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I know, I know, that’s not nice.

But it sure is funny.

We can’t wait for Saturday Night Live.

Poor Ivanka looked so embarrassed.


16 Responses

  1. I’ve already stayed up too late. I’m going to hate that alarm clock in the morning.

    I guess I can’t criticize Sniffles. I tried snorting coke once.

    I almost drowned. 😛

  2. IMO Secretary Clinton’s performance was strong, assertive, confident, calm and showed her qualities. Pity she had to interact with such a deplorable incapable Republican opponent. If Republicans are honestly believing the antics of their nominee undermined Clinton in some way or will harm her ability to perform as President, they are mistaken. Their Cartoon Candidate by playing himself in the debate has ensured a view of zero-zero credibility and any Republican defending him and his performance are just future destroying their Party…. The trick for voters is not to allow the Republican down ticket to escape the judgement that their Party in nominating this chump is rotten at its core and for this cycle all republican candidates should be suspect. The same RNC that recruited them recruited Trump.

  3. Poor Melania. All she wanted was to get her nails done and be left in peace. Never strutted her stuff on a stage, never even baked cookies that we know of. Just a simple girl. Pat Donald’s a$$ as necessary, go to the nail salon, shop, and be left alone. Now this.

    I hope fate is kinder to her than it was to, say, Alicia Machado.

  4. Oh, and am I the only one who’s fallen a little bit in love with Chelsea for her response to The Donald’s veiled threat to discuss her father’s infidelities in front of her?

  5. This from Jonathan Chait at the NYmag.com on the Republican’s view of their nominees performance at the first debate. “…Trump might somehow, in his eighth decade on Earth, develop into a plausibly competent president of the United States, the first debate should have been your moment to abandon ship. Trump displayed the factual command of a small child, the emotional stability of a hormonal teen, and the stamina of an old man, staggering and losing the thread as the 90 minutes wore on. Instead, Republicans — without a single exception I have seen — have responded very differently…”

    Correct because he is the Republican Nominee the man that Republicans voted for regardless of the fact he has all along acted as a small child with zero emotional stability. I’m not sure why Republican’s appear not to care what would happen to this country under such leadership and I don’t buy for one second they don’t grasp how deplorable their Republican nominee is.

    • The Donald has captured those deplorable imaginations, moved them to vote their nasty little appetites, and that’s all the Republicans need. They’re fine with him blustering and making a fool of everyone including himself just as long as they have their man in power. If you liked Cheney, you’ll love Pence.

  6. The myth of the Republican nominee’s flock being new voters, they aren’t their the same right wing Republican wackado’s from before.

    • Nate Silver of 538 discussed this today. Trump is not bringing in as many new voters as are the Dems…

  7. Please read Paul Krugman’s op-ed column on Septemeber 30, 2016.

    Here is the link.


    He has been consistent in his support for Hillary in the primaries to the dismay of the Bernie folks. Reading it this morning was a joy.

    The New York Times does allow non-subscribers to read 10 articles per month.

    • You can get around the 10 article limit.
      Yes, I read it. It’s pretty good. But the media has to really get out there and confess they made big mistakes or many voters are going to continue to loathe Hillary.
      They’ve backed away from the emails and foundation stuff. Now they have to stop the “enthusiasm” crap. Seriously. I work with many volunteers and there is no lack of enthusiasm.

  8. Rico, can I have a Manhattan? It’s been a pretty good week!

  9. Off-topic: It’s finally starting to feel like fall here in the central Arkanshire, at least in the mornings. I’ve brought this favorite pic back as my laptop’s wallpaper. :mrgreen:

    The Hiiragi sisters from Lucky Star sweep up around the shrine.

  10. Ok, we have officially entered the Twilight Zone phase of the 2016 Presidential Election of Hillary Clinton. There is no doubt, in my view, that Republican Leadership is furiously searching the Party rule book on how they may declare Trump to be Mentally Incompetent incapable of performing the professional requirements as Republican Party leader.

    ..And my advice to all Clinton- McGinty PA voters, if you are going to the polls to cast your vote pack a snack, take an attorney, carry your aclu contact list, record the event, or vote by some other means, cause it’s going to be a very very long day good luck.

    Dose Pa have open carry like Ohio?

    My ballot should be here Friday.

  11. A disturbing story on Electoral-Vote.com:

    Could Poll-Watchers Give PA to Trump?

    RD, how big a problem do you think this will, or might, be?

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