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Soft Targets

It’s horrible what has happened in Orlando.

But no one should be surprised. We’re the stupidest country on the planet for passing the Patriot Act but allowing just about anyone to buy guns.

The right wing noise machine and The Donald are going to start whipping up anti-Muslim sentiment. But anyone who thought it was a good idea to invade Iraq (for the oil, let’s be honest. The WMDs were just a convenient excuse) and then destabilize the country by withdrawing before the country could defend itself against ISIS, should know that they exacerbated the possibility of terrorism.

No one, including overbearing right wing, belligerent gun nut Americans deserves to have their innocent children gunned down in a nightclub. But you have to wonder if they thought that soft targets are only located in Europe.

How about that 2nd amendment?

11 Responses

  1. This was done at a gay nightclub, something Sen. Sessions et al choose to ignore.

    This is a hate crime.

    • And it’s Pride Week in cities all around the country.
      I think we can all agree that a crime like this is an act of hate no matter what the reason.
      On the other hand, if this was an ISIS related attack, the fact that it was carried out on a LGBT nightclub is going to give the Tea Party and sTrumpets fits of mixed feelings. But then again, the right wing has been terrorizing the rest of us with cruel legislation and loose gun laws for years now.

    • It appears to be a hate crime.

      • The dude called 911 before the assault to say he was doing it for ISIS. So, it looks like it was doubly motivated.
        Could have been a radicalized Christian. The fact that the guy was Muslim is important but not the critical thing. The problem is fundamentalist religion of any kind.

  2. he had been investigated in the past for terrorist links. my thoughts go out to those who survived the attack and family and friends of all.

  3. Yeah, I don’t understand how someone who was being watched by the FBI in 2013 still managed to purchase a weapon like this. But of course, the NRA is sure to follow up soon with comments about how everything would have been fine if only everyone in that club had been armed.

    • What he did is entirely legal. Any type of restrictions on guns has been squashed by the NRA. #NRAsucks.

      • Yeah, I do realize it was legal. I guess I’m saying I don’t understand how it was legal…but then that brings us right back to the NRA lobby and NRA sucking.

  4. Only in this virtually insane country, with the certifiably insane NRA holding sway, can it be so easy and acceptable for nearly anyone to buy a series of assault weapons. Assault weapons are used tor killing large numbers of people. there is no other use for them. That they are even sold to the civilian population is obscene. Terrorism and assault weapons are an evil alliance made for each other. Of course. some of the mass murders done with assault weapons are not the result of terrorist organizations, they are the product of one or a couple of deranged men who take out their impotence and anger by shooting a bunch of people and then usually killing themselves; their last statement to the universe. That such people, the terrorists and the deranged loners. are enabled by right-wing zealots to stockpile as many killing weapons as they like, is the great shame and tragedy of this nation. How can we be held perennial hostage by a rifle association?

    • I was mildly surprised that this attack actually does seem to be motivated by international politics, at least partially. Usually, when a massacre happens in this country, it’s some weeby-weeby throwing a lethal tantrum because he can’t get laid.

      As far as I know, I just coined “weeby-weeby” from “WBWB”–Whiny Butthurt White Boy.

    • I’m probably telling William something he already knows, but just in case:

      Many white people (disclosure: I’m white) in this country think they need guns to deal with their deep terror of The Great Negro Horde Uprising, which their lizard brains expect will happen ANY DAY NOW. Of course, the NRA, the GOP, and the wingnut media play on this fear skillfully, having years and years of practice.

      Remember, the Spartans made themselves so tough not so much from fear of other Greeks, or of foreigners, than from fear of a helot uprising. Much of the militaristic ethos of my Southland goes back to the same sort of thing–fear of slave rebellions.

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