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Clinton Cocktail Party: Shattered Glass

ist1_3546928_bartender3The polls will close in NJ in about an hour from now. Time to fire up the tube and watch the first of two ceilings shatter.

Whoo-Hoo! Go New Jersey!

Update: We interrupt this cocktail party for a {{swoonworthy}} ad from Hillary’s campaign. Take a look:


If you’re like me, you’ve been obsessively checking your phone and favorite sites during break and lunch and on the bus and since you got home. If you haven’t, here’s what you’ve missed.

Creamsicle Trump is whining about how the media is harassing him like no other candidate over his Judge Curiel remarks and his Trump University investigations and he’s not going to talk about it anymore because it’s distracting. His surrogates say the media is much nicer to Hillary.


{{taking deep breath, wiping eyes}}


Oh, my, this general election is going to be so much fun.

Also, for those of you who want to compare the 2016 primary vs the 2008 primary, check out the front page of the NYT, which has some nifty graphs showing just how close it was. Actually, it was closer. I’m pretty sure they’re not including the FL and MI delegates, which weren’t restored to full votes until just before the convention. The difference between Obama and Clinton was microscopic and his lead came from a lot of undemocratic caucus states, just like Bernie. Anyway, at least the media is *finally* acknowledging the shocking closeness of the 2008 primary. It’s about f&*(ing time. Now they should look into the egregious convention.

Rico is here. He came straight from the gym. We provide great benefits here at The Confluence. He’s whipping up something called a Kick in the Glass. It’s more like a dessert than a cocktail but you can order anything you like including some fine California wines.

David Gergen just said that Hillary’s nomination is not going to be as exciting as Barack Obama’s nomination.


{{taking deep breath, wiping eyes}}


Ok, where was I? Ah yes, cocktail party. Our servers are circulating with some appetizers from our primary states. Have some puffy tacos, fresh salads and crudites, buffalo sliders and steamed crab.

Our entertainment tonight is Billy Bragg and Wilco. This Woody Guthrie song goes out to our friends in California.

Everyone is welcome but please check your trigger words and concealed weapons with Florence, our enforcer. Heated arguments should be taken somewhere else. Relentless mockery is always encouraged.

Come on in.


78 Responses

  1. I’ll have a Moscow Mule, Rico, please.

  2. Rum and Coke here, please.

    • Are you sure you wouldn’t rather have a fine NJ wine?

      Ok, Rum and Coke it is!

  3. I am beyond thrilled! I’ll have a Tanquray and tonic please! Big tip coming!

  4. This will make everybody gag, but I’ll have a Southern Comfort Manhattan with three maraschino cherries.
    It’s my own concoction, you can call it a Shirley Joplin, or a Janis Temple.

  5. Gotta take a pee before the election results start coming in.

  6. Just a simple dirty martini for me … I’m feeling nervous yet excited about tonight.

  7. Chocolate truffle tea, please! 🙂

    • What the heck is that?? It sounds delicious. Is it virgin?

      • Yes! 🙂 It is actually this tea I am addicted to from Tea Forte. Seriously. It’s awesome. And it’s only 5:30 here. 🙂

  8. Martini here too. Must remember to get the day off in November after the election cuz I will be hungover.
    It’s been a long time coming, but she did it!!! Go Hillary!

  9. Reuters called NJ for Hillary. Sounds a little “presumptuous”, the word of the day.

  10. Thank you New Jersey!


  11. Hold onto that thought. I think they called it too early.

  12. Oops! !%?

    • I think she’ll beat Bernie handily in NJ. But it is a semi closed primary. Iow, you have to pick a party in order to vote. So there could be some Republicans who have decided to be Democrats for a day. Because, who are THEY going to vote for today?

  13. A glass of Sauvignon Blanc. I read that Oregon Senator Merkekey, the only one of Bernie’s coworkers who endorsed him, says unity starts after the polls close. She wins if she gets 30% of the vote, which gives her the majority overall.

  14. Please! Forgot to add my appreciation.

  15. Why is New Jersey taking so long to call?
    Angry emoji!

    • Patience, oh best beloved. The Democrats have the only race worth covering. They’re going to milk it for all its worth.

  16. Dr Pepper, chilled, on the rocks, please.

    “‘CAUSE MY TIME WILL COME!” :mrgreen:

    Laura Brannigan was a fine singer and a classy lady whom I never appreciated sufficiently until she was gone. 😦

    I will not repeat that mistake with Hillary Clinton. 🙂

  17. CNN projects Hillary winning NJ.

  18. CNN called NJ for Hillary

    • Woot! Did you vote today?

      • I’m in Georgia, seems like I voted years ago at this point.

        • Were you in NJ in 2008 when Jon Corzine gave our votes away before the first ballot roll call was finished at the convention without even a “by your leave”?

          • Nope. Grew up in Pittsburgh area, moved to Atlanta for grad school in ’81 and stayed here. My vote in general elections has basically not counted since then.

        • LOL. It does seem that it was 50 years ago that we voted down here. What part of GA are you in?

          • Decatur. Liberal blue bubble.

          • Must be like living in the prison surrounded by The Walking Dead

          • I mostly stay inside the bubble. By the way, have quite a few friends who have run into various Walking Dead actors here. Not a fan so I wouldn’t recognize them unless they were in full zombie makeup.

          • Let’s turn Georgia blue this year! I feel like dancing tonight, and although it’s late for an aperitif, I’ll have a Negroni, please.

          • OoooOoo! Negroni. Campari. A bold move.

  19. AP just called it for Hillary. She’s ahead of Bernie by about 17 points with 21% of the vote in.

  20. Omg, NJ is turning into a rout.
    She is killing him.

  21. Finally, thank God!
    Now, get Strom Thurmond’s reanimated corpse off my television.
    Oops, Donald Trumpenstein.

  22. It looks like she has a really good chance of winning South Dakota, too. Whoa. She’s about to speak!

  23. Raising a glass of lemonade to the great work tonight by the Jerseyites, present and former!

    • I’m in love with the jersey girls
      Sing sha la la la la la la la

  24. Whoo hoo!! She’s up by 23 points in NJ.

  25. Where is she?

  26. My heart is pounding… her crowd is screaming for her

  27. wow its all i can say

  28. Love the suffragette white.

  29. Madame President.

  30. ND vs. SD, caucus vs. primaries, bernie wins caucus and clinton is ahead in primaries

  31. She now has 2043 pledged delegates. Before California. 🙂 Woot! She made it!

  32. Congrats to our future President. I don’t envy her the job the next four years, but I have faith in her ability to handle it.

  33. wow, just wow. that was such a wonderfully positive madam president gave. just a great speech. i am so proud of her and her hard work. can i please have a scotch and soda to calm down. then some champagne. cheers everyone. it’s been a long time in the making. and thanks for being here, rd.

  34. Anyone have a good site for up-to-date CA results? I saw something about 15 minutes ago, 6.2% of precincts reporting, that showed almost the same proportion of votes to her as in NJ.

    I delete browsing history as I go, of course. 🙂

  35. I am not sure why Bernie is going to talk tonight…in 30 or 40 more minutes. Earlier, msnbc said he has not given concession speeches in the past. My memory is a sieve so don’t recall that.
    That poor Senator Nina Turner. She is now still saying BS will fight to the convention!
    Nicole Wallace (Repub analyst) tonight mentioned the many, many women she has met who are/were still angry about the ’08 election. This was after she almost got into a real fight with Rachel!

    Anyway, congrats to all you regulars and longtime activists on this forum, both genders. I am happy for all of you. And grateful to RD for continuing this forum. My tip in the morning will be not big but well meant.

    • Starting to think BS is waiting until at least half the country has fallen asleep before he speaks… must be a very surprising night for him.

    • Sanders is continuing the fight for the 99% in the DC primary, & the Superdelegate Primary in Philly aka the Dem Convention in July.

      “The struggle continues!” (c) Sanders

      I love it!

      Sanders is continuing the fight. Even if Sanders does not win in 2016, he is laying the foundation for pro-99% social democracy policies for the 2020 or 2024 election. Even in 2016, Sanders wins the 45 & under cohort, despite massive BigMedia (C”N”N, etc) & BigPolitician Establishment pro-H Clinton bias. In 2020 or 2024, the social democracy vote will be even bigger based on the age demographics, for another social democracy-supporting politician to run, perhaps Nina Turner or Tulsi Gabbard.

      The struggle continues!

      • Hokay.
        But every election is going to be a test of where we are in the moment. The country may be totally different by 2020.

  36. The CA primary results tonight are another great reason to disbelieve social media. 🙂

    • For some reason I always thought it was going to be more of a rout than a squeaker. Does anyone know whether the high-tech hipster precincts in the Bay Area have been counted?

      • Just beyond the mail-in votes now. Her 20+ point margin is holding as the votes come in. High tech favors Hillary. Oakland, Berkeley (only 2% of CA population is in SF), Santa Cruz, north coast favor Bernie. San Diego County favors Hillary.

    • this is our time! Hillary is ascending and the people are rising with her. This is an overwhelming night, the people have spoken, they have consulted their own hearts and minds and each vote a prayer for our futures

  37. “Where bowers of flowers bloom in the spring
    Each morning, at dawhing, birdies sing,,and everything,
    A sun-kissed miss said don’t be late
    That’s why I can hardly wait
    Open up that Golden Gate…”. 🙂

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