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    • Trump’s Policy on NAFTA is Mostly Correct
      Yeah, I know, Trump is wrong on everything. But I agree with Thomas Walkom on NAFTA. The bottom line is that what Trump wants is what the left should want, and if it doesn’t, it isn’t the economic left. And Trudeau’s pretty face and lovely abs don’t change that. Trump wants to: raise the minimum […]
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How do we Landslide? Everybody Push #preimpeachTrump

The NY Times reports that Clinton and the Democrats are going for the whole enchilada. They’re starting to fund downticket races bigly and looking to bedevil Trump in traditionally red states like Arizona and Texas. 


But let’s not get cocky. It’s only going to landslide if everyone gets out there and votes so hard. 

Altogether now, EVERYBODY PUSH!!

Who wants to hear Stevie Nicks sing Landslide at one of Hillary’s inauguration balls?  Let’s get a hand count. 


10 Responses

  1. Love it!! I’m set to volunteer in the Detroit area.

  2. We sure are pushing to get Texas blue after decades of bleeding red…

  3. Hang in there, peeps because miracles do happen.
    After three years of unemployment, my almost sixty seven year old husband just landed a full time job.
    I’m so proud of him.

  4. We need to get the Senate. Maybe we could even /*superstitious, whispers*/ get the House.

    I’m volunteering. But what I really want is a magic wand that makes it Nov 9th and all okay.

  5. Yes, everybody push, push, push. The more the GOP goes down the better the message is going to be to the GOP and their voters that they have been resoundingly rejected by the voters.

  6. I’m skipping the debate not going to give the deplorable Republican nominee an audience with me in it. I voted last week, yes marked my ballot for the first female President and yes, I did feel I was part of history in the making. Just a caution, my Spidey senses had been aroused by our Secretary of State, he came out a couple of weeks ago to address voting issues and started his speech with I am a Christian and for me, unfortunately, that is now a dog whistle to watch my back carefully. And yes, low and behold a suspicious flier was included in our absentee ballot addressing postage which was clearly wrong so I went to post office for mailing. Upon checking my ballot still has not been received, if it doesn’t show up by next Tuesday I will have to request another one and all the time that entails. Be careful with your vote, I’m so glad I checked.

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