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What are you going to do? Bleed on me??

One more time:

California is still counting but I think it’s over guys.

I know that you wanted a revolution but as Thomas Jefferson once wrote,  “all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed”.

There’s a good chance that the people who voted for Clinton do not see her has the corrupt, deceitful, corporatist, neoliberal that you do. They see her has a person who has been thwarted for 25 years and has had to claw her way to this pinnacle with little or no help from anyone. And Bernie was good for her. The long, hard slog may have made her too practical. What Bernie gave her was a wake up call about where the country’s mood actually is.

But you know, you can not predict how this general election season is going to go. There’s a possibility that we could have a wave in the Senate. Is change likely in the House? Probably not, but I’m a Tolkienist, so anything is possible as long as we meet each new experience as it comes along without giving up hope.

Anyway, this is what *we* wanted but maybe not what *you* wanted. We aren’t going to apologize for it.

Come, Patsy.


31 Responses

  1. Hillary just won California. Congratulations to Hillary and thank you Bernie for a spirited and meaningful primary season.

  2. RD- Thank you for all that you did back in 2007/8 when you gave us all an online home :). After that disappointment, I could not do much this time, but I’m relieved I didn’t have to, and that she won anyway. A well-earned congratulations to you, to her, and to all of us!

  3. Bernie seems to still believe he is entitled to the nomination. He is just reeking of privilege.

  4. Congratulations Hillary!

    Using new email name picked up some bad stuff from that fake riverdaughter site a week or so ago. Anyone else that clicked that link check your search engine settings and super clean your disc and email or dump that email.

  5. Actually, I don’t think Bernie is “pretty good at arithmetic” even though he says he is! I stayed up through his speech. I am not sure he can see beyond himself. And that is sad for him, but much sadder for the next phase for our country. One poster on washpost was incensed that he did not recognize the historic moment that was HRC’s. I was incensed that he allowed his crowd to boo HRC.
    I have no problem if my post is removed if it is considered too anti-BS for this forum. It is just the truth.

    • I’m not going to remove it if your criticism is valid, which it is.
      I’d only remove it if we started to get personal or demonized him or his followers. That wouldn’t be productive.

      The problem, IMHO, is that we have some senior Liberal Democrats from years gone by who would rather undermine and fight behind the scenes rather than run for office or join government again. And the way they either get even or act out on their sexist behavior is they demonize Clinton. She’s a criminal, she’s a hawk, she singlehanded my started the Iraq war, she’s a corporatist, a neoliberal, she causes cancer and started the Black Death.
      They’re hyperbolic and out of touch. But they know their audience. Yes, Indeedy.

      • I have noticed that same group of people was happier back when the party was losing elections. The Clintons won and took the party away from them and they will never forgive them for doing that. They preferred their self imposed purity even if it meant total GOP control of the government.

        • I read somewhere that purity is tied to cynicism. They want to enact their policies, which most of us would agree on, but they are cynical of the process. That’s why they keep proposing candidates that are not typical politicians. Because politics mean there will have to be compromises, especially if all our efforts are concentrated at the top of the ticket on “charismatic” or “iconoclastic” candidates. So, those candidates do what they have to do and when they can’t pull it off, then it’s because they’re not pure, they didn’t believe, they’re corporatists or politicians. That’s how they got Obama. But they can’t blame themselves for Obama because after all, they’re the ones who held their breaths until they got him. But they were mesmerized by something, God knows what, he always looked like a corporate CEO type to me. They wanted to be wooed but he couldn’t implement anything for two reasons: 1. He didn’t believe in the liberal agenda and 2. Like many corporate climbers, he was better at the blood sport than actually doing the job. To be good at your job, you need to practice and gain experience. Corporate climbers ain’t got time for that. He might be charismatic to some people but he is not a politician. So they got what they wanted. A non politician who they were in love with. And he burned them. So they’re cynical. So they blame the clintons who just happen to be politicians with lots of experience and who do believe in the liberal agenda in spite of the compromises the have had to make.
          Just imagine what would happen if they had four years of a friendly house and senate.
          That’s what Bernie’s peeps should be aiming for. But no. They have to have the whole enchilada on top.
          They need to spend some time with themselves.

          • Pretty IMO a lot of people on the left couldn’t see past Obama’s skin color much like the tea party. Both groups made a lot of assumptions based on that fact alone. Because if they had actually listened to what Obama said and read his plans they would have not been so disappointed with him.

            And the mentality of the Bernie supporters is a problem in that they expect some sort of authoritarian top down change to happen in this country. As if electing Bernie would all of a sudden miraculously change the country. It would not. It’s a long hard slog with wins and losses that are going to require people getting off social media and out into the trenches.

          • The problem is how do we make them see reality? Clearly, there are some people who have an agenda who are actively instigating these delusions. Who is going to make them back off?

          • Well, RD, Bernie losing the primary should be a big hit in the face that you actually need to do more than have rallies and scream on social media. Once they realize that then maybe they will be willing to listen to the rest.

          • I have no doubt that Hillary is a pragmatist but I am fine with that. We live in the real world. But I also have no doubt that she and I agree on principles of how to operate in this mostly conservative world. I may want 100% my way but realize it ain’t gonna happen.
            The problem with purists is that they will never find an idol who can operate in the real world. And, sheesh, what is so pure about Bernie?! I prefer a “woman for all seasons/situations” rather than a person focused on one thing. Now to get her in that White House!

          • Well, looking over at Ian Welsh’s site, I think the thing with Ian and his people is that they are completely convinced that we are heading for multiple apocalyptic events, which only Hard-Left radical politics might hold a chance of saving us from. It is not hot rage which drives them, but cold fear.

            I was not raised in an apocalyptic sect like RD had the misfortune to be, but I did read Hal Lindsey’s nonsensical The Late Great Planet Earth at an impressionable age. While it did not convert me to cultic (pseudo-)Christianity, it did scare me a little. Then the years went by and his “infallible” predictions–Did. NOT. Happen.

            I became aware of secular predictions of apocalypse in the 1980s and was mildly scared of those for a while (mildly–I didn’t start “prepping” or anything like that), and the years went by and they–Did. NOT. Happen.

            So, I guess if an apocalypse does arrive someday, it’ll catch me completely off-guard. 😆

            Meh, Raspberry Heaven awaits me, anyway. :mrgreen:

        • You said a mouthful.

  6. Artillery Guy weighs in.

    My favorite part is this quote from Facebook which Joe posted:

    “Bernie Sanders has inspired me politically and sexually. I used to be afraid to hit on girls but now I just say: ‘I realize that every metric indicates that I have lost out to the guy you are now dating. That being said, this whole system is rigged against nice guys like me. This isn’t over until your wedding date and I plan to convince all your friends and family to pick me once you get to the altar.’ Then I just wear them down or hope their current boyfriend gets arrested.”


  7. Congratulations! Hillary for a well deserved primary win and the History she has written for us, women.

  8. I like the corporate climber analogy for Obama. Fits him to a T. The BernieBros remind me of new guy at work who knows how to do everything better and spends a lot of time running to the boss— “getting face time.” Sanders is proving that he was exactly what many of us said he was— at best a deluded man, at worst a stooge for the GOP. SOS Clinton is proving what we all knew— she is a good person and by far the best candidate we’ve fielded since FDR.

    • I solely agree with you:

      “she is a good person and by far the best candidate we’ve fielded since FDR.”

      Thank you!

  9. I continue to be inspired by Hillary and have a much more positive feeling about the direction of the country. I was pressured into staying up to see Bernie’s gracious concession, but somehow missed that part. I ask myself almost daily, “What would Hillary do?” And I learned a lesson about how I hope to approach defeat by staying up too late last night.

    Plato: There’s a victory, and defeat; the first and best of victories, the lowest and worst of defeats which each man gains or sustains at the hands not of another, but of himself.

  10. To River Daughter:

    Thank you so much for providing such an intelligent and fair minded space for all of us Democrats in exile since 2007/2008.

    I treasure you Web Site and look forward to my daily visit for many years to come.

  11. I knew she was going to win CA easily! Hooray! I had to pinch myself last night, it seems so surreal! Hard earned and well deserved!

  12. You know what struck me last night? Look at the crowd! Every single person is smiling from ear to ear

  13. Shozbot! I forgot you can’t post a YT clip in a nested response without cutting off the right side. 😛

  14. I’ve been looking at that vote map by Congressional district for NJ and CA on The Guardian and other sites. So lovely!! She gets votes everywhere.

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