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I’m hearing that Trump may have done just enuf last night to keep his candidacy alive and that Hillary failed to deliver a knock out blow despite her many opportunities to do so.

One observation on this seems to ring true. Hillary doesn’t want to finish him off. She wants to keep him in the game and let him “bleed out”. That is, let his campaign slowly lose more and more support until there’s no way for him to recover. That leaves the Republican Party with no options.

If she had finished him off last night, there might have been more calls from Republicans to pressure him to drop out.

Maybe they still will pressure him to drop out.

In any case, what we saw last night was that Trump was a looming, menacing presence, hovering over her and making all of us very uncomfortable, even if it didn’t seem to rattle her. It was creepy. He can not conceal his hatred and contempt.


29 Responses

  1. 8 more years Madam President. Yes indeed the Republican nominees hatred for anyone not a white male was on full display.

  2. She handled it brilliantly. The guy can be easily provoked and if she had gotten into a screaming match with him it would have turned into “have you seen his hands, look at his hands.” Plus she is ahead so didn’t need to make a scene.

  3. …..Oh, and if the American Electorate needed a kick in the ass to get out and vote a straight line Democratic ticket this election, the Republican Senator, Sessions, delivered a whooper last night. He made it absolutely clear that if his Republican Party maintains control of either house, their focus will be not being to work for the peoples of this country but to prosecute the failed, expensive, wasted Alt Right agenda against Clinton. Me I’m a Clinton supporter and an avowed Independent who will vote Weds for the Democratic Senate candidate (a capable experienced candidate) when my preference would have been for the Republican incumbent. Vote

    • I had hoped that Hillary at this point would be so far ahead, that she could have gone around and campaigned against the Republican Congress; because, yes, if they stay in power, they will make it as difficult as possible for her to govern. Even as it is, President Obama has essentially given up trying to get any of his legislation passed. The House will have hearing after hearing against Hillary; they will not allow her to get anything done legislatively. People who think that they can vote for her, and yet vote for a Republican Senator, are making a big mistake. Every Republican votes in lockstep with the rest, 99% of the time. They pretend to be moderates in election season, but pragmatically, they allign with Cruz and Cornyn and the rest. If we can win the Senate, and the more votes the better, she can to begin to isolate the rabid Right people in the House.

  4. I sure admire Hillary’s strength and pose…

    The Groper was just walking and breathing all over like the roister menace from the Bram Stoker mesmerism school…

  5. She’s up 8 pts in the polls (7th-9th) today, and rising. Rise, Hillary, rise…

  6. Stephen Cohen of the liberal-left Nation says her Cold Warrioring policy against Russia from Ukraine to Syria is far more dangerous than Trump’s and she proved it again.

    • Yawn. Same old ****.

    • He must not know Trump’s stances because Trump has said he would set off a war with Iran because an Iranian sailor gave an american the finger.

      • Yet some elements of the Puritan Left screech that HRC is the warmonger, and The Donald “We’ll do worse than waterboarding” Trump will bring peace.

        Though to be fair, we would have “better” relations with Russia, because The Donald has his knee pads ready to get down and kiss his master Putin’s, er, feet.

        • “Puritan Left”, apparently IBW’s slang for consistent policy positions.

          I suppose IBW would call journalist Glenn Greenwald a “Puritan Leftist”. Greenwald was against Unconstitutional NSA warrantless spying on USians when Bush43 did it, & when 0bama did it.

          In contrast, partisan hacks Flippa to the Floppa, & it Just Don’t Stoppa TM. Daily Kos Moulitsas was anti NSA warrantless spying when Bush43 did it, but approved it when 0bama did it. Sean Hannity was pro NSA warrantless spying under Bush43, anti under 0bama.

          I’m guessing IBW is anti NSA warrantless spying of USians under Bush43, anti under 0bama, but will Flip Flop to being pro-NSA warrantless spying under his Dear Leader HClinton.

    • Hooperman wants us to take at face value the “revelations” of VladiLeaks, after Putin’s little army of Boris Badenovs have enjoyed ample time and opportunity to alter, or manufacture, the “shocking” e-mails.

      More yawn.

      • Wikileaks & Assange have a 10 yr track record of leaks of the most powerful government & business elites. Daniel Ellsberg of the Pentagon Papers, that leaked Nixon crimes, has praised Assange & Wikileaks of carrying on the tradition.

        In fact, Wikileaks has leaked Putin & Russia documents, in contrast to IBW’s absurd propaganda. Check the record (search wikileaks dot org w Putin as your search term) no David Brock propaganda organization, just in case.

        In 10 yrs, NO Wikileaks leaks have been proven false, they have all been AUTHENTIC. In contrast, HClinton is a serial Flip-Flopping habitual liar, with a fake “public position”, that is often directly opposite of her authentic private position, including on vital issues like Grand “Bargain” Ripoff Social Security & Medicare cuts, & the TPP.

        I respect a voter in a swing state that Lesser Evil Votes for HClinton, who might say something like “I prefer HClinton, who is pro-SS/MC cuts & pro-TPP, but pro abortion rights & anti-stop & frisk of dark skinned men; to Trump, who is likely to copy the Paul Ryan agenda & is thus actually pro-SS/MC cuts & pro-TPP, but is anti abortion rights & pro-Unconstitutional stop & frisk”.

        I don’t respect HClinton Cult of Personality cultists. If you correctly opposed & were outraged at SS & MC cuts when Bush43 (tried privatizing SS) tried it, or when 0bama tried it (“Grand Bargain”), you should be similarly outraged that HClinton supports an 0bama-style Grand Bargain.

  7. I read these at the anime site I frequent, of all places:

    “I’m sorry, GOP, but you cannot abort this campaign. You must carry it to term.”

    “When the Republican Party selects their candidate, they’re not sending us their best. They’re sending us their rapists, their criminals…” 😆

    More and more major Republicans are repudiating Trump.

  8. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I STILL feel like I need a shower after watching that debate last night. It was creepy and scary.

    However, I’m going to have a pot of chocolate tea with a piece of chocolate while celebrating Hillary Rodham’s 14 pt lead in the NBC poll. They just keep going up!!

    Now, RD, what can we do to help the campaigns of all the House & Senate candidates who are on the ropes? If the GOP is actually going to stand by what it said this morning, that it plans to prosecute Pres. Rodham for nothing and completely derail her first 4 years, we need the Senate, and as close to House dominance as we can get.

    In CA, we have House Dem candidates Caforio in the 25th district, Bera in the 7th, Peters in the 52nd (he’s the one who live-streamed the Congressional shutdown earlier this year). Longer shots (but not impossible!) are Engman, Huerta, and Applegate. I’m going to at least donate to their campaigns.

  9. Ivory Bill is the ghost of Dan Moynihan or Henry Jackson.
    If Trump loses, Clinton’s presidency is still discredited, doomed.
    But Trump should continue a third force/party, help lead it or organize
    it. Hopefully he will take personally and see more than ever the Rethuglicans who abandoned him are anti-worker, globalists
    warmongers and Clinton-liters, have been all along The party thye would lead needs to dissolve and an American styled version of the French National Front needs to come to fruition and establish clear cut lines against both wings of the globalist Elite.

    • “…the French National Front”

      In other words, Kenny Boy wants a f^&%ing neofascist party.

      I’ll just let Sailor Mars speak for me.

      • I forgot to mention that in traditional Scottish epithet usage, “bitch” is non-gendered. 😉

  10. I love Ivory Bill Woodpecker as much as if he’d invented the Venus Butterfly, so there.

  11. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an election with as many whiners as I have this one.

    • The whole Trump campaign is the climactic whine of the great mass of Mediocre White Men, wailing that they have been deprived of what I would call, following DuBois, the psychological wages of whiteness and maleness.

      They have suffered practical decline as well, since mediocre intellects and performances no longer suffice, now that non-white men, and women of all skin tones, are no longer artificially excluded from the competitions for society’s tangible and intangible “goodies”.

      The Mediocre White Men are simply so many deodorant cakes in the urinal of the hermaphroditic bitch-goddess Evolution. 😈

      Their raging howls are the bellowings of mastodons and sabertooths as they sink into the tar pits.

      I am pale and male as well, so I fear I could have been one of them, but for the grace of the Ascended Madoka. :mrgreen:

      • Well, not as artificially excluded as they once were, anyway.

      • Yes, but a lot of this is the fault of the GOP who failed to tell them that they really needed to do something with their life and were not entitled to things because of their skin color.

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