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The Mother of All Debates

id-debate-2016Hi guys, I’ve got volunteers at my house phone banking! Did speed cleaning when I got home. Ikea bags are the best thing for cleaning- EVER.

Hope you have friends with you watching the debate. Well, we’re friends here, right? Tonight, I made a pot of chili, crock pot mac and cheese, a salad with red bell peppers, cucumbers, sliced avocado and tomatoes. We have green iced tea, diet iced tea, four flavors of seltzer, soda, a bottle of white wine and some ginever. Plus hummus, chips, crackers cheese. It looks like I’ll have leftovers for a week. And cookies!

I’m not going to give any pre-debate commentary. There’s been  plenty of stoopid commentary all day long. Most of it has to do with strategy, debate tactics, what Hillary has to do, (not sound like a school marm. Can we say offensive, boys and girls?). What Donald has to do (try to pay attention for 90 minutes.). Yadayadayada.

But if Hillary is out there, I would like to say that no matter what happens tonight, we know you are a winner and smart and experienced and honest and determined and unflagging. And we hope that the rest of the country who has never seen you debate before is as impressed with you as we are. No matter what happens tonight, we volunteers in PA have your back and are with you all the way to the end.

I won’t say Good Luck because luck favors a prepared mind and we know you are ready. So, have a good time.

Love Trumps Hate.



21 Responses

  1. Guess who Donald had as a debate coach. go on guess.
    If you said that hothead, sexist ex basketball coach Bobby Knight, you would be right.
    Yeah, the one who said a woman who was being raped should “lay back and enjoy it”. That Bobby Knight.
    I don’t even want to go there.

    • Speaking of athletics, I hope the spirit of the late Muhammad Ali goes with Hillary tonight, and she rope-a-dopes The Great White Dope and knocks him out (metaphorically, of course). 😈

  2. Omg, someone sent two gigantic pizzas

  3. Get ready to rrrrrrrummmmmmble!

  4. Oh, good Lord. Donald is doing exactly what he was not supposed to do.

  5. He blamed climate change on the Chinese.

  6. wow, the donald really goes on and on. not crisp and in command like clinton. i don’t think he will make very high marks even with a low bar. go hillary.

  7. Omg, what was that???

  8. A tweet quoted over on Uppity Woman’s blog:

    “I see Hillary has come dressed in the blood of men who have underestimated her.”

    Boadicea would be proud. 😈

    • Awesome comment. Just finished watching my DVR. WOW. He really said, straight up, that not paying contractors is good business. Not paying taxes is good business. Going bankrupt is good business.

      Not beta blockers. Cocaine! Sniff… All the twisting of his face… Just wow.

  9. We wondered about those constant sniffs, too :-).

  10. What sort of dressing would you like with your word salad, Mr. Trump? ;P

    • @RD: How did you make the winking tongue-out face on a previous thread? Semicolon & Capital P didn’t work for me. 😛

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