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Thoughts but not prayers on Dallas

To whoever did it in Dallas,

Diamond Reynolds was unnaturally calm when she made a video of a police officer pointing a gun in her car after shooting Philando Castile while her 4 year old daughter was sitting in the backseat.

Then the phone kept recording when they forced her out of her car and onto the ground while her daughter screamed from the backseat and Philando Castile expired in the front seat soaked in blood.

Then Diamond kept the phone running while she was put in the backseat of a police car handcuffed while her daughter tried to console her and Diamond unleashed her anguish over the death of Philando Castile.

You would have to be inhuman to not feel how horrible and devastating it is to be black and driving a car with a broken tail light. Diamond showed us what it is really like.

And now, Diamond’s bravery and calm and final grief is going to be quickly forgotten because you had to take matters into your own hands.

Those of you who survived your terrorist activities will receive better due process than Philando Castile or Alton Sterling ever did. But who is going to remember that?

Who’s going to tolerate another march for black lives who are being slaughtered for minor traffic violations when they can see how you mowed down 11 police officers, 5 of whom are now dead?

It’s Dallas, where assassinations are not unheard of. It’s in Texas. And everyone and their brother has a gun. This nation is armed to the teeth and we have an orange colored loose cannon running for president. But it’s not him I’m worried about. It’s his crazy ass followers. It’s going to start to look like the Wild West. That’s not the country I want to live in.

Retribution is bound to follow and Diamond Reynolds will be replaced on the front page by pictures of you and the heartbroken family members of the people you killed.

What a stupid waste.


15 Responses

  1. I despair.

  2. Thank you for you fair thoughts.

  3. We have always had hate and violence in this country. Most civilizations have. We of course have the gun culture to accentuate the problems a millionfold. We always had madmen fueled by anger and hate. Booth. The people who assassinated Garfield and McKinley Someone tried to assassinate Theodore Roosevelt, and just failed. FDR would not have ever served, had the assassination attempt in 1932 succeeded. And of course we know all about the horrors of the ’60’s.

    Now we have a society where almost everyone has a gun, many have assault weapons. More and more states are proud to have laws where anyone can walk around with his weapon in broad daylight, and no one can touch him. I’m not sure that we have any more insane people than we have ever had, as a proportion, but now they all have weapons which can kill large amounts of people. I truly do not know how this is ever scaled back. No one will pass a gun law; and there are people who would kill every government official who came to their door and tried to confiscate any of their cache of weaponry. We can perhaps hope to tamp down the anger which suffuses the country; but most of our politicians seem to feed off stoking the anger, resentment, sense that people are being cheated, everything is rigged, our leaders are traitors, should be in jail. They create anger and hate, and then step back in fake concern when a dreadful event happens.

    There have been some terrible events where police officerse, not all of them White, have vastly overeacted, and essentially murdered a Black suspect. This did not mean that White people were out there trying to kill all the Black people, as some incendary people were allowed to express. And so now a deranged Black person decided that he would kill a lot of White people. It would be ridiculous for me to try to parse all this down to one cause to blame, besides the gun culture. But allowing radicals of any persuasion, or race, to try to extrapolate from one or even five unassociated events, and purvey their own theories about how the other group wants to kill all of them, does not help one bit. The media tosses kindling on the flames, and then sits back and watches them rise.

    • Yes.

      “I’m not sure we have more insane people…” We don’t, if you mean schizophrenia and the other psychotic disorders where people are actually out of touch with reality. But, oh yes, if you mean mood disorders (up 2-3x) and personality disorders (the latter of which are implicated in most serial killings), which have increased 10x in the past 20 years: particularly exhibitionistic and closet narcissistic personality disorders, and borderline disorders, all of which involve episodic distorting of reality.

      I sometimes get intellectual when I’m upset.

      • I’m sorry to reply to myself. ! I thought I’d share this link: http://fivethirtyeight.com/features/the-dallas-shooting-was-among-the-deadliest-for-police-in-u-s-history/ which is sobering.

        I’ve had a couple of police officer clients. I’ve heard about their work and the terrors they experience at it and what they do to cope. It’s horrible we mostly ALL are implicitly (unconsciously) racist and that that can have deadly consequences.

        To anyone who thinks they are the exception to implicit racism, or wants to know how implicitly racist or not they are, please go here and take the test(s): https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/ (social attitudes). You do now have to give them an email address in order to take the test. The sexism one is also great. So is the one on presidential candidates.

  4. Apparently the Dallas guy was an Afghanistan vet. Looks like Osama wasn’t the only example of blowback from Afghanistan, the graveyard of empires. One never knows, do one?

  5. Like Sweet Sue. I despair

  6. Spammy is holding a post of mine… In new news… the US State Dept is restarting their probe into Hillary’s emails. Excuse me??????

    • It’s not a probe but the idiotic media is reporting it that way. What it basically is is just going through and correcting the classification of the emails. Probably I would imagine they are going to declassify all the ones that Comey talked about and release them to the public.

  7. RD, what happened to Katiebird? Is she gone forever?

    • Yes, where is she?

    • Katiebird supported Bernie this year. She has a different set of friends who are Bernie enthusiasts. And that’s ok with me. She’s a very good friend. When or if she comes back, she’ll always be welcome.

      • Judging by her twitter I don’t think she’s going to come back to supporting Hillary. But that’s the way it goes sometimes.

        • It’s her vote. She can do what she wants with it.
          She may come back to discuss issues. There’s no pressure.

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