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Things people should stop saying

1.) This is Hillary’s coronation: Um, no, this is the payoff for the hard work she put in to not one, but TWO grueling primaries. Plus, she’s not exactly new to the world of politics or work in general, considering that she is a lawyer, former first lady of Arkansas, former first lady of the United States, a US senator (elected twice) and a former Secretary of State. She was overqualified when she ran in 2008. This coronation thing is deeply offensive to millions of women who recognize her accomplishments and expect that she will get credit for them. No one has worked harder or longer for a nomination. Queens are merely born to their throne.

2.) Hillary isn’t likeable. Millions of primary voters who gave her the win would disagree. You can’t argue with the numbers.

3.) Bernie can convince the superdelegates that he’s the better candidate. Even if he could do this, which he can’t, what about the rest of us? You know, the people who voted for his opponent? Don’t we count? Isn’t Bernie worried that to overturn the outcome of this endless primary process would alienate the rest of us? Or is the thought that once again, we can’t be trusted to make up our own feeble minds and so a bunch of lefties who know better than us will unburden us from the hard decision making process. I think someone needs to have a talk with Bernie and his people to tell them to knock it off. No one is going to put up with that now.

4.) Neoliberal, corporatist, criminal, liar. You know, I never liked Obama but the best I could come up with was that he reminded me of a corporate ladder climbing shmoozer. In any case, the labels of corporatist and neoliberal don’t really have any meaning without context.Neoliberal compared to who? Corporatist in terms of what? I think drug discovery is more efficiently carried out in a medium sized corporate lab for an economy of scale and better collaboration. Does that make me a corporatist? If Hillary took a corporation’s campaign funds, like she takes everyone’s campaign funds, but didn’t favor them in legislation, does that make her corrupt?

Can we please stop demonizing Hillary Clinton? She’s just a human being. The sooner the losing side comes to grips with this fact, the sooner we can get on with it.


32 Responses

  1. The coronation thing is born of pure sexism because she absolutely couldn’t have been a better candidate so therefore she has to be “crowned”.

    As far as Bernie flipping the super delegates, that has been one of the most insulting things ever. He might currently poll better against Trump just because the media never vetted him. However the GOP would not be so nice as to not vet him. And now the GOP is trying to figure out how to get rid of Trump so that makes polling even less than worthless. And I guess he thinks that the rest of us, the majority, of the voters are just going to go along with voting for him. He should think again on that account.

    The whole neoliberal war criminal stuff makes the people saying it look like idiots. Who is ever going to take people seriously who engage in that kind of conversation?

    • Heard Eliz. Warren’s speech today on the radio while stuck in traffic near Portland, OR (and still no signs or bumper stickers anywhere)–sounded like she was speaking to a group of lawyers (?) across town in DC from where Sanders was speaking. She spoke exclusively of the GOP and Trump, she was fired up, she didn’t mention Hillary or Sanders, but she did educate her listeners about the GOP influence on the judiciary, and refocused anger toward the GOP and away from anywhere else, it seemed to me.

  2. Hillary won, Bernie lost. Hillary won because she is smart, strong, extremely experienced and competent. She has accomplished what no other politician male or female has in the public arena. And wow, I cannot wait to experience what having a smart capable experienced President will mean for our country after all this time.

    IMHV all the Bernie tiptoeing, hugs while he continues to broadside her with this delegitimize the win crap… “Weaver says that right now, “no one is the nominee. The nominee is elected at the convention.” Yesterday is a mistake.

    Also for me the phrase a healthy contest during a primary is just code for Party, Media and Party affiliates revenue generation schemes and has no merit, really is the problem, sorry.

    • Disagree with you on the last part. She needed to hear the Bernie supporters POV, which was pretty close to mine. The gig economy is not working. It’s ruining the middle class and I think she was pushing too much to accommodate the small business person. Nobody in my former profession wants to be an independent contractor, consultant or small business owner. Research is hobbled in such an environment. Don’t believe me? Alright then, heard of any new antibiotics lately? How about a treatment for Zika virus. These things won’t be researched because the investment community doesn’t want to make a long term commitment to research staff. They think we can just job hop indefinitely. They don’t worry about the shocks to our finances, families and careers. The science infrastructure is only one industry going thru this divestment in a trained, valuable workforce. It’s got to stop.
      So, yeah, she needed a wake up call. It’s not all sunshine and roses in obamaland in spite of his relentless PR team. Now, she knows.
      Bernie did that. We owe him a round of applause and our gratitude.

  3. Can I use some of these paragraphs in response to comments all over the internet? I can paste your web address next to them. you just write so much better than I do!

    • Knock yourself out. 😉
      Thanks, but my writing is off lately. I need more mojo.

  4. We all know that Obama is not one inch to the left of Hillary, but radio lefty, Thom Hartman adores Obama and despises Hillary.
    Why, oh why, could that be?

    • Obama is the sizzle. Hillary is the steak. The Left, with all its pretensions of intellectualism and cynicism, is actually as susceptible to the presentations and trappings, as the rest of the populace. How someone like Hartman, who purports to be an historical analyst, could actually think that Obama is more liberal than Hillary, is hard to fathom.

      Most of the far Left fell in love with Obama, who was going to save them from what they saw as the relentless moderateness of the Clintons. Just because he is Black, just because he can give very good speeches, does not make him liberal, or even effective. I know that he means well. But he is the one who put all the Wall Streeters in charge of the Treasury, not Hillary. It was somewhat bitterly amusing to see how far the Left went to ignore or try to convolutedly explain, all the pro-corporate things that he was doing. But the real truth is, that for the Left, it was mostly about high-schoolish cliquery, and that they just decided that Obama looked more like how thought their messiah would appear.

    • Well, it looks like the Great Communicator (whose speeches I never have been able to listen to) has finally communicated something worthwhile. He summoned Sanders to the White House–oh, excuse me, Sanders invited himself–and Grampa emerged from the meeting all smiles and ready to work with Clinton.

      Boy would I love to have been a fly on the wall.

      • If Bernie’s “conversion” is sincere, one thinks of Mr. Jensen and Howard Beale.

      • Actually I the whole great communicator thing for Obama is really messed up where they are confusing speeches with actual communication. I would call the big dawg the great communicator not Obama because Bill could drill policy down to sell it to voters whereas Obama has always been more of just keep drilling on the talking points kind of guy.

    • Oh, this is precious, coming straight from the mouth of The Precious:

      ” … In fact I don’t think there’s ever been someone so qualified to hold this office … ”

      It’s in the endorsement video he just released, folks. Right there in plain English.

      • ETA: What a doof.

        They say that opinions about outgoing Presidents rise near or at the end of their terms. My opinion of this one is rising from the sub-basement because we’re finally going to see his back.

        What a doof.

        • ETA Sorry, should read “My opinion of [Obama] is rising from the sub-basement out of pure relief that he’s finally going to show us his back.”

          Damn you trigger finger.

      • Been waiting for that since 2008.


  6. Yes thank you! It seems even if generally positive articles are written about Hillary they never quite make the mark, never quite hit the nail on the head. They are always repentant, apologetic, prefaced with “Regardless of what you think of her…” or “Despite her emails and paid speeches” or they try to explain why Hillary lost and made a comeback… “She ran a bad campaign in 08” “She had a lot of drama in her staff” did anyone her Axelrod after her victory speech? He said it was a good speech because she wasn’t yelling like she did in the past… I don’t get how it’s acceptable for him and others to keep questioning her tone and character constantly.

  7. I won’t insult anyone’s intelligence by linking to him, but Lord Haw-Haw Goodman still expects the e-mail parrot to wake up and squawk any minute now…

    You’d think he’d have learned when the Benghazi Blue never woke up. 😆

  8. Really, if you belonged to the 1%, to whom would you rather give the steering wheel of your Great Global Profit Machine–and even more importantly, the nuclear launch codes?

    (a) A responsible adult with many years of service in the government, and a long firsthand acquaintance with a former president.

    (b) A self-described “democratic socialist” who honeymooned in the USSR, among many other flaky choices in his past.

    (c) A tribble-haired, mentally unbalanced grifter who probably isn’t HALF as rich as he pretends to be.

    No contest, eh?

  9. Other historic firsts for women covered like Hillary’s nomination.

    Google this from Samantha Bee and laugh then cry.

  10. I just read “Time to Admit Clinton Is an Extraordinarily Talented Politician Ezra Klein, Vox” and you can get to it from the Real Clear Politics site. It is a truly well written article about how Hillary worked so hard to form coalitions and won the nomination in a way that was not the “traditional male model” and how under appreciated she is as a politician. If you like Hillary Clinton and are amazed at what she has just done and accomplished, I recommend this read and you will once again see how she worked for years to get to where she is today, politically. And this doesn’t even address, in my mind, how prepared and brilliant she is to be president. And after seeing her in public when Bill ran for the first time for president, I disagree with anyone who says she doesn’t give a great speech. Hope you enjoy the article.

  11. I read that when it came out. I like Ezra Klein since his washpost days. He left because he wanted to explain politics.
    Interesting that all of a sudden, so many key players have decided that Hillary is worthy of high praise rather than the faint praise and left handed compliments over all the past years. A bit self-serving, perhaps? Another item: Al Franken said tonight that there was no Democratic senator that he knew who would refuse a VP offer. Suddenly, they all want to be part of history! Pardon my cynicism. Even Elizabeth Warren now wants it. I do not think she should be chosen, however. Oh, and Franken did say way back in 2014 that Hillary should be president. O’Donnell played it on his show.
    A good day all around for Hillary.

  12. So, Hillary and Elizabeth are meeting today. Phooey. I think HRC should be able to make this history all by herself gender-wise. I guess I am in the minority on that.
    Does anyone think Obama got a clue from FBI before he went all out with his endorsement? I am still concerned about what that org is going to do, not that I think there is real stuff there, but we all know that, just like stats, you can make words say anything too. But, I tell myself that Obama would not want to have to eat his strong endorsement words if the fbi did intend to indict. So, I am hoping he knows something.

  13. i have stopped being concerned about the fbi. and i too think that clinton should be able to enjoy the moment and pick and choose from worthy candidates with whom she can mesh and work with and shares her vision and positive outlook. the fbi would have brought charges and i think her computer set up was approved by someone else and possibly from above. i’m glad that it continues to be an issue, because the one trump and the repubs will focus on is bill. clinton can handle and deal with the computer issue since it is something she knows and was involved with. targeting bill, however, leaves her with no defense. she can’t throw him under the bus. defending him, for some, would be a problem. i’m just glad that trump has such a way with words and opinions and has such a thin skin, because is she ever going to be able to capitalize on that. there has never been a more investigated nominee/candidate than clinton. i’m sure there are some skeletons in trump’s closet.

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