why do you people even come here?

      • Aaaand the Hillary or Bust Narrative rolls on ….

        Never mind that HIlllary wrote of many voters by never even courting their vote. The ones she needed to win the election.

        Never mind the fact that popular vote doesn’t matter. A smart person knows you play the electoral win, not the popular win.

        Never mind that no one but you mentioned Hillary’s emails.

        Why do you people even bother posting such dribble?

        MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, next time the old guard will listen us when we tell them they aren’t going to win with the candidate they push on us. There was a reason we chose Obama over Hillary in 2008, and the reason was that he managed to win twice.

        • Yes, the media treated him tenderly. As David Plotz will tell you, they were totally in the tank for him.
          The media can build you up or tear you down.
          It can give you millions of dollars in free advertising aka Trump’s ground game, or it can obsess over nothing and make it look like treason.
          There never was a female candidate before and I’m guessing it will be a long time before one runs again. All this needs to be evaluated.
          Take your time.

          • We will have another female candidate. To break the trend is easy, we just need to pick someone with a brain. Michelle Obama or Elizabeth Warren will eventually run.

            The only difference is, the next time we will have someone with competence and we will win.

            Hillary made a lot of mistakes, and this election was about her taking ownership of them whether she wanted to or not.

            Break it down in any way that helps you sleep at night, but it was her own indulgence that did her in. From keeping emails that belonged to the people of the United States on a private server in her home, or the fact that she tried to control the narrative with the media by only doing interviews with those she deemed friendly to her and avoided doing press conference.

            Many Hillary supporters, this site included, accused people like me of holding a grudge over the 2008 election which she loss, but the fact is that it was Hillary supporters who held a grudge, this site included.

          • Bottom line: The most qualified woman in the world was defeated by the least qualified man in the world.

            You can’t possibly criticize her for being less than perfect and let him get away with all his bad behavior, stupidity and the narcissistic personality disorder that’s running around with its hair on fire and expect me to take anything you say about her seriously.

            You’re part of the problem.

        • Your silence on the subject of the quasi-fascist (and I may be overly generous in using the prefix) foreign power trying to rig our elections is deafening.

          [snark] Oh, but I forget–Vlad Badenov and Date Rape Boy Jules were our friends, who did us a great service by pointing out the UNPRECEDENTED CORRUPTION OF THE CLINTON MACHINE!!!!!1! [/snark] 🙄

          The emerging narrative rolls on: The Democrats lost because they didn’t kiss enough rural white heinies with sufficient enthusiasm. (Disclosure: I am white and I live in a small town in a red state.)

          BTW, the white working class abandoned the Democratic Party before the reverse happened. (“Eeeuuuwww, hippies and heathens and n****r-lovers!”) See the 1960s and 1970s for details.

        • Uh, she didn’t write off voters. Thanks to the Supreme Joke re-legalizing Jim Crow in 2013, they were prevented from voting.

          But thanks for playing, Unreality Hot Check, and please enjoy these lovely parting gifts…

          • If the Voting Rights Act had been gutted in 2005, instead of 2013, we might be talking about the winding-down of the McCain Presidency right now.

          • She didn’t write off votes?

            Just one question: Since winning the nomination, how many times did Hillary visit Wisconsin?

            I’ll save you the time it takes to google it. The answer: 0

            Spin it any way you want, but you’re not fooling anyone with a brain.

          • This story by Greg Palast does not have statistics for Wisconsin, but it does have statistics for 3 other key states, showing that the number of purged voters is far greater than Trump’s margin of victory in all 3 states.

            Blame the late, unlamented Scalia and his fellow Nazgul on the Supreme Joke for making that possible.

  27. I find this site amusing and good for a laugh. Believing that I am part of the problem is the problem with the Hillary’s DNC. I supported Obama in 2008, I voted for him in the primary, volunteered for his campaign and worked on his reelection campaign in 2012. The difference was that Obama was a genuine agent of change.

    This election had everything going HIllary’s way. The DNC and DWS cleared the Democratic field for her. Republicans nominated a complete ass clown, and her organization was better than Trump’s. Yet she still loss.

    A leader find a ways to overcome adversity, they don’t look to blame others for failure. This is why I can’t stand Republicans, they blame everyone but themselves, and Hillary is Republican Lite. She proved that when she took “partial responsibility” then turned around and put the other part of the blame on the Comey.

    This is what separates her from Bill Clinton and Obama. Bill had his own scandals, but he overcame them. Obama had a congress who hated him for being black and actually having good ideas, but they still won and never blamed anyone else for their failures.

    Blame all you want, but it’s sites like this that make me never want to vote for luke warm liberals. I’m sorry, I mispoke, like your candidate you’re too scared to be liberals, you’re progressives.

    • OK, whom do you think would have done better?

      • BTW, Bill C. and Obama had the advantage of running under a functional Voting Rights Act.

      • Anyone not named Clinton.

        • Is that the best you can do?

          Come on, dude, specifics!

          Who did the Democrats have available who could have overcome the gutting of the Voting Rights Act three years earlier, AND the GOP state legislatures’ resultant rigging of the voting laws to exclude Democratic voters with surgical precision, AND the unified hostility of the corporate media, AND the fairly blatant interference in our elections by a hostile foreign power, AND the treason of the FBI in collaborating with that foreign power, AND the vacuum-skulled ethno-nationalism of all too many of my fellow palefaces (of which, I’m guessing, you are one)?

          I won’t hold my breath waiting for an answer. 😛

          • I am being specific. Any of the final three who weren’t named Clinton could have won this election. She was damaged good from the beginning. Many tried to warn her supporters, but none of them listened.

            My dream candidate would have been Elizabeth Warren. I am holding hope for her in 2020.

          • I will vote for Senator Warren if the Democratic Party nominates her in 2020, but she would have lost this year, too, probably by a larger margin than HRC.

            A larger margin in the Electoral College, that is–lest we forget, Hillary actually won the popular vote. 😉

          • <"I am being specific."

            “I do not think that word means what you think it means.” 😛

          • “Any of the final three who weren’t named Clinton could have won this election.”

            I’ll hand that one to Mr. Joseph Cannon.

    • “Believing that I am part of the problem is the problem with the Hillary’s DNC. I supported Obama in 2008…”

      That’s it right there. You are the effing problem. You are so much like the hard right you have basically merged with them. Sorry about your inability to deal with reality, but it will be shoved in your face with such force during the next few years that even you will be unable to look away. Here’s hoping you followed you NRA stooge hero, and armed up for the social collapse that’s coming. BTW, there was no minimum wage during the Dark Ages, which is where we are actually heading. 1930s Germany will look like an impossibly Utopian dream in about 10 years.

      • “You are so much like the hard right you have basically merged with them.”

        From Wikipedia: Horseshoe Theory

        Basically, this idea states that the political spectrum is more of a horseshoe than a straight line, so the Far Left and the Far Right resemble each other.

        The similarities between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany come to mind.

        • First off, people who actually believe that the Soviet Union was actually a socialist system really have no clue as to what the political spectrum looks like. The SU was a totalitarian government, which is nothing that any true socialist believer dreamed of.

          Second, I am liberal, not a socialist or communist. Everyone that cries “far left” is clueless to the political spectrum. Most believe that a liberal and progressive are the same thing, when in reality we are nothing alike except for a few crossover social issues. Progressives chose their name once they were labeled neo-liberal and felt insulted.

          This has been fun. I’ll let you get back to your little blog so I can look forward to my next laugh.

      • If you have all the answers, then why didn’t YOUR candidate, the candidate that was shoved down my throat, win the election that was basically handed to her on a silver platter?

        You accuse me of merging with the right, but you’re the one who went all PUMA and had it backfire in your face. She lost in 2008 and then again this year, but sure, keep blaming me.

        If I’m such a right-wing stooge, then why did I manage to support a candidate that got us health care reform, economic reform, and saved the economy from complete collapse?

        This election should teach you, the left can win without the PUMA vote, but the PUMA vote can’t win without the left.

        Keep putting up your dribble. It will just keep reminding me how the establishment keeps screwing over liberals.

        • “This election should teach you, the left can win without the PUMA vote, but the PUMA vote can’t win without the left.”

          How many of the left-leaning voters actually withheld their votes from HRC, versus how many of them wanted to vote for her, but were prevented from doing so by the BS voting laws ginned up by GOP state legislatures after Darth Scalia and friends gutted the Voting Rights Act in 2013, a handicap under which President Obama was not required to run?

          BTW, since when can the Left win presidential elections in this country?

          Or do you share the delusions of the right-wing yahoos that Obama was some kind of a leftist?

          • BTW, if the fascists on the Supreme Joke had managed to gut the Voting Rights Act in 2005 instead of 2013, I doubt that Obama ever could have won, either.

          • About 5 million former Obama voters withheld their votes.

            No one that voted for Obama was purged from the voter roles. The states that purged voter roles did so on two basis:

            1: The person died.
            2. The person did not vote in the past two presidential elections, which means that everyone that voted for Obama was eligible to vote.

            States that had voter ID laws were still required to let people cast provisionary ballots.

            Keep reaching for excuses, your doing good at digging your own hole and making yourself looked uninformed on the issues.

          • No one that voted for Obama was purged from the voter roles. The states that purged voter roles did so on two basis:

            1: The person died.
            2. The person did not vote in the past two presidential elections, which means that everyone that voted for Obama was eligible to vote.

            States that had voter ID laws were still required to let people cast provisionary ballots.

            Proof, please?

          • Oh, and BTW, that should be “voter rolls“.

            Spelling wasn’t your best subject in school, I take it? 😛

        • Oh, and the term is “drivel”, not “dribble”.

          Big basketball fan, are you? 😛

        • All the predictions we made about Obama turned out to be eerily accurate.
          BTW, we dropped puma back in 2009. The other pumas went to join the Tea Party.
          Which proves my point: deliberately alienating the old coalition was a stupid move on the part of the obama contingent.
          I AM the left. I am an FDR Democrat. What you got from obama was 8 years of upper middle class professional suburbanite who stopped giving a fuck about everyone damaged by the Great Recession 2 years into his first term.
          He should have gone for a public option. He should have doubled the stimulus. He should have done more for unemployed people. He should have kept stressed families in their homes. All those things he should have done would have helped far more people than you and your friends.
          We obviously have wildly different definitions of what is left and right. But to be honest, I’m not interested in your POV anymore. You’ve had 8 years to bogart the microphone.
          Go rant on your own blog while there’s still time to write on one.

    • I don’t find you amusing. Obama was an agent of change alright! As I said, Obama legacy, if anyone has the intelligence to analyze anything, will be Donald Trump. Obama changed the Democrat Party. He screwed it big time. He screwed us big time. No Democrat would criticize him lest they be called a racist or they would lose his supporters and their votes. Hillary was in a hard spot. Damned if she did and damned if she didn’t. And then along came Bernie. Couldn’t win but sure could sling shit. And even he couldn’t be criticized for same reason. And just where do you think his funding came from? I say another rat fucker was spawned from who knows where. A man who isn’t even a Democrat! Why was he even allowed to run in OUR primary. A man who has been around forever and never did anything but make stupid promises. A chicken in every pot and a diploma on every wall…for free.

  28. Mr. Palast seems to disagree with Hot Check.


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