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It may be too late, Marty 

The Washington Post editorial today says that the fixation on Hillary’s email and false equivalency between her and Trump may result in the country electing a dangerous man as president.

It’s a strange editorial. How did we find ourselves fixated on the email story? The writers don’t really say how this came to pass.  I guess it just… happened.

Although I do recall that a couple of months ago, the Washington Post gave Hillary four Pinnochios when she had the nerve to defend herself after James Comey’s unprecedented press conference and congressional testimony explaining why he didn’t indict her.

Was it the Commander in Chief Forum that finally opened your eyes, Marty? Did you have to see how the pernicious effect of implicit bias strips women of their dignity? Did Hillary deserve to be treated this disrespectfully? She’s a major party candidate. She has to project a certain image to the world and American journalists have spent the last year and a half undermining that.

I don’t know if it’s too late. There are millions of voters who have the crazy idea that the use of a blackberry and a personal email server is just as bad as bribery allegations, defrauding students of Trump University and mass deportation of non-citizens in a manner that is not significantly different than the deportation of Jews or the hostile discrimination towards the Tutsis.

How do you convince a country that you went too far and the better candidate really is the better candidate once you have convinced them that she’s a lying, untrustworthy law breaker?

There are people out there, Marty, sentient people with jobs and degrees, who think that vaccines cause autism. It doesn’t matter how many studies you show them. They aren’t going to believe it because they have developed trust issues from all the early unsubstantiated reports they heard on the news. There will be thousands of kids who will get seriously ill and possibly die because class action lawyers and a doctor in England decided to play fast and loose with the truth in order to make money. Those anti-vaxxers aren’t going to change their minds now. They’re completely resistant to evidence.

Let’s dispense with the notion that journalists didn’t know what they were doing when they decided to become a gaggle of Javerts, pursuing Hillary thru the sewers to punish her for a minor infraction. They knew that questioning her trustworthiness could be devastating and they’ve been delighted at how close the race has become. This most qualified of candidates, superior in every way to everyone who ran this campaign season, should not have to start from scratch and reintroduce herself to voters. She shouldn’t have to prove her humanity. The media has already shown us that she’s human and can fall with their collective help. Do not put the almost impossible task of rehabilitation on her shoulders.

I have no idea how this gets fixed but you’d better think of something quickly. We only have about 60 days left.

43 Responses

  1. Well, trust in the media has been at an all time low too and one of the reasons the media has damaged themselves so much is because of the email story that was always a nothingburger from the very start. What’s amazing is the fact that Trump admires Putin who has killed and jailed the very people who have been fluffing Trump in the media.

    • I suspect that the global 1% want to control the human labor and the natural resources of the whole planet.

      I also suspect that the global 1% own the U. S. government, or at least its foreign policy, so that the chief remaining obstacles to their goals are the continuing independence of Russia and China.

      I suspect, like many other people here, that Putin owns Trump, chiefly because Trump’s announced foreign policy goals would strengthen Russia (maybe China as well), at the expense of the desire of the global 1% to control the world’s labor and resources.

      If all of my suspicions be true, one would think that the global 1% would realize that Putin is out-maneuvering them to get his stooge Trump elected, and so the 1% would force the Corporate Media to start applying the “Clinton Rules” to Trump.

      Maybe this is the beginning of that?

      • I do sense a change in the wind. Someone(s) is having an “oh, shit!, pull up! Pull up!” moment just before they slam us into a mountain.

        This should never have gotten this far.

        • The establishments of the GOP and the Corporate Media must be learning how Dr. Frankenstein felt once he lost control of his monster.

          For the analogy to be exact, rather than the monster’s running wild, control of the monster would need to have been stolen from Dr. F by a clever Russian.

        • I had that same sense of an “Oh shit!” media moment in the primaries when they realized he could actually get the nomination because of their fluffing.

          We know how their timing worked then.

          We can only hope that Ascended Madoka Ivory Bill talks about is merciful.

          • Yes, because if he’s elected, we’d have to say that we deserve Trump.
            The rest of the world doesn’t.

      • The fault lines that Trump is exposing continue to amaze. Who would have thought lefties would have been breathing fire with the neocons and NPR about the foreign Hitler du jure (Putin), even as literal neocons switch parties to line up behind their candidate. I see from your elaborate and implausible rationalization that this is causing you no small amount of cognitive dissonance.

        I guess it’s just a measure of how much you hate DRUMPF. Or could it be that you are recoiling in horror at the historical potential of a Trump-Putin axis? The alt-right had similar premonitions: I’ve seen memes of Trump and Putin declaring a new crusade to retake Constantinople from the Turk. You’ll laugh, but underestimate meme magic at your peril.

        • Begone, fascist troll.

        • Do you have any idea what you’re talking about?
          Excuse me for having to break this to you but it isn’t possible for me to follow your train of thot. It doesn’t parse from one word to another. You’ve got Palin and Putin, Trump, Hitler and Istabul (not Constantinople) all mixed up in the same comment without any context or relationship to each other. Do you and your friends sit around playing word association experimenting with which combination give you a hard on?
          That’s it, isn’t it? Just a bunch on middle aged white guys with facial hair experimenting with verbal viagra.
          Hokay, let us know when it wears off and not before.

          • Hard to focus through the simmering misandry and/or hot flashes? It was a simple point. The neocon authors of the Iraq war are lining up behind Hillary. And her lefty supporters are mimicking the neocons’ anti-Russia hostility. Amazing, isn’t it, how far some lefties have come since 2008?

          • And trolls gonna troll.

            Isn’t your bridge getting lonely without you?

          • Um, I have no idea what you’re talking about. I love men and I get no more hot flashes than you do.
            Labels are meaningless these days. Not only meaningless but they tend to short circuit the thinking process. That’s why we tend to avoid them here as much as we can.
            There are dangers to the right and left. Some people are capable of learning and some are not.
            I choose to support Hillary for dozens of good reasons not least of which that she is a seasoned politician who has been shown to be more honest and trustworthy than many of her peers.
            I’m honestly confused at what you think you are going to accomplish with your comments. The real world is rarely as sharply delineated as many people would like. I’m not interested in certainty and I’m not bothered by shades of gray. What I want to see is a trend towards goodness.
            Your mileage may vary.
            Feel free to travel, preferably to your own blog. I doubt if you’re going to make any headway here c

          • No worries- I don’t have an agenda. If I’m a troll I come by it honestly, having read you since ~2007 when I was left-leaning myself.

            Of course none of us agree with our candidate 100%. But I remember in 2008 wall st corruption and the neocon wars were the big issues for the Ds, and now the parties seem to be flipping on both. Maybe those issues were more important to me than to others.

            Anyway, I’ll just go back to lurking…

          • Wall St. picked Obama in 2008. If it was that important to them, they wouldn’t have voted for him, would they?
            People are herd animals. Most of them follow easily. They just need to be flattered and cajoled.
            As for the neocons supporting Hillary, Trump has to be very scary if even Paul Wolfowitz is with her. Why? Because we all suspect that Trump’s ‘secret plan’ for ISIS is to drop a nuke on Raqqa. Would he do it? Unless there’s a Jamie Lannister in the king’s guard he just might. The prospect is terrifying to the neocons.
            And what happened to Russia after the Soviet Union came down? They didn’t adjust well to capitalism, scared themselves and elected Putin to be the big daddy that keeps everyone in line.
            Demagogues like Trump have been around forever. He’s bad news but I think we would be lying if we said we never saw it coming. Fox has been laying the groundwork for years.
            It is really hard to keep your self from following the herd. Everyone is susceptible. But I try try try even if it makes me an irritating person to be around.

  2. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/sep/09/hillary-clinton-9-11-attacks-response

    its amazing how articles like this are appearing only now

  3. if the putin comments dont backfire on trump then the world is really turned upside down

    • If the Putin comments don’t backfire on Trump, then the world is really turned upside down.

      THIS. It appears that many of our white nationalist “patriots” who like to talk (and talk, and talk, and talk some more) about how much they just LUVVVV our country, would prefer that our country be governed by the white (well, orange) male Fascist stooge of a Madoka-damned white male Russian Fascist, than by either an uppity Negro or an uppity white woman. Their patriotism is false and hollow.

      • They realize that they’ve lost the culture war when it comes to free exchange of ideas in an election. Therefore the only way they now see as a way to get back the “old days” is to actually elect someone who would enforce the old social order whether the majority of voters wanted it or not.

    • I’m old enough to remember the Better Dead than Red hysteria in the good old days. It’s boggling to watch how calm the media is about an actual candidate actually in Putin’s pocket.

  4. I’m thinking you are endowing the Media with ethical attributes that are a thing of the past, long past. My view, Trump’s creepiness is now a yawn with no one clicking on his talk show sound bites anymore. Likewise, Hillary’s coverage of nothing but stupid stories about the breathless breaking of a IT rule is always a yawn. The Powell email exchange released by the Dems made the media look more foolish than usual, by showing everybody dose it. So people are just blah blah blah about the media coverage and are not clicking which for them is a huge loss of revenue. So I give Wapo 5 Pinocchio’s for trying to gin up a horse race instead of admitting their motivation.

    I’m also thinking Hillary should stop answering the stupid email questions, just state I broke an IT rule, enough said on many occasions check the public record move on, next! ENOUGH

    • I agree. She needs to say enough. There’s nothing more to be said that hasn’t been said. If anyone brings it up again, she can run a montage of video clips showing the various numerous ways she has said it was a mistake and she’s sorry.
      I’m not quite as cynical as other people. I know that not all people are shallow, greedy and unethical. But the ones who are seem to get away with a lot before the white hats show up.

    • James Comey publicized classified details when he stated that Hillary Clinton only carried around truthful documents on her blackberry. The hackability of a device becomes less relevant if the info on it is purposely flawed.
      If the FBI had any sense, they would have loaded the blackberry’s with reverse spying software that would infiltrate the hackers own computer.
      Instead Comey basically told the world that government devices only carry the truth on them with no counter intelligence measures. Now, if it turns out that Comey was lying about the truth factor on social media devices carried around by our own government personnel, then he has injected himself and manipulated how people view Hillary Clinton, ether way he has crossed a line and nobody will stand up to him.
      And Judicial Watch should be sued and forced to add to their name, Impartial Judicial Watch, or Conservative backed Judicial Watch. Once again, where are the lawyers?

      • I’m just curious why anyone still thinks there was something on her blackberry that was worth retrieving. I can think of half a dozen reasons why someone might want to destroy a device that has nothing to do with passing state secrets to your married lesbian lover.
        How many times in the past 25 years have we been subjected to these investigations that turn up nothing illicit? How many? How many millions of dollars has been spent looking thru every document, every billing record, every contract that these two have ever touched? And how many times has anything been found? Once, on a blue dress. And were we entitled to know that? Seriously, was that any of our business what went on between two consenting adults? Was there a constitutional reason why we needed to know the sex life of the president? I can’t think of one.
        But getting back to Hillary.
        There’s nothing there. There never was. Nobody’s perfect but the vast majority of people go thru their lives without ever breaking the law except for minor traffic violations. Even politicians at the school board and town council level are faced with ethical choices. Should you talk about labor contract decisions when there is a quorum present but the public doesn’t know? Should the school board make a deal with the town council on taxes to fund the new high school? Every interaction you have with another human being gives you a choice to behave with integrity and ethically or not every single day. Sometimes those choices go to the edge. Some step over those edges boldly. Others find a way of staying on the right side of the law.
        What we have learned from the evidence of 25 yrs of thorough investigations is that Hillary Clinton does not cross the line or crosses that line so rarely and with so little negative consequence that she is completely boring as a politician.
        I guess the next step would be to trail her constantly everywhere she goes with CCTV 24/7. That’s where we’re going. It’s the ONLY way to be absolutely sure that she has no unethical or illegal intersections with anyone in her public or private life that we can’t scrutinize and keep her within our rigid behavioral expectations.
        Now, where have I heard that before? Oh, yes, the book 1984. Those characters had zero right to privacy. They weren’t even entitled to their own thoughts. A more modern version is Saudi Arabia where no woman has a right to go anywhere by herself. She needs a male from her own family as an escort to travel, go to the grocery store, get to work. She can’t vote. She has no agency.
        Oh, but you’re thinking why did she have all those devices and why did she destroy them? Fuck if I know. Maybe it was because the more devices you have, the more chances that one will be lost and personal information like phone numbers and addresses will fall into the wrong hands. Can you be absolutely sure that all information has been removed? No. Then just destroy it. Or maybe a malicious actor has found a way to hack into it so they can listen to your conversations. That might be why PDAs were not allowed into her office at the state department and she had to lock it up in a drawer outside. If you get a new device with better security software, why have an old blackberry sitting around potentially causing problems? It’s just one more thing to think about and track. Just destroy it.
        As long as you can imagine other reasons why the devices were destroyed, you have to leave open the possibility that any one of these more simple explanations are possible until you can eliminate them. And the only way you can eliminate them is thru more investigation.
        But if your chances of gaining any new information is low, because you’ve seen all of the rest of the evidence and these investigations never find anything, what are the chances that you’re going to find a giant smoking gun that definitively proves that she was negligent or criminal and was part of a conspiracy to hide her treasonous acts in Benghazi?
        I think this possibility is vanishingly small. She couldn’t have done anything on her own without giving orders, making phone calls and leaving traces of her actions on other people’s phones, emails, etc etc etc.
        but you will probably NEVER be convinced that she is clean and there is absolutely nothing I can do to make a rational argument to change your mind. Nothing.
        The investigations are not intended to find the truth. They are intended to raise suspicions. That’s why the Republicans keep having them. They don’t WANT you to trust Hillary and they know that society has been conditioned to not trust women or anything they can’t see. So the investigations will continue I deforest until someone tells them to knock it off or until we wise up to see how our emotional buttons are being pushed.

      • Yes. They should be required to title it Alt-Reich Judicial Watch or Clinton-Haters Watch or something more truthful. It makes me absolutely nuts that they can call it something that sounds legit to fool people.

  5. I’m re-posting an old picture of Hillary which was posted over on Uppity Woman’s site.

    She reminds me of Daenerys here. :mrgreen:

  6. I found myself double-checking the IP address on my computer as I read this editorial in the wee hours of morning. Finally an enabler of the email obsession trying to put the brakes on this runaway train? Aaron Blake continues the story today, stating “The email story is absolutely killing her.” It’s taken how many months to figure this out? Your analogy, RD, to the vaccine/autism link is scary appropriate.

  7. Beautifully stated, RD.


  8. “completely resistant to evidence” – yes! La phrase juste to describe the futility of convincing otherwise the people who cling to all of these disproved memes, be it vaccines, deleted emails or Benghazi, etc.

  9. Imagine how great a Trump presidency would be for ratings. Ratings = money. Every day, he would say or do something clickable. I believe MSM will stay in the tank for him for that reason until they get it that Trump = nuclear annihilation.

    • Until they get herded onto cattle cars.

    • Hang on a sec. What if the reason they’re not going after Trump and his droogs is because they’re afraid? I mean, literally afraid? I’ve heard several of them say that when trump is covered like Hillary, his nutcases call the station or paper and go ballistic. And they have guns. Maybe the level of aggression is unlike anything they’ve experienced before. It’s a chickenshit reason and it will definitely backfire on them. Maybe the media should get war correspondents to cover Trump. They seem to be made of tougher stuff

  10. Just for fun-I just read at the Guardian UK that Punkinhead spent $60K on that yellow animal carcass on his head!! He should have spent it on a tutor to try to bring his intellect up to a 12-year-old level.

  11. Putin may not actually think his orange stooge, Trump, can win. Putin may only want to stir up turmoil in his chief adversary nation by casting doubt on the accuracy and fairness of our elections.

    Putin may wake up November 9 and find out he, more than any other man on the planet, just put the U. S. nuclear arsenal, most of which is still aimed at Mother Russia, into the hands of a malignant narcissist whose fuse is shorter than his fingers.

    Ascended Madoka forbid it.

    I’ve thought for some time that Putin is a smart, ruthless SOB. I find myself rethinking the “smart” part of that.

  12. Yes agree with you on the Hillary emails and honestly very nervous as I just don’t have much faith in our electorate because it should not be close at all. Emails vs Bigotry. Emails vs Corruption. It’s pretty much Emails vs death. Give me Emails! I’ll take the damn emails any day!

  13. Vaccines aren’t the issue it’s the preservatives like thimerosol that people have problems with. All the Scandinavian countries as well as Germany have banned the use of it, it’s time the US comes into the 21st century and does the same. If not wanting toxins in our environment makes me resistant to skewed, one sided “evidence” count me in

    • Thimerosol is just a preservative. It also does not cause autism.
      Everything you put in your body has big long scary names with methyl ethyl benzyl diphenyl tryptophan asparagine carboxylate 2, 4, 6 trinitrotoluene.
      Your body is FULL OF CHEMICALS!!! Bwhahahahhhh!
      Some of us couldn’t function without stuff like insulin or blood clotting factors or lithium carbonate.
      And one thing I learned when I was working in R&D is that all rats get cancer if you give them too much of anything. It’s what rats do. We should prolly stop using them to test carcinogenicity.
      The European Union has very strict laws for chemical additives. They err on the side of caution. That’s fine, if they have other ways to preserve perishable vaccines. But it’s still not going to give you autism or kill your kid.
      We need to calm our tits already. Not every substance with a funny name is bad for us.

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