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Clinton Cocktail Party: Give me GREEN HOPE!

ist1_3546928_bartender3Welcome to the first official cocktail party to celebrate our Democratic nominee for President of the United States, Hillary Clinton! Why wait?

Yes, everyone should still get out there and vote. And yes, your voice is important. But we’ve got a hard campaign ahead of us and we Clintonistas would like to show our enthusiasm for Hillary.

Believe it or not, we are very enthusiastic for her. Where others might see just a woman, particularly if they are suffering from “More Deserving Man Syndrome”, we see genuine presidential material.

Are we bothered by the innuendos of wrongdoing over {{name your favorite scandal}}? Heck no. It’s Republicans that want to spend millions and millions of dollars chasing down some pseudoscandal that will result in nothing- again- rather than fund Zika and Ebola research at the same time. Ain’t nobody around here got time for that.

We’re ready for change. And we are going to get it. There hasn’t been a candidate this experienced and qualified for decades. Plus, if she helps sweep more women into Congress and the Senate, and we break the 30% representative number, we can look forward to a better standard of living for everyone. The United States is nowhere near 30%. This is the ultimate apartheid, to keep women out of decision making process and to keep their voices from being heard.

Will Hillary change all that? I don’t know. But I can’t think of a woman I admire and respect more than Hillary to give it her best effort.

So, come on in. We were able to snag Rico to tend bar tonight. Tonight, Rico has whipped up some Green Hope cocktails.green-cocktail-splash-13708343 That’s because he’s looking forward to more mass transit to his suburb and better broadband when Hillary makes it to the White House. But you can order anything you like.

Our entertainment tonight is an old favorite of mine. It’s Eddie Grant and friends. Everyone has to get up and dance and sing along. There are so many Clinton supporters out there of all ages, shapes and sizes. I phone banked with some of them. The idea that all  of us are sitting in our wheelchairs shaking our Geritol bottles in time to the music is silly. Only some of us do that. The vast majority of us get up and shake our ample bottoms.

Our servers tonight are circulating with some orange chili pork belly bites and General Tsao’s cauliflower. There’s also a selection of crudities and smoked salmon for our regulars. Please tip your servers.

Speaking of tips, if you feel inclined to send Hillary Clinton some hope, here’s the link to her fundraising page. Might I suggest some multiple of $4 because HOPE is a four letter word.

Cocktail Party challenge: come up with a good, snarky bumpersticker for Hillary.

Finally, we all like a good argument but take it outside before it gets rough.

Woot! GO!


24 Responses

  1. Rico, I’ll have some of that Wigle Ginevar with slice of orange over ice. Thanks!

  2. Ivory Bill should be here any second now.

  3. Hmm, I think I’ll have a pina colada thinking of the beach. I gave $38 the other day. Does that count?

    • works for me! I’m on recurring. Will probably pitch in an extra $12.
      Of course, it won’t stop her from asking 30 more times tomorrow.
      Go Citizen’s United!

  4. Earl Grey, iced, with stevia packets on the side, please. :mrgreen:

    I had a rather substantial lunch, so I don’t think I’ll order any food for now.

  5. i just sent in some bucks. so wonderfully proud of clinton. i’ve spent hours on various blogs and comment boards correcting lies and calling out trump supporters and bernie supporters and just general malcontenets. it is wonderful, rd, that you are still here, survived your job and economic worries and everyone is able to watch as clinton saunters toward the presidency. “madam president.” such a nice sound. can i have a white russian, please?

  6. I think I want to go for oldies tonight. This one was released about 13 months after I was born. 🙂

  7. “Clinton–Because America needs a grownup in the White House.” 😉

  8. This wasn’t the Drifters’ biggest hit, but it’s one of my personal favorites.

  9. I am waiting for my 10 “woman cards” I paid for 3 weeks ago! On that same HRC site.

    • I wonder when my Woman’s Card will arrive. There must be a rush on them. Probably everyone is too busy with campaigning on two fronts. With Trump it’s a rehearsal. Not that many people paying attention.

      I did get “personalized” letters thanking me for attending two of her events, and felt good about opening them. I give a small monthly recurring donation. I don’t get requests for more money. Maybe those emails get funneled into junk mail.

      On the West Coast here! Late to the party. A glass of that Chardonnay I was sipping while writing HRC-related emails. I just got invited to join a Hillary table at a local farmers’ market tomorrow morning representing her, so on second thought, I’d better just stick with a club soda and lime.

      Too Wonky for a Bumper Sticker! Read my plan. –HRC

      If you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done,
      ask a woman. – HRC

  10. check The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves

    another great initiative by hillary to address a big problem in the world

  11. Rico, may I say you’ve gotten better looking in the past eight years.
    It’s fairly green-ish, so make mine a mojito, baby.

  12. Votar por Hillary!
    Right, Rico, honey?

  13. Good night, all.

    • Thanks. I needed a laugh. The “movement” landed in Albuquerque yesterday – endless coverage (sigh). My preferred beverage has to be what I call the “Hillary” whiskey in a teacup not the Bernie Brown Russian (equal parts prune juice and Milk of Magnesia nuked for 20 sec) perfect for an old socialist hoping for a movement.

    • I followed a link on the right to read about how unvetted BS (Hillary handled him with white gloves) would be put out of business rather rapidly by R attack ads. I imagine the one with excerpts of his rape fantasy (poor writing; at least he recognized that that wasn’t his talent) coupled with his vote against child porno laws would trump socialist/communist, and atheist.

  14. Anybody tried that Green Hope drink? What does it taste like?, cuz the ingredients sound like they clash.
    I’m waiting for your snarky bumpersticker RD.

    • Had a busy day. Got up at 5am. Waited for ivory bill. He was late. 😦
      Sorry, I fell asleep. I think I’m just an early bird. Which is problematic for scheduling cocktail parties. Will try harder to stay up next week.

  15. Cheers! Sante! Salud!
    To our first woman presidential nominee for the Democratic Party.
    Hillary Clinton!
    I’ve been waiting for 8 long years…

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