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The Republicans “Oh S^&*!” Moment

oh_ebd37d_221443I suspect it came on Tuesday when they realized they would have to run with The Donald they had.

They bet the whole enchilada on Hillary getting indicted. This apparent truth absolutely floors me but they seem to have talked themselves into it. How could they lose? After all, Jim Comey is one of their guys: lifelong, conservative, hard-ass Republican. Remember how he and John Ashcroft were buddies?BUT, as we have seen before, Comey has a conscience. Not much of one. It struggles under the weight of so much indoctrination from his party. Nevertheless, it surfaced at his press conference on Tuesday, buried underneath all that robotic recitation from Newt Gingrich’s “Language: A Key Mechanism of Control”, the primer that juvenile Republicans cut their teeth on.

Comey is … an apostate.


They just could not believe that he wasn’t going to step forward and save them from the spectacle of Hillary Clinton talking about policy and issues with Donald Trump during debates this fall. She’s not supposed to be there. Bernie is, or someone else that hasn’t been sufficiently vetted by the Democrats.

Here they were, having blown off their own primaries, confident that Comey was going to disqualify Hillary from running for president. Then they’d be home free, baby! It wouldn’t matter who their nominee was. The Democrats would be a broken party with a power vacuum at the top, babbling incoherently on CNN about climate change or something. Gowdy had to conclude the Benghazi fiasco last week, having found nothing but a series of unfortunate events. But the emails were going to finally nail Hillary FOR-EVER. Bwahahahahahhhhhhhh!

And it didn’t happen. Did they hear Comey right? Did he say no charges? No reasonable prosecutor would indict?

What about an UNreasonable prosecutor? Can we get one of those?

Turns out this is not possible.

You know, this batch of Republicans aren’t too bright. They’re not like the 90’s era Republicans who made House of Cards look like hopscotch. They haven’t got the media savvy of the Bushies who manipulated the American public into endless war and came up with such jolly and memorable slogans as “Cut and Run” and “Freedom Fries”.

OMG, this fall is going to be so ugly. They are going to get slaughtered at the polls.


17 Responses

  1. “[The GOP is] going to get slaughtered at the polls.”

    (Different pic from last thread)

    From your keyboard to the ears of the Ascended Madoka.

    “What’s that, Mr. Galactus? You’ve lost your appetite?

    “I thought you might.” *smirks*

  2. The amoral-but-sane architects of the current GOP must empathize with Dr. Frankenstein these days.

  3. “What about an UNreasonable prosecutor? Can we get one of those?”

    IIRC, Kenneth Starr, the psalm-singing tobacco-company mouthpiece (h/t Gene Lyons), is available again. 😉

  4. Riverdaughter, I am glad of your optmism here, and I certainly hope that it proves to be validated.

    We seem now to be in a space where the center will either hold, or it will not. It feels like one of those movies where the bad people take off their masks and reveal that they are even more horrifyingly alien than anyone could imagine. The House Republicans do not even appear to have senses to take leave of. They think that the FBI Director conspired with the President, or that Obama conspired with Hillary. They point to the fact that Hillary and Obama spoke together in Charlotte. They want another investigation. The highest ranking Republican in the country, the Ayn Rand acolyte Paul Ryan, is trying to have the Director of National Intelligence revoke Hillary’s access to classified briefings. There is no moderation, there is no sense of reasonableness; there is just maniac determination to defeat Hillary, and take over the entire country once and for all.

    In my admittedly biased opinion, there should never even have been an email investigation, since Powell and the rest of the predecessors were never investigated. But there was one, which went on for a year. What will get these people to stop? No one is going to throw them out of their gerrymandered safe seats. Will the people rise up at the polls and deliver Hillary and the Democrats a resounding victory? I am not nearly so certain. I think that Hillary will win. But the stranglehold the Republicans have on statehouses and the Congress may not be loosened. We know that the media will not help us, they never do. They have very much misstated and demagogued the email story. My strong recommendation is that Hillary pick Sherrod Brown for VP, and that they trravel around the country inveighing against these insane and traitorous Republicans. Winning the White House is incredibly crucial, but we need to somehow get rid of as many of the Republican officeholders as possible, or what we are seeing now is what we will see for the indefinite future. I’m watching one Republican after another say with straight faces that Hillary is not qualified to be Commander in Chief because she “mishandled top secret emails.” This is of course is completely untrue, but they’ll go as far as they can with it.

    • This is a long term project. You have to realize that Obama DID NOTHING to help the party. He even kept all his lists and everything to himself. Hillary got his lists and she’s giving it to the party. How worthwhile it is remains to be seen but it certainly would not hurt. Hillary is raising money for the state parties. She working to rebuild the party in states where the party is really suffering. Yes, the GOP is going to try every dirty trick in the book but we can’t let that discourage us.

      • The Wikipedia entry for James Comey states that he was appointed to a 10 year term in 2013 by (ta da) Pres. Obama!

      • I definitely saw the long term smear campaign. The goal was to undermine her “trustworthiness”. It’s worked even with people who should know better, especially Democrats who were solid Hillary supporters in 2008.
        Obama did not help the party. Definitely true. Obama is David Plotz’s candidate: from the right school, knows the right people, upper middle class with a professional stay at home wife. He doesn’t see why people of his class should go to jail for doing their jobs in the finance industry and he thinks EVERYTHING is negotiable, including those things that Democrats think are sacred.
        Debbie Wasserman Shultz has also been decidedly unhelpful.

  5. I know the diehard Bernedbros dreamed of rescue by indictment, but they’re a bunch of deluded morons living in somebody’s basement.

    Professional politicians, even Republican ones, have to be a little bit better at understanding the laws than that. So I’m boggled they could have bet the farm on indictment. These people need to led gently to a room with soothing colors and be kept away from sharp objects.

    What a world.

    • I know right? I thot it was just political theater but while I was listening to them this afternoon I was struck by the utter disbelief and confusion of those GOP reps trying to find some way, any way to send Hillary to jail.
      It’s surreal.
      They can’t beat her. That’s clear now. So they want to make her into a criminal. It’s the only way to stop her. And they really thot it would work. Unbelievable.

      • The GOP should give up the elephant and adopt this furry guy as their animal mascot. 😆

      • I’m kind of surprised you’re only now realizing what the GOP was thinking. I knew from the very moment this whole email thing came up that that was the goal. They did extensive polling in 2008 with Hillary and one Republican I talked to said thank God the dems did not run Hillary in 2008. He said this after the election in November. He said it would have been a literal bloodbath for the GOP worse than with Obama. So that’s why they started early and have been attempting to go over the top with all these accusations. They knew they would never ever beat her at the polls and it had to be done by knocking her out somehow. The reason the GOP was fluffing Bernie so much was because he was a useful idiot in their attempt to take down Hillary. Do not be surprised to find that many, many Republicans were heavily donating to Bernie for just this reason. So after there was no Bernie they began pressing their case full court with character assassination and using their backup investigations. They had expected to not get her to run after the Benghazi hearings or drop out. All it did was drive up her numbers. Then they kept releasing emails right before primaries in an attempt to mess with the primaries. They have tried everything to take her out and it has all failed.

        Now the upper echelons of the GOP may have not been too sure that all of this was going to work but they have fleeced the rubes for so long they had them convinced that anybody could beat Hillary. This also came back to bite them in the butt because when all of a sudden they said Trump couldn’t beat Hillary they also were pretty much going against everything they have been saying for a long long time.

        This has been one bizarre election year for sure.

        • I thought they were just going for an extended attack ad. But I never expected they believed their own propaganda. Yeah, call me naive.

  6. “What about an UNreasonable prosecutor? Can we get one of those?”

    Well, apparently State’s going to have another go at her. Dog knows who built what fire under whom to get them to agree to that. Because surely those fleas know how easily they’ll be brushed out of Clinton’s hair.

    Giggling and looking forward to the conclusion of this latest silliness.

    • Apparently, no, those are just the way they (“They”) frame the headlines. State was investigating when the FBI got involved, so they had to suspend their investigation. Now that the FBI is done, they’re continuing where they left off. That’s why they figured out that two of those slightly-classified emails were actually condolence notes that were even slightly classified in error.

      So the headline should have been “State Dept. to wrap up its own investigation. Exoneration of Clinton continues.”

  7. As long as they are the polls that count, the real ones where people vote. We’ve been fooled before by opinion polls.

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