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When Hillary met Bernie


Sorry, Katiebird, I couldn’t resist.

27 Responses

  1. Pretty close to the mark!

  2. Oh, that’s funny!

  3. Off topic. From those big ol’ Obama fans at Politico, this slip-of-pen:

    “The assaults on Trump are becoming Warren’s signature contribution to the Democratic Party’s attempt to retake the White House.” Retake being the operative word here.

    See http://www.politico.com/story/2016/05/warren-attacks-trump-223541

  4. This video is a pack of lies. Malory and Tennyson were shills for Arthur. The Black Knight lost only because director Terry Jones rigged the system.

  5. #BlackKnightsMatter

  6. Off topic but… Just home from exercise day and all that is on TV is Trump. What is he running for? So far, all he has talked about is Pocahontas Warren, Crooked Hillary (who will be replaced by Biden, he says, when she goes to prison), and crazy Bernie. “I really want to run against Hillary though.” And how great his hair is. Don’t you agree, I have great hair?! I love Latinos. I love Chinese-Americans. We won the South, we won X, Y, Z states. Oh, and he brought a bunch of women on stage who support him.

    I usually turn off of this but I simply can not believe that this person is the nominee for the President of the United States of America. There are American people who actually are voting for him.

    Now he is on Crazy Bernie again who has said that Hillary has poor judgement. Now he is lying about Hillary sleeping through many phone calls during Benghazi. I can’t take any more, have to turn it off. What has this country come to?

  7. You can all relax and stop hating Sanders. Cannon didn’t need to list 50 reasons why Sanders can’t win. Number 40 is decisive. Hillary’s CIA’s choice, not him. They’ve been grooming her for a long time. Do you know the odds of making 100K on a thousand dollar investment in the cattle futures market? 1 in 31 trillion.


    Which equals no fucking way. Count on your fingers high as you can, you can’t disprove the math. Even if you fail to meet the margin and famous collapsed broker Refco never makes a margin call and fails to keep records, resulting in a fine of unprecedented size, you can’t do it. Nobody’s dumb enough to believe that novice speculator Hillary actually realized those gains. Fortunately, you don’t have to pretend you think she made that money fair and square. It’s a signal.

    They’re still grooming her.


    Quasha is CIA’s conduit for Asian dictator money. You could look it up.

    Why then Obama? Obama was preferred in 2008 simply because they knew he would be easier to push around. Hillary has since demonstrated her willingness to hold the bag for CIA aggression and crimes against humanity. Trump might be too erratic to reliably control. Therefore CIA picks her. That’s why she said she’s going to be the nominee. CIA voted so you don’t have to – just like they did in 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012.

    • Um, we didn’t hate sanders. We still don’t hate sanders. We just don’t like the strategy he has chosen to take. He’s damaging himself.
      Your CIA angle is nutz. It was Wall Street who thought Obama would be easy to push around. Pay attention.

      • This dummy clearly did not comprehend anything I said in my post. Or, more likely, he is NOT a dummy, but is deliberately misrepresenting what I said in my 50 reasons post.

        The intelligence community was no friend to Bill Clinton throughout his presidency. I certainly hope Hillary, if she wins, will be able to control the rogue elephants.

        • I hope that the “intelligence” community will realize that its masters, the 0.1% (or to use Teddy Roosevelt’s classic term, the Malefactors of Great Wealth), would be better served by a responsible adult at the controls of their Great Global Profit Machine, than by a tribble-haired overgrown brat with the manners of a Mob boss, and so will give the Corporate Media new marching orders.

  8. Wall Street thought Obama would be easy to push around… but not CIA. Right.


    Quickest U-turn in history.

    Next you’ll be telling me Wall Street shot RFK. And that Wall Street and not Richard Blee infiltrated 911 hijackers and saved their ass 35 times (Ask Cannon, he must have read Fenton’s Disconnecting the Dots, he purports to be Secret Squirrel though he actually kind of just fell off the turnip truck.)

    Anyway Cord Meyer says he recruited Clinton, who played Sargeant Schultz I-see-nothink for state crimes at Mena Airport, [ http://www.serendipity.li/cia/larry1.html ] at OKC [ whowhatwhy.org/2015/04/23/exclusive-oklahoma-city-bombing-breakthrough-part-2-of-2/ ], and at WTC I [http://nwo.media.xs2.net/tape/emad%20salem.mp3 ]. The Clintons are groomed, bribed, blackmailed, vetted and tested by CIA. The facts are beyond even your powers of denial. Tell the Sanders filth resistance is futile.

    • This is crap. Look, I spoke with Charles Black, the state prosecutor who mounted the case against the Barry Seal and the drug smuggling operation at Mena. I am quite certain that you did NOT speak with Black. Thus, to quote my favorite line from “The Producers,” — I OUTRANK you.

      Black was not angry at Clinton. Black was angry at the Bush administration, for not using reams of evidence which Black’s team had put together. You see, Seal was tried in FEDERAL court.

      Clinton was the one who mounted an investigation and Bush was the one who made sure that the prosecution stayed within bounds.

      Now that’s what actually happened. There was a ton of right-propaganda to convince people otherwise.

      Yes, a lot of that propaganda seeped into the left-wing media, primarily via Alexander Cockburn at The Nation — boy, I could tell stories there — Michael Riconsciuto, a jailbird who sang whatever tune he was told to warble, and Terry Reed, another spook facing legal problems (whose story in “Compromised” changed drastically from the first time he told it, in Covert Action).

      Don’t think you can take me to school on any of this, infant. I was fucking THERE in the early 1990s.

  9. In other news… I hope it is okay to share my CA Hillary appearance experience today: I waited in line for 3 hours in Salinas to hear her speak, and got in just before the place was full. There were hundreds of people in a very long line who did not get in. I don’t think the campaign thought that many people would show up: it was at a college during finals week, and there was less than 24 hours’ notice about when/where she’d appear, and not well advertised. It was a smallish venue, maybe 500 people.

    And yet… so many people came out! it was fun watching them walk to the back of the line. Every single one had such a delighted smile, and the crowd was very diverse, as I’ve read here before: young, old, many families with kids, lots of ethnicities. Salinas has a large Latino population, and they were well-represented here.

    There were protesters–I’d seen the call for that on the web last night. About 10 to begin with, and at the end, about 50. They stationed themselves by the door, so those of us in line as we passed were subjected to a barrage of rage and screaming. Mostly Sanders signs and shouts of “Killary!” and signs of “Bill is a rapist!” and other such provocative stuff. The Trumpies were there, too (liar, crooked, rapist enabler…yawn). One guy went down the line trying to engage us all in debate about how awful Hillary is (I swear, IBW, he could’ve been Joffrey–same language).

    Homemade signs weren’t allowed inside, but a protester snuck one in (and misspelled her name!) and started yelling, “Bullsh*t!” at her at the beginning. Immediately, the entire crowd began chanting and then screaming, “HILL A RY!!!” and drowned the person out, which worked. Her speech didn’t mention Sanders, only targeted Trump, and went after him very effectively. She listed her standard platform and set as a goal to improve the mental health system and substance abuse treatment, which I appreciated. Lots of cheering throughout, even though it was probably 100 degrees in there (no windows).

    Afterwards, when she shook almost everyone’s hand (not mine, someone jumped in front of me at the crucial moment…), I thought how courageous she is, on a simple physical level, to put herself in the middle of all this, every day.

    Outside, she was within her fleet of cars, and there were maybe 50 protestors, chanting something that sounded a lot like, “Hillary’s got the vote.” It was hard to make out anything they were saying, and that made me smile.

    • Yeah, Joffrey’s picked a new name and a new angle.

      Doesn’t matter how much lipstick you put on a pig; it’s still got a better chance of getting a date than Joffrey. 😈

    • I see her tomorrow in San Jose. Some friends went to Salinas today. I
      saw a photo online of a young white man carrying a sign that said “No Women for President.” A Mexican-American carrying a sign that said “Hillary is Not My Abuela” grabbed that No Woman President sign and tore it apart.

      A speaker system was set up so that those outside could hear Hillary speak. So the protestors got to hear her voice of reason.

      Hillary won the Washington State mail-in voting part of the primary, although it was only the caucus with its lopsided delegate allocation that counted. Bernie’s YUGE victory in Washington represented less than 4.5% of eligible voters. Renting a stadium and having a rally the night before the caucuses paid off. The caucuses were overrun with Bernie supporters, no credentials, but the system is rigged, isn’t it? She won in
      Wyoming with one-person, one vote. Again, symbolic.

      Now Bernie needs to win 67% of all remaining delegates in the upcoming primaries.

      • Those signs you mentioned–I saw both of them, and I saw both of them in photos accompanying an article about her appearance in Los Angeles. It looks like people are going from appearance to appearance, same exact hand-drawn signs, same exact people. The “No Women for President” guy was mobbed by people in line by the door in Salinas, and by the other protestors, who tried to obscure his sign before destroying it.

        Well, as my husband said, they are not protesting, they are name-calling.

        Surprised tonight about the State Dept. Inspector General “inquiry” report on her emails. What is going on in the State Dept.??? I wish the FBI would conclude their investigation, as the media is having a field day… What influence is this really likely to have?

        • It’s the end of the email thing. If all they have is she didn’t “follow protocol” there’s certainly nothing there however the media will always have a field day about anything.

  10. The Emailghaziwhitefostergaters have been chasing the Clintons for 25 years now (longer, if you count the Arkanshire years), but have proven no more successful than this furry fellow. 😛

    • Love the emailghaziwhitefostergaters tag! Can I steal it(assuming I don’t muck it up when trying to type it)? 🙂

  11. I get to see Hillary in SF this afternoon and will be part of a group of volunteers for her.

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