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Groupies and Taxes

We’re back to tit for tat. If the NYTimes is going to go big on The Donald’s tax returns and what might be lurking in them, then they’ve also got to do equal time on Hillary and the “bimbo eruptions” as Betsy Wright, Bill Clinton’s assistant used to call them.

I wouldn’t call them bimbos. I’d call them groupies. Whatever you may think of Bill as a president, (I thought he was pretty good), one thing is for sure. He was very charismatic. That kind of ease with people, along with the height and boyish face, must have been very attractive to women. Here you’ve got a Yale trained lawyer, Rhodes Scholar, governor with a southern twang and the gift for explaining politics that makes it easy enough for anyone to understand.

Even as a governor, that presence and personal power must have been like a light to moths. Those moths weren’t bimbos, they were political groupies. Maybe they saw him as southern fried Mick Jagger. How would I know?  I like geeks. I still think about the CMU math major I went out with. Damn was he fine.

Anyway, where was I?

What I kind of resent about the Republicans, among the many other things that are on my list, is the tendency to make women passive recipients of unwanted attention. It’s like they’re completely incapable of coming on to someone or willfully engaging in flirtation or decisively going for the gusto. For all we know, there are women who like to have sex with powerful men and have their own list of conquests. It’s not my thing but rock groupies have done it for years. Sleeping with Bill Clinton doesn’t make you a victim or a bimbo. It just means you bagged some big prey. I’m not excusing Bill in these scenarios. It takes two. But let’s just say that I find it very hard to believe that force was applied by either party.

It also doesn’t necessarily make you unprincipled either. Everyone has their hobbies and peccadillos. But I’m guessing that when operatives start promising big rewards for spilling the beans, well, that might be tempting to make things out to be more than they were.

People in the midst of the biggest campaigns of their lives can’t afford to not know what the contours of those stories might be.

In any case, it’s more likely that those women were in more danger of being smeared by Republicans who see women as only one of two things: victims or sluts.

I’m sure the operatives made it perfectly clear that both stories were in the can. All she had to do was pick which one to go with.

As for the tax thing, there are a lot of things I wish I didn’t have to fork over my taxes for. Like the Iraq War, the bailout of the banks, landing rights for billionaires with private jets. And there are a lot of things I’d rather spend money on like infrastructure, better broadband, clean renewable energy, education, healthcare and nutritious meals for underprivileged kids in the summer.

We don’t get to pick and choose unless we get our preferred representatives in government. Right now, the hardasses are in charge. You’d think Donald would be ok with that and stiffing poor little kids and sick people. But he’s not.

He’s just selfish.


5 Responses

  1. Thank you for writing on the “bimbo eruptions.” I tried to make the exact point way back in 2000 and got absolutely roasted for being “a typical male pig” (one of the nicer names I was called). The GOPers also got on my case, making again the exact point you made about “victims or sluts.” I missed that point myself, but sistah the Republicans made it clear I did not understand women at all. Well, I never claimed to be an authority on the subject but I do understand one fundamental point about women— they are people first, as are we all, with one possible orange exception. Monica’s foray into D.C. was a deliberate trip with a stated purpose, and some men just cannot resist the sexual snare. Not all men are dogs, but quite a few are. In summary, I’d say that both sexes are trophy gatherers of various sorts.

  2. At the rate the Grifter is disintegrating, Putin’s intelligence service will need to cobble up a convincing video of Hillary shooting Vince Foster, for Assange to release through VladiLeaks.

    • Maybe that’s it. I’ve been trying to imagine what they could up with that would be kindasorta quasi believable, meaning that in the infinite number of parallel universes, it could have happened once. I got nothing. The Clinton shooting Vince thing might work for the tRumpers, but I can’t imagine what they’d come up with that might convince liberals to vote for tRump.

    • Lol! Is it possible that she’s just another politician and more honest than most who pays her fair share of taxes and doesn’t have any skeletons in her closet??

  3. Here is today’s entry on the blog Sic Semper Tyrannis.

    If anybody here cares to read it they might ask themselves: is this a good course to be on? Or a bad course to be on?

    Should we Stay The Course?
    Or should we Change Course?

    Which candidate, if elected, would Stay The Course?
    Which candidate, if elected would Change Course?

    Here is the link, for those who might find the matter worthy of their attention and consideration.


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