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      Ok, this place has mostly been about how fucked we are, and how we’ve fucked up. Blame is more on our leaders than us, but as a species we’re on the hook. But there is cause of hope because mostly we know what we have to do. We know we have to reduce CO2 and Methane emissions. We even know mostly how. We pretend we don’t, because the how will involve changin […]
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Ohhh, I get it now. It was the WaVe. 

A lot of people are scratching their heads about why Comey sent that letter, a letter that will live in Infamy, 10 days before the most important election of our lifetimes. The email thing is so outrageous. Just think about it. There’s no evidence that Hillary sent or received this email on her personal server. There’s no indication that the FBI found any classified material, which would be the only possible reason I can think of why they want to sift through hundreds of thousands of email.

There’s no suggestion that Hillary did anything criminal.

By the way, how is she supposed to pick a cabinet if each one of her choices is going to be subjected to this lunacy? How about her friends and acquaintances? Heck, she’s sent me a TON of email. Is my laptop next?

Anyway, Harry Reid said today that Comey had investigated and found that Russia is trying to influence our election and he refused to announce that becauussse…

He didn’t want to make an announcement on that so close to the election.


So, why write this vague and disturbing email letter to make Clinton look bad but hold back on the Russian Connection to the Trump campaign?

I’m sure it must be obvious by now.

Think back about a week ago. The Hillary supporters were shaking their geritol bottles a little too noisily because the polls put Hillary up to 14 points ahead of her opponent. I had to warn off some giddy twitter friends because we don’t want to look too confident or voters will stay home.

But more than that, it looked like the Democrats could take the Senate AND the House. I know, right? That prospect was making even me a little faint.

You can bet that Paul Ryan and what’s his face Chaffetz were none too pleased by that. And think of the conservative FBI agents who have an interest in preserving the status quo in Congress. They think Republicans are law and order types.

Stop laughing. I’m serious.

The Republicans looked at the lead she had and saw their date with destiny. If she had all three branches, well, she could just pitch that incremental shit and go for the full Scandanavian reconstruction of the American economy and society.

Imagine a country where family leave is fully paid for 6 months, where all children no matter their color or background start life sleeping in the American version of Finnish Baby Boxes.  Imagine a country where all citizens have access to Medicare, where genuinely highly skilled immigrants get a green card to keep wages high and where billionaires pay taxes for really reelz.

That must have given Republicans an existential moment.

I’m not sure what kind of pressure they applied to get Comey to write that letter but it must have been intense.

Whatever it was, I hope Comey and his squad of Eliot Ness wannabes (yeah, yeah, Ness was treasury. So what) have been rewriting their CVs. I’m betting that Obama is going to clean house on 11/9.

Yeah, let’s watch the Republican melt down during the lame duck session about the rout of the FBI. Get your tiny violins.

In other news, Democrats are flocking to the polls like gangbusters in Austin, Texas and elsewhere around the country. So, this ill conceived email bomb might be a squib.

What will Donald do? He’s going to have to double down. It’s not over yet and I have a feeling that if psyching is out doesn’t work, they might have to break out the thuggery.

Hold hands, stay out of dark alleys and vote together. We’re almost there.

67 Responses

  1. RD: I am betting that on 11/9, Obama does nothing. He will coast to the end of his glorious reign enjoying his lame duck status and leave all the heavy lifting, including the “house cleaning,” to Hillary come January. But I hope you are right so Hillary isn’t held responsible for that too. If she does root out the partisan actors in the FBI, it will be seen as ruthless revenge not justice, and oh so typically nasty…

    • Comey might decide to leave on his own instead of working for Hillary but who knows. She can make his life miserable by appointing an independent counsel to investigate him and the FBI. Getting rid of the radicals Bush put in the FBI is going to be a lot harder though.

    • If Obama does something, then that means he made a mistake. Don’t recall him owning up to a lot of those, and his first six years were full of them. I hope he proves me dead wrong, but I’m not holding my breath.

  2. I know the Republicans were freaking out after the last debate saying that they now were going to lose the house. I do agree that this was done in an attempt to save the house but I think the senate is gone. Just too many bad GOP tea party nuts are up for reelection this time.

    However Comey just opened a can of worms on the GOP by withholding all of Trump’s Russia connections from the public while declaring everybody must sniff once again Hillary’s underwear. There’s a reason why the GOP is coming down on Comey and it’s because they see the Russian connection as deadly.

  3. RD:
    Great post and reporting.

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{ Keep Going }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  4. Partisan DTeamer “logic”

    2003 Bush43 Admin claims Iraq President Saddam Hussein “has weapons of mass destruction (WMD)”, but submits NO EVIDENCE. HClinton votes for the illegal Iraqi War citing this Bush43 claim

    ~2006 it is clear that Bush43 lied in its WMD claim, Iraq/Hussein never had WMD. DTeamers denounce Bush43 for his WMD lie & denounce him as a war criminal.

    2016 0bama Admin claims that the Podesta docs were provided to Wikileaks by the Russian government, but submits NO EVIDENCE. DTeamers, including 0bamaBots & HillaryBots, hypocritically denounce Wikileaks.

    First, their is no evidence provided publicly demonstrating Russia provided the Podesta docs to Wikileaks. Second, Wikileaks has a 10+ yr record of all their releases, on powerful Governments & Corporations, being genuine documents, never proven to be false. This is an impressive record. Certainly most constant habitual liar US pols including Bush43, 0bama, HClinton, & Trump cannot come close to Assange/Wikileaks professional, earnest, diligent record. It does not matter who was the source of the leak, as long as the document is authentic & there is a public interest in releasing the document in the spirit of investigative journalism questioning the powerful. Certainly HillBots are hypocritically questioning the source of the Trump’s tax records being leaked to US BigMedia, because what matters again is Trump’s tax docs are genuine & it is in the public interest to know that Trump appears to pay a near 0% Federal income tax rate for ~20 years.

    For the HillBots or TrumpBots who don’t care about policy flip-flopping nor hypocrisy, but just want to root for a team, consider following & rooting a sports team instead of a corrupt politrickian or political party. Heck, for the Identity Politics types, you can even pick a White woman to root for, like US World Cup star Carli Lloyd for the Houston Dash of the NWSL soccer league, this way you can still be #ImWithHer . Or if you dislike soccer, ditto for another White woman Diana Taurasi of the Phoenix Mercury of the WNBA basketball league.

    From the publicly known information, Carli Lloyd or Diana Taurasi appear to be earnest professional & good persons, unlike the habitual liar flip-flopping criminal poor-hating warmongerers like Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

    • actually there is evidence that Assange and Russia were working in conjunction. Secondly Jill Stein went to Russia and praised Putin. Putin the guy that is putting journalists in jail and oppressing gay people. What an idiot.

      • Bush43 saying “WMD” or 0bama saying “Russia Gov gave the Podesta docs to Wikileaks” is NOT EVIDENCE. It is just a claim by a powerful person, namely the US President, without any actual proof.

        “Jill Stein went to Russia and praised Putin” You willing to provide a source? HillBots seem to be joining TrumpBots, Breitbart, & Alex Jones in the Anti-Reality Based Community aka We Just Make Stuff Up Community.

        Jill Stein is a competent, earnest, professional, & good person running for President, 4 attributes which Hillary sorely lacks.

        Back in the Reality Based Community, the Wikileaks releases revealed a Russian uranium company donated to the Clinton Foundation, & then months later, voila, SecState HClinton approved the company to purchase 20% of US uranium mines. The Reality Based Community views this as pure Pay to Play corruption.

        Ditto for the Saudi Royals/Govt being among the biggest ($20M+) donors to the Clinton Foundation, & then SecState approved Saudi to purchase a huge arms deal from US MIC Corps. Saudi is among the worst nations on Earth in terms of a human rights, women rights (women banned from driving a car, etc), & LGBT (punishment for homosexuality can be death penalty) rights record.

        But with Breitbart-esque tactics, HillB0ts ignore this HClinton Corruption, & smear Dr. Jill Stein with false charges.

        • Jill “I may be an MD, but I play footsie with anti-vaxxers” Stein cannot, realistically, be elected President.

          We have two choices. We can give control of the U. S. nuclear arsenal to Hillary Clinton or to Donald Trump.

          Survival overrides principle. Even if I agreed with everything PND says–which, of course, I don’t–I would vote Clinton for the sake of my survival.

          Why is this tedious purity troll still posting here?

          • Once again, the political “spectrum” is less of a straight line than a horseshoe; the Far Left and Far Right resemble each other greatly.

            However, I want to thank PND and his ilk for one thing. I used to think I was a leftist. I realize now I am a left-leaning centrist.

          • Also, while I lack YUUUUUGE assets, I do own a 401K and a Roth IRA.

            Whom should I choose to manage the economy–the woman who was born lower-middle class and became rich, or the man who was born rich, went bankrupt four times, and has defaulted on so many loans that no U. S. bank will lend him money, so now he has to borrow money from Boris Badenov? 😛

          • You act just the the people you condemn, parading lies about. Dr. Stein, in the 1990s, raised awareness about thimerosal in vaccines. Dr. Stein was a recognized expert in environmnetal determinates of health before ever seeking public office. Please note that the FDA and CDC encouraged manufacturers to reduce or eliminate thimerosal as a preservative in vaccines because of concerns linked to potential mercury toxicity.


            Studies continued into the 2000s, leading to increased knowledge of the metabolism of different mercury compounds and providing information regarding expected side effects of thimerosal in vaccines and other health or medical products.

          • What is it exactly you think thimerosol does? Because we know it doesn’t cause autism.

          • Though to PND’s credit, I think he is at least sincere, unlike “Joffrey”.

        • http://americablog.com/2016/08/jill-stein-moscow-criticized-us-human-rights-said-nothing-russian-human-rights.html. It has a link to video. Jill Stein is an embarrassment to the country. She panders to anti-vaxxers and is a wacko.

          The uranium story has been discredited. She could not approve that. 7 people had to prove that deal. Nobody needs to smear Jill Stein. She does it to herself.

  5. Hillary admitted to her private server as a mistake, but that mistake opened the door for her enemies. It’s a matter of policy that when state secrets are mishandled, the FBI must investigate. The chance of those secrets falling into wrong hands is of course the fear. To believe that Hillary would do anything to harm the country is dumb, but the FBI must look into it as a matter of policy. Once the FBI looked into every email, it opened the door for fishing expedition for any wrong doing. The investigation of Huma’s mail in husband’s laptop is a fishing expedition as far as I’m concerned. The FBI is out to find out if there’s any wrong doing, ANYTHING. That’s unfortunate. I just read that Huma doesn’t know why the emails got in the husband’s laptop because she always considered that his laptop. I’m going to guess here how that happened.

    Some people are not savvy about computers and other people set them up. I know I’ve done for some family members who are smart, but very dumb when it comes to computers. In one case I put the husband’s email and other info knowing that he won’t use the device. But if there’s a need, it’s there. So I ask info and set it all up, including emails. I’m guessing someone did that for Anthony’s laptop, and put Huma’s info in case she needed to use the device. The laptop is a Mac, and from what I’ve read, the emails are in the Apple iCloud servers. If that’s the case, Huma was using her own device, but Anthony’s laptop got all her emails too. It’s my guess. I have a device that I rarely use to access my email, but the emails are download from the iCloud just the same, even when I’ve not touched the device.

    Now the FBI is in a fishing expedition and will look at each email to find its content and any wrong doing. That drama won’t end until after the election. If Trump gets elected it will be an interesting 4 years, that’s for sure.

    • Your last sentence says it all. Electing Trump would be “interesting”. is that all you care about is being “entertained”? No matter that the stock market would collapse and we would lose 3.5 million jobs according to NONPARTISAN sources. You’re willing apparently to let the alt-right take over the entire country for your own entertainment. Wow.

      • I’m not interested in living in “interesting times.” Yet, there are many people like our purity troll who really want to burn the house down just to enjoy the fire. I routinely call them “dumbasses” to their faces, which kinda gets them because I’m old and decrepit and they would lose face if they “educated” me. So much sputtering ensues. Sometimes, I do get through to them when I ask them what their children will do in a world they help reduce to ash.

        • This election is basically about nihilists and everybody else. There appears to be a faction of people in the country who just want to blow everything up and it’s not a right or left paradigm. It’s just basic nihilism that they believe nothing can be done and things are too far gone that we just need to blow everything up and start over. If they want to torch their own lives then that’s their business. When they want to torch my life and think they are going to get away unscathed then I have a serious problem with that.

          • Ooooo, GA, you’re all fired up. I like it.

          • What G6D said. This election is sane people vs. nihilists–the latter aided, abetted, and encouraged by a remarkably stupid, self-destructive media which somehow thinks it will not end up like the Russian media under Tsar Putin. 👿

          • End up like the Russian media if Trump wins, I forgot to add.

          • Hey, Les Moonves, what toppings do you want on your polonium sandwich? 👿

          • For that matter–hey, Vladimir, do you really think you’ll have The Donald in your pocket? May I remind you that your predecessor Stalin thought he had “The Adolf” in his pocket until June 22, 1941? 👿

  6. One more thing. Huma never did any email maintenance (deleting, archiving, etc). If Huma had used her device to delete those emails when she left the State Department, the emails would be deleted across all devices. It’s Huma’s mess that attaches to Hillary’s ’emailgate’ drama.

    • That would be the case if I accepted the frame that we must inspect Huma’s emails for criminal activity.
      I don’t. The FBI should stop this crap and we need to stop talking about whether the emails are a mess that pertetually haunts Hillary like a dead albatross.
      No more of that framing please.
      Seriously. If you want to discuss culpability and criminal activity navel gazing about emails, you might be comfortable doing that in another blog. I’m done with emails and don’t want to rehash it here. It’s the equivalent of a parking ticket.
      If you want to discuss real crimes that Donald Trump has committed or plans to commit, that’s more important with respect to the presidency.
      No more comments about Huma’s messes. Got it? Thanks.

  7. FWIW, I voted early on the 25th. For Our Hillary, of course, and every downticket Democrat on my ballot. :mrgreen:

  8. Excerpt from the article above:

    “He deducted somebody else’s losses,” Mr. Buckley said. By that, Mr. Buckley meant that only the bondholders who forgave Mr. Trump’s unpaid casino debts should have been allowed to use those losses to offset future income and reduce their taxes. That Mr. Trump used the same losses to reduce his taxes ultimately increases the tax burden on everyone else, Mr. Buckley explained. “He is double dipping big time.”

  9. Ness was Bureau of Prohibition not Treasury. Frank Wilson was the accountant on the Capone case but he was IRS not Treasury.
    Not getting basic historical facts right tells you how much your deductive reasoning is worth.

    • From Wikipedia: “In 1926, Ness’ brother-in-law, Alexander Jamie, an agent of the Bureau of Investigation (which later became the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 1935), influenced Ness to enter law enforcement. He joined the U.S. Treasury Department in 1927, working with the 1,000-strong Bureau of Prohibition, in Chicago.[4]

      The bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms was under the Department of the Treasury until 1930.
      Chemists who work with lab grade ethanol know this.

      You seem so tense. Why are you worried if your guy is cruising to a victory?

      • Wikipedia she sites to prove how smart she is!

        Bureau of Prohibition was independent of Treasury. By your idiotic logic, Marines are the Navy.

        Dunning Kruger effect — look it up in wikipedia — you suffer from i.

        • “you suffer from i”

          Actually, I doubt you make her suffer. I reckon she barely deigns to notice you. 😛

          Oh, and the word is “cites”.

          Dunning-Kruger effect indeed. 😆

          • Russian.

          • Venus is not Russian, unless a Russian troll has stolen her identity.

            She’s a former regular at the Confluence who exposed herself to wingnut propaganda without the proper mental defenses, and got brainwashed. That happened to several former regulars here, and they now congregate at The Cr@wd@d H0le, which I call “The Fever Swamp”.

    • My dear superheated planet, do I go over to your Fever Swamp and make a pest of myself? 😛

  10. Life’s just not fair. She served CIA faithfully, ran their clandestine-crime slush fund out of the Clinton Foundation (Out of necessity – it’s harder to launder money through the likes of BCCI or Mellon, or even Quasha & McAuliffe’s ‘investment bank,’ with FINCEN and NSA hand-in-glove.)

    The agreement was to call it all routine corruption. But she’s fell victim to the CIA (Snowden, Shadowbrokers) v. NSA (Wikileaks, Seth Rich) turf battle. Now all the malversation’s out in the open, stinking up the joint.

    • Hmmm, I think you’re looking for a delusions blog. Do you need a nap?

      • Okay. It must be sinking in with some that things are not going their way during this election and they are going to have a meltdown about that. Whatever. I’ve had my fill of orange colored toddler tantrums.

    • Hey, looks like Joffrey’s back! 😛

  11. RD: You must have hit a nerve, you are being invaded by trolls. Someone is scared shitless and has sent their minions. HURRAY FOR RIVERDAUGHTER! You kick ass and I love it.

    • Oh, hell, I’ve been dealing with trolls since 2008. They’re silly creatures. We let them get it out of their system and I clean it up later. They can be persistent buggers, like lice, but they’ll be gone next week.

  12. Why, Cord Meyer recruited the youthful Bill at Oxford in ’68. You could look it up, though you won’t. Later Bill did yeoman work for CIA’s drug-smuggling profit center, Mena Airport.


    At that high a level, the whole family are cadres. Hillary herself fought the good fight to deprive Nixon of counsel for Watergate – which was a CIA coup, as all but the rankest party dupes well know.


    Couldn’t care less who wins, but perhaps you can’t imagine such a thing, brainwashed to pick a side as so many unfortunates are. Trump’s campaign is being infiltrated as we speak, and he’s easy enough to blackmail, so his term as puppet ruler will turn out just the same for CIA.

    Jeering won’t change the facts one jot or tittle. You lot sound as cognitively hermetic as the reddest most christ-crazy deplorables, so you’ll avoid distressing facts with your last breath. But if you dare to look into it, you’ll see. No matter what happens, the CIA is going to win.

    • Ok, whatever. Thanks for playing.

      • This one definitely comes from the Alex Jones School of Thought because those are the only ones in the entire country that believe that stupid Mena Airport story.

  13. Madoka preserve us, I go away to do a job and a whole troop of flying monkeys shows up… 😛

  14. Ah, so that’s how you do it! Associate the fact with a designated enemy, then you can dismiss it with minimal cognitive dissonance. No need to see for yourself! Like the holy-rollers with their dinosaurs on arks. Always wondered how that works.

    Tell me, what do you do when you hear from someone who’s read in to the relevant compartments – How do you dismiss it then? Well, perhaps you never encounter anyone like that, like one’s self. Never seen collateral, am I right? You have that endearing just-fell-off-the-turnip-truck credulity for statist doctrine.

    • Hello again, Joffrey. I remember you from a few months ago, despite your change of pseudonym.

      Why have you decided to pollute RD’s nice blog with your presence again? Does Tsar Putin think he needs to send his flying monkeys to every last non-CDS blog in the USA? 😛

    • Was that English?

      • A rather baroque dialect of it, not unlike the similar baroque dialects used by PND and R U Reddy.

    • “Never seen collateral, am I right?”

      Actually, I did see (and hear) Collateral one time, when they opened for Roxy Music. 😛

    • BTW, why do you think that sneering at other people is an effective way to persuade them to adopt your way of thinking?

  15. Ah, so now I’m one of those Russians under every bed. Were you a tyke in the Fifties? Did you fall for the Red Scare then, too?

    Didn’t mean to obtrude forbidden facts, it’s rude, like barging into Heavensgate and telling you that Hale-Bopp spaceship is not coming. Fortunately, the uniform defense mechanism in this little cult seems to be pigeonholing people, rather than mass suicide. Would it disquiet you to think that the relevant pigeonhole holds everyone who isn’t trapped behind the iron curtain in the USA? Everyone knows your democracy is fake. Even some of the Sanders dupes.

    • Here’s my fact: 1+1=2. Did it hurt much?

      • Churl, this dude showed up a few months back under a variety of pseudonyms. He tried three different approaches, one of which is the “more intellectual and leftist than thou” persona which he has settled on using, after deciding the other two were ineffective.

        RD just lets him post here so we can play with him. I find the best approach is to refuse to take him seriously. Who knows? With any luck, maybe if we just laugh him away, his master Tsar Putin will be displeased with him, and he’ll be given an extended “vacation” in Siberia. 😈

        • Thanks for the heads up. I can’t keep all these fake identities straight. That’s why I only have one and that was accident way back when I first started using social media stuff.

    • Ah, indeed you are Joffrey. I remember the “you Americans are so naive” persona from last time.

      BTW, your argument is invalid.

      I also remember I finally figured out how to deal with you last time. 😛

    • Potato? Really? The vegetable I would have guessed your wedding tackle to resemble would be a stringbean, and a pair of English peas. 😈

      • We enjoy such elevated discourse here… 😆

        Oh well, I suppose one can’t be highbrow 24-7. 😛

  16. “Ohhh, I get it now. It was the WaVe. “

    Actually, it was Colonel Mustard in the Ballroom with the Lead Pipe. 😉

  17. Samantha Bee. Full Frontal 10/31 interview with 2 Russian trolls–comment sections, twitter, Facebook. They say they try to change the minds of “simple people,” if that doesn’t work, they make people angry, if that doesn’t work, they stop conversations. They think of themselves as “disrupters,” “shaking things up.” I notice they also use big English words, but make grammatical errors English speakers don’t–by omitting articles, using slang language from the 50s/60s, etc. Get your popcorn! Let’s watch!

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