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Yesterday was a bad day for Journalism

b52fc1ea81c221507536aafb47194ff9You know, eight years ago, I gave up on most media sources for news because of the god awful way Hillary Clinton was covered during the 2008 primary. The straw on the camel’s back in 2008 was Keith Olbermann’s clumsy and menacing suggestion that maybe someone take Hillary into a room and only one person come out (presumably not Hillary) to get her to drop her fruitless pursuit of the Democratic party’s nomination for president. That was it for me. I’d put up with Chris Matthews gossipy guy at the block party schtick and Andrea Mitchell’s robotic maliciousness. Olbermann was a bridge too far.

This year, I dipped my toe back in the media coverage of the presidential campaign by listening to CNN on TuneIn on my iPhone while I walked back and forth to the bus from work. Much of it was the same old “both sides do it” crap that I remembered last time Hillary ran. I figured that that is always going to be the noise in the signal and was looking for some indication that journalism was finally starting to get a clue and realize how important it is that they do the right thing this year.

Yesterday disabused me of that notion. It is a day that should live in infamy.

It started for me with Brianna Keiller aggressively questioning a Hillary surrogate, a Senator, over the “appearance of a conflict of interest” with respect to Hillary’s actions as Secretary of State and the Clinton Foundation.

Then I saw a similar confrontation on Twitter between Chuck Todd and a Clinton surrogate on the same topic where Todd was breathless about the shocking “optics” of the Clinton Foundation donors presuming to contact Hillary at the State Department.

I was starting to feel my blood pressure creep up and was going to pack it in for the night when a tweet showed up that Anderson Cooper was going to talk to Hillary in the next hour. Well, that got delayed for one reason or another and I fell asleep with CNN on again.

Early in the morning, I heard one of the CNN hosts talking to Nicholas Kristoff of the NYTimes. Now, I normally like Kristoff and you would think that he and Hillary share many of the same interests, especially when it comes to sex trafficking of women. You’d thing that the empathy that Kristoff displays in his writing on this topic could be extended to the good work that the Clinton Foundation does providing AIDS drugs for poor people around the world, some of whom might have been some of those girls sold into sexual slavery.

You would be wrong.

What I heard was Nick Kristoff dropping what can only be his “life cause” facade to talk about how baaaaad the AP’s irresponsible and inaccurate report on the chummy ties between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department looks for Hillary. The optics look bad even though he acknowledges that the actual facts show that nothing improper happened. Then he said something that makes me think that the media has completely lost the plot and is playing a very dangerous game.

He said that this issue came up in 2009 during Clinton’s confirmation hearings, which I remember well. I remember that Dick Cheney didn’t have to make such outrageous and impossible promises about Halliburton. I can’t remember anyone rigorously enforcing Bush’s blind trusts or making a big deal out of them. No, but I do remember Hillary getting grilled on the Clinton Foundation and watching her bend over backwards to accommodate the impossible standards of the Republicans.

But none of that mattered to Kristoff because Hillary should have known that the media was going to bring this up and make an international incident over anything having to do with the Clinton Foundation. She should have known that the media would be relentless and vicious about it. She should have known that the only reasonable thing to do would be to shut the foundation down back in 2009 so that there would be absolutely no appearances whatsover of impropriety no matter how many lives were being saved in Africa.

Nick evolved into whining about it like he was feeling put out having to feel guilty about it. She should have known they were going to be assholes.

It sounded to me like Hillary wore her skirts too short.

That’s it. I’m done. I can’t listen to this shit anymore. These “journalists” are not taking this seriously. They are letting personal feelings, high school personality culture and sexism drive their coverage this year. I can’t take anymore of it.

They should all be ashamed of themselves.



23 Responses

  1. They are disgusting beyond belief. It is like a media gang rape. I have started to see push back against the media because of this. They really maybe finally have gone too far.

    • But… before 2008 you were ok with the lying-ass corporate media? And this change in your attitude came from watching the tools and clowns on MSNBC? Really? You must have stuck around for as long as you did because you enjoyed that crypto-nazi Pat Buchannon? Or were you a loyal viewer of the #KinderGentlerHater, Morning Joe and MeekUhWhoNodsAndKoos? You all on this blog are as much up your own a$$ as the bobbleheads you profess to hate in the corporate-media-political-industrial complex.

  2. You’ll probably appreciate this exchange:

    I was hitting the ceiling over the demands to shut a charity down because “optics”. I am reminded of Wes Clark being interviewed by Tim Russert about going to testify in Hague against Milosevic: “But won’t people say it’s to help your campaign?” “You mean, you will say”.
    The outcome of this: as always, Clinton’s enemies are overdoing it. I heard from many friends – some not all that committed before and who just found out about CGI because of this and had a new respect for both Clintons.

    • You know who the optics really look bad for? The media. Chuck Todd and Nick Kristoff sounded defensive and whiny. And they sound that way because they KNOW Hillary did nothing wrong. If anything, all these emails make her look more virtuous than we had a right to expect from a public servant who might otherwise be tempted.
      But now they are insisting that the Clinton Foundation be dissolved because it’s the only way they’ll stop looking for “the appearance of impropriety”
      They way she has been singled out for this kind of scrupulous investigation even after it all checks out is despicable. And I’m not saying that because I’m a Hillary supporter. The rest of the world must be looking on this spectacle with horror. There is so much at stake and the media is acting like a bunch of frat boys.

  3. Your missing the “r” in journalism.

  4. They are as incapable of shame as they are of actual journalism.

  5. Looked at the news papers this morning. What I saw was an endless list of bad news in the world…earthquake, bombings, data breaches. I even saw that Norway wants to build a fence in the Arctic to keep out migrants. Our MSM is covering “optics” and the latest lunacy from the Trump campaign. I wish real news people could come back.

    • Ditto.
      We should be talking about what happens in the world depending on who gets elected in November because whoever that person is will have an outsized effect on all those global issues. Like it or not, the United States is too big to fail.

  6. Excellent post and on target.
    Thank you for exposing -again, the devolving MSM with pseudo journalism.
    The so-call state of the arts technologies of the present that was to bring a better future, has spawned a parade of mindless talking heads without a sense of conscience, ethics and fairness.

    Just plain “trash” for ratings=money.

  7. I’ll repeat myself: If Clinton wins, she needs to make priorities of restoring the Fairness Doctrine, and using the anti-trust laws to break up the media conglomerates.

    • And I’m willing to bet the GOP will go along with it since these same actors are the ones that helped bring Trump to their doorstep.

      • I hadn’t thought of that, but yeah, the “RINOs” might be willing to help, in order to take their party back from Orange Julius and the “Alt-Right” booboisie.

    • Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

  8. Awww…it looks like young Mr. Imer was just helping his mom after all.


    I’ll bet he still aces Civics, though. :mrgreen:

  9. For all the uproar over the Clinton Foundation, I don’t remember a similar to do over crony capitalism during the Bush/Cheney regime when a yuge portion of the Treasury found its way into the coffers of Halliburton and its subsidiary Kellogg, Brown and Root for their services during the Iraq war.

    Of course that’s different because a different set of rules applies to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

  10. We need a serious Fourth Estate in order to have a democracy. Must
    EVERYTHING be bottom line? Izzy Stone where are you?

  11. I agree with RD on the media. Almost all are so so self righteous and judgmental about Hillary’s issues, concocted by the right wing. I do watch it for my own reasons. Lately, even I have to turn off the TV and that is a change for me. The one person who mostly does not get caught up in the ‘soap opera of the day’ is Rachel Maddow. She ain’t perfect but she has not railed about the emails over the past year and last night I don’t recall that she mentioned the Foundation. If she did it was brief and non-remarkable.
    I think Andrea Mitchell is a venomous snake when it comes to Hillary. The discerning viewer can see how much she hates Hillary by her almost continuous “just little ole me asking questions because I must” approach on every anti-Hillary item.

    I still think, however, that this November election will be the best diagnosis ever for what kind of nation of people we have. We will see how many citizens vote for their country rather than their various fears. And I don’t want nose-holders voting for Hillary. Just stay home if you hate her. Let us see how many will vote gladly for HRC vs gladly for Trump or a third party doofus.

    • I disagree with wnc-n. I’ll take all the nose-holders we can get. A landslide, if possible, would be the best thing, so that not only Trump, but the alt-Right to which he has linked himself, can be discredited and humiliated.

  12. There will be a landslide without the nose-holders, in my view. Will include 20% of voting Repubs.

  13. You know what’s bad optics: watching a child die of AIDS or malaria or starvation because of the lack of meds and/or nutrition. Or maybe watching charity donations go into the pockets of depots, so they can sit on their gilded chairs and order more guns and rockets and things that glow in the night. The latter reality is something the Clinton Foundation has stopped, meaning the money and charitable goods actually go to the people intended, the sick and the poor. In the neighborhood of 12 million human souls have been saved thanks to the Foundation’s good works. The Clintons do not draw a salary from the Foundation. As a charity it’s rated an ‘A’ by industry standards. But it’s not good enough. It’s never is good enough or transparent enough because the Clintons are hounded for whatever they do.

    Optics. Wonder what that means to a dying child?

  14. Maybe we are the ones giving these clowns the power. Are they really MSM or just cheap reality talk programs. I’m thinking the later as the Trump’s/Zucker’s wink wink new partnership during this campaign appears to prove. I wouldn’t watch RHW of BH so I’m sure as hell not tuning into Real Lying Pundits of Atlanta (RLP of A). So glad to see CNN’s ratings tank hope they continue down the game in my view is no different than Trump’s, throw whatever negative out there until it generates a ratings and or clicks.

  15. The odd thing is that the TV hosts say that if the Foundation is closed after she is President, it will prove it was a conflict. But if it is kept open, it will be a conflict. So, once again, a no-win only for Hillary. No real questions/demands on Trump health, business partners, plans for jobs or anything else.
    In spite of the media, literally, she will win by a big margin.

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