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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on 1943 Supreme Court ruling mean…
    pm317 on Autumn Melange.
    pm317 on The DHS finally confirms that…
    pm317 on The DHS finally confirms that…
    pm317 on Autumn Melange.
    pm317 on Autumn Melange.
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Autumn Melange.
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Autumn Melange.
    pm317 on The DHS finally confirms that…
    riverdaughter on The DHS finally confirms that…
    riverdaughter on The DHS finally confirms that…
    pm317 on The DHS finally confirms that…
    riverdaughter on Autumn Melange.
    pm317 on Autumn Melange.
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The Tipping Point Thread

A month away from the election and we have finally reached the end of the Trump campaign. I guess he could still run, go thru the motions, flail like a screaming flaming swamp monster at tomorrow’s debate. But something tells me the Republicans will have made some monumental decision by then to save their own skins. 

It’s a lot to take in and discuss. Happily, I am at a wedding this weekend in a beautiful wooded setting. But I’m going to leave this thread open because I want to hear what you’re thinking. 

Here are some of the things I’m thinking about: 

1.) If you haven’t seen Ana Navarro pointing out Scotty Hughe’s unbelievable hypocrisy on CNN last night, stop right now and watch it. That is the closest thing I have seen to the “Have you no decency at long last, sir?” moment we have had since the 50s. 

2.) The Republicans have been running on the anti-PC meme for several years before Trump decided to run for President in 2016. It has been Rush Limbaugh’s golden ticket for decades. Religion and bigotry has been their business model since Reagan. Let’s not let them off the hook because Trump has exposed them in the ugliest possible way. They had their chance to stop him before the nomination and they didn’t. They should all hang together. 

3.) There is now talk that the GOP is thinking about forcing Trump off the top spot and moving Pence up. For all we know they’re the ones who brought their own candidate down. There are two problems with this, both of which should trouble us greatly. The first is that the ballots are already printed in every state. I’m guessing that each party has a back up plan in case their nominee can’t do the job, or they should have after what happened to RFK in 1968. But this swaparoo feels too conveeeenient. In fact, looking back on the VP debate, you can almost see Pence setting himself up. We thought he was going to run in 2020. But maybe the GOP is trying to slide  a stealth candidate in to replace Trump and hard ass, low tax, anti-government, publicly pious, sexist Pence is more to their liking. 

But that would mean that Pence didn’t get the thorough vetting that the other Republican candidates did in 2016 primary races. What we know about him is unpleasant enough. What else don’t we know? That’s the problem that I have with this scenario. It’s tricky, sneaky, deceptive and not at all beneath Republicans. We shouldn’t allow them to get away with it. They were a private party during the primaries. But the general election is an official, blessed, constitutionally mandated event. We should avoid any more turmoil like the kind we had in 2000. The world needs the US to be a reliable example of stability. As  painful as it may be for Republicans, they need to swallow their losses this year for the good of the country. 

Don’t expect them to be responsible or gracious. 

4.) Hillary is probably going to win. Nothing is for certain so we can’t relax. But I feel bad for her that the candidate she had to run against is so unqualified and destructive that just about any average politician looks good in comparison. She deserved better than this. She deserved to look like the best candidate we have had on both sides of the aisle for two decades. 

But at this point, the media should be sobered up. It dodged a bullet this year. A Trump presidency would have murdered the first amendment. They need to appreciate the candidate who won for the person she is. 

Your turn.