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    • The deficit game
      Bruce Bartlett, former Reagan and Bush I economic adviser: I think many Democrats and independent political observers are puzzled by the intensity with which Republicans are pursuing their tax cut. It’s not politically popular and may well lead to the party’s defeat in next year’s congressional elections. So why do it? The answer is that […]
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      Perhaps Trump is doing this for petty reasons, but this is a good thing. Media is absurdly over-concentrated already, and should not be more so. The only thing that would better would be a law straight up forbidding media companies to grow beyond a certain size, and forcefully breaking the firms back down to that […]
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Tim Kaine won but who cares what I think?

The media wants a photo finish. 

But Kaine won anyway because:

  1. He actually knew what he was talking about. He had a 5 point plan for the economy that included infrastructure, increasing the minimum wage, better job training, focus on small businesses. I don’t have to remember all 5. I remembered 4. He made a big deal out of Social Security- there will be no plans to privatize. He outlined a two pronged approach to tackling ISIS. 
  2. I can’t remember any policy proposals from Pence but he and Trump sure know how to play the victim card. Who knew they were such fragile, delicate flowers. After insulting more than half of the population for a year, they have the chutzpah to accuse Hillary of being mean. That takes a special kind of insincerity. That’s debate preparation. 
  3. Yeah, Kaine interrupted Pence a lot. But did you notice that when the female moderator told him to shut up he did?  That’s respect. 
  4. Kaine showcased Hillary again and again. 
  5. Pence did not praise Trump. Let’s face it, Pence will be the de facto president if Trump wins. But Trump will be the one itching to press the nuclear button to see what happens because he just won’t be happy if he can’t blow shit up. 
  6. Trump’s taxes are important. They’re much more important than Hillary’s trouble with the state department IT department. And Clinton’s foundation is actually a charitable foundation that helps millions whereas Trump’s foundation is a charitable foundation that helps billionaires. Billionaires who like portraits of themselves that they buy with other people’s contributions. Did we mention that Trump’s foundation was instructed to stop operating because it didn’t have a license? Yeah, you’d think that would be significant. 

Anyway, that’s the way I saw it. So what if Kaine interrupted Pence? Trump and his minions of soulless automatons have bogarted the microphone for way too long on every possible show imaginable. There seems to be 3 times more Trump surrogates than Clinton surrogates. It’s overkill. I’m sick of hearing them cut people off ALL. THE. TIME.  They’re awful people. At least Kaine had something valuable to say while Pence just threw The Donald under the bus over and over again. 

Cold, quiet reptilian Pence is just waiting for his chance. He’s loathesome and so is his nitwit running mate.