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    pm317 on Rise #MarchForOurLives
    pm317 on Rise #MarchForOurLives
    pm317 on Rise #MarchForOurLives
    pm317 on Rise #MarchForOurLives
    pm317 on Rise #MarchForOurLives
    pm317 on Rise #MarchForOurLives
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Rise #MarchForOurLives
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Rise #MarchForOurLives
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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Rise #MarchForOurLives
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      One interesting note about the Cambridge Analytica story was on Bannon’s role: A few months later, in autumn 2013, Wylie met Steve Bannon. At the time, he was editor-in-chief of Breitbart, which he had brought to Britain to support his friend Nigel Farage in his mission to take Britain out of the European Union. What […]
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Fideos #Imwithher

Not to be missed videos today. 

First up, Seth Meyer’s Closer Look from last night features a Hillary vs Trump comparison that should be shared with all your undecided relatives. Fast forward to the 6:15 mark: 

Louis CK tells Conan O’Brien voters fall into categories and that he’s voting for Hillary because “she’s a mother”. 

Finally, mother raises her voice. More of this please:

I’m with her. The dark, malevolent vision of Trump has to go. 

Let there be light. 


32 Responses

  1. Is it true what we hear about PA?

  2. trump is getting a head

    • I wouldn’t know. I don’t look at the polls. And even if she were 20 points ahead, I’d be working like she is 10 points behind.
      That being said, western PA, especially Allegheny County where I live is crucial for her. So we’re going to GOTV like maniacs this weekend

    • Another one?

  3. Thanks we need a lot of people like you. I am glad you are still strong and steady, I am falling apart

  4. Yeah, i’s rough today. HillaryIndictment trending on Twitter. If you can stand Twitter, show her some love… That being said, loved the videos here, RD!!! OMG. Brilliant, particularly ‘Hillary is our mom” (and Trump our narcissistic, scary, abusive father). Shared widely.

    To calm myself, I tell myself the ‘race is tightening’ as it does every single election in the week before. I read a piece showing that polls are the same as they were in January. No one is crossing over. Undecideds are mostly splitting between Clinton and Trump. Polls show no change as a result of Comey.

    It is close like 2008 was close and 2012 was close. Time to phone, canvass!

    • Jeez, how are they going to indict someone on what is the equivalent of a parking ticket when Trump’s foundation wasn’t even legally licensed when he dipped into the kitty to buy portraits and pay legal bills and bribe attorney generals in Florida? The comparison is so lopsided it’s crazy.
      I hate to scare anyone but I think we’re looking at a coup. The Republican radicals are not going to give up without a fight. They’ve got a stranglehold on government and they’re determined to keep shit from happening indefinitely. I’m afraid of what will happen if she’s not indicted and they feel like they’ve run out of options.

      • It sure looks like the GOP is going to attempt a coup. It wouldn’t be the first time they’ve tried it.

    • Those bozos fell for a ruse. Every time I see something like that I read it as desperation because the numbers coming in in early voting are good.

  5. The only Nominee in this election who will be indicted because of their family Foundation is the one running on the Republican ticket. And the really good news is that it will be IRS Special Agents and not FBI Agents who bring the real crook in this race to justice.

  6. Gene Lyons weighs in: HRC will not be prosecuted

  7. I don’t suppose any of you tykes remember ABSCAM.


    These bumpkins clearly don’t.

    Drip, drip, drip!

  8. One imagines you making a prissy little moue as you turn from the awkward unterlagen without explaining why the world outside your little hobbit hole will also ignore them.

    Foreign agents! Eek!


    • “The Awkward Unterlagens” would be a great name for what used to be called an “alt-rock” band. 😛

  9. https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/25320#efmAFmAHCATBAUQ

    “Raisers are effectively salespeople selling the candidate on the donor marketplace, so their feedback is valuable to HQ in terms of tweaking policy…”

    Oh dear. Every idle quidnunc can see the pro quonunc. What arch mot will the true believers think up to dispel it from their folie a sept?

  10. I hope the bar will be open election night. I need a drink- it’s been a long 8 years.

  11. A report from today’s GOTV efforts:

    I talked to one guy who sounded exactly like the “undecided” voter Seth Meyers was poking fun at. Whiny, nasal voice, “Well, I dunno, they’re both so crooked.” Seriously, come on dude. You want fries with that? Yech.

    On the more encouraging side, I got disconnected from one guy in the middle of our conversation about what had happened to the mail-in ballots (how we do it here) he and his wife had received by post. A few minutes later he called me back (!) to say they’d found their ballots in a pile of unread mail, and since it’s too late to send them in, where, again, did I say they can drop them off?

    I’m in a deep blue state so not sure why they had us calling locally. Maybe to GOTV for down-ballot folks who will put the brakes on the inevitable impeachment proceedings.

  12. From Vox: Why the e-mail scandal is BS.

    • We must find some way, consistent with our laws and traditions (non-authoritarian, in other words), to reform the Corporate Media, if we wish to keep our Republic.

      Restoring the Fairness Doctrine would be a good start.

      Also, this.

  13. They are already starting the happy girl talk that when Hillary wins she must move past this FBI betrayal blah blah blah…. MV not her call, the FBI and Comey betrayed the American Electorate not just the Democratic Party, and it is not ok there must be consequences.

    • Totally agree, it is not OK.
      The FBI and Comey betrayed the American Electorate, and yes there are consequences that “we the people” need to pursue.

    • No. If we win, we grind their bones into fertilizer and spread on the graves of the millions of people they have killed.

  14. Also from Vox:

    That story that most Trump supporters are economically distressed members of the white working class? More BS.

  15. NSFW due to F-bomb.

    I don’t know if this actually comes from a German or not, but does it matter? 😮

  16. I wish my showbiz cousin would quit reading those LA Times polls which keep predicting victory for Kim Jong Orange.

    I had to talk him out of something drastic today.

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