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Jersey Girls Will Make History Today!


Number 1 Child at Island Beach State Park, NJ

Today is the day when we make history, when one of the glass ceilings come down. Can you feel it?

We’ve been so fixated on California that we’ve completely forgotten that it’s the Garden State that’s going to give Hillary Clinton the nomination today by pushing the pledged delegate count over the top.

Call it sweet revenge for the humiliating specter of Goldman Sachs lackey, little old ladies’ retirement fund wasting Jon Corzine taking all of the delegates that Hillary won in New Jersey and gifting them to Obama during that sham of a roll call vote at the convention in Denver. (She won the 2008 NJ primary by 10 points, in case anyone has forgotten. One of those votes was mine.) By the way, if you haven’t read former Hillary press secretary Jay Carson’s op/ed in the NYTimes about the anger he felt in 2008, do it now. He made the case to the Sanders people in the way that only someone who has been through genuine undeserved heartbreak can make. There’s no comparison, Bernie people, but we get your pain.

But let’s celebrate today all those Jersey Girls who are going to the polls, who will deliver a crushing victory for Hillary in New Jersey where she leads in the polls by 20 points. Let’s celebrate the researchers who are still in NJ, who can’t leave a depressed housing market, who suffered through pharmageddon and are looking forward to better times in the future. Let’s celebrate New Jersey’s teachers who have had big red targets on their backs since Chris Christie became governor. Let’s celebrate the homeowners of the Jersey Shore who came through Sandy and lived to tell about it.

California, rightly or wrongly, seems like the land of the self-indulgent, blessed with a surplus of sunshine and blondes. Californians have the luxury and excess serotonin to fret about whether or not to send a message to the establishment and to debate whether or not to bring on the apocalypse by letting Trump win in November. New Jersey looks reality in the face and gets on with it.

By 5:00pm PST, it will all be over. While California girls dither and come to realize they missed their opportunity, I’ll be sipping a sea breeze and watching the news as the Jersey Girls make history.

Hillary Clinton is a Jersey Girl at heart. New Jersey girls tough it out.

California girls got nothing on them.


25 Responses

  1. That is such a beautiful picture of a lovely, spirited little one. Thank you for that one–it made me smile (right after Carson’s article brought me to tears in remembering!). What a big day…

    • IKR? I’m so excited I can’t sleep.

      • Me, too. Plus, my husband is snoring… !

        • f%^&, I have to get up in an hour and a half and do that whole work thing. I’m going to be obsessively checking my phone all day.

          • 🙂 Got about 4 hours sleep, en route ID to OR today. Glass ceiling creaking!!

  2. My many thanks to Jersey girls for coming thru for our Hillary!

    I’ve been waiting 8 years for this and celebrating since yesterday.

    I’ve treasured your blog site for those many years…a votre Sante!

  3. I can feel it….a feeling beautifully expressed by your #1 child above! This day could not come soon enough and I cannot wait to see what HRC can do.

  4. What a beautiful day for our presumptive nominee to celebrate her hard work and well deserved win! Go Hill!!

  5. Just checking in today on all PUMAs, Democrats in exile – we have waiting 8 long years, but we are going home with our girl to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!

  6. Well, Hillary is about 24 points ahead of Trump in CA polls; but I take your point about the fact that Sanders winning the primary here would not be a helptful thing. The only thing that would stop Hillary from winning here is a possible large Republican and conservative Indie crossover vote; hopefully that will be tamped down some by yesterday’s news. I am happy to see New Jersey make the big statement today. I hope that Christie has not closed down all the bridges again! I’m hoping for at least 60-40 for Hillary in the Garden State.

    Hopefully it will be a triumphant day all around. MSNBC is doing its results show from the Santa Monica Pier, which is one of my favorite places to stroll around. Not all blondes here, as you will see. My hope is for a Hillary win here, at which point I do not think that we will hear much further from Sanders and his omnipresent campaign staff. It has been a long and at times dispiriting struggle from the dark days of 2008, so this is a very gratifying day. All the leaves of brown, la, la….

    • Lol! Are you phone banking?

      • Not phone banking. I have donated a good deal of money. which I hope makes up for not doing the other. I truly admire those who do take the time to do it; and I have done it in other campaigns for Dukakis and Bill Clinton.

  7. This is certainly a much better day than it was exactly 8 years ago today. it was so sad standing in that room listening to people cry as she conceded the race. And it really should have been her victory had it not been stolen from her. The system really was rigged 8 years ago.

    • IKR? I think that piece by Jay Carson confirms our own observations.

      • RD is there a link to the Jay Carson article? I would love to read it.

        • It’s linked in the post. But here it is again: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/06/opinion/campaign-stops/sanders-fans-i-get-your-pain-but-lets-unite-against-trump.html

          BTW, there’s another post up on the NYT frontpage about the difference in delegate count between the 2016 and 2008 primary and you can see how close it really was. In fact, the graph is misleading if they don’t include FL and MI that were restored to full voting power by the credentials committee just before the convention. At THAT point, Obama and Clinton were separated by a very tiny number of pledged delegates, all of them coming from the gift or uncommitted delegates from MI.

          Not awarding her FL and MI caused her to look like she was trailing throughout the primary. And because Mi and Fl were held hostage, none of the other primary states that she won counted. That was the really shameful part of the primary in 2008.

          Oh and just like Sanders, Obama won a lot of caucus states and very few of the big Democratic primary states. When all is said and done, she won. All of the rules that were rigged went against her over and over again. But she won.

          And just like 2016, the bros didn’t have any respect for our votes.

          I saw an Atrios twitter that was something like “Well, woudja look at that, someone is looking at 2008. Nothing to see here.”

          I think it should be shoved into the Bernie Bros faces until they get it.It’s not even close, guys. I feel bad for people like Katiebird. But I have no respect for the bros. They need to deal with it.

          • RD, maybe you could email the author of that piece what you wrote above. Seriously. They often respond/write something else, I find.

    • As a friend once said, I am made of steel inside, despite my soft, Southern exterior. But I did cry eight years ago today. I’ll never forget that feeling. Jay Carson gets it right.

  8. Aw, child number 1 is lovely! Yes, it will be delightful to have NJ your old home state deliver the delegates and even more awesome if California comes through again for Hillary. You should have a cocktail party tonight to celebrate! Today’s going to be much bigger and better than Friday ever will be!

  9. I called my youngest sister in NJ and reminded her to vote today, and suggested that she take her fourteen year old daughter with her to the polling place.
    My sister is a graduate of Wellesley and I told her to go and vote for the old girl.
    I ended with “Non Ministrari sed Ministrare.” *
    * That’s the Wellesley motto; I figured that’d seal the deal.

    • Did she need encouragement??
      By the way, what does it mean?

      • My Latin is rusty (ha ha) but it means “Not to be served, but to serve.”
        Isn’t that perfect for our favorite, Methodist overachiever?

  10. Your daughter is beautiful. I’m sure the other daughter is, as well.

    • She was about 6 in that picture. But even after all these years, she is still very photogenic. She just graduated with a degree in Food Science

      The other one is tall, blonde and looks like a bit like Cate Blanchet. She’s still in university.

  11. New video on @HillaryCllinton (her twitter feed) may be a partial preview of her speech tonight. So inspiring!

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