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It’s a sign! A sign!

First, Phyllis Schlafly dies on schedule at the ripe old age of 92 the day the first general election featuring a woman nominee “officially” started. 

Now, that nominee’s hometown team wins the pennant for the first time since a goat owner put a curse on the team wayyyyyy back in the last century. They’re going to the World Series:

Go, Cubs, GO!


16 Responses

  1. I’m a Mets fan, but this year I’m rooting for those Cubs! Let’s hope HRC can add prescience to her list of talents.

  2. I can’t do it. I can’t root for the Cubs.
    But at least, now, I won’t have to kill myself if they win.

  3. I can root for the Cubs, especially in this, Hillary’s year! I’m a native New Yorker from a family of diehard Yankee fans who also lived in the Chicago area (NW Indiana) for a few years.
    Speaking of signs, I feel like I have a sort of cosmic connection to Hillary. Her mother and mine were both born on the same day, June 4, 1919, which also happened to be the day Congress passed the 19th amendment to the Constitution, giving women the right to vote. Hillary clinched the Democratic party nomination for president with the New Jersey primary, in which I voted, on June 7, which happens to be my father’s birthday. She gave her victory speech that evening from the Brooklyn Navy Yard, my father’s former work place. Then, just the day before yesterday a comment I made was called “nasty” on another blog (it wasn’t) just hours before Hillary was called “nasty” by Donald Trump and “nasty” was claimed by women far and wide in solidarity. I also identify with all the hate and abuse Hillary has endured.

  4. Look how much The Donald appreciated Bill and Hillary just 8 years ago.

    • CB:
      thank you for posting it…Awesome video…make it viral…

      • It should be used in Clinton campaign ads. I wish I knew how to make it viral!!!! Sent the link to the three highest-level Clinton people I know how to reach, but that isn’t super high in the chain of command. Wait,
        I might have an email address at headquarters in Brooklyn from some months ago.

    • I love this, just saw it on twitter.

  5. rd, if you haven’t read this it is well worth your time:

    View story at Medium.com

  6. I voted early today for Our Hillary, and every other Democrat available on my ballot! :mrgreen:

    Yeah, she almost certainly won’t carry the Arkanshire, but it only has 6 electoral votes, anyway. 😛

    • Wooooooot!
      I have to wait until Nov 8 like all of the other Pennsylvanians without early voting. We’re all going to be cramming into the polls at once.

      AND I live in one of the most important counties in the country surrounded by an ocean of red. So, I will not be surprised to find Trump supporters ‘supervising’ the polls.

      Did you notice that we’ve had the big name surrogates in Pittsburgh all the time lately? Hillary was last Saturday, Joe Biden was yesterday, Lizzy Warren is today. It’s non-stop. Prolly will be right up to the bitter end.

      It’s a little scary to be honest. So much responsibility on us out here in southwest PA.

  7. I read it the other day. Send it to every undecided millennial you know.

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