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Dear Columnists, it’s very simple

You either need to embrace The Big Orange, sign on to kicking the libs all the way to November and acknowledge that there may come a moment in the upcoming debates when he pelvic thrusts the  well padded trousers of his tailored suits OR you can stop dehumanizing Hillary for fun and profit.

Really, it’s that simple.

Also, the more you put Creamsicle on your front page, the more legitimacy as a candidate he gets. It’s not just for entertainment value anymore.

Finally, I have tried to stay away from mentioning Maureen Dowd on this blog for a very long time but I think it’s time she got some therapy before she’s allowed to unleash any more of her word salad on the Op/Ed page of the NY Times anymore. As someone who is as much of a throwback to the white gloved Catholic girl meme and who accepted her Mean Girl role in journalism without achieving any further self-actualization, MoDo is the last person in the world who should be lecturing (or just raving, let’s face it) anyone on feminism.

Speaking of the NY Times, what kind of sick joke is this is the weekly line up of regular columnists. You know, the ones with the 401Ks and pension plans. Not the freelancers and contractors, the second class columnists, where you throw in a few more women:

  • David Brooks Tu, F

     Frank Bruni Su, W

  • Roger Cohen Tu, F

  • Gail Collins Th, Sa

  • Ross Douthat Su

  • Maureen Dowd Su

  • Thomas L. Friedman W

  • Nicholas Kristof Su, Th

  • Paul Krugman M, F

No one at the NY Times should go off on an unhinged tangent about feminism until this egregious lack of women’s voices is rectified.

11 Responses

  1. I appreciate your careful indexing which definitively shows that indeed the media has created and then aggrandized Trump. And even if some of those stories were somewhat negative, this is an era where any publicity makes one a celebrity.

    Of course, the media is not going to change its ways. Maureen Dowd is insane, a classic psychological case which would take a Freud to delve into. That the NYT gave her that coveted editorial spot, is in my mind a testament to misguided affirmative action, plus some people there thinking that her undergrad degree in English, which she flouts all the time with pretentious comparisons of the Clintons to Tom and Daisy Buchanan, or the like, made her an intellectual.

    The rest of them seem to be a combination of arrogant younger writers who don’t think that actual facts are nearly as important as “a take,” and these rather strange old-line people whom you listed, who seem to start from the preimse that Hillary is boring, or old news, or a fixed entity; and then go on with their really clueless analyses of what is going on in the rest of the election scene. Krugman is an exception to that, because while he is not a great political writer, he is a very good economist, and a decent person who actually cares what happens to the country. There appear to be few journalists who do. Mo doesn’t, outside of her cocktail parties, and flirting or more with those Republican politicians whom she finds so manly.

    I think you may have described it the best by saying that it is like the media is looking at the potentially Hitlerian Trump like they would an asteroid which they watch with bemused fascination. Maybe they, like the German intellectuals in the 1920’s, simply don’t think it can happen here. Or maybe they can only hold one idea at a time, and the one they have is that they don’t like Hillary, and just want her to lose, or at least prostrate herself in abnegation. And then they’ll worry about the rest of it later.

  2. RD:
    Just a plain Thank You!, for listing the so gregarious opinionators at the NYT. Can Not get any decent and fair journalism anymore…

  3. I can’t take all of the Trump “scandals” anymore…they only serve to give him more attention. I was feeling pretty confident about November, but now I’m starting to feel a little afraid.

    • Yeah, but it’s mostly hype to drive ratings. What else are they gonna’ do? (rolling eyes)

      Trump is Trump, and there’s nothing he can do about that.

      I believe Hillary has a large, don’t-jinx-it, relatively quiet/cautious base of support, and that November is going to be a happy month around here!

      • Come to think of it, this is true. I know quite a few Hillary supporters, but they are not quite as vocal (and, dare I say it, obnoxious) online as the Bernie people. They don’t post a gazillion things on Facebook…but, when election time comes, they vote!

        • Yes, my vote is payback time. There are so many “closeted” Hillary supporters who want to avoid the mob. You know, the one that Bernie as President is going to tell Mitch McConnell to look out his window and see up in arms. Fearful, Mitch will fall in line, bow to Bernie, and re-create Denmark here. (LA Times endorsement interview “Look out your window, Mitch”; LAT passed on BS.) The gauntlet that Hillary supporters had to run past uncouth East L.A. protestors.

          A Hillary Clinton supporter reacts to anti-Clinton demonstrators as they protest after the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made her campaign stop at East Los Angeles College in Monterey Park, Calif. on Thursday, May 5, 2016. (Photo by Watchara Phomicinda/ Southern California News Group)

          The Nevada State Party Chair, a woman, had to flee and receives death threats from BS supporters (1000 calls) who do not sound very literature or sane. There’s a hit list of super delegates who have been hounded by BS phone thugs. Such lack of civility does not endure the super delegates to a new Dem who said on TV that he joined for the “free publicity.” BS spouts that there is no difference between the two parties. After 26 years in Congress, he hasn’t caught on? Gore v. Bush?

          • As laughable as Mitch McConnell bowing to Bernie is, though, the fracas in Nevada has made me even more worried about what a Bernie presidency would look like. Will there be violent mobs of “protesters” going on the attack every time he doesn’t get his way? That is not a country I want to live in. And yes, I’ve seen the pictures from So Cal too, and they turn my stomach.

  4. Lady V I sincerely hope you’re right! I’m all in and have been since 2008,

    • Me, too! 🙂 I don’t talk about my support of Hillary in my wildly pro-Sanders town, and I haven’t (yet!) put bumper stickers on my car or a sign in my yard. Yet, I’ve done phone banking and online posting. I believe lots of people are like me; we got tired of being disrespected and harassed 8 years ago, and we’re going to vote in spectacular numbers.

  5. The Clinton voter, as opposed to the Sanders and tRump voter, is in The Silent Majority.

    • That’s it exactly. Just look at the number of votes and see compared to what you hear in the press and online.

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