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Tonight is the End of the Beginning

11857-19308Emily Bazelon, one of the GabFest Trio who week to week drives me nutz with her own personal demands for political purity, seems to have grown a heart in the last several days. By golly, I think Emily finally gets it.

Emily says that tonight, Hillary begins the battle of her life. I couldn’t agree more. It’s dumbfounding that this race should even be close. But there are millions of people out there, especially men, who seem to hate Hillary more than they love their freedom from irresponsible megalomania. They seem eager to aggressively pounce on Hillary and stomp the s^&* out of her.

It’s going to get very, very ugly. boudicca3

But tonight, I hope she can put that aside and bask in adulation. She has accomplished so much. She has taken on a role that transcends Hillary Clinton. I believe it is more of a triumph than what Obama accomplished 8 years ago because we have never had a woman get this far. It’s exciting because there’s a mystery there. How will she govern? What will she do differently? What will her priorities be?

I have no doubt that she will work her heart out for us. We may not always agree with everything she does but we will never be able to say she didn’t try.

But first we have to get her there. And for once, I agree heartily with the Obamas. AS Michelle says, “When they go low, we go high”. And as Barack asks, we will carry her.

Tonight we celebrate, tomorrow we go win this thing.


35 Responses

  1. And then I have to start going to bed at a reasonable time. The big speech doesn’t happen until 11 EST. I have to get up at 5 AM. I’m exhausted. But this convention has been so good that I didn’t want to miss a minute.
    Well done, Democrats.

    • Some of the speeches have been excellent. If you can possibly find adam gillum, mayor of tallahassee, do your self a favor and listen to a national level speech from a mayor of a city. What a wonderful message.

  2. But wasn’t it worth it staying up late! (You know you’re getting older when it’s hard to bounce back from 11PM.)
    I hope her speech covers some new ground, I just can not wait!!!
    Hill Ar EE !

    • Lol! I’ve always functioned better on 8 hours of sleep. I’m a morning person. So by 3 pm my ass is dragging. I’ll be happy to go back to bedtime at 9pm.

  3. They hate her because she IS the only woman who has gotten this far. Because she dares to compete and dares to be ambitious and dares to fight and keep coming back! They hate her because their rhetoric doesn’t work on her. That she is more popular, successful, qualified and accomplished than they can ever dream to be. We still have a real problem with sexism and roles for women and men in this country despite it being 2016. She’s gonna shatter that glass ceiling!

    • And men hate her simply because she is a woman and they don’t think a woman should be president. It is a good thing hubby does’nt feel that way or he would have been long gone. He is so excited to have a woman president.

  4. I just want to congratulate everyone in this community. We kept the faith since 2008! My heart is full but ready for the fight ahead !

  5. Listening to the speech now. Eleanor Roosevelt on steroids.

  6. In defense of The Donald, maybe he meant he knew more about this ISIS.

    I know; I watched too much Saturday morning TV. 😉

    • Trump’s too old to know what you are talking about. 🙂

      And it’s why I prefer ISIL, as Obama calls it – he’s the right age, I know he had to have watched it.

      • I prefer ISIS, because I figure it would annoy those fanatics to be referred to by the name of a pagan goddess. 😈

  7. Yes Congratulations everyone! We have been waiting over 8 long years for this. Our sweat and tears and hopes and dreams finally coming to fruition! Keep going to November!

  8. Some of us have been waiting for eight years…
    We all need to take it one step beyond…to the White House.

    Let’s do it…together!

  9. Thank you RD for being here for us -this many years, Democrats in exile.
    Your blog and your thoughts have always been not only sensible and hopeful but an oasis in a maddening cluster of plain media trash.

    • no kidding. a voice in the wilderness and a refuge. i’ll never forget how you and everyone here kept me going and kept me a democrat.

    • I couldn’t say it any better!! Thank you RD for staying with us and with Hillary. Coming to you throughout these past eight years, has made me more resolute in my beliefs, and I thank you for being there to keep me on track.

  10. Tonight will be the easiest night for her for many years to come if she is elected. Hers has been an incredibly lonely journey with not too many women to share in her experiences. What an incredibly good heart she has. Stay healthy Hillary. We need you.

  11. Last night, I had a dream (!) that all of us were meeting at a lovely house somewhere to celebrate. 🙂 Thanks, RD.

    • Lady V:
      I like your dream, don’t stop dreaming; we may invite Hillary to join us…
      I would love to make the dream come true…

  12. I wish I could have held my mother’s hand, tonight.
    She loved Bill, but she adored Hillary.

  13. I have watched both campaigns for 40+ years. I have never heard as many excellent speakers and messages as this week. And all putting their best foot forward, for once, for Hillary, and at the best possible time. This week was an exhilarating experience that is hard to describe.

    Hillary, I think high level critical thinking and competence excels over an extrovert personality any day. I support you as you are, without any thoughts or wishes for a “pure” person who does not and never will exist. Go win it!!

  14. Amanda Marcotte in Salon: Damn right Hillary is a witch; she’s Hermione Granger! 🙂

    • Is it safe to go to Salon, again?

      • Yeah, I think so.

        I only saw one or two Unicorn Left articles pooh-poohing our concerns that Pucking Futin is trying to interfere in our elections, saying we’re just neo-McCarthyites, and the DNC e-mails are THE MOST IMPORTANT THING EVAH! 😛

        Though Salon is bad for me in a different way; my laptop fan goes into overdrive when I go to that site for any length of time–something about that site heats it up. 😮

        • I read the emails. They are quite underwhelming. But you know they rigged the election and all… If it weren’t for those damn emails Bernie would be our nominee

  15. RD, you going to organizing event/HC appearance in Pittsburgh this afternoon (30th)? Ohhh, I hope so and that you will let us know about it!

    • I am there. It’s very crowded. Beginning to wish we had all used extra strength anti-perspirant.

  16. Victory was sweet at long last. And Hillary is being appreciated for all the good that she has done. I wish I had been born into a nation that had had women presidents, but future generations of girls might have that opportunity, thanks to Hillary. More equal pay and more respect, too.

    Now that we need to get to work–let’s share suggestions for what kind of work we should do in the next 100 days.

    I quadrupled my modest monthly donation, and gave a final donation for the primary on the last day that such would be accepted. I donated more when fundraising events opened up.

    I’d like to register voters. There’s a campaign-sponsored voter registration drive in August. I didn’t write the date down.

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