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Will Trump drop out?

Has a major party candidate ever dropped out before?

What would it take to make him drop out?

How long will it take?

Who would be his replacement?

Would it doom the GOP this fall or improve their chances?

Enquiring minds want to know because with the media now training their laser like intensity on every word he utters or tweets, he’s not going to last the rest of the week (though an implosion caught on tape would be fascinating in that slow motion car crash kinda way).

“The humpbacks have reached their feeding grounds.”



59 Responses

  1. You think Trump will drop out because of media hostility? The media have a lower approval rating than AIDS. You lefties seem to have a hard time living in reality with Trump. Trump Derangement Syndrome is going to make ODS and BDS look like the picture of mental health.

    • I almost feel sorry for you.
      You need to pay closer attention. And maybe start looking around for another candidate.

    • Shorter Blizz: “Sieg Heil!”

      Actually, Blizz may be smarter than we’ve been giving him credit for. He was almost smart enough to clone a private army to carry out his bidding, but something Went Horribly Wrong, and the most violent thing they’ll do is throw sea cucumbers at you (“but she’s always a woman to meeee…”) 😆

  2. I am embarrassed that MY country’s nominated that horrid excuse for a human being for the highest office in the country. I never liked G.W. Bush, but I didn’t think the people who supported or voted for him were necessarily evil. That is not the case with Trump. If the Republicans I know can’t bring themselves to vote for Hillary, then they should just sit this one out. Quietly. I am beyond disgusted by that gross windbag.

  3. I think Hillz will beat him by a landslide so let him continue to hang himself.

    Interesting video, I must have been a fish in a previous life.Poor fish.

    • But wasn’t it awesome when that whale came out of nowhere and swallowed fish, birds and everything whole?
      That’s what’s going to happen to trump and the GOP.

    • “I think Hillz will beat him by a landslide so let him continue to hang himself.”

      From your keyboard to the ears of the Ascended Madoka, Haruhi-kami-sama, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and J. R. “Bob” Dobbs.

  4. A lot will depend on whether he does the debates. If not, he can maybe hold it together barring an FBI indictment (ha! the irony) or another hit or two in the next week or so until he loses in Nov. If he does the debates, I don’t see how he can keep it together unless he insulates himself with yes men (yes, male yes men 😀 ) who will continually tell him how great he is. Just actually being in the physical presence of ‘crooked Hillary’ (who used to be a friend of his, whom he used to have what looked like a crush on) and feeling the difference between ‘crooked Hillary’ and the ‘real Hillary’ he knew has got to be somewhat of a challenge.

    I remember reading about how insecure he was in the green room prior to a television appearance on a talk show a few years ago, sweating in a near panic, worried about the host’s coming treatment of him. He’s fragile behind all that bluster, and he’s blown up near to popping.

  5. Yes, I believe he is going to have some help out the door and probably before the debates. If the Koch brothers are really wanting to keep their hold on the Senate there is only one way that will ever happen and that’s if Trump, is gone. No way Pence can win but the slaughter might be less. The GOP’s not going to be worried about Trump supporters voting for lying crooked Hillary I’m sure! They could easily claim health issues hypomania cant last much longer a crash is coming.

    On that subject, I’m thinking Secretary Clinton made the right choice in using a private server, not only because it wasn’t hacked by Russia. But in interviews these Trump clowns speak about her emails like a bunch of perv’s who have rummaged through someone’s panty drawer. Creepy.

    • Creepy, indeed. Much of Tribble Hair’s appeal consists of permission to be uncouth. After all, what is “political correctness”, but a disparaging term for politeness, from vulgarians who desire permission to be rude?

  6. What irony if he were brought down by a Muslim couple!! I hope they let him continue because I fear an alternate would get lots of votes because anyone would look great compared to such an amoral character.
    If only some news org would counter the many “why people hate Hillary” articles with at least one “why many people actually love Hillary.” I could let trump go in that case. The

    • They were just on NPR, and are so well-spoken.

      Today, Trump is saying he “fears” the election will be rigged. Now we will see how many truly paranoid people there are in the electorate.

      • Otoh, if they think it’s rigged, why bother voting at all?

        • I just hope our intelligence agencies are prepared to block a vote-rigging attempt by Tsar Putin’s hackers. As long as we can have fair elections, I expect Clinton will win.

          • Yes, I thought of that, too. The ease with which the automatic voting machines can be hacked.

  7. And now for something completely off topic:

    A garden gnome.

    (Unlike the setup line, the picture does not contain a Monty Python reference.) :mrgreen:

  8. Did I miss something? Why would Trump drop out?

    • I don’t know. RD, have you heard something Niles and I haven’t?

    • Just speculation that he’s not prepared for 1.) the stress of a general election 2.) increased scrutiny by the media into everything he says or does 3.) the debates, which he is sure to lose.
      A convention is not a coronation.
      There are other reasons. I’m not convinced he can tough it out and he’s not suited for the political game. He needs to protect his image.
      He needs a face saving way out.

      • He has an odd way of finding a face saver. Apparently he trash talked about a firefighter today or yesterday. His kids need to do an intervention with him! Tho it would not work. I think he may be truly ill in some way.

  9. well, one thing I’m 100% percent sure of is Trump does not want to be president if he had his son going around telling people if they would be his VP they basically could be president while he was out traversing the world. If he did somehow get sick of politics and quit I guess they would have to put Mike Pence in. However for every vote that Pence would get back he would lose another. And Pence’s record in Indiana sure would be ripe for Hillary to campaign against.

    • Hey! I heard Georgia is competitive! Hillary might actually win GEORGIA. Holy Moly!!

  10. The thing to always keep in mind is that the Republicans will do anything to win. They don’t care about ethics, or fairness. If they can win by suppressing the vote, that is fine with them; if they can rig voting machines, that is okay, too. There is no other virtue but winning, for them. And the media will never call them to account for the way that they do it.

    The concern is that some billionaire oligarchs can get Trump out of the race, and then get Pence to pick a VP whom they want; and then to convince Pence to withdraw as well, thus completely nullifying the campaign and the primary vote, and doing what they couldn’t do at the convention. Suddenly they would have substituted one entire ticket for another. Maybe that would be the new model: if your candidate is not doing well, you just get him to leave, and come up with another one. It seems completely undemocratic, but when have the Republicans ever cared about such lofty ideals? A reasonable media would find this so outrageous that it wouldn’t work;; but the media we have would probably think this was exciting and ratings-enhancing. Or maybe the Republicans would just settle for Pence as nominee. Since the media refuses to actually delve into policy issues, a hard-Right Republican who does not say inflammatory or racist things, might be given a free pass by them. Neither of these scenarios is pleasant to contemplate.

  11. One important lesson to take from this election is to take a joke seriously. Trump to all people at the beginning was a joke. Other republican candidates in my opinion were not ready or serious enough for the job. The party wasn’t strong enough to whip one into action early on. If a breakdown happens it will be because the joke lasted longer than he planned. Anyway wach for jokers(Stein) they can be harmful. By the way I had feeling Hillary at the beginning wasn’t sure about running but she looked around and saw the prospects and felt sorry for America and she said I better move or else.

  12. But, how about Trump’s tax returns?

    Why there is not the urgency to attack him in this fundamental issue to disclose his income tax returns.

    Is he paying taxes, fairly, legally and timely? An audit should not be an excuse; on the contrary, it flags for scrutiny.

    The disclosure should be a must and if he does not comply, he should be disqualified to be a candidate…

    On less, there are not legal grounds to hold him accountable…???

    • Probably because Bernie never released his taxes. Kind of hard to go after Trump after letting Bernie get away with it.

    • There’s no constitutional requirement for any candidate to release tax returns. They have nothing to gain and everything to lose from it. Even if all i’s and t’s are dotted and crossed, the opposition will be shrieking about non-issues to the general public that knows nothing about corporate tax law and so can’t tell the difference.

      • Riiiiight. And I’m sure you would be ok if Hillary didn’t release hers or if Bill didn’t release the annual report from the Clinton Foundation. After all, it’s not like they need to do it.
        Funny how you seem so protective of Trump. You are concerned that there will be shrieking about tax law and stuff. I’m sure the media can find experts that will go thru his return carefully to make sure they understand all of it.
        And a president who is fit for office needs to be ready to shrug off shrieking hordes and not get distracted from his work.
        You wouldn’t want him to look weak, would you?
        What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right? If Hillary can take it, surely Donald can.
        And if he’s honest and generous then he’s got nothing to hide.
        You should be insisting that he release his returns so he can attract more voters.

        • Right On! RD.
          Tell it as it is to the hypocrites…

        • I like the concept of privacy. I like private tax returns, if Trump or anyone cheated it’s up to the IRS to prove it, if the IRS hasn’t proven it then I assume everything is legal and beyond that no one elses business. US tax code is not rational and there are many cases when you can conform to the code and it still doesn’t seem right or honest. I also like the idea of private or secret voting it’s an American concept that ensures freedom.

          • When running for public office privacy is out the window. A person becomes a “public servant” and ultimately answer to us, -the Tax Payers, from whom their salaries come from.

            Anybody -that pays his/her taxes, would like very much to know that elected officials do their fair and equal share in paying taxes as required by law.

            Yet, as RD conveyed above if the perpetrator was Hillary, you and many like you would be all over the issue; spending millions like the e-mails gate and indict her for violating “The Law”.

          • @Bellecat: Thanx for cleaning the freshwater-crustacean stench out of this blog. 😉

          • Actually, our country did not invent the secret ballot. It was used in ancient Greece and ancient Rome for voting on some particular kinds of issues.

          • I like the concept of privacy, too, but that ship has sailed.
            Thanks, Bin Laden!

  13. Off topic: It’s that time of year again. 😮

  14. I’ve been eyeing Nate Silver’s 538 forecast of the election this year. He’s been right on the Dem side with most (except MI) of the primary state predictions. The last several weeks, he’s had both candidates shifting dominance in his general election prediction, and before the Dem convention, had Trump ahead by several points (gasp).

    Today, since early this morning, he’s updated his predictions several times. His ‘now’ cast, which usually updates daily, gives Hillary an 86% chance of winning the election. His polls and polls-plus predictions give her around a 65% chance. Those poll predictions are all so much higher than they’ve been… and even so, they are lower than the online betting sites (pretty good predictors), which give her above 80%.

    This is the kind of thing that will shame and humiliate Trump, and lead to more and more outrageous behavior as he tries to make his view of himself and the feedback about him from the outside world, integrate.

  15. I wonder what impact there will be, on Democrats, of the growing stampede of prominent Republicans announcing for Hillary. Thinking of the latest tonight, Meg Whitman (Yahoo) who says she will raise money and vote for Hillary.
    Will this turn off progressives? Might it become a wash if progressives think Republican support ‘proves’ that hrc is a Republican? I don’t think it but then I am not sure I am an average voter.

    One minute I think that Trump may decide to leave the campaign. The next minute I think his ego won’t let him drop out. It is a conundrum. Interesting discussion on Lawrence O’Donnell tonight about narcissistic personality disorder. One person said it is more prevalent now than in the past. Because people get away with it. etc. Who would have thought any of this a year ago?!

    • I am kinda surprised they aren’t turning to Gary Johnson instead of Hillary. Johnson is closer to being a Republican, imho.
      That suggests to me that there might be a gender component to the defections. Johnson could put libertarians on the map, so to speak.

      • I think there is a gender component to it. Jeb Bush endorsed Gary Johnson is my understanding. My thoughts are that this is going to a big political realignment year much like 1992 only more so.

    • Meg Whitman was CEO of eBay and is now at the helm of Hewlett-Packard. Melissa Myers is CEO of Yahoo.

    • NPD has increased from around 4% a decade ago to over 40% now in college-age students. There are degrees of it, of course.

  16. Penn Jillette just said that Trump is “bug nutty!”

    • Well, there you go. It’s definitive.
      Of course, much as I like Penn Gillette, he’s a rabid libertarian. The atheism I don’t have a problem with. The libertarianism I do.

  17. Amazingly the only two people I know who support Secretary Clinton’s opponent were formally part of that group we referred to as the “Christian Right” aka Looney Tunes, somehow a surprise for me. I’m thinking I did not look and I guess I didn’t really care who they are. What I like about this time though is they have dropped the Act – we are the Patriots, Christian, Decency Moral blah blah blah BS, we all knew they were really just the opposite. No longer playing a part hiding behind BS they show what and who they are this time, haters, angry haters, dissatisfied inadequate persons who just hate. Maybe Trump won’t be going anywhere after all this is a pretty thick crowd with extreme hostility toward the Clintons.

    • “…this is a pretty thick crowd…”

      Not quite. They’re an ugly, thick crowd. 😉

      • Yes, that too but not new voters to the Republican Party just rebranded….so hmmm less than 25% of the electorate seems about right for the only Base Trump could ever hope to win so Senate Majority leader Schumer is a reality now.

  18. *lolsob*

  19. When your enemy is digging himself into a hole, hand him a shovel, you know? Watch Trump decompensate further, worrying at every scrap of bait thrown his way. Watch Ryan and his minions try to navigate around the various messes The Donald will leave in his wake.

    We’ve been waiting for this. At least I have. Trump is about to become the most public man on the planet. This business about his wife’s visa is only the beginning–just a trickle. Watch for the rushing stream, the roiling river, and then the raging flood that will drown the whole stinking lot of them.

    May Scalia rest in peace.

    • Lol! How many psychologists do we have lurking on this thread?

      • From my armchair to the world.

        But really, does anyone doubt he’ll grow increasingly crazy as pressure on him builds? And does anyone doubt the Democrats are stockpiling shovels to hand him?

  20. Charles Pierce layeth down ye smack. 😈

    • *sigh* Be careful clicking the link. A warning popped up on me about a minute ago.

  21. It’s that anniversary again. The fans of Orange Julius Caesar need to remember that if a country takes up fascism, Very Bad Things can happen to it. 😮

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