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Raisins, Regret and Inderol 

Tonight’s the big night. Is everyone ready?  You could be forgiven for thinking this is the fight of the century between Frazier and Ali. The pre-game show starts at 4PM on CNN. That’s four hours before the debate. Yes, it is overkill. 

I’m having a debate watching party at my house. So, there probably isn’t going to be a live blog. We’ll see. 

The bar is set so low for Trump that all he has to do is show up dressed nicely and not do his hyperactive, “policeman between brain and mouth at donut shop” routine and he should come out looking Presidential. Oh please. 

If I were Kellyanne Conway, I would have gotten him a prescription for inderol, a beta blocker that can help with performance anxiety. Keeps your heart rate niiiiice and steady. That may be what keeps him from flying off the handle. 

Someone in the media should ask about that. Inquiring minds want to know. 

Speaking of media, the NYTimes gave a glowing endorsement of Hillary on Saturday. Yeah, go figure. Even I was surprised to how good it was. The endorsement even let go of the email “scandal” comparing it to a help desk issue. That sounds about right. IT department doesn’t give you the upgrade you need because you’re not entitled to it yet so you do a workaround. Happens. ALL. THE. TIME. 

Then it wrote a scathing denunciation of Donald Trump yesterday. Methinks the NYTimes realizes, perhaps too late, that it got carried away by how much fun it was to Heather Hillary. It’s all fun and games until the press loses an amendment. 

Better late than never?  Gosh, I don’t know. There seem to be an awful lot of undecideds out there this year when the decision absolutely could not be simpler or more obvious. 

John Oliver put it in perspective. It’s a long segment but stay with it to the end.

By the way, in the first part of this clip I hear the same vomit coming from the mouths of cable news people as I do from some undecided voters I know personally. Listen to me: remember back in 2003 when I said the Iraq War was a stupid idea that was going to turn into a disaster but you kept saying shit that didn’t make sense because you heard it on TV?  And how did that turn out?

Turn your f}#%ing TV off right after the debate tonight and start reading your news from a selection of news sources. Pick a foreign news site if you can’t trust the American news sites. Just stop watching it. There’s bad juju there. 

16 Responses

  1. Are you tweeting for Hillary? I would imagine you are not if you are having a debate watching party.

    • First, I don’t tweet for Hillary. She’s got her own bunch of organizers and campaign staff to tweet for her. I do tweet and occasionally put in #ProudtobePA. But all volunteers for her can do that while they’re doing GOTV stuff. We’re not on her payroll or anything. Second, I am holding the party at my house for volunteers in my territory. If you mean, will I be tweeting during the debate? I guess that depends on how busy I am pointing people to the bathroom and refreshing drinks and popping corn.

  2. a scientific poll showed 75% of USian voters want the 4 candidates who achieved ballot access to theoretically win election, to be on the ballot. These candidates are HClinton, Trump, Libertarian GJohnson, & Green JStein.

    The duopoly is excluding Stein & Johnson from the debate. The duopoly has owned the debates, since taking it over from the League of Women Voters in 1987.

    Many significant issues will not be discussed in the HClinton/Trump debate, since the right-wing duopoly agree on many issues, such as opposing Canada-style MedicareForAll, & supporting the US Imperial military at its comically high (more than the next 10 nations combined & 6X #2 China) level.

    BTW, Sen. Kaine voted against the Public Option health insurance a few days ago, & Kaine is also pro-TPP. If HClinton is pro-Public Option & anti-TPP, why did she pick a VP Kaine that is opposite her positions? 1 Is it that Kaine expresses HClinton’s genuine position, e.g. HClinton is actually anti-Public Option & pro-TPP
    2 Or is it that HClinton was incompetent in the VP selection task, selecting a VP with opposite positions on 2 of the say Top 5 most important issues in this election.

    Troll prophylactic: Yes, Trump also sucks. Trump’s disapproval is the worst ever since polling on the question started in 1980, slightly even worse than the #2 worst HClinton. Trump’s flip-flopping may also be the worst ever. HClinton is an epic Flip-Floppa, but HClinton at least flip-flops from 1 week to the next – Trump flip-flops within seconds, within the same sentence even!

    • Kaine is still a Senator for Virginia. Do you really think Hillary would have voted to authorize the invasion of Iraq if she wasn’t a junior senator from NY?? I don’t.
      If she wins, he’ll be working for her. Then we can hopefully see changes in the TPP to make it more palatable for the rest of us. Some version of it is probably going to pass. Let’s see it defanged first.
      As for the public option, the health insurance market may push us in that direction anyway. Conservative states can only resist for so long.

      Stop asking for perfection. Yes, there are a lot of things that I find are vitally important just as you do. And there’s nothing wrong with asking for them. But I don’t think we’d be this far in the hole if we had elected HER in 2008. If you voted for the other guy, talk to the chaplain.

      • I was just talking about that last night–what if we’d had her in 2008 and Obama were running now.

        Johnson is against the minimum wage, for Citizens United, and against having a Dept. of Education, for example. I suspect those voting for him don’t know that.

        Beta blocker… if so, his eyes will seem unfocused and what should faze him won’t. Still, I agree his handlers may prefer that to his typical behavior.

        Wish I could watch it live. I’m working until 11:45 EST…Dang! I suspect the recording of it is going to give me insomnia! LOL Pro-Hillary tweet for me live, people! 😉

        Bloomberg TV is fact checking during the debate, with a banner on the bottom.

        • Dang. I’m watching CNN on my Apple TV tonight. I don’t know if I can get Bloomberg.

        • I am not supporting Johnson. I don’t support any of the 3 right-wing candidates: HClinton, Trump, or GJohnson.

          I support the Progressive/Social Democrat candidate, Dr. Jill Stein.

          • If you live in a solidly red or blue state, fine.

            If you live in a swing state, here’s a friendly reminder from The Hill:

            Nearly half of voters think Trump will detonate a nuke.

          • Yeah, I wish Hillary Clinton were more leftist than she is–though she, and President Obama, and the Democrats in general, despite their shortcomings, do not get enough credit for what they have accomplished for the common citizen in the face of the permanently deranged American Right Wing–but the alternative to her is a Madoka-damned fascist, since Stein or Johnson don’t stand a chance in Areinnye of actually winning.

            My next President will be either Hillary Clinton, or a Madoka-damned fascist who wonders why we can’t use nuclear weapons.

            The Deity I actually worship (I use the Ascended Madoka as a stand-in for flippant references) has promised me a benign afterlife, but I do not wish to hurry my entry into it by voting for nuclear apocalypse.

  3. Reblogged this on Advice You Didn't Seek: and commented:
    If you believe, as I do, that fact should be the basis for who gets your vote, read this blog and, by all means, watch all of this John Oliver video before watching the debate tonight.

  4. Glad you told me to stick with it, RD.
    I almost bailed a few times.
    Oliver spent an awful lot of time spewing false equivalency before blowing it all up.

  5. I will be at work during the debate. If it is replayed after the fact somewhere on the internet, I will watch it then.

  6. fwd: interesting debate questions for both HClinton & Trump that an actually skilled journalist would ask, instead of a BigMedia NewsModel that the debate will serve up.

    Skip to 14m30s if you want to hear ONLY the Trump-specific questions.

  7. I was hoping you would live blog this thing, RD. Still I guess if I reallyreallyreally valued live blogging it, I would not rely on someone else.So really–have fun at your party! I’ll be watching and hoping for a Trump meltdown, which is probably about the only thing that will move the needle for Clinton. Dancing backward in high heels, etc.

    Meantime, I am rigid with disgust at the American electorate.

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