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America makes rest of world nervous

We are a train wreck in progress. Some observations in the past couple of days:

1.) Donald Trump is like the ultimate blog troll before you figured out how to keep him from posting in your comments section.He camps out there with his other annoying droogs and writes inflammatory jackassery.

2.) “I am not politically correct” is just another way of saying “I don’t give a flying f^&* about anyone else’s feelings”. I used to think it was a response to Democratic operatives using accusations of racism to shut up critics of Obama and maybe it started out that way. But this has gone way beyond that. Now it’s just an excuse to use the worst bullying behavior.

3.) According to Republicans, “All Constitutional Amendments are equal except some are more equal than others.” I actually heard one on CNN say something to the effect that sure, we should have investigated the shooter more thoroughly to stop him from doing his worst but he was a native born American citizen and, therefore, his right to buy assault weapons could absolutely not be violated.

WTF, Republicans. Seriously. There is nothing sane or rational about this position. Ok, nevermind. Most of you still don’t believe in evolution or climate change either.

4.) It took 8 years but I am finally on Obama’s side. His righteous indignation yesterday was the correct response to Donald’s stupid self-aggrandizing belligerence. I only wish that he had been able to muster as much passion over the fate of the long term unemployed or the monumental greed and callousness of the bankers.

The bad thing is that we have to continue to witness this battle of the politicians in the wake of a tragedy. Unfortunately, it’s necessary. The Democrats can’t be cowed by an orange blowhard into looking passive. It’s a power dynamics thing.



Maybe not the most tasteful metaphor in light of the massacre in Orlando but still apt. You can’t meet overt aggression with passivity. Donald and his droogs will jump all over that.

Nice to see Hillary making the point about how we can’t take shampoo on a plane but anyone in American can buy an assault weapon. Can we get Bernie to join in?

We can’t all get along until we can make Donald STFU.

17 Responses

  1. According to Bloomberg Hillary has a 12 point advantage over Trump. He will have a total meltdown over that. He won’t get rid of her as easily as he did the other republicans he ran against in the primaries. She is not afraid to take him on and he is now getting a dose of his own medicine.Gotta love it!!

    • Terrorism can change that if she’s on the defensive.

      • Still waiting to see who the print and broadcast news media is paid to support. Remember 2000 when Wall Street/Corporate America put in an order for Bush the Lesser?

        As to Democrats growing a spine, why did it take a complete loon to motivate them, the republican party has been devolving since Reagan.

        • I’m guessing that WaPo is going to support “the player to be named later” since Donald revoked its press credentials. At least Hillary never did that. She just doesn’t give them any material to work with. She doesn’t ban the press.
          Anyway, WaPo has a history of not liking her so I’m betting it’s going to do some profiles on Gary Johnson.

          • WaPo has been pro-H Clinton, seriously anti-Sanders during this D Primary. WaPo infamously had 16 unintentional Onion-esque bogus anti-Sanders headline/articles in 16 hrs.

            Also IIRC reading that WaPo editorialists are hardcore neo-cons, & as such they support H Clinton over Trump, for the pro-warmongering (Syria “No Fly Zone”, etc), not being against Trump’s blatant racism or Trump’s dictatorish anti-1st amendment behavior.

  2. Bernie and the Bros are still registered as independents with FEC as of this morning, so don’t look for anything other than poo-bombs from the Sandcrab. I hope Clinton and Obama and everyone else continues to blowtorch tRump and the rest of his enablers. We need to get our lazy-ass supporters off the bench and to the polls somehow. If everyone who supports the general Democratic policies would vote, we’d be rid of most all Republicans and their mental health issues.

    • This “Bernie Bros” childish insult is absurd, borderline misandrist sexist. It is insulting to the many women, perhaps like this blog’s katiebird & pundit Katie Halper, who are Sanders voters.

      If the Sanders voters had such an insulting & borderline sexist for H Clinton voters, the H Clinton campaign, voters, social media commenters (whether authentic unpaid, or “Correct the Record” paid trolls) would be crying a Pacific Ocean & yelling “sexist!”. Extreme hypocrisy.

      H Clinton voters’ accusations of Sanders voters being sexist is absurd, & incorrect. If Sanders voters took the same absurd tactic, they would label H Clinton voters as anti-Semite & misandrist sexist; which would similarly be an incorrect baseless accusation for the majority of H Clinton voters.

      This bogus H Clinton voters’ sexist allegation is stupid even from a self-interested perspective. If the general election’s 2 duopoly candidates are H Clinton & Trump, Trump is a genuine misogynist sexist as evidenced by Trump’s ACTUAL BEHAVIOR, such as allegedly raping his ex-wife, insulting women politicians like Fiorina & H Clinton based on physical appearance, etc. But if H Clinton decries this actual Trump sexism, a portion of “undecided” voters will not care, based off the “Boy Who Cried Wolf” effect of H Clinton’s prior baseless accusation of Sanders.

      Consider that portion of Sanders voters in the “Bernie or Bust” movement, will most likely vote for the Green Party’s Dr. Jill Stein. This shows for the 4080th time that Sanders voters are not sexist.

      • Firstly, we would never insult Katiebird or other Bernie supporters who are motivated by issues that we care about. Many of us really like Bernie, believe that he was right to run, believe that his voters had a right to vote right up to the very end and actually agreed with him on many issues.
        That being said, he should have never gone after Hillary using right wing talking points. We know, and YOU know that she’s been investigated to death and there’s no there there.
        As for the Bernie bros, if they weren’t right wing trolls, then I have to assume it was obnoxious Bernie Bros who cluttered up our comments section with the juvenile taunts, website misdirection and IP server switching. We are not sorry about them. They need to learn to live with losing once in awhile.
        Hillary is going to be the nominee. There was no funny business, indeed no primary process that didn’t benefit Bernie. He won a lot of caucuses and open primaries. He got a lot of votes from people who were likely not Democrats. It’s fine if you want to be an independent. But that may mean you don’t get to vote in a primary next time. I have had my own issues with the party but it has the right to exclude independents and republican troublemakers.
        Just saying.
        Bernie wasn’t subjected to any rules committee shenanigans. He didn’t have delegates he won fair and square reassigned by the party. He’s not going to get cut out of the convention. He’ll probably get a full roll call vote. There won’t be any attempt to cover up how close the delegate count is. In short, he and the bratty Bernie Bros should look forward to a better outcome with Hillary than the 2008 Clintonistas got with Obama.
        I’d accept that as a win. You can’t win them all. We outvoted you. We have feelings too.

      • As for the accusations of sexism, maybe you don’t suffer from this but I suspect there is more of the “more deserving man syndrome” operating among Bernie supporters than you care to admit.
        Jill Stein, sigh, whatever.
        I wish you guys would concentrate on winning more down ticket and state legislative races this year. The top job accomplished nothing without legislative support.

      • Just go to youtube Bernie videos. Read the comments left by Bernie-bots calling Hillary names. Bunch of sore losers.

  3. In an otherwise decent Bloomberg Poll, there was this very troubling aspect: When people were asked, if there were another terror attack like the last one, a year from now, who would you think would handle it better; and 45% said Trump, 41% said Clinton. This is an appalling response by the electorate, which apparently confuses swagger and bellicose certainty, with grasp of issues. I just don’t know how perceptive or intelligent the average citizen is at this point. Not very, I am afraid.

    Of course, history is full of examples of when a frightened populace turned to a belligerent self-styled strongman. Europe certainly did in the 1920’s, with inexpressibly horrific consequences. And the popular Reagan was full of threats and bluster; fortunately he ultimately proved to have a certain moral grounding and rationality in this regard. Democrats would regularly lose elections because voters saw them as soft on Communism, and afraid to fight. Ironically but predictably, Hillary is now blamed for a war which had bad consequences, but which she did not mislead the populace about, or cause. The Republicans did that, but somehow manage to divert attention from it.Trump has no clue about anything involving world politics, but he must be impressing some people with his blustering and threats. I don’t think we or the world would be safe if he were elected. By rights, he should lose by 75-25 or so, but we may well see him creepimg back to less than five points down, which is very frightening in itself, both in itself, and for what it would say about the perceptions of the average voter.

    If there were five 90-minute debates, Hillary would surely win, because finally the election would get down to issues and policies, instead of soundbites/ But there won’t be. There may barely be one debate, and that with strict rules allowing Trump to avoid answering, run out the time clock, throw out a bunch of insults and untruths and escape being called on them. Somehow Hillary has to keep emphasizing the hollowness and irrationality behind Trump’s “ideas.” And I do hope that this entire election is not about terrorism, thus allowing Trump to conveniently elude discussing economic and environmehtal matters. I don’t think that people even realize that Trump is proposing another reduction of taxes for the wealthy; because no one in the media discusses that, and Trump skips over it in his speeches.

    • The distilled worldview of Tribble Hair and his fanboys (of all ages and genders).

    • Yeah, this worries me too. The world is on fire and in a dangerous place, and what we need is exactly a level-headed, pragmatic leader like Hillary. Unfortunately, when the world turns dangerous, people turn scared and turn to demagogues with overly simplistic solutions — certainly Trump and even Bernie matches this to some degree. I hope the terrorism issue doesn’t sway the election in Trump’s direction…

  4. 9 pm Weds: Live stream of gun control filibuster happening now in the Senate: http://livestream.com/accounts/300260/events/4963928

    “Senate Democrats led by Chris Murphy of Connecticut ground the Senate floor to a halt Wednesday, vowing to speak as long as necessary to force the Senate to take action to address gun violence.
    ‘I am prepared to stand on the Senate floor and talk about the need to prevent gun violence for as long as I can. I’ve had #Enough,’ he tweeted. For hours, Murphy and other Democratic senators took turns demanding the Senate take up a variety of gun control measures, though it is not clear any of them would have the votes to pass.
    Murphy listed off mass shootings and talked about expanding background checks for gun buyers and banning gun sales to people on terror watch lists.’ (USA Today)

    Since Orlando shooting, 100 people have been murdered with guns.

  5. Trump has made me feel a little more sympathy for the Germans in the 20s and 30s. It took a lost war, a revolution, several attempted coups, insane inflation and the Great Depression before Hitler was head of a major party, rather than a fringe group. We have a weak recovery from a smaller Depression and one of only two major parties is headed by Trump. Perhaps the Germans were more democratic-and Americans less-than I always thought..

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