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Tim Kaine won but who cares what I think?

The media wants a photo finish. 

But Kaine won anyway because:

  1. He actually knew what he was talking about. He had a 5 point plan for the economy that included infrastructure, increasing the minimum wage, better job training, focus on small businesses. I don’t have to remember all 5. I remembered 4. He made a big deal out of Social Security- there will be no plans to privatize. He outlined a two pronged approach to tackling ISIS. 
  2. I can’t remember any policy proposals from Pence but he and Trump sure know how to play the victim card. Who knew they were such fragile, delicate flowers. After insulting more than half of the population for a year, they have the chutzpah to accuse Hillary of being mean. That takes a special kind of insincerity. That’s debate preparation. 
  3. Yeah, Kaine interrupted Pence a lot. But did you notice that when the female moderator told him to shut up he did?  That’s respect. 
  4. Kaine showcased Hillary again and again. 
  5. Pence did not praise Trump. Let’s face it, Pence will be the de facto president if Trump wins. But Trump will be the one itching to press the nuclear button to see what happens because he just won’t be happy if he can’t blow shit up. 
  6. Trump’s taxes are important. They’re much more important than Hillary’s trouble with the state department IT department. And Clinton’s foundation is actually a charitable foundation that helps millions whereas Trump’s foundation is a charitable foundation that helps billionaires. Billionaires who like portraits of themselves that they buy with other people’s contributions. Did we mention that Trump’s foundation was instructed to stop operating because it didn’t have a license? Yeah, you’d think that would be significant. 

Anyway, that’s the way I saw it. So what if Kaine interrupted Pence? Trump and his minions of soulless automatons have bogarted the microphone for way too long on every possible show imaginable. There seems to be 3 times more Trump surrogates than Clinton surrogates. It’s overkill. I’m sick of hearing them cut people off ALL. THE. TIME.  They’re awful people. At least Kaine had something valuable to say while Pence just threw The Donald under the bus over and over again. 

Cold, quiet reptilian Pence is just waiting for his chance. He’s loathesome and so is his nitwit running mate. 


22 Responses

  1. Yes I agree Kaine won. I’m just… so over, Republicans like Pence, who with a straight calm smiling demeanor just lie and deny the unacceptable reality that is their Party nominee. What did surprise me last night, was the overwhelming commentary after the debate that Pence, a proud extremist white evangelical male and a standard bearer for all that label entails, should and could be the Republican nominee in 2020. Seriously Republicans what don’t you get about a Pence republican nominee as putting another shade of lip stick on the same pig.

    • In the next 4 years, we really need to push religion back into the churches and make it rude to evangelize in public to people who are absolutely not interested in God v 1.0.

  2. Agreed, Kaine aced it. He made Pence look plodding and unable to rebut. How would Pence do in a real confrontation as a step president?

  3. “…but who cares what I think?”

    Well, a certain circus performer seems to care, as he keeps linking to your site. It reminds me of the way a pre-adolescent brat will express affection for a female peer by putting a frog down the back of her dress. 😆

  4. I did not watch the debate. The reports I have read suggest that I did not miss much.

  5. RD, are you upset that Hillary Clinton characterized you & other Type 1/Overqualified Underemployed (for instance those with a BA or higher degree working a job that does not require a BA degree) as “basement dwelling Millennial barista”?

    HClinton says the “basement dwelling Millennial barista”, “do not understand what Scandinavian social democratic policies like MedicareForAll or free public university mean”. Sanders voters (although most are not “basement dwelling”, “barista”, & many are Gen X or Boomers) actually DO KNOW what Scandinavian social democratic policies mean: topping the world rankings in socioeconomic & health indicators like life expectancy, social mobility aka “does hard work pay off”, crime, substance addiction, etc. Social democracies like Scandinavian nations, Canada, Germany, Australia, etc; are the current pinnacle of modern human society, the Civilized world.

    At best HClinton is an arrogant ignoramus, unaware of the EMPIRICAL SUPERIOR RESULTS of nations like Denmark & Canada. At worst HClinton is aware of the Canadas’ superior results, but as an owned propagandist tool for the 0.01% oligarchs, she implies the effects of implementing Social Democratic policies in USA would be negative.

    I am struck by how the Occupy movement characterized the 99% vs the 1% (or 0.01%) oligarch ruling class. Occupy, Sanders, & Dr. Jill Stein did/do not fall into the oligarch propaganda trap of “Divide & Conquer”, & blame a faction of the low-power-having 99% for the problems cause by the oligarch ruling class.

    In contrast, HClinton (“basement dwelling Millenials”, “Bernie Bros”, “Basket of Deplorables”) & Mint RawMoney (“the 47% who never pay Federal taxes” DO Divide & Conquer, blaming a faction of the 99% for the problems caused by the 0.01% oligarchs.

    IMHO, the “Basket of Deplorables” poor or middle income racist white guy who is unemployed or underemployed & blames Mestizo undocumented workers “fer takin er yabs” ala the South Park character, lacks empathy & critical thinking to blame an undocumented worker instead of say US BigCorp Illegal Employers & offshore outsourcers. The true Deplorable are the architects of job-offshore outsourcing rigged-trade deals like NAFTA & TPP, such as huge US manufacturers & the puppet neoliberal Reagan clone pols they own like Clintons, Bushes, 0bama, & Paul Ryan.

    HClinton doesn’t call her “good friend”/advisor neocon Henry Kissinger a deplorable, & Kissinger is an acknowledged war criminal. HClinton doesn’t label the 2B2F Bank$ta criminals that caused the 2008 Global Financial Crisis as Deplorables. I could go on.

    I’d guesstimate HClinton’s moral compass & judgement are quite Deplorable. It is possible that Trump is a fascist, racist, & even More Deplorable than HClinton is.

    • No, I am not offended. You know why I’m not offended? It’s because I read the entire quote.
      Yes, I would prefer Scandanavia. Yes, I believe we can get there eventually. But not by electing politicians who can’t move the ball forward.
      I think there was a sense back in 1993 that the Clinton’s were going to move the ball forward quite a bit. The Republicans pulled out all the stops to prevent it. You could say that the Clinton’s are the reason the GOP is what it is today. It was an overreaction to a game changing form of liberalism that the Republucans didn’t want.
      Would it have been EXACTLY like Sweden? Probably not. But it had a lot of the elements of the modern European state that the GOP feared.
      Anyway, this is a Clinton reboot of sorts but the works has changed. Maybe she could have accomplished more in 2008 with both houses of congress. This time around, she’all be lucky if she only gets the senate. She sees political reality and has to work with it.
      If you wanted Sweden, you should have worked harder for Hilary in 2008. Eventually, we could have gotten a lot closer to that ideal. Maybe not in her presidency had she been elected. But she would have laid the groundwork for taking the country in a different direction.
      But obama is the anti-Scandinavian president. He works for the capitalists on steroids. If you were paying attention in 2008 you would have seen that there was a big difference between obama and Clinton.
      Nevertheless, she’s pragmatic. She’s going to work with what she has. I’m sure that it won’t be enuf for you just as Obama was never going to be enuf for me from the very first second he decided to take the financial industry’s money and assistance.
      We all would have been better off if Newt Gingrich wasn’t such a misanthrope.
      It is what it is.
      Hope for things to get better.

      By the way, I’m not a barista type anymore. But I have come to sympathize with people who are.

    • Oh, and I didn’t like the lack of labor protections in NAFTA but as Hillary clearly pointed out in the first debate, it was George Bush Sr who negotiated it, got it passed and signed it. Bill just took the blame because by the time the deal was done, bush was on his way out. And I didn’t lose my job to Mexico. I lost it to France which just happens to try harder to keep people employed.
      Funny how you never hear about that
      AND NAFTA wasn’t the reason why Pittsburgh steelworkers lost their jobs back in the late 70s and early 80s. They lost their jobs because Japan dumped cheap steel on the market. I know because I was here back then and I saw what happened with my own eyes. You can blame a lot on NAFTA but the decimation of the rust belt was not the result of NAFTA. That happened way before NAFTA. It was caused by dumping on the market by Asian competitors followed by union busting Reagan. True story. You can look it up.
      And if TPP has elements in it that she doesn’t like now after years of secret negotiations, I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t support it. But also don’t be surprised if it too is a done deal when she takes office. It’s an Obama creation and I already told you who he works for.

      • Union busting came in the form of moving jobs from the rust belt to the sun belt .

        • That too. But it picked up speed during the Reagan era.
          Bottom line: it’s time to stop dumping on the Clintons on NAFTA. In general, it makes sense to have trade agreements with Canada and Mexico. It was the details on labor that we’re having problems and the Clintons had very little impact on that.

  6. Was my prior comment cens0red?

    HClinton supporters, here is an article that makes a good case for Lesser Evil Voting for HClinton, in terms of likely effect on policies.


    Perhaps you would be interested in this article as a persuasive tool in your GOTV efforts. I’m voting for Dr. Jill Stein #ImWithHer , but if I were in a swing state, I might be Lesser Evil Voting for HClinton based on the policy arguments in this article.

    Consider this a moment of magnanimity.

  7. I don’t disagree about the debate. Lying your way through a debate should not be given credence. What the debaters actually say should have some part in scoring a debate, one would think.

    In retrospect, though, a couple of concerns exist. Pence is a very typical Far Right Religious Republican. They act sincere and caring; their policies are heartless and repressive. For whatever reasons, the Democrats do not effectively unmask Republicanism for its social darwinism and oligarchism. The fact that Pence comes out of the debate with some people thinking that he should have been the nominee; or that maybe he would indeed be running the coutnry, not Trump, so maybe a Republican vote is acceptable, is not good. Republicans have taken over most of the statehouses in the Midwest, running people like Pence; and the voters don’t ever seem to understand that they inevitably end up taking away their voting rights and freedoms. So whilie I understand the idea that Kaine’s goal was to go after Trump, not Pence; I do think that a focus on exactly what awful policies Pence has pursued as Governor of Indiana, and their effects, would have been helpful.

    • Yup, there’s definitely risk there. Plus, Americans tend to be very deferential to the religious. You can challenge anything but Evengelical and fundamentalist Christianity. (They tend to be the most in your face). They demand, and we give, an inordinate amount of respect to the publicly pious. That’s why mean, selfish creatures hide behind religion so effectively. If you challenge them, you risk coming off rude or blasphemous. I think Kaine’s history as a Catholic missionary is a compelling antidote to Pence’s Uber religiosity but protestants see Catholics as an abomination that follow the pope without question. This is a ridiculous notion. There are plenty of Catholics who don’t do exactly what the pope says on many things especially reproduction, homosexuality and until about 40 years ago, eating meat on Friday.
      They feel guilty about it, sure, but it’s not like their world is going to end if they don’t do exactly as Francis says.
      Anywho, religion is our weak spot as Americans. We probably need a devastating war brought on by an evil tyrant who uses weapons of mass destruction to trigger the world to invade us and make us behave. After all the pointless death and destruction, we’ll start to realize that maybe God isn’t quite what we though he or she was.
      Of course, some fundagelicals will vote for Trump simply because they think that if he makes life worse for all of us, then the end times will begin.

      • Well, I know that you don’t actually want such a war. And there have been many devastating wars and dreadful events in human history, and they haven’t seemed to have influenced the very religious. And as you suggest, many would see such awfulness as the apocalypse they had long awaited.

        A concerted and extended effort on the part of moderate-to-liberal Democrats could repulse the religious right, at least outside of the deep south. But they don’t seem to be interested enought to vote in midterms, where most of the state legislatures are taken over. President Obama did almost nothing to mobilize Democrats for anything other than his campaigns. Hillary will do more, if she can just get elected. One can’t really convince a religious right person of anything, so you have to outnumber and outvote them. For most the years, 23% or so of the eletorate is controlling the country.

        • I would differ with you about horrific wars having no effect on religiosity. I think they have had a strong effect on Western Europe. There’s only so much devastation you can take before you decide to try something else. Plus, the social welfare state makes religion less necessary.
          I’m all for myths and I’m not an atheist, though two of my favorite people are. But I think this version of god that we’re living with now is well past his expiration date. Time for a rewrite.

      • It occurred to me that there is a novel which you might like, which is wonderful on any terms, but also deals with such questions as humans’ need to have a mythology of some sort, to provide answers. It is “Riddley Walker,” by Russell Hoban; and it is unforgettable.


  9. Off topic …

    I’ve suspected for some time that Clinton and her people were holding their fire until the weeks and days immediately before the election. (They would have done something similar to Grampa at the convention if he hadn’t backed down.) Now the election is nearly upon us, and we are treated to the taped spectacle of The Donald in full male boast as he prepared for a television appearance a decade or so ago. No woman will be surprised to hear what he had to say, nor will most readers here, I suspect. We’ll also yawn when we hear, yet again, “But I’ve changed!”

    What a brilliant pre-emptive move, releasing that tape now! I can’t wait for Sunday night, to hear The Donald’s comments on President Clinton’s behavior toward women. And I can’t wait to hear how Clinton herself responds. Good times coming! (And after that long, slow screwing-over eight years ago, we deserve it.)

  10. Not true I was surprised and surprised how angry I am that I watched and listened to the Republican Nominee explain how he “grabs women by the pussy” because he thinks he is a celebrity and he’s entitled. Yep and I’m further enraged to discover that the RepublicanNC all along complicit, did indeed, have a rule that could have prevented the filth, ugliness, hatred, stupidity and embarrassment that is their 2016 Republican Campaign which has been nothing more that a vicious assault on Clinton and every woman in the American electorate to beat them down. Fools

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