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How to handle online harrassment

For you Game of Thrones fans, see this youtube video from GoT Academy for background discussion of the meaning behind what Dany does here. As fantasy fans know, it’s about more than the fantasy.

For you non Game of Thrones fans, a quick recap:

Danaerys started the series as a exiled princess, sold into marriage by her brother to a barbarous Khal Drogo, a leader of the Dothraki horse people. Turns out the Khal was enlightened as sexist Dothraki assholes go so she learned to rule as a Khaleesi, which is something like a Dothraki queen. But Khal Drogo died prematurely and instead of going off to the Dosh Khaleen, sort of a retirement home for ex-Khaleesi’s, Dany decides to hatch some dragons, free some slaves and, in general, become something of a badass.

Anyway, by a turn of fate, she ends up in the hands of the Dothraki again, who take her prisoner, walk her to their city in the sea of grass, and are determined to lock her up with the other widows. But first, the Khals have to decide if she’s even good enough to be locked away for life. Or do they have other plans for her.

We’ll see about that…

46 Responses

  1. Ohai! “Routing in” from Austria…

    Yes, I am an immature idiot. I also use gaming servers so you know, there’s that. I’m not only a pain in the ass, I’m also about 22.

    And I’ll probably have a tantrum because someone is editing my comments to make me look like I’m clueless because RD doesn’t give a royal fuck what I think of her with my tired old insults about age and incontinence.

    It’s her blog and she can edit the comments any way she wants. I guess if I want all the free speech to be an annoying asshole, I should get my own blog.

    In the meantime, RD will feel free to edit comments or dump me into the Spam grease trap or whatever.
    Her choice. I’m pretty much at her mercy because I am a stupid twit.

    • So what games do you play? CoD maybe?

    • Regarding the Nevada convention… George Washington had some prescient thoughts

      However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men (and women) will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.

      -George Washington

      • And a fake Katiebird now.

        Apparently, the Trollatubby does not know that Katie is one of the few regulars here who supports Sanders.

        But then, I may be mistaken in assuming that the Trollatubby is a Sanders supporter. He may actually be a GOP or “independent” rat****er.

  2. bad stuff happening in Nevada democratic convention. Sanders needs to stand up to the bullies in his campaign

    • Yes, but not just Sanders. The whole left complex has to step up and say enough to the sexism, irrational fear that HRC is going to blow it, and the gamer boy culture that thinks it can get its way with bullying and intimidation. No more “boys will be boys, suck it up”. If we can’t rein it in on our side, we can’t expect the media or Trump to hold back.

    • Jeff Weaver, campaign manager, just echoed what Sanders said about the NV convention: we condemn violence, however, people have every right to protest because the Dems are stealing our rights.

      Then, there’s a report from Oregon today (Oregonians vote by mail) of a ballot box near a senior center being broken into, the ballots dumped into a nearby trash dumpster.

      I’m very agitated about all this today.

    • I dont know. I would hope not. But this article in the Sacrament Bee basically argues my point. Sanders has to come out and say something about the violence and attacks.


    • I just saw on CNN that the clinton campaign is being hacked

      And I see that you are now mirroring the RiverDaughter website for people in South Korea.

      • And now a fake tdraicer.

        The poor Trollatubby apparently has no life worth mentioning in realspace. 🙄

  3. Oh God, that first one is funny. Love the editing.

  4. >The whole left complex has to step up and say enough to the sexism,

    They may have to, but there is sadly little evidence that they will. Which means our own Mother of Dragons will have to win without them. And I expect she will.

    • I think she will too but I see her more as a Sansa than a Danaerys.
      Sansa is getting bold. I can’t wait until she leads an army to Winterfell and makes herself a widow.
      Really looking forward to that. hehehe

  5. Ah yes, How I missed this blog. Been away for a bit River watching my grandchildren grow and playing grandpa, well there is no time for myself but I am back to reading your fantastic writing and insights.
    Keep up the great work and………………..Go Hillary!

    • I went and re-watched the “Honest Trailer” for the first three seasons of GoT. Then, for the first time, I watched Vol. 2, covering the 4th & 5th seasons.

      Eeeeuwwww. Y’all are welcome to it. However, I must admit it serves as a useful antidote to nostalgia for the Middle Ages, by reminding us what we crawled up from.

      Other than Tolkien’s works, I take little interest in fantasy, as distinct from science fiction.

      • I goofed. 😛 I did not mean that comment to nest under GMD’s comment.

      • It grows on you. The first book is absolutely riveting. The subsequent 4 books got convoluted and had too many dead ends. But it’s still a great series. It’s no Tolkien that’s true. But still wildly entertaining.

  6. @Real RD: D’awwww, I think you hurt da widdle twoll’s feewings.

    I doubt fake RD has any connection to the Sanders campaign. He (of course Fake RD is a “he”) is most likely a Trump Chump. His real hero is Tribble Hair, whom he mistakes for a real-world Hank Rearden or John Galt.

    • Oh, please. You guys think that you can overturn election results like you did in 2008 and clintonistas are just going to step aside again without a fight?
      You’re dreaming. It ain’t going to happen.
      She won Nevada, Some sanders people tried to game the county level delegate counts, many of sanders delegates were disqualified because they weren’t registered as Democrats.
      The caucus shit has to end. Time to make it all closed primaries. If you want to vote for a candidate in a party, you should be forced to make a commitment first, not show up on the fence and expect the actual party to kowtow to you because you threaten, scream and hold your breath.
      You got your guy in 2008 and how did that turn out?
      Just knock it off. We’re not putting up with it this year.

      • Well done, RD.

        I’d like to see the DNC make 3 new rules: (1) one can only run for President as a Democrat if one’s BEEN a Democrat for 5 or more years; (2) closed primaries only (because we are voting for a DEMOCRATIC presidential candidate, independents have their own candidates); (3) no more caucuses (too many are unrepresented).

  7. Where have the Trollatubbies gone? 😉

  8. And now for something completely off topic:

    “Zoinks! Like, Velma, we’re wearing RED SHIRTS!”

    “Relax, Shaggy. This is The Animated Series. Even the redshirts always survive in TAS.”

  9. Grudge, grievance, and victimization all the unfortunate hallmarks of a Democratic Party primary on display at the Nevada convention, so-so boring. But the death threats and other aggressive behaviors aren’t Bernie and his Boys just being bad sore losers. Mrs. Lange and other threatened convention participants should absolutely pursue criminal complaints for these “Terroristic Threats” that are being made against them and their families.

  10. Sanders is not going to pull a 2008 Clinton because only women do that anyway. So get ready for a Trump presidency like we had a bush president due to Naderites.

    My view is negative about all of this. Womens rights are going to take a hit because women are good at bowing down because of others needs. Men are excited about Trump and sons and daughters are excited about Sanders so we as “good women” are just going to step back and let them go and have fun. We do this all the time why not now?

    • I think we won’t step back, this time, because we are so close to seeing the first woman Presidential nominee; and, then God willing, our first woman President.

    • I don’t think we will back down. As I tell my darling child, there are two goals for any politician 1) get you to vote for them 2) if you won’t vote for them, get you to stay home.

      So my darling says, “Are you saying I’m doing it wrong?” to which I say, “Nope, your vote to use or not how you want, just understand the game.”

      He is young and all his friends are Bernie supporters (think gamer gate) and he is feeling disgust at the whole thing and thinking he doesn’t want to participate. That is where the risk is, I think, general disgust and not feeling like the press is reliable to tell us what is real and what is crap coming from the campaigns. Then top the crap with harassment – which will also contribute to the disgust. I’m afraid people will stay home.

      • But, there are people like me who’d crawl naked through a heaving carpet of fire ants to vote for Hillary and against Trump.

  11. I am trying to be optimistic but with BS now taking on the Dem Party as his enemy, many of his followers will not likely vote for HRC. I hope that enough Republican women will vote for Hillary to make up the difference! Crossed fingers for California!

    • There are Sanders supporters who didn’t join the bros before hos crowd. However, Hillary should plan on winning without their votes.

    • http://www.dailynewsbin.com/opinion/hillary-clinton-will-clinch-nomination-before-the-polls-close-in-california/24832/

      “By the time the numbers are finalized from last night’s Kentucky and Oregon contests, Hillary Clinton will likely need either 87 or 88 more delegates in order to clinch the nomination. Those can come from pledged delegates, superdelegates, or a combination of both (no amount of complaining from Bernie Sanders will make the rules any different than what they’ve always been, and no amount of phony threats will allow him to “contest” the convention after Hillary has clinched).”

    • A Fox poll today is worrisome, even if one somewhat discounts Fox. 66% of the respondents say that Hillary is corrupt. That number, even anything close to that, is directly due to Sanders. I don’t think that Hillary has ever done a corrupt thing in her life. Yet she has this terrible unfavorable here. Only 57% of the poll thinks that Trump is corrupt. The problem is that even if these numbers are somewhat inflated, they are very high; and it is very hard to reverse something like that. Again, thank Bernie Sanders, who has spent his entire campaign essentially stating that Hillary Clinton is corrupt, takes money for votes, and for representation.

      • I find it worrisome, too, William. I just found a bunch of polls about her “favorability” and “likability.” (groan) Since January, the unfavorables have risen some: favorable around 43% overall across parties, 56% overall across parties unfavorable… but among DEMS, 80% favorable in January and 73% favorable now.

        Polls that include independents find 61% of independents’ view her as unfavorable, and those have risen pretty fast. Her unfavorability ratings have climbed over the past 6 months with independents in direct proportion to Sanders’ attacks on her. They haven’t changed for Repubs, and not much for Dems. It looks like the Fox poll oversampled Repubs and Independents; no surprise–but that doesn’t matter, because it leaves an impression that is being echoed around the media. The news about her is just relentlessly negative and suspicious.

        CA is now bombarded daily in newspapers, online news, television news, and internet “reporting” with a heavy barrage of pro-Sanders pieces. One example tonight: local network affiliate clip of a Sanders CA rally with him saying, “I have a feeling we’re going to win the whole West Coast!!!” to screaming crowds, immediately followed by a shot of Clinton’s financial statements and a narrator voiceover saying, “she made $5 million dollars in royalties last year,” with the tone of someone saying she cut up and ate her pets.

        I hope the first thing she does as President is to restore the FCC’s Fairness Doctrine that Reagan destroyed.

  12. RD, thanks for making me a friendly, carrot topped, pink alien again.

  13. http://www.politifact.com/nevada/statements/2016/may/18/jeff-weaver/allegations-fraud-and-misconduct-nevada-democratic/

    According to Politifact the assumption by the Sanders campaign that Clinton backers stole the Nevada convention is FALSE

    • She won the original, but Bernie’s team tried to game the next phase. Failed because many weren’t even Dems. The third meeting is the one that went awry. More Hill supporters than BS’s.Today or yesterday, Harry Reid even offered to give BS the one or two delegate difference if it would make him civil. Won’t make any difference. The whole point is to incite the crowd. I can’t image any respectable Democratic candidate (BS is an “I” who has made a career of attacking both parties–which he deems the same)– promising so many freebies that are impossible to fulfill. Sanders needs to read the Constitution to find out what a President can do.

  14. I don’t think Hillary should debate Bernie. I think Bernie in true Nader style should be left on stage at Fox debating an empty chair.

  15. It’s over, get over yourself Bernie! And oh by the way Trump’s not qualified to be President.. Hillary interview highlights.

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