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    riverdaughter on He knew he was a looooose…
    riverdaughter on He knew he was a looooose…
    Propertius on He knew he was a looooose…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on He knew he was a looooose…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on He knew he was a looooose…
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Nearing the end of the worst primary season ever.

Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Holds Super Tuesday Event

Best “How Did I Get Here?” Expression goes to Chris Christie

When I say that it is the worst, I mean overall, for both Republicans and Democrats. By the way, have you noticed that very few people are challenging Hillary’s right to challenge the nomination right until the convention in 2008? That’s what happens when beautiful theories are destroyed by ugly facts. She had the votes, delegates and right to do it in 2008. Bernie? ehhhhhh, not so much. But we will find out on Tuesday.

I just hope that the Bernie supporters in California sleep on their votes on Monday night. New Jersey is a semi-closed primary where you must declare for a party in order to vote in the primary, at least that is the way it worked when I lived there. You can wait right up to the day of the election to declare. So, it’s possible that independents can be Democrats for a day to cast a vote. California had a registration cutoff back in May, if I recall correctly. If you didn’t make the cutoff, you can’t vote. But I’ve heard that many independents were motivated to register for the primary.

Republican presidential candidates pose before the start of a Fox-sponsored forum for lower polling candidates held before the first official Republican presidential candidates debate of the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign in Cleveland

The Children’s Table

Why Clinton is leading by 17 points in NJ but is inching ahead in California is puzzling. Maybe some of it is due to demographics, though the number of highly educated Asian STEM workers in New Jersey has probably decreased dramatically since 2008 with the collapse of the pharmaceutical industry. Maybe it has to do with California not really being a true blue state but one where coastals are balanced by more rural independents, conservative Republicans and libertarians. Who knows?


“Most Likely to Succeed”

If I were a Bernie supporter, I’d ask myself if I hate Hillary more than I hate Trump. If Hillary wins the nomination with NJ before the polls close in California, what message will be sent? That Bernie forced Clinton to hobble to the finish line? And if Bernie’s hoping to be given equal time at the convention after trailing Hillary by a significant number of delegates even after California, should he get more consideration than Hillary got at the 2008 convention? I’m guessing the guys will scream bloody murder if they get the same treatment that Hillary got in 2008. Let’s see whose side the party comes down on.


Bernie’s Filibuster- His Finest Hour(s)

Anyway, I’m glad it’s almost over. I’ve had enough of the penis wagging and the Bernie bros being nuisances. I really like Bernie and I stand with him on the issues but he’s let his supporters get into his head and may have damaged his legacy. His campaign has really pissed me off lately. I just want it to end before I lose all respect for him. Let’s get this over with already.


On another note, I was listening to Reliable Sources on CNN and one journalist was going off on the Obama administration for clamping down on the media and smothering whistleblowers and not letting them get anything to report on. I think it is now dawning on them that Hillary might use the same evasive tactics to keep the press guessing.

This is a good and a bad thing. The good thing is that we were not plagued during the last 8 years with a string of stupid, time-wasting congressional hearings and special prosecutors rifling through Michelle’s underwear drawer. They zipped it, zipped it good. There was nothing to grab onto. The Obama years were profoundly boring.

On the bad side, we have no idea how many times Jamie Dimon visited the White House. I’d like to know that kind of information, wouldn’t you? Who did Obama meet with on the financial bailout, the stimulus package and the affordable care act? What connections did Michelle bring with her to the White House where the hospital industry is concerned? How much or little did Obama expand the NSA creeping into our lives during his tenure? There’s lots of little things that we don’t know anything about and probably won’t until he leaves office and officials start spilling the beans.

The thing is, the clamp down is likely to continue in a Clinton administration. She is already notoriously reticent about speaking to the press gaggle that follows her campaign. I completely understand this. If all they are looking for is a confession of sins so they can force her to do a Cersei Lannister Walk of Shame on a regular basis, as has been their habit for the last 25 years, then why should she participate in her own self-destruction? A presumptive nominee and president has an obligation to her party to maintain a certain degree of dignity. If the media is always trying to undermine that, they shouldn’t be surprised if she cuts them out. She has to do it. They have brought it on themselves.

Going forward, she’s going to learn from her husband’s terms to button things up just to be able to do her job on a day to day basis without unnecessary distractions. But that means that we aren’t going to be aware of when things go off the tracks too. This level of vigilance will need to be maintained until the end of her term.

Rebecca Traister wrote that Hillary has to learn to get over her distrust of the media, even if this distrust is merited.I’m not so sure I see it that way. It used to be the media had an obligation to keep the public informed but these days, it seems like it’s more motivated by keeping the shareholders happy. If Clinton clamps down on journalists’ access because of their past behavior, as I expect she will, then what will they have to report? Well, I guess they could still create mountains out of molehills and make shit up but I think the public is getting really tired of that, especially when all the investigations result in big nothingburgers. How is that going to please the shareholders?

My prediction is that she’ll continue the Obama clamp down and they’ll be outraged by it. The question is, will they learn anything?? Sometimes, I get the impression that they took an oath years ago to never let Hillary become president or they will die trying to prevent it. It’s like some kind of Grover Norquist Club for Growth vow that has long outlived its usefulness. It’s just spite for the sake of spite, journalist “rebels” without a cause. And they really mean it. They just aren’t so clear about why anymore. None of it makes any damn sense. Unless there’s something radical about Clinton that they know that we don’t.

I guess we are all about to find out.

40 Responses

  1. “journalist “rebels” without a clue.”

    FIFY. 😈

    Again, HRC needs to make a priority of restoring the Fairness Doctrine.

    • Yep, a smart Democrat will figure out how to balance the message. First thing to do, make sure the corporation for public broadcasting gets patched up. It’s a ghost of its former self.

  2. In California, unless you were voting by mail, the deadline to register a party preference was May 23rd, not March. So a lot of this strange late movement toward Bern is probably coming from people who don’t plan to vote Dem in November.

    As somebody pointed out (moononpluto over at Uppity’s blog?) there’ll be an indication of how mnay “honest” votes there were. The Senate primary is on the same ballot. Republicans and various anti-Dem-Party people will be voting against Kamala Harris and Loretta Sanchez, the two frontrunners, both Dems. So the difference between pro-Dem margins in the Prez vs Sen primaries will be interesting.

  3. Good God, I’m so with you on this. There’s a part of me that almost doesn’t care anymore who wins California (almost, but not quite), I just want this insanity to be done, one way or the other. And I so agree about Hillary not opening up more to the media — why should she, when they’re always trying to knock her down?

    • There’s something to that dignity thing. It’s not like they’re even interested in finding something substantive. It’s all about humiliation. That’s what they’re really going for. And they don’t take this approach with any other politician. I’m no social scientist but the case of Hillary Clinton vs the media should be a dissertation worthy study. There’s something primal about it.
      I think she is the only one who can break the taboo. If she can do it, it will be like Jackie Robinson. If she can’t, we won’t see another woman attempt it for q very long time.

      • Yep. They claim it has “nothing to do with gender,” but I don’t believe it. They treat her differently than any other candidate.

      • They are totally waiting to humiliate her!! They are just waiting for her to mess up or slip up or something! Hillary and the media’s relationship is like being in a relationship with a narcissist. She just can’t win no matter what she does. This whole CA close thing is a narrative driven to suppress the Hillary vote. I really think voters are just sick of it and are gonna vote for her come hell or high water… I predict she wins CA by 7 points.

        • That’s an interesting hypothesis. It sounds reasonable. Are you in CA?

          • No but from the people I talk to in California and reports from friends… I really don’t think it’s as contentious as they want it to be! She definitely has hollywood and west hollywood on her side that kind of visibility is hard to break

      • I’d say 90% of her hateful opposition is gender based, latent children who were once members of the kiddie “he-man woman haters club,” and who have yet to mature into reasonable adults. The remaining 10% are those few who have manufactured some cogent reason for Clinton-hate, which I will not agree with, but at least there is some reason there. The others? It’s genitals.

  4. > I just want it to end before I lose all respect for him. Let’s get this over with already.

    Too late for me, I’m afraid.

    I think voters are younger in CA, which helps Bernie, but I also don’t think the polls have caught the impact of Hillary’s speech on Trump. It may not be as close as it appears.

    • I was just over at 538 where Nate is trying to read the tea leaves. Or Magic 8 Ball. I didn’t realize the polls were just as close in 2008 and Obama was leading at the very end. But she managed to beat him by almost 10 points.
      Better not look at the palantir too much. Just keep looking for opportunities going forward.

  5. A few non-rightwingers, such as we here, have criticized Obama, but the vast majority of his critics have been 2WBs (Whiny Butthurt White Boys), who opposed him for the wrong reasons.

    HRC gets hit from all angles. I suspect this shows that, at least among the more affluent and/or educated citizens of the USA, s3x!sm is stronger than r@c!sm.

    • Isn’t it interesting that it’s ok to criticize Obama as being a generally ineffective and capitulating president as we predicted him to be but only if you are in Bernie’s camp. If you’re anyone else, you must be a racist.
      It’s the most insane thing ever. These guys are the only ones whose opinions count and the only ones with the intellect and purity to critique. How much you wanna bet they were all obama bots in 2008?

  6. Gene Lyons (one of the authors of The Hunting of the President) bashes Bernie.

    • I disagree with gene about hillary’s strategies. I canvassed in neighborhoods where Bernie signs were next to Hillary signs and I talked to this voters. The Bernie bros are a small but very vocal fraction of Bernie’s supporters. The ones I talked to were a lot more like katiebird. They were educated, middle class and scared of what would happen when the other shoe dropped in the economy. They’re not fans of employment churn or the ACA, which they’d have to pay for if they ever lose their jobs. I think those voters did us a favor by focusing her attention on how bad the recovery has actually been. So, I’m hoping that she can see that many Bernie voters and trump voters and her own voters are coming from the same place. It’s income instability, stupid. We are all suffering from the same disease.
      The best way to incorporate them down the road is to acknowledge them and their right to put their vote behind their issues. This might not be the strategy others would follow but it is the diplomatic one.
      As for Bernie the socialist, that wouldn’t turn me off but I know it would be all we heard from now until November if he were the nominee. Everything he’s ever said, ever thought, ever done in his public and personal life would be dragged out into the harsh light of day and examined. Maybe he could withstand it but his wife might have a different reaction. It would be brutal.
      Anyway, when Hillary gave that speech the other day, it wasn’t just trump she went after. It was Bernie too. She looks like a commander in chief. And he doesn’t.

      • I gather Gene has unpleasant memories of the Campus Left. At least Gene didn’t lose his sense of proportion and go gibbering into neoconservatism, the way they so many other people did after unpleasant encounters with the Campus Left.

        • Oh he definitely has a point. And there’s a particularly nasty machismo element running thru Bernie’s more aggressive supporters. They are doing the same stuff they did in 2008 but this time, they’re not getting away with it. This time the jig is up. It’s too obvious.
          They don’t like that.
          Tough kershnugies.

  7. 11% of the vote in. Hillary65% Bernie 35%, Go Hillary!

  8. Does anyone know if there is a countermove planned re the Bernie supporters who (I will say “may”) disrupt the convention? Or will the news be “all BS all the time” during the convention? For me, I am too old and without the stamina it would take … but I am hoping HRC supporters won’t be overly polite! I am tired of all the media and H supporters hand-holding Bernie and his right to go to the nth degree.
    Although, beginning last night is the first time I have heard the media, cnn in this case, start to talk about the history making event about to happen. Even if just in passing.

    • I don’t know of any counter move but those plans may fizzle if Bernie drops out. I understand Philadelphia is expensive and there are not going to be a lot of hotel rooms available.

  9. Media talk: everyone wants to let Bernie down so gently and respectfully. Even Obama is not, per msnbc, going to immediately endorse Hillary due to “negotiations” re BS. What? He gets what prize for coming in last?
    How come no one is concerned about the slowdown of the campaign against the already recognized Republican candidate? How come no one in public wants to encourage and support the first woman pres candidate in the U.S.?
    Nope, we gotta be so careful of the ego of a male, longtime U.S. Senator. Shsssh! Tiptoe! He is so sensitive and we gotta be careful for him. Never mind how this must make Hillary feel. Sorry, just venting.

    Oh, and now the word is that the Republicans are undermining Trump so they can pick another candidate by their convention. What a country!

    • That’s my big fear. Don the Con’s putrescence is peaking too early. The Repub’s have only one real rule: win at all costs. So if it becomes clear before their Convention that he hasn’t got a chance, they’ll do whatever they want to install someone else.

      Admittedly, that’ll split their vote because the Con’s supporters will be furious, so Clinton would probably still win.

      But the sexism and misogyny is obviously so deep and so unexamined in the US, I’m afraid that unless she’s running against someone with two heads, neither with any brain, too many voters will find a way to vote against the best candidate we’ve had since forever.

      Rationally, I tell myself that enough people in the US are better than that. But less rationally, it doesn’t stop me from being afraid.

      • Allow me to second your comment on sexism and misogyny. In this matter and in many related others, attitudes in the US turn my stomach. Of course, it’s the same or worse in most places, Thatcher and Gandi notwithstanding. It’s just that I’d like to think we’re better than that.

        No such.

    • I think it’s not so much Bernie–he’s pretty much turned himself radioactive, at least int the political establishment. His fans and their media, however, still need their butts patted.

  10. Hillary just won the nomination! Wooooo congrats everybody!!!! 8 loooog years for this moment

  11. Road trip update: through CA, NV, ID (all over), WY, MT I saw 3 Sanders bumper stickers (all in CA 2 weeks ago), and 1 big Bernie sign off the freeway today in MT. That’s it.

    PA convention: Read last night that 7 or 8 protest groups have made application to protest at the Dem convention in July. 5 of them are Sanders groups, the others are environmental and ‘other.’ Expecting 50,000 protesters. City is planning misting tents and free water for them.

    Lots on satellite radio today (long day of driving!), mostly about Bernie and Trump! She wins the nomination, they talk about the guys for hours… In BS’s speech tonight, played in full, he said he is taking it to the convention no matter what, that if he doesn’t win CA it will be because of the corporate media calling the nomination before the super delegates can even vote, implied some kind of conspiracy to suppress HIS vote, etc. He also made a strong pitch to the pledged delegates going to the convention to vote for him (presumably no matter how their districts or states actually voted)…

    One commentator asked a Sanders surrogate directly why he is willing to overturn the will of the voters, and her answer was that it is because many of the supers endorsed Clinton ‘before a single vote was cast,’ apparently not realizing that they can change their minds at any time, and sure haven’t been…her argument didn’t make much sense.

    The Obama piece is that Obama talked to BS yesterday, with an eye to encouraging him to suspend his campaign and unify the party after Tues.–he wasn’t negotiating. The speech tonight was BS’s response. Signs are that Obama is going to endorse her this week, and will start campaigning for her soon. There are lots of jaw drops about Sanders continuing to campaign; all agree he is showing no signs whatsoever about dropping out after tomorrow.

    Several commentators noted that the vast majority of Sanders supporters rate Obama highly, however, and that BS’s behavior is likely to alienate many of them, except for the most far left/radical–so RD’s recent comment about the most vocal Sanders supporters having been Obama’s bots appears right on.

    I am sort of in shock tonight, and do feel like I am holding my breath. Go Hillary!

  12. Quik note: Rachel Maddow warned last Thurs or Fri nite that there could be calls to superdelegates and that the call could be made earlier than expected! I don’t agree with it before today as who knows what havoc it could wreak on the turnout today but….

    • That NYT front page post was very unhelpful.
      So, I’m inclined to think they did it deliberately in order to suppress the vote and piss off the Bernie people.
      F#%^ing jerks.

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