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Putting “Extremely Careless” into perspective

According to James Comey, head of the FBI who happens to be a Republican, after sifting through 50,000+ emails at a cost of millions of dollars to the taxpayer, he was able to dig up 113 emails that contained classified material. Some of this classified material was classified after the mail was sent, some was buried in email threads, which, as anyone who gets email threads at work can verify can sometimes be mind bogglingly long and hard to follow. The recipient can’t control what other people send to her.

Let’s do the math:

113 classified emails/50000 emails total = .23%. (I rounded up)

I can only assume that James Comey went through all of Condoleeza Rice’s emails and Colin Powell’s emails and Madeline Albright’s emails for comparison and that none of our three most recent Secretary of State’s emails contained anywhere close to that number of unintentional violations.

That would be about 2 tenths of 1% of emails.

What would be considered “extremely careful”? Shouldn’t Comey provide a scale so we know what would be considered rigorously careful? Presumably, 50000 emails would contain 0 classified emails unintentionally passed between communicants.

In the absence of any data from other Secretaries of State, we have no way to know just how egregiously bad Clinton’s numbers are.

So, James Comey, Republican, can say whatever he likes about the standard of care that was applied here. There is no way of knowing whether this is higher or lower than any other secretary of state who used private emails.

Ok, then.

41 Responses

  1. The whole thing has been nonsense from start to finish. my understanding is that Powell never even turned his in.

  2. Time for Dir. Comey to go he was a bad choice from the get go. Not just for his finger waging bad girl exaggerated attack on Secretary Clinton. But for again spending tax payer dollars for the thousands of hours spent on a nothing, pulling valuable resources that could have been better spent on…oh let’s say the Orlando terrorist. Anyway I’m glad this one is done until the next faux nothing attacks.
    My goal from now until November is to enjoy the process and celebration of electing the first female President, Hillary Clinton. And I plan to avoid the disgrace (yuck factor) that is Trump, the media revenue machine and the Republican party.
    While I do not support party line voting but consideration of individual candidate this election I will be voting against any Republican candidate. I view the Party, its core, to be corrupting, incapable, divisive and an unethical influence that no individual lawmaker could stand against.

  3. AM NY a free tabloid which I thought was politically more decent than others had precisely that headline. It’s a good thing she is facing an :extremely careful” opponent who doesn’t have to think before speaking

  4. Oh, great. Now the Republicans are calling Comey–a genuine, sensibly haircut Republican–on the carpet to explain how the latest witch hunt came up with bupkis. Clinton will be at the end of her very successful presidency, having accomplished among hundreds of other things the nomination and appointment of three Supremes who actually believe in Justice, and they’re still going to be banging on about this … or something else.

    It’s never going to end.

  5. Right, and as far as the thousands of emails she deleted, I’m sure none of those had anything classified. Hillary seems highly honest and extremely above reproach, so there’s no doubt we can take her word that her technically deleting evidence was just an oversight, and there was nothing incriminating there.

    • It is very hard to disprove a negative. That’s why it’s so effective as a smear.
      Nevertheless, you don’t have any evidence of any wrongdoing whatsoever. And since this investigation seems to be going the way all of the other Clinton investigations, i.e. There’s no THERE there, then we can also reasonably conclude that she is guilty of nothing.
      If I were Republicans, I’d stop investigating Clinton. Their motives are starting to be glaringly obvious. The waste of money outrageous. And someday, she might do something that really does merit investigation but the Republicans, and the media, have cried wolf so many times, wasting money and trying our patience, that no one is going to care.
      It’s time to stop now. Seriously.

      • RD, I don’t know how much time you’ve ever spent over at Ian’s place, but Blizz is one of those “white nationalist” types. Just thought I’d let you know.

      • Mishandling classified info is a serious crime … isn’t it? Setting up a private email server for state business is shockingly stupid. I don’t see how you brush this off. Maybe after the nth investigation you just tuned out them all, or maybe you’re just being a good partisan foot-soldier.

        • Yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah. More swill from the anti-Clinton smear machine, nearing its 4th decade of operation now (counting the years in the Arkanshire). Same old $#!+.

        • Actually it came out today that the ones that Comey was talking about being classified were erroneously classified. So there’s no there there no matter how much you might want it to be.

  6. [A]s anyone who gets email threads at work can verify [email threads] can sometimes be mind bogglingly long and hard to follow. The recipient can’t control what other people send to her.

    I hate to say it, RD, but that’s an excellent reason why a high-ranking official with daily access to classified information shouldn’t be conducting official business from a poorly-secured private email server. Compromising of classified information was a foreseeable consequence of that decision. It doesn’t matter that Powell, Rice, or others might have been equally negligent.

    • Mebbe. I could see that argument. But considering that the state department servers are NOT secure and everyone uses wireless technology, I can see her side of this too.
      On the other hand, .23% sounds incredibly good to me. Given that she was SOS, a pinpoint sporadic leak over 4 years seems like an aberration and not evidence of gross negligence. In fact, you might say it’s unavoidable. I doubt that Colin Powell or Condi Rice did better. Of course, we’ll never know because no one seems interested in spending millions of dollars investigating them. But that would be the only metric of any value. Right now, we have absolutely no idea what to compare it to.

      • State Dept. email server has been compromised–so, actually, she was probably safer using her own.

    • You don’t seem to understand that the private server was not the issue. If the same email had been received on the unsecured server in the state department it would have been the same thing. You also don’t seem to understand what constitutes classification. Two classified emails were released today and they were condolence notes sent by Hillary.

  7. Off topic: I pay $35 a month for a particular prescription.

    When the time comes for my doctor to renew the prescription, my drugstore’s website shows me the retail price instead of the price with insurance (though I still end up paying the latter, lower price).

    The retail price is $1,617.99, IIRC.

    That is the most glaring disparity among my prescriptions, but remarkable disparities happen with all of them. If it really costs the pharmaceutical companies 3- or 4-figure sums to produce a month’s supply for me of these drugs, how can those companies stay in business while charging me a much lower price just because I have insurance?

    I realize you weren’t in the business end of the pharmaceutical industry, but can you maybe explain that? *scratches head*

    • Your insurance company negotiated the price on your behalf.
      If you don’t have insurance or you have bare bones coverage, you pay more.
      Big pharma makes money on volume for small molecule and generic drugs. They make out like bandits on the newer biologicals for cancer and orphan diseases.
      But I’m not on the business end. Thank god.

    • Forgot to mention that facilities are strictly regulated and maintained according to FDA quality assurance guidelines. This is no joke and it can be expensive.
      The Today Sponge never came back after an FDA Inspection.

  8. What Comey (looks like a big drinker to me) did was unconscionable; he declined to indict-because there’s no evidence of wrongdoing- but he spent forty five minutes making a specious case against Hillary Clinton that she cannot answer!
    What a prick; took me back to the Kenneth Starr days.

    • And spent an absolute fortune doing so, too. Did anyone else get the sense that, in his mind, he was slapping the hands of a bad little girl?

  9. This is worth a read. My thoughts exactly. Now Repubs have a reason to keep investigating her for the rest of her life. If they needed a reason.
    Sorry, I am sure there is a way to insert a link but could not see how.

  10. A shorter link.

  11. These days, U. S. conservatism is as much an industry as a political movement. Stir up the rubes, and then ask them for money to fight the EE-vil librulz. Also “write” books and videos and such, and sell them at the rallies.

    I’ve read speculation that Tribble Hair’s Plan B, if he loses, is to become this sort of politician/entrepreneur, like Palin, Gingrich, or Huckabee.

  12. Test post. I think Spammy is being silly again.

    • OK, trying again.

      Modern U. S. conservatism has become as much an industry as a political movement. There’s money to be made stirring up the rubes, and then asking them for donations to defeat them EE-vil librulz. Also, politician/entrepreneurs such as Palin, Huckabee, and Gingrich can “write” books and make videos and such, and sell them at the rallies.

      I’ve read speculation that the Donald’s Plan B, if he loses, is to become this sort of politician/entrepreneur.

    • I tried to post a comment twice. It would not go.

    • {{putting on hip waders to go fish it out}}

  13. Hmmm, a few days have passed, but still nothing from Lord Haw-Haw Goodman about the non-prosecution of HRC.

    Maybe he’s been struck speechless?

  14. It is so immensely irritating that the media, in their inevitable stupidity and headline chasing, act like Comey is some kind of wise man who speaks the truth. He’s an FBI person, and is apparently a far-Right Republican, having worked for one of the all-time Clinton haters, Rudy Giuliani. He has no evidence whatsoever to indict, so he does what he can, such as to color everything with his own views, not factual, not evidence based, just his views. And then the media acts like this is some profound analysis, the definitive word on things.

    Now the House, trying to squeeze whatever else they can out of it, “grill” Comey; which in reality is just them obtaining another news cycle day of getting this front and center, and of making all their Hillary-hating statements once again for the TV cameras. The question the media should have asked (fat chance) is, why was no one investigating Hillary’s emails for the two and a half years after she left State, and only after she announced for President? My guess (and apparently everyone gets a guess, because that’s all the media and Comey did), is that various right-wing factions went to the FBI, maybe to Comey directly, last year, and urged this investigation, which they hoped would destroy her candidacy, or at least very much damage her campaign. Comey’s statements were thus simply the final chapter in this saga, in which various FBI agents had been “leaking” rumors about serious allegations, to the likes of DeLay and Gingrich, which they then ran with to the media, during the last several months. It was a set-up job from the outset, in my view.

  15. My spidey-sense tells me that the Republicans have finally pushed this one too far. We’ll see.

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