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Eve of History #imwithher

She will be the first woman in the Oval Office. She is a lionheart. She’ll never stop, never give up.

If we win the senate tomorrow, we get a reboot.  We’ve been in a state of inertia for too long. The world has moved on. Time to catch up.

What are your thoughts on the Eve of History?

Do you have a plan to vote? Have we made contact with you?  Kip, Tammy, Beth, Matt, Chris and Alex have canvassed today and are still knocking on doors.

If we haven’t made contact, you can find your polling place at IWillVote.com. 

If you’re in Pennsylvania, the polls open at 7:00am and close at 8pm. If you’re in line at 8pm, you will be able to vote. If you’re in Philly and you can’t get to your polling place due to the SEPTA strike, you can get a free or reduced price ride from Uber or Lyft. Go to MyRideToVote.com.


14 Responses

  1. My thoughts are God-I-hope-she-gets-the-Senate, God-I-hope-she-gets-the-Senate, God-I-hope-she-gets-the-Senate, etc., on infinite loop. It’d be sooo nice if she could at least nominate Supreme Court picks without massive useless drama.

    Then, maybe, because hey! she gets stuff done, the voters will turn the House over in 2018, and she could get on with moving the US into the 21st century.

    (Well, I can dream, can’t I?)

    • Of course Don Quixote… we all can dream likewise and may our dreams come true…!

    • One more Supreme Court Justice on our side could mean the plunge of the GOP’s One Ring into the magma of Mount Doom.

      The whole structure of “traditionalist” evil in the USA depends on maintaining artificial DAWB majorities in red states (for red Senators), and artfully gerrymandered House districts.

      (Note: DAWB = Dumb Ass White Bigots.) 😉

      A liberal, even moderate, SC majority could mean the repeal of Citizens United, the restoration of the full provisions of the Civil Rights Act, maybe even the banning of gerrymandering as violating the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment–and, by those measures, THE END of the artificial DAWB majorities, which would mean the end of the GOP.

      Hence, the GOP must, as a matter of survival, prevent that moderate-or-lefter SC majority by any means necessary.


    • My dream, too.
      The Senate.

  2. I hope so too. I sort of feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve. No, there’s no enthusiasm gap!

  3. Can Obama pardon any Clinton email peccadillos in advance, just on the wee, tiny, miniscule, microscopic chance Republicans crank up the mighty Wurlitzer again on Wednesday?

    IANAL etc.

    • There’s nothing to pardon. There was no law or regulation that she violated at the time and the majority of the classified emails were classified afterwards. Even the ones marked C were only confidential, not classified. So you know, what’s to pardon? The GOP wants to go on a fishing expedition in case the find parking tickets or something and that’s going to continue until the public gets a clue, gets tired of inaction on everything else and throws them out or until the next time the districts are redrawn which ever comes first.
      There’s not much we can do about it. If the media wanted to be helpful, it could turn the spotlight on the Republicans. I guess. That would depend on who owns the papers and cameras.

  4. “I’m Hillary Clinton…and One Last Time…I Approve This Message”

    At http://www.hillaryhq.com/

  5. Hillary Clinton in Michigan

    At https://still4hill.com/

  6. Hillary Clinton Campaign Rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


  7. Time to light a candle, and probably stay awake all night. Thank you again, RD, for holding a place for us to gather safely.

  8. I mailed my ballo two weeks ago at the post office. Took a photo of my vote for Hillary on page 1. Spent hours studying down- ticket candidates, propositions, and measures. All D. candidates with preference for qualified women until we get at least a third of women representing half the population as required in Iceland. Go Hillary! She’s our MLK and Eva Peron.

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